Most Grateful


Hello my friends

It’s been a busy week and more for my little Mrs. Judy
She’s been over her brothers house cleaning, getting
it ready for him when he gets home from the nursing
home Wednesday. A lot of her family have been with
her helping. They’ve pulled up carpet and painted the
walls and floors. Ricky won’t recognize the place when
he gets home. I wish I could of helped, but I have not
been doing so well health wise and plus, somebody’s
gotta stay home with the boys. Judy just called and
said our grandson Christian wants to come over here
and stay. He was helping Judy and the others with
the cleanup and he’s tired and not feeling well. So
it looks like Judy will be bringing him here. Benny
is barking, so that might mean Judy is here. Yep,
so now Christian is here. I guess he’ll play games
on his phone or maybe get on Judy’s PC and find
some games to play. As long as he doesn’t make
a lot of noise while I’m trying to write. It’s pretty
nice outside. Only 73 F degrees. Judy’s flowers
came back alive. I had put two aspirin in a small
glass of water and let them dissolve then poured
it over the plants and in the vase. I might need
to cut out a few limbs that did not recover, but I
believe it will be OK. So now Judy only needs one
more plant to put in the front basket. So what else
is going on around this place. Me and Christian
have been here sitting and talking while I took
a breather from writing. Milo is in his spot in the
floor sleeping. Benny is at his guard post in the
living room as he is always LOL. It looks like
we might get some rain tomorrow. and maybe
even Tuesday. I noticed that Texas is getting
a bit of rain along with a few other states. Yet
I don’t see no rain for California. That state is
in dire need of some rain. Let’s keep those that
are in need in prayer. Boy, that wind is blowing.
I have a lot of windows opened throughout the
house hehehe. It’s almost like a wind tunnel in
here LOL. Although at the moment it’s calmed
down a bit. I’m trying to converse with Christian
as I write, but it’s difficult hehehe. I might fix
me and him something to eat in a little while, but
we ate breakfast just a couple of hours ago 🙂
He has been trying to down load a game to his
phone and he finally got it done. He just said
thank God, because he was afraid it wouldn’t
work on his phone, but it does 🙂 Looking out
the window I now see that many of the trees
have finally sprouted leaves. Of course we’ve
had a few freezing frosty mornings that have
slowed things down. We had another freeze
Friday night, but I brought Judy’s flowers in
this time. It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting
another freeze, at least not in the next week
or so, but that could change. It was snowing
Saturday morning hehehe. I waited for it to
pass and warm up a bit before I took Judy’s
plant back outside hehehe. Yep, snow in May.
In the later days of May at that LOL, but it’s
how things roll up here. I’m looking forward to
doing some cooking outdoors, but I’ve gotta
buy us another grill first. Our old one rusted
to pieces and so we through it away. Judy and
I might find time to take a dip in her sister’s
swimming pool this summer hehehe. They’ve
got a 4 foot pool. Judy’s mom is still staying
at her sister Trudy’s house. They’ve been
trying to get her in a nursing home. That’s
where she needs to be. Maybe one day soon
God willing. Judy’s brother Ricky is coming
home Wednesday so hopefully they’ll be all
done with the cleanup and painting. I will be
so glad when it’s done, because I miss Judy.
I know she might be tons happier when it’s
done because she’s pooped hehehe. I try my
best to take care of her when she gets home,
but then I did that even before all of this LOL.
It’s the way I am hehehe. I fixed us Taquitos
last night. They weren’t quite as hungry as
I was though hehehe. The only thing I had
eaten all day was Eggos and sausage that we
had for breakfast. If Christian gets hungry
I might just warm up the Taquitos for him.
I don’t eat too often due to my health issues
that make eating not enjoyed. But, I might
make myself a Jif and jelly sandwich so he
won’t have to eat alone hehehe. Yes I said
Jif and jelly. Growing up, my mom only
bought Jif brand peanut butter. Hehehe
the jelly didn’t really matter. So now days
I still only buy Jif. It’s burned into my way
of thinking LOL. It’s your fault mom LOL.
I’m sure you have a few things from your
childhood that followed you into adulthood 🙂
Let’s put it this away. If it does nobody any
harm including yourself, why change hehehe?
Yep, I have a few things that followed me
from childhood such as my washing the dishes
and putting them away without thinking it was
somebody else’s job. It’s just something
I do. I don’t mind cooking, but not just for
myself. If I was just cooking for myself, it
would not happen often. Especially now that
I have no colon LOL. Let’s just say, I don’t
look forward to eating hehehe. But God has
given me many blessings to help me to see
passed the problems of life. Yes I do get
tired of the aches and pains and having to
go to the restroom more times than I can
count LOL, but I do enjoy spending time
with Judy and the boys as well as our many
other family members. We always enjoy
having Christian stay with us. Of course to
him we might be old and boring and for the
life of me I cannot see why he wants to be
here, but I am thrilled to have him here. I
wish my daughter Jamye and her daughter
(our granddaughter) Sami could come up some
time. We also enjoy it when Judy’s daughters
come for a visit. Our grandson Chance and
granddaughter Rylee are also a welcomed
sight around here. Lil Tommy is welcome
as well. It’s been a long time since he has
come for a visit. Thank You God for all of
the blessings that You have given us. Judy
and I are most grateful. I reckon it’s time
for me to cease my rambling and take a lil
trip back through all that I have written here
to that place of my recollection and see if
I can find me a decent title. So, it’s away
I go, back through all that I’ve written here
to that little place that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a
good title and now after checking I see that
it has not been used as of yet. So used it
shall be today hehehe. Here goes………….

