Truly A Blessing


Hello my friends

It’s been a great week gone by.  Judy’s sister is
doing better.  The doctors found out that she has
vertigo.  So,  it’s not the flue or anything and it
will soon pass.  We had rain off and on for most
of the passed week,  but it’s been sunny most of
the day today.  Yesterday was a bit cloudy,  but
it wasn’t raining.  Our grandson Christian came
and spent the day with us Saturday and then he
wanted to spend the night.  His mom said OK so
he slept on the recliner being our spare room is
still a tad cluttered LOL.  It’s 66 F degrees right
now and it’s supped to get up to 69 F.  The week
is supposed to be with temps of upper 60’s to mid
70’s.  Not too bad.  It sure helps with our light
bill not having to run our heaters although we
have run our portable AC once or twice on the
days that it got up in the 80’s.  Judy’s petstation
arrived the other day and I put it together.  We
used it yesterday to give the boys there much
needed haircuts.  Benny is looking thin now as
we sheered enough hair off of him to create a
carbon copy of him hehehe of course only doll
form without life.  We started on Milo,  but the
battery on the sheers started dying.  So they’re
being recharged.  We might begin tomorrow
with touch ups on Benny and attempt to finish
Milo.  We’re not sure how well the petstation
is going to work giving them a bath indoors,
but it will work great outdoors aside from the
fact that the water we have is freaking ice cold
and there’s no hot water outside hehehe.  We
have an artesian well and the water can give
you frostbite because it be just like ice water.
I have yet to of dug out the boys kiddy pool
and our picnic table.  The doghouse is below
it all.  I will try and getter done this week 🙂
The boys don’t care,  because so far they
have not shown much anxiety about getting
in the pool,  but who knows,  they might get
the urge one day hehehe.  So,  what else is
going on around the Pearce’s place?  Well
to be honest,  it hasn’t been that exciting.
Of course Judy had been spending many of
the days over at her sisters house helping
out when her sister Trudy was not feeling
so well.  She would be over there from 9 AM
to 11:30 PM,  which left me and the boys to
hang out together.  You could tell that Benny
was missing mom,  because he would go wild
every time he thought he heard our car LOL.
I’m glad that’s passed and so are the boys 🙂
Milo would lie in the floor in here with me
and wait for me to get up and head to the
front door.  Of course often I was only
getting up to go to the toilet and he would
park himself in front of the bathroom door
while waiting for me to come out.  Heck,
he does that no matter hehehe.  Judy has
gone over to her brothers house to do a bit
of cleaning.  Christian is in the living room
playing on his cell phone.  Judy told him
not to disturb me while I was writing,  so
he’s hanging out in there until I finish.  Milo
has come back in here with me and Benny
is in the living room with Christian.  I fixed
us EGGO waffles,  eggs and sausage for
breakfast.  We still have no clue of when
or if Judy’s brother will be going home.
His health has been pretty bad.  Keep him
in your prayers.  Judy and I are doing
pretty well.  We’re hoping to be able to
buy us some bicycles next month so that
we can go for rides for a little exercise
maybe down to Cameron’s Market and
back ever so often.  So,  hopefully we can
find us some good bikes that we can afford.
