I Took A Picture


Hello my friends

Well, it’s been another spring looking week up here
filled with sunshine and rain. It rained a little bit this
morning. It might rain Monday through Wednesday,
but after that it’s supposed to be sunny even through
next weekend. People keep asking me if there’s any
snow on the ground. Nope, at least not around here.
Yet there is though few a little straggling snow patches
on Mars Hill and Drews Hill. There is also some snow
to be seen on a few of the mountains, but none down
here ground level. So what else is happening around
this place. Judy and I went to the Anah Shrine Circus
Friday and we took tons of pictures. Of course most
of them came out blurry due to the lighting in the place.
We had a blast and I bought Judy a purple balloon in
the shape of an man sized alien hehehe. He had to
ride in the back seat on the way home. It took up the
whole back seat LOL. Anyways, when we got home,
we began looking through the pictures we took to see
if we got any good ones. Yep, we got a few. I filled
up my 2 gig camera card. Judy’s camera is a newer
one and it suffices a larger card so she has a 4 gig
card in hers and she still had plenty of room for more
pictures 🙂 No matter, we took hundreds of photos.
I went through them last night to pick out a few to
put in my stationery. That took me quite a while 🙂
Yesterday, Judy went over to her sister’s house
to watch her mom while her sister and hubby went
out for a while. It’s hard for them to be able to get
out of the house together with her mom needing to
be taken care of. So Judy goes over there time to
time to give them a breather. Their brother Ricky
is now in a nursing home in northern Maine about
80 miles north of us. He seems to be doing as well
as to be expected. Another of Judy’s sisters will be
taking him some clothes up there this week. Today
is Mother’s Day and I fixed Judy Biscuits and gravy
for breakfast. I think I made too much, because we
both found ourselves getting full very quickly LOL.
Yep, the Pearce’s Place is teeming with life. Our
little neighborhood deer is still seen visiting us in
front of our house in the field. I think we’ve got
plenty of pictures of him or her hehehe. Benny
and Milo pay it no mind. They will often just sit
and watch it from afar. I guess Benny doesn’t
sense any real danger so he doesn’t bark at it.
The funniest thing happened a little bit ago. Judy
was getting dressed just in case her daughters
came over to visit and Benny and Milo thought
she was leaving just as she used to do. It was
so cute. Milo went outside and jumped up on
the car door and looked back at her as if to say
I wanna go with you this time hehehe. Benny
was just watching and waiting to see what was
going to happen. I came and coaxed Milo back
in hehehe. They love their mom. I guess it
was their way of saying HAPPY MOTHERS
DAY mom. They wanted to spend it with her.
I think they know now that she’s staying home
today. Judy’s at her PC busy writing her new
book. It’s a scifi story. Her and I spent one
evening trying to come up with some names
to use in the book. You know, alien names 🙂
Anyways, she’s behind me just typing away.
I know she’ll be working on it for quite a while.
She stayed up last night writing after I finally
retired to the bedroom to get a little sleep.
Of course I stayed up and watched cartoons
for most of the morning until I nodded off for
a bit. She came to bed around 5 AM. I can’t
wait to read her new book, of course after she
is done writing it. I just know it’s going to be
a winner. I always say that we need to use our
imaginations from time to time, or life can get
rather boring. For that matter, dreamers were
the ones that brought us to the technological
age that we’re at now. So, imagine away, for
you never know if what you’re imagining will
maybe one day come true. Just make sure
you keep a firm grip in reality so to not allow
yourself to appear nuts 🙂 Yeppers, it’s good
to let your imagination have a venture from
time to time, but don’t let it overcome you.
Oh yea, I took a picture of the tall man at the
circus and he bent down and gave me his card
telling me to send him the picture. He wants
to use it on his home page. We got a few of
him throughout the circus that I’m gonna send
him. His name is Chris. My mom asked me if
Judy tried to leave me at the circus and I said
I didn’t have an act LOL. There was one guy
walking behind the horses and elephants with
a bucket to catch the poop hehehe. He missed
every once in a while and got out the shovel 😉
Yes, we had a pretty nice week aside from early
in the week when Judy’s mom had a spell and
became unresponsive due to her diabetes, but
they got her sugar back up. Judy had driven
to the hospital only to find that the emergency
staff that came to the house were able to take
care of her. So Judy ended up over Trudy’s
house and then back home breathing a sigh
of relief. Of course we all know that our time
in these fleshly bodies is limited and we are
soon to pass on to another realm of existence.
What place awaits you? Heaven or Hell? Do
you know Jesus. Have you let God to come in
your life to become your guide. I know, even
if you have God in your life, you will still be
found with problems because that is humanity.
We each will make mistakes, but through God’s
Son we are forgiven. Find the true meaning of
life that is not just here in these bodies, but
our spirits that will join our new healthy bodies
when we pass on. Get to know Jesus today.
Now, with that said, I guess it’s time for me
to be taking my little trip back through all that
I’ve written here to that place of my recollection
to see if I can find me a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that lil place I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may of
found a decent title and now after checking
I see that I have not used it as of yet, but it
shall be used today 🙂 Here goes.

