A Few Things


Hello my friends

It’s been a spring looking rainy sort of week these
passed few days, but we had a freeze the other morning
and the plant that Judy bought got frosted. I’m trying
to bring it back to life, but I think she will have to buy
another plant. I bought her a little tricycle plant stand.
It has a holder for two plants. The next time we’ve got
money we might go and buy a couple more plants. We
had only bought the one that got frosted. So, what else
is going on around this place. Well, I hear that my PC
is repaired and on its way back to me. It will be nice to
have access to my pictures that I had failed to copy to
my external hard drive along with a few programs that
I bought that will only work with that stupid Windows 8.
Anyways, then I will be busy hooking it back up and
buying me another mouse being Judy’s started acting
up and so I gave her the one that the Windows 8 PC
used. Judy has been busy this week with her sisters
and other family members cleaning out her brothers
house to make it ready for him when he comes home.
Ricky is doing better. Of course he’s what you might
call a hoarder and they are busy getting rid of stuff
that he’s got an over excess of, such as junk. They
rented a dumpster to put the stuff in. Ricky is going
to be home in a week or so, and Judy and them are
trying to have the house cleaned out and ready for
him when he gets there. After that, it’s up to him.
Judy might go over there from time to time to keep
the house from getting in such bad shape. It’s not
costing her or any of the family any money. Ricky’s
paying for it. Judy’s been looking for a recliner and
sofa along with a few other odds and ends to buy
for his house of course using Ricky’s money. The
stuff he had was all gross from stuff I’d rather not
speak of. Oh well, I’ve seen it before. I have been
having to stay and keep and eye on the boys, plus
I’m in no shape to help. I would just get in the way.
Today is sort of rainy looking. It’s 52 F degrees
and 55 is supposed to be the high. Yep, it’s not a
Texas spring hehehe. It’s still a mite chilly up
this way hehehe. I hear Texas has finally gotten
the rain that it needed. Now if only California and
thereabouts could get some rain they are in dire
need of. OK so next topic. The boys are sound
asleep. Milo is right below me resting his head on
a leg of my chair hehehe. Benny is at his lookout
post upon the recliner. Christian, our youngest
grandson stayed with us last night so he could go
with Judy (granny) to help with Ricky’s house 🙂
He had to sleep in one of the recliners being we
are still working on getting our futon ready to be
slept on, but not quite there yet hehehe. Benny
slept in one recliner while Christian slept in the
other. I fixed us Eggo waffles and sausage this
morning and went in the living room and asked
do ya want some waffles and sausage and he
opened his eyes up and said where we eating 🙂
I said in the computer room. We all had some
nice together time before Judy and him headed
out to Ricky’s place a mile down the road. Judy
came home a little while ago with Christian and
Marissa . It seems that Marissa was having
some trouble with her asthma and so I let her
take a puff off of my inhaler being she left hers
at home. Judy was tired as all get out yesterday
when she finally got home to stay. Thank God
for everyone that has come to help her. I wish
I was in better shape and of course was able to
bring the boys, but the house isn’t that big and
I would just be in the way and most assuredly
so would be the boys hehehe. They like to be
under foot 🙂 I forget how many times Judy
and I have tripped over them hehehe. They
love to be with us and check out what we’re
doing LOL. I might take the boys out for a
little walk/run in the field one or two days this
week. I’m sure they will enjoy it. OK so Milo
might not enjoy it, but Benny always loves to
romp in the field in front of our house. Benny
usually heads out ahead of me and then looks
back to see if I’m coming hehehe. Milo will
sometimes come out a ways, but most times
he just walks out a bit and watches Benny and
me and then after a while heads back to the
house and waits. Milo’s not a youngun like
Benny hehehe. I can’t keep up with Benny.
Benny just runs wild in the field while I take
pictures and often a few videos of him. It’s
an experience hehehe. Judy said she was
going to go to Walmart after she got done at
Ricky’s house. We’re needing a few things
like soda’s, bread and whatnot. There’s not
much else going on around here. It’s been
pretty quiet around here with Judy going to
her brothers house for the passed few days
to clean it up and throw away junk that is of
no use. I know she’ll be glad when it’s done.
The poor gal is literally worn out when she
gets home. Thank God her sisters and other
family members came to help. I feel useless,
but I have limitations on what I’m able to do.
Being Ricky’s bathroom is not working at the
moment, Judy and a few have been coming
here to use the toilet. I would be making
tons of trips without a colon and get nothing
done hehehe. Plus the boys need me and old
Milo has a weak bladder. He goes wee just
about as often as I do the other LOL. Sooo,
what else is there to talk about? I keep an
eye down at the floor beneath me to make
sure I don’t run Milo over with my chair and
hurt him. I also look to see if he’s breathing
being at the moment he’s not snoring hehehe.
Yep, he’s just sleeping comfortably feeling
safe where he is. He don’t know how safe he
isn’t while lying under my chair LOL. But of
course I always look before I roll hehehehe.
It’s still 52 F degrees, so it don’t look like
it’s gonna make it to 55 degrees. Oh well,
it’s warm enough for me. It could be colder!
Thank You God for watching over us as we
face our day to day trials of life. Thank You
for always fulfilling our needs in life. Yes we
do get lost in our wants ever so often, but
You’re always there for us with Your Love.
Forgive me for me for my many sins, for
I know I am not sinless in any way. We all
fall into sin, for we are all human and are
weak. Thank You for sending Your Son to
forgive us through His blood. I am thrilled
to know that I will one day join my friends
and family in Heaven that have gone on
before me. Thank You for Your guidance.
Now I believe it’s time for me to begin my
search for a word or phrase that I can use
for the title of today’s brand new poem, so
it’s away I go through my recollections to
that little place that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found me
a decent title and it looks like I have not
used it as of yet. So it’s away we go…..