Most Grateful

Where hopeful is hidden
with times now exposed
I am most grateful
for times blessed rose.
Often my viewpoints
are not great to see,
but I am most grateful,
what God gave to me.
He’s given blessings
and talents to show
sharing with others
wherever I go.
I am most grateful
for all that God’s done
giving so freely
Lord Jesus His Son.
No matter the passed days
of my own desire
I am most grateful
I’m saved from Hells fire.
He showed me mercy
as He does each day
and I am most grateful
He’s showed me the way.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24, 2015

So there ya go. I hope you enjoyed my rambling
and maybe even the poem 🙂 Christian had gone
into the living room to rest, but came in here to
tell me he saw a wasp, but as I came in there with
bug spray, I saw no wasp. It might of flown off.
Anyways, Christian is back in here, because he’s
afraid of the wasp. I might spot it later and then
send it outside to play. They don’t bother me no
more than a prickly pin hehehehe. Bumble bees
and scorpions don’t bother me either. I’m immune.
Of course I haven’t been stung by a scorpion in
in many years or the other either, so who knows.
I don’t get mosquito bites either due to the odd
blood chemistry of mine. Don’t ask! It’s what I
was born with. When I was a kid I used to play
with poison oak vines and poison ivy, but even
in later dates it has never bothered me. I was
all in it a few times last year while taking a walk
through the woods hehehe. Oh well, I be weird.
My dads immunity for it ceased on him shortly
before he passed away. So, I guess before I
get into Rambles ville again, I better tell you
what I tell you almost every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yeppers,
10 more poems with 1 of them being sort of
Christmassy. Also I wrote once again 22 haiku
for all of my haiku lovers out there. I hope you
find something you like. So now I believe I need
to begin my search for that not so illusive off
switch, but not before I wish you a most blessed
weekend and a God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. OK, where
are ya hiding you silly off switch? I hope you
have put a little more effort into your hiding
than you have in the past. Yet, Me thinks
you are just being lazy as I can see you clear
as day hiding or should I say trying to hide
behind my Mountain Dew can hehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

P.S. Thanks to Ron and Mandy at Century Computer
my PC with Windows 8 is back up and running, but
I’ve gotta buy another mouse for it before I can use it.
A special thanks to my mom also for paying for the
repairs. I don’t know what we would do without you.
We love you tons.