I Took A Picture

A page is turned
from then to now
a story told
to tell me how.
I took a picture
then to see
those many times
my mom and me.
With hearts united
daily found
my mom and me
went round and round.
We had our share
of times discord,
but found true love
through our sweet Lord.
We joined our hands
and held them tight
I took a picture
of that sight.
With mom and me
and my wife too
I took a picture
of that view.
I love you mom
right to the core,
we’ve grown with love
I took a picture
and now I see
the times you were
right there for me

©By Bill Pearce
May 10, 2015

OK so there’s my Mother’s Day poem. Of course
I wrote another one yesterday, but you’ll see it in
my poetry section below 🙂 So, I think I’ve told you
all that has gone on around here this passed week,
I might of missed something, but I cannot think of
anything. Milo is lying in the floor in a doggy bed
right between Judy and I. I think he’s happy that
Judy is staying home today. It was just so bizarre
that he would go and jump up on the car door and
park himself right by the backdoor. That is totally
out of his norm hehehe. Benny is normally the one
that does that 🙂 I guess he really wanted to be
with mom on Mother’s Day hehehe. Well I don’t
think there is much else to tell you other than the
normal and that is what I tell you almost every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with one of them
a Christmas poem and the other a Mother’s Day
poem. I also once again wrote 22 more haiku for
all of my haiku lovers out there 🙂 I hope you can
find one or two of either or both that you like 🙂
So, now I reckon it’s time for me to begin my
search for that not so elusive off switch, but not
before I wish you a most joyful weekend and a
truly blessings filled week. Remember, Jesus
loves you and we do too. Now, where’s that
freaking off switch attempting to hide this week?
LOL I see ya you silly thing. Hiding behind my
foot grinder wasn’t one of your best places to
hide. It might of been if you had been hiding
behind it and not just the sanding pad hehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Heaven Awaits

You and I together
watch time ticking on
our lives together
as passed days are gone.
We are God’s children
you and I together
linked by His passion
that last on forever.
We’ve seen many days
we wished were not true,
but those days began
to bring me to you.
Sometimes some problems
will start life to live
while Heaven awaits us
a new life to give.
So as we’re united
with each brand-new dawn
our lives together
will just continue on.
Within Heaven’s gateway
holds healthy new life
found for a family
and husband and wife.
Even those before us
will be there smiling true
as Heaven awaits us
to start life anew.

©By Bill Pearce
May 4, 2015

To Judy Pearce <3
From ME
I love you Judy

Our Time

The moments we see,
the moments we do
our time explores
sometime so anew.
Often our footsteps
that just gather dust
become as our time then
the moments we must.
Our time continues
even when we die,
for we continue
in Heaven so high.
We each have moments
that become our view
our time together
for me and for you.
Sometimes our vision
is clouded by thoughts
our time becomes then
what all we lost.
Let lose those troubles
of yesterdays time
for time continues
with better to find.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

Some Are

Yes many mothers
are much more in lives
some are our mothers
and some are our wives.
Some create lifestyles
the turning of age
and some then help with
turning of a page.
Some are our honeys
our wives Heaven sent
and some are our mothers
to teach what love meant.
Often our mothers
will just be our mom
that we will miss when
their time is gone.
Yet our dear mothers
and wives surely so
become as what some are
to help us to grow.
Yes even loved ones
a wife that you’ve found
might even be that
times solid ground.
So show your mother
and honey some love
Mothers Day now then
and passed then thereof.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

To Mom and Judy
I love you both
From Bill

Lost In A Heartbeat

Found in a dreamland
time continues on
lost in a heartbeat
dusk unto dawn.
Sleep brings alive
those times I remember
lost in a heartbeat
found in an ember.
Scenes I recognize
of my yesteryears
often will enter in
and create some tears.
Everything’s changing
dreams come alive
lost in a heartbeat
dreams start to drive.
Making my memories
become something more
lost in a heartbeat
through another door.
Then as it’s ending
the dream becomes clear
lost in a heartbeat
of my yesteryear.
Some things I’d forgotten
on times winding street
now are some dreams lost
in a heartbeat.
Those days with my daddy
and my Paw Paw too
got lost in a heartbeat
of then thereunto.
My mother then also
with love then so sweet
and my grandmother
with things good to eat.
Lost in a heartbeat
finds now a way
to become found in
my dreams now today.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

Strumming Life’s Guitar

While many go singing,
some just strum along
to every lifestyle
that fits in their song.
Strumming life’s guitar
is a seasonal way
bringing then so many
to their day to day.
Seeing all the colors
of a string fest design
while they go strumming
in their time to time.
Some hit some bad notes
while others fit right in
strumming life’s guitar
from where all they’ve been.
Many have a drumbeat
with a rhythmic style
while some go strumming
and connect in a while.
Finding a connection
from journeys afar
many find the music
while strumming life’s guitar.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