We also want to buy a doggy trailer that
we can hook to the bikes so that the boys
can come with us 🙂  She’s found one
for 99 dollars that will hold two dogs 🙂
Anyways,  that’s our plans as they stand
at this moment.  All of Judy’s flowers are
looking good.  Our landlord managed to
get most of the yard mowed finally using
a little riding lawn mower.  I bet his butt
was tingling after doing all the mowing
on that little thing.  I guess his tractor is
broken.  Normally he uses his big tractor
to do the mowing in the field.  I’ve gotta
get the weedeater and do a little whacking
around the front of our house though,  but
he got most of the grass.  I have to weed
eat in short strides,  being my back starts
aching and my shoulder starts throbbing
if I try to do too much.  It took me forever
the other day just to weed eat around the
flowers LOL.  Oh well,  it’ll get done one
way or day or another.  Judy and I are
happy where we live.  We enjoy being
able to walk out in the field with the boys
and watch the sun rise and set without
the contamination of the city lights and
hustle and bustle.  I have always loved
living in the country.  I can remember
the days when I was a little boy and we
lived in Dallas with neighbors all around
and not much privacy.  When my mom
and dad moved us down to the country at
South Tawakanii near Lake Tawakanii
I all of the sudden saw things that I had
never seen while in Oak Cliff.  I saw
trees,  and birds that I had never ever
seen before.  I found I loved exploring
and I spent many days traipsing through
the woods and learning how to crawdad
fish and for those of you that don’t know
what a crawdad is,  it’s a crayfish  We
call em crawdads down in Texas hehehe.
Yes,  after a few years of living in the
country,  I found that I preferred it to
living in the city and being that one of
my passions is photography,  it makes
for a great place to find God’s beauty.
The city life tends to cover up the sights
that God put here to enjoy.  I love the
winter mornings looking out over the
snow covered field seeing the glistening
trees of snow and ice.  And on the fall
days,  the colors of the trees turn into
paintings that are God’s work of art.
There is so much to see out here in the
country that the city life does not see.
I am so happy to have been able to see
all of this beauty.  There are so many
that forget to look around and find the
beauty.  They can only see the burdens.
Yes there are burdens to living in the
country,  but there are also things that
make it all worth while if you would just
take the time to look.  The city life also
has its good points,  but not enough for
me to move back.  Of course if I had
to,  I’m sure I would.  I have before :).
But I thank God for all that He has
given Judy and I.  These boys of ours
are truly a blessing and our children
and grandchildren make life that much
more abundant with joy.  Thank You
God for all that You have done for us.
You are The Greatest.  Through Your
Son Jesus we have found true love and
forgiveness for each others follies.  We
have grown to be a true unity as we
walk together in life enjoying what all
that You give.  I guess it’s time for me
to be ceasing my rambling mode and
begin looking back on all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem  🙂
So it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have found a decent title and it looks
like I haven’t used it yet,  so here goes.
I hope it comes out making sense LOL.