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

I Believe In Miracles

The essence of a sunny day
becomes my wildest dream
while I believe in miracles
within each magical scene.
The months of time all pass on by
with echoes of yesterday.
Yes, I believe in miracles
within a wondrous way.
The clouds that fly so high above
become an artist view
and I believe in miracles
as each day starts anew.
The seasons found within our minds
flow as a timeless force,
while I believe in miracles
in such a scenic course.
Painted with the Hands of God
as each day starts its shine
while I believe in miracles
that God gives so Divine.
Scenes so magical wonderful true
become a breath of air
for I believe in miracles
that are found everywhere.
Beyond right now and tomorrow
scenes continue to grow,
while I believe in miracles
with flowers and fallen snow.
Each day I see another sign
of wonderful things to view.
Yes, I believe in miracles
that God gives me and you.
So now as time just moves along
tell me do you agree
and do you believe in miracles,
even ones you may not see?
I believe in miracles
for I have seen displayed
things that happened in my life
that were true Heaven made.
So many times I wandered passed
the doors of better days
but then I saw much later on
the errors of my ways.
God had not forsaken me
for He still guided me true,
so yes I believe in miracles
that help me start anew.
The past is time that is no more,
but it has taught me well.
Yes, I believe in miracles
that saved my soul from Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
May 20, 2015

How Many Times

When we get caught up
in pleasure and pain
how many times
are we found without gain?
Lessons from mishaps
brought by our actions
often become as
our troublesome fractions.
How many times
do you look up and say
Dear Lord please help me
right now and today?
Do you continue
to do as you’ve done
and how many times
have you seen the same sun?
Today is a passageway
unto tomorrow
so how many times
will you seek time to borrow?
Will you continue
with your failed desires
and not admit that
some lead to Hell’s fires?
How many times
will you find day to day
that you’re still wanting
everything you’re own way?
Sometimes our wantings
will drive us insane
not giving anything
good to attain.

©By Bill Pearce
May 21, 2015

My Seasonal Dreams

My dreams of winter
and Christmas with cheer
comes from my seasonal
dreams every year.
Scenes within turnstiles
as white winter snow
and then at springtime
with flowers that grow.
My seasonal dreams
are found in my mind
harnessing flavors
of each great design.
Seasonal doorways
that give things to see
dreams I envision
and wish them to be.
My seasonal dreams
are pathways I find
within the turnstiles
of time after time.
As time moves onwards
with pages applied
my seasonal dreams
are an ongoing ride.

©By Bill Pearce
May 21, 2015

A Painted Smile

A circus clown
with smiles of paint
might be found
with frowns restraint.
This not only
is what’s found
when we daily
look around.
A painted smile
of holding back
in fleshly tone
that’s hiding black.
The painted face
without a stroke
hides sometimes
what’s truthful spoke.
A painted smile
a frown beneath
to hide the truth
with gritted teeth.
So understand
someone’s denial
might just hide
a painted smile.

©By Bill Pearce
May 21, 2015

As Things Might Seem

While time is ticking
many things will occur
as things might seem
to be just a blur.
All things remembered
might now just display
as time might seem
with a hurried array.
Often our journeys
might lose their control
when moving quickly
and time pays its toll.
As things might seem
we might see illusion
found amidst doorways
of truthful confusion..
We are the pages
of times written word
as things might seem
sometimes so absurd.
Let journeys sought
be a prayerful design,
as things might seem
just a little out of time.
Lord God gives direction
though sometimes extreme
with some seeming hurtful
as things might seem.
But God knows our needs
while life moves along
as things might seem
what now seems so wrong.
So right now be thankful
for what you don’t know
for sometimes our knowledge
can fill us with woe.
As things might seem
right now might be bad,
but there are blessings
which you should be glad.
Though we can’t see them
some blessings in life,
surely are with us
a husband or wife.
Our family and friends
that have gone ahead
now within Heaven
not hurting instead.
As things might seem
they are not in our sight,
but they are with us
each day and each night.
So all those blessings
of layers of time
now can find friendship
through Jesus Divine.
For as things might seem
they might not be great,
but there are great blessings
to surely elate.