Long Ago Christmas

Passed days of Christmas
might seem to fade from view
as we go onwards
just ignoring what to do.
Long ago Christmas
is a time I can recall.
A time that’s so wonderful
and stands up so tall.
The Christmases I remember
are those times with mom and dad
long ago faraway
the greatest times I had.
Those wonderful times remembered
still live alive in me
and I’ve added them to now
in our yearly Christmas tree.
Long ago Christmas was
a time to go exploring
all of the Christmas lights
that I thought was so adoring.
Now today my Christmases
are great in their own way,
for they’re spent with my loving wife
and dogs that wonderous day.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

After The Day Is Done

When the sun has ceased its shining
and the night’s begun
life begins a new way
after the day is done.
The stars come out to play
in the skies of dark of night
after the day is done
and the sun has ceased its light.
Even found so big and round
is that wondrous moon
after the day is done
for many then to swoon.
Night becomes a journey
for so many then to soar
after the day is done
for ones to then adore.
Ones begin a midnight quest
a journey through the stars
after the day is done
within their dreams memoirs.
They stop to take a breather
on the moon so late at night
after the day is done
and find themselves in flight.
A lunar vision setting
after the day is done
brings the scenes of twilight
that’s without any sun.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

Only You

Lord God fills my lifestyle
with time that’s so complete.
He’s given many chances
to feel my true heartbeat.
God you’ve shown me truly
how I am to see,
but I still so often
am blind as I can be.
Only You Lord Jesus
can help me learn so true
what I am to say now
and what I am to do.
Yet I know I’ll falter,
for I’m a human being
with my carnal instincts
that cloud my daily seeing.
But Lord God I am trying
to do the best I can
to be the best perception
of what’s a Godly man.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

I’ve Been Searching

My old self and my journey
found me many times
filled with many speed bumps
and a few land mines.
I’ve been searching always
just looking for a way
to get passed all the problems
that I see day to day.
Often I am crying,
but yet it’s all inside
for I sometimes feel that
teardrops I must hide.
Yet my story goes forth
with searching what to do
when I am not happy
and feeling really blue.
I’ve been searching truly
through my passed to now
and I’ve found an answer
that will show me how.
The tears of which I’m shedding
are those I need to share,
for there are so many
the same found everywhere.
We each will have our struggles
teardrops falling down,
but just know that Jesus
can help remove that frown.
He gives us many people
to share and tell our woe
so if you have been searching,
this you need to know.
Don’t hold those tears within you.
Let ones see you cry,
then you’ll feel much better
in your by and by.
Yet don’t be a whiner
just crying all the time,
because you might discover
there’s not a friend to find.
Yes truly I’ve been searching,
but found so often true
the One we need to search for
is found there within You.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

Field Of Dreams

Passionate viewpoints
rivers and streams
also are found in
a field of dreams.
A story that’s written
with flowers and more
found in a field then
green grassy floor.
Each scene’s united
as stories from seed
planted with passion
for many to read.
Each as a rhythm
of scenic design
a field of dreams
that’s found so divine.
An ocean of flavors
with shadows to see
a field of dreams
for you and for me.
This is but a journey
for eyes looking on
in a field of dreams
that’s Heavenly drawn.
Earth scented flowers
with grasses that sway
join in the journey
day after day.
A field of dreams
can bring you a smile
with but a glimpse
of a momentous while.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

for May 9, 2015

Tomorrow’s sunrise
is determined by today
and not just the sky.

Living in a lie
could find you standing alone
in identity.

Love of perception
might misrepresent the view
and only show lies.

The seasons journey
begins with a change of date
and all that you see.

Looking at the sky
will only show you portions
of what that’s to come.

Life in the fast lane
will one day cause you problems
as time catches up.

Book written journeys
only display many words
and not the journey.

Lines on a old face
will become more apparent
as time pays its toll.

The wisdom of owls
is an overrated thought
for they are not wise.

A timekeepers watch
needs to always be wound up
to show correctly.

Words of a wise man
will come from so many things
of which they did wrong.

The door of today
often opens with a creak
aches and pains exposed.

Conceiving anger
can spawn a true tornado
within your own mind.

Life as a spider
finds many webs related
to catching its food.

A tall tree of time
grows in a deep dark forest
as it is exposed.

Many find a journey
as nothing but a problem
and others see good.

Stillness of the day
becomes a windy journey
as breezes blow in.

Remembering past days
could awaken so much sadness
so don’t relive it.

Monetary things
can become overwhelming
if not seen clearly.

Beyond what you see
is a spirit world of life
that comes after death.

Links to our problems
can become obvious threads
that we might not see.

Morning times dewdrops
bring life to flowers and trees
that soon dissipate.

©By Bill Pearce
May 9, 2015

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