A Few Things

Life of times
with now and then,
a few things
will then begin.
Mounds of miles
of bumpy roads,
a few things
display the loads.
Painted scenes
of colors bright,
a few things
will come in sight.
Troubled times
that come and go,
a few things
will help you grow.
With each path
we walk on through,
a few things
will start anew.
Truth and Lies
will become clear,
a few things
will then appear.
Thinking deep
we might foresee
a few things
of you and me.
God shows true
what we need learn,
a few things
of time to earn.
For right now
and evermore
a few things
are a swinging door.

©By Bill Pearce
May 17, 2015

There ya go. It might not make any sense, but it’s
all I’ve got for ya hehehe of course aside from all of
the poems and haiku that I wrote yesterday hehehe.
So have I forgotten anything? Milo has moved to a
safer spot finally hehehe. Now he’s parked himself
in front of the door so that I will have to step over
him to get out of here. Oh well, at least he’s moved
from under my chair. That keeps me nervous and
afraid I will run over him with the wheels of my chair.
Benny is in the living room barking. I don’t think
he’s barking at anybody but the neighbors hehehe.
Judy just called and said Christian is coming back
to get his tablet that he left in here. So he should
be here in a short. He just came and left, so it’s
back to writing. Christian said he wants to come
back next weekend. I said sure 🙂 It’s nice having
him here. We all watched TV together last night.
Well, that’s about all I have to ramble about, so
I guess I need to tell you what I tell you almost
every week and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with one of
them being sort of Christmassy. Also I once again
wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. I hope you can find something that you
like. I guess it’s time for me to begin my search
for that not so freaken elusive off switch, but
not before I wish you a most wonderful weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a truly blessings filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do
too. OK, so where’s that silly off switch hiding
this week? Ya silly varmint, you could of tried
a little harder. For Heaven sakes, what made
you think I wouldn’t see ya inside my reader
glasses case? The glasses are in it therefore
it made quite a tight squeeze for ya huh hehehe.
I saw the case wobbling for no reason and said
to myself, he couldn’t be in there could he LOL.
Yep, gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


Again and again
so many will try
to change their outcome
the same do or die.
This is redundancy
found in the making
doing the same thing
and always mistaking.
Redundancy viewpoints
created in time
might be the fuses
of futures land mine.
So let the errors
that come day to day
to teach you the lessons
of a much better way.
Sometimes we need to
just turn around
and make our footsteps
to be better found.
Don’t let redundancy
become your stride,
for it might take you
on a real bumpy ride.
Let God to help you
to see what is true
and let Him to change what’s
found within you.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

The Windows of Spring

April and May comes
bringing in flowers
blooming attuning
what springtime empowers.
The windows now display
all of its glory
springtime’s arrival
in a colorful story.
Written in stages
as spring birds will sing.
This is what’s found
in the windows of spring.
Words in a story
that many will view
often with flowers
and sweet morning dew.
The windows of spring
are displayed in time
found at the end of
white wintertime.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

Beyond A Dream

A hopeful desire
a dream come alive
is what’s beyond
a dream to survive.
Dreams display chances
sometimes to feel,
but often dreams are
not very real.
Ones stuck in dreamland
might just fall prey
to what that’s real
and their day to day.
Don’t let your dreaming
to make matters worse.
Beyond a dream can
turn into curse.
Sometimes our dreamlands
are meant to stay there
and what’s reality
needs not compare.
For many dreamlands
are just merely that
and not what should be
where that you’re at.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

Searching For ME

Time becomes cluttered
when I’m searching on
trying to find me
as time moves along.
With every pattern
from every which way
searching for me then
becomes what I may.
My personality
found throughout time
now seems a journey
for me then to find.
Mornings awakened
when I was alone
searching for answers
that I could atone.
Since I’ve grown older
I can sort of see
my stages settings
while searching for me.
I’ve found many pages
of my books devise
displayed with pictures
that aren’t so precise.
Cloudily looking
at where all I’ve been
my searching for me
seeks where to begin.
Doorways as potholes
that I stumbled on
brought me transgressions
that taught right from wrong.
Searching for me then
found me inside
signs of reality
eyes opened wide.
I am a person
that God has endowed
with many blessings
some silent, some loud.
We often search
for the person we are
and it might lead to
what we thought bizarre.
Yet we are different
you might clearly see,
for I have found that,
while searching for me.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