Truly A Blessing

Scenes found before me
as artworks rejoice
speak out with flavors
of God’s greatest voice.
The sounds in the distance
of birds chirping wild
are truly a blessing
which life has compiled.
Each moments painted
with brushstrokes of time
that displays its artwork
so truly divine.
Some minutes gather
leaving sections to see
as truly a blessing
in our history.
Yet many moments will
come into view
and shower those blessings
on me and on you.
Truly a blessing
is now and a while
as Lord God has painted
a place for a smile.
Sometimes the artwork
might not be so clear,
but later on surely
you’ll see yesteryear.
So many find their
own sights just repressing,
but later see clearly
what’s truly a blessing.
So take time and look now
and see what that’s there,
for truly a blessing
is found everywhere.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2015

So,  how did I do?   LOL did it make any sense
to you?  I hope it did.  I hope you enjoyed all of
my rambling.  Well Milo has had to go out and
potty once since I began writing.  Benny is still
in the living room with Christian.  Judy should
be home soon.  We took a few pictures of the
boys as we were cutting their hair and I might
put a few in the stationery.  I also took a little
trip through the back roads one day last week
and found a few good sights to take pictures of.
All in all,  the passed week was pretty good.
I’m looking forward to next week to see what
God has lined up for us 🙂  Oh yea,  last week
Milo almost choked to death on a treat that
he didn’t chew up and I had to do the heimlich
maneuver on him.  He coughed it up and later
was feeling better.  That boy tries to inhale
his food rather than chewing, but I think he
might of learned something this time.  We’ve
noticed him chewing the treats hehehe.  He
also seems to be a lot more close to me since
I saved his life.  I think he knows what I did.
We love our boys and don’t want anything
to happen to them.  Both Judy and I went
into hysterics when Milo was falling to the
floor unable to breath or swallow.  I just
did the only thing I knew to do which was
stand him up and slap his sides and that
made him cough up the treat.  Anyways,
he’s back to his ornery self.  Later that
night he was playing with Benny.  They
were playing chase through the house.
So,  I guess I need to stop myself before
I get into rambling mode again because
it’s time for me to be telling you what I
tell you almost every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep,  10 more poems with 1 of them
being sort of Christmassy.  I also once
again wrote 22 more haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you find 1 or 2 of either or both that
you like.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to be searching for that dad gum
off switch that tries once in a while
to find a decent hiding spot,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful
weekend and a truly blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now,  where is that
confounded off switch hiding this
week?  I see ya you little varmint.
Hiding behind my nose spray again
huh!  It didn’t work for ya last time
did it,  so why try it again.  You do
know I have allergies and sinus
trouble don’t you hehehehehehehe?
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Beyond My Thoughts

With minutes of wonder
my thoughts becomes found
seeing the beginnings
as I look around.
Beyond my thoughts
holds timeless beginnings
found with the pages
of so many endings.
Stages of footsteps
within every stride
beyond my thoughts
has a look inside.
Eyes opened widely
just seeking to find
time frames portrayals
within my own mind.
Ticking as a time clock
I’m often lost
within my own thinking
beyond my thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

Late Nights Serenade

The songs in the night sky
are so greatly displayed
the winds blowing briskly
late nights serenade.
Songs of sweet wonder
with echoes I hear
as serenading magic
that comes through so clear.
The scenes in the night sky
reflect what that’s heard
late nights serenade
with word after word.
An essence of beauty
with starlight that shines
as a song that appears
with so many designs.
The moon comes a glowing
like yellow lemonade
found in the hours of
late nights serenade.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

Moon Over Tomorrow

As daylight meets nighttime
with minutes to find
the night sky displays a
wondrous design.
Stars that are twinkling
and moonlight to glow,
the scenes are found changing
creating a show.
Often the minutes will
find their own place.
Moon over tomorrow
is filled with such grace.
Looking at the night sky
ones search through the stars
maybe seeing Venus
and maybe seeing Mars.
The moon over tomorrow
holds keys to tonight
dreams found displaying
what might turn out right.
Yet as the night sky
is found painted black
the moon over tomorrow
keeps starlight intact.
Clouds blowing briskly
up high above you
will give way to scenery
of starlight to view.
Then as the moonlight
peeks through time agin
the stage is being set
for another to begin.
The moon over tomorrow
holds time frames intact
painting up the sky
in a night sky of black.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

When I Am Alone

While my time is counted
and time ticks away
I find that I’m sometimes
just stood in a daze.
Looking up above me
watching clouds blow by
when I am alone
just wondering why.
Seeking for answers
with each scene I see
I sometimes drift off to
a mindful set free.
When I am alone
I might wonder true
what is my purpose
to do what I do.
My heart might find rhythm
through all that I’ve known
with God still beside me
when I am alone.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

Welcome The Day

As you are awakened
and mornings sun shines
welcome the day
with much better designs.
Lose all your doubting
that yesterday’s shown
a let today find you
with much better known.
Welcome the day
with a great big smile
and it might turn into
a much better mile.
Let frowns of time
to now fade away
as you are awakened
and welcome the day.
Look in the mirror
and say I love you
and that person reflecting
might just say it too.
Welcome the day
with a little cup of cheer
and maybe it might then
turn to sincere.
Let your frowning face
of yesterdays way
find you with cheerful
to welcome the day.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