©By Bill Pearce
May 21, 2015

Soon Will Come Summer

Springtime surrounds us
in our to and fro
flowers and trees
with grasses that grow.
Soon will come summer
as minutes tick on
springtime at dusk
then summer at dawn.
Soon summers fragrance
will fill up the days
as breezes blowing
like oceans of waves.
Essence of springtime
will still be well seen
found in the waters
of leftover spring.
Yet now the flowers
that blossom and grow
live now in springtime
with their to and fro.

©By Bill Pearce
May 22, 2015

Two Hearts Collide

When time comes together
and two hearts collide
true love takes journeys
on a magical ride.
Sometimes there’s problems
as two hearts will grow,
but they grow closer
with more time they know.
Yes of course hard times
will plant bitter seeds,
but if they’re truthful
they’ll find all their needs.
Planted as passion
as two hearts grow old
time gives the chances
for God to unfold.
Allowing Lord Jesus
to come then inside
will find them blessings
as two hearts collide.

©By Bill Pearce
May 22, 2015

Behind Our Eyes

With only a sight
our eyes cannot see,
for so many things
live in you and me.
We have our own ways
of dealing with things
behind our eyes
might be tangled strings.
What ones know not of,
for they’re not that wise.
Things that are hidden
right behind our eyes.
Lifestyles of torment
that we’ve suffered through
behind our eyes
might still feel the blue.
So many show only
what they feel they should,
for behind our eyes
ones misunderstood.
So when you’re judging
how someone reacts
remember you might not
have all of the facts.
Behind their eyes
might conceal their heart
that has by many
been just blown apart.
They might need someone
to help them some way
to find life and living
of a much better day.
So don’t judge too quickly
and think you’re too wise,
for they might be living
with times of dark skies.

©By Bill Pearce
May 22, 2015

A Morning Of May

One morning of May
we saw it was snowing
thinking this season
knows not where it’s going.
Crazy it seems
for snow to fall down
a morning of May
so weird to found
Bizarre it was surely
a morning of May
flavored with snowflakes
non seasonal way.
We both got our cameras
and aimed out the door
taking some pictures
like winters before.
A morning of May
brought white snow to see
a bizarre moment truly
you’ll have to agree.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23, 2015

Santa In The Heart

Christmas comes blissfully
times we remember
seasonal moments
that many remember.
Thinking of Santa Claus,
his giving way
makes many think about
that wondrous day.
Some will bestow it
the Christmastime joy
memories of them then
a young girl or boy.
There’s ones giving freely
what they’re taught is right
with Christmas cheerful
that they so delight.
They hold fast the meaning
of Christmas they know
displaying joyful
to help others grow.
Many hold that feeling
with God to impart
giving to others as
Santa in the heart.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23, 2015

for May 23, 2015

Mornings of grateful
will bring forth many blessings
with prayer entered in.

Desire of others
will lead to discontentment
as wantings prevail.

A forest of time
finds many leaves uncounted
as each tree will grow.

Sunshine by evening
bids its farewell to the day
as night comes alive.

Teams of wild horses
can not make you change your mind
if you are stubborn.

While many will wait,
others will hurry ahead
and test the waters.

We each see moments
through our own certain eyesight
distinguishing them.

Ones with their baggage
might coax you into joining
making more baggage.

Letting lose of then
will help the future to grow
and find happiness.

With teardrops falling
many might mistaken the sight
and just walk away.

Many find a car wreck
while rubbernecking to see
what they care not of.

More time is wasted
when we put off importance
and focus on junk.

Sleepy eyes will shut
as the minutes tick onwards
adding to others.

A flower frosted
might find its life once again
as sunshine gives warmth.

Bleakness of others
might be found through their lifestyles
they found by accident.

Too many people
look at only the bad times
while missing the good.

A mindset person
will be hard to influence,
but it can be done.

Stubborn weeds will grow
as they act just like flowers
to cease being mowed.

Tomorrow’s doorway
will open in its own time
as now is displayed.

Choosing your pathway
needs be done with God’s guidance
through a little prayer.

Staring at others
might cause them to stare right back,
so take note of that.

What people might think
will often cause us worry,
but it don’t matter.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23, 2015

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