That Big C

While months come shining
with their point of view
December brings love
for me and for you.
That big C of blessings
with wonders to find
That Big C of Christmas
from our time to time.
Those past days that might still
live in your heart
a wonderful Christmastime
then does impart.
That big C that special time
that truly brought joy
when you were younger
a little girl or boy.
Those times so magical
for you and for me
live now as Christmastime
yes that big C.
Merry Christmas moments
a holiday style
that big C blessing
brings many a smile.
Scenes we remember
from so long ago
can be as kindling
for much more to show.
That big C time frame
of Decembers date
helps ones so different
to somehow relate.
As time comes closer
that big C displays
wonderful moments
from magical ways.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

Shadows of Heartbeats

Time displays people
that might come and go
shadows of heartbeats
in our to and fro.
Ones we’ve forgotten
a shadow might find
and become glimmers
of then that sometime.
Shadows of heartbeats
might come unto you
displaying the things
that you used to do.
Scenes thought forgotten
might somehow enhance
shadows of heartbeats
and their song and dance.
Maybe not so wonderful
those times might be,
but they were needed
to help you to see.
Shadows of heartbeats
your times might expose
the lessons you learned
from what all you chose.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

The Winds of Spring

Morning brings sunshine
as winds will blow
while spring displays all
the times without snow.
The winds of spring blowing
as sunshine displays
scenes oh so magical
in its arrays.
Seeming as paintings
from here to afar
the winds of spring blowing
while strumming its guitar.
Songs of nature singing
as the season moves on
while the winds of spring
just sing their famous song.
Breezes in the meadows
as winged birds will play
the winds of spring blowing
a wonderful way.
Sharing all the seedlings
of flowers in the wind
spring gives a journey
for new life to send.
For the winds of spring
blow each year the same
and birds and flowers
recognize and acclaim.
Springs song of seasons
brings forth a new day
found amidst April
and on into May.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

An Empty Heart

Someone with holes
in their own heart
might find no way
for true love to start.
A simple life
without gain
an empty heart
will so attain.
Maybe money,
maybe power
but one empty
turns up sour.
An empty heart
from life of times
leaves just sadness
on their minds.
Fill your heart up
with true love
that is from
Lord God Above.
Let not empty
find you stood
without love
of times so good.
An empty heart
can only grow
to a dismal
ebb and flow.
Let your seasons
find a start
to fill up
an empty heart.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015


Things might happen
to cause us to scream
sometimes a moment,
sometimes a dream.
Our reactions
might paint a large sign
that is of weakness
within our design.
Often a person
will anger us true
and cause reactions
the wrong way for you.
Life displays truly
our daily weakness
sometimes ones see as
what’s just our meekness
For many people
are bullies so mean
to see reactions
and all in between.
It’s our reactions
that often acquire
lifetimes of torment
from unruly fire.
So now try better
to take some control
of your reactions
as life does unfold.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

True Passion

Love is a word
so many will say
not truly meaning
it in a way.
For true passion
brings forth a smile
even when anger
finds them a while.
True is the thought
of passion and God
as He displays
what we should applaud.
We need to learn
true passion inside
and learn to love
no matter the ride.
Let lose of anger,
find now some peace
within true passion
of moments release.
Don’t let your anger
to dig a deep hole.
Find now true passion,
let God save your soul.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

for May 16, 2015

Today might seem wrong,
but it’s what that needs to be
to find tomorrow.

While many worry
others will just do there job
as best that they can.

Left over feelings
could become extra baggage
that you should let go.

The past meets today
bringing choices to the light
as things we should learn.

Beyond the sunlight
holds the key to dark of night
hidden within time.

Violet sunsets
shimmer through the evening clouds
as paint being mixed.

Without a moment,
now might not even exist
for it was replaced.

Enveloping time
is a chore that’s hard to do,
for time continues.

Lost in a forest
might display some fears of things
that you knew not of.

As daytime finds rest
the night comes alive with stars
and moon shining bright.

Restless emotions
might bring forth many problems
from our impatience.

Life’s expectancy
is so often mistaken
for only God knows.

Truth in its format
stands tall in the very end,
for lies do not last.

Predicting weather
needs ones to understand it
and admit mistakes.

A dream that comes true
needs to be what’s meant to be
or it might go bad.

Harboring secrets
that ones really need to know
could become nightmares.

Gradient hillsides
often allow a landslide
so don’t stay beneath.

Weekends bring changes
that many cannot cope with
due to addictions.

The evening draws nigh
as the sun slowly fades off
leaving dark of night.

While waiting for time
take a look at what’s right now
and make do with it.

Looking for someone
might show them standing right there
while you’re looking on.

The meaning of life
gets lost in our perception,
No one truly knows.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16, 2015

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