My Snowy Memories

Within my journeys
of winters detail
I find I’m thinking
of snowflakes set sail.
Snowy memories
Christmastimes view
scenes found displaying
what I wish were true.
Yet now it’s springtime
with rain and sunshine
causing my dreaming
to show wintertime.
Christmas songs playing
on the old radio
some about Santa
and some about snow.
My snowy memories
come as a cool breeze
white snow as glitter
on all of the trees.
Those wonderful lights
that twinkle and shine
my snowy memories
of that wondrous time.
I often will daydream
and see in my eyes
some snowflakes falling
down from the skies.
Those snowy memories
bring me to a place
with Christmas type mindful
and a smile on my face.
Joyful is Christmas
with snowflakes that fall
found as a moment
that stands out so tall.
My snowy memories
help me to smile
when I am facing
a moments time trial.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

On A Bluebirds Wings

Flying in the sky
above so many things
I wish I could be
on a bluebirds wings.
A breeze found beneath me
the wings that fly
keep us found airborne
up high in the sky.
I wish I could be
on its wings way up there
flying in the sky
like a little puff of air.
On a bluebirds wings
with each passing day
just passing the time
in a wonderful way.
Flying through the clouds
as a meadow above
I’d find a blue sky
so filled full of love.
On a bluebirds wings
I would hover and fly
if I could have my dream
of a moment in the sky.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

Swinging Doors

Various lifestyles
become as repeated
as swinging doors
of troubled times seeded.
Always with one hand
holding what’s done
makes swinging doors
what’s always begun.
Let loose those bad times
and learn what to do
and let all those doorways
to see what’s anew.
Swinging doors only
show what all you know
often bad places
that you need not go.
Learn to move forward
and let loose of shores
found as the problems
as your swinging doors.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

Springtime Has Sprung

The flowers are blooming
and trees are all green
with meadows showing
each wonderful scene.
Blessings filled glimmers
of sunshine’s array.
Springtime has sprung
with a wonderful day.
Season filled portholes
with colors so bright
bring forth the beauty
of each day and night.
Springtime has sprung
with its own true glory
writing a novel
of a colorful story.
Springtime’s beginning
is sometimes what’s seen
as that of wonderful
found in a dream.
It gives the seasonal
songs that are sung
by all the birdies
when springtime has sprung.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

Come With Me

Take a trip with me
to a place far away
with a seasonal stage
from April to May.
Come with me now
and look at the sights
and see all the things
that my life delights.
Take my hand now
and fly off and see
all of the things
that God gave for free.
Lose your perception
of negative things.
Come with me now
and hear birdies sing.
Listen to the wind blow
and tree leaves that sway.
Come with me now
and see a brighter day.
Let God to guide you
as you let Him to flow.
Come with me now
and go where I go.
This trip is a journey
through writing you see
so read it with peaceful
and then come with me.
Look for God’s blessings
through words of release.
Come with me now
and seek for His Peace.
Lose your perception
of negative things
and listen to God now
as a little birdie sings.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

for June 12,  2015

With but just a thought
you can change how things work out
through how they’re perceived.

Lessons come with time
and often time is hurried
creating nightmares.

Looking for trouble
might find you with some problems
you did not expect.

With every doorway
there is a knob to be turned
and choice to walk in.

Today is on time
as it brings forth beginnings
for our tomorrow’s.

We might see darkness,
but light awaits to be seen
through our choices.

When now fades from sight
look for the future to find
and you might find it.

Ripples on a pond
could be from a passing duck
or a splashing fish.

The oceans waves roll
as they serenade the day
of a sandy shore.

Meanings will get lost
as our words are confusion
and not understood.

Lost within a dream
might display a few problems
as life comes to light.

Raindrops of springtime
pitter-patter their flavors
upon our rooftop.

Seasonal doorways
give way for many stages
as changes of time.

Beyond our thinking
there might be a better way
that we might not see.

Love is a story
written within a heartbeat
that God has given.

Various lifestyles
display worry and anger
where others will pray.

Yesterday is gone
so use what good that you learned
and let the rest go.

The past is the past
but we need remember it
as a good teacher.

The rain sings a song
as it dances on our house
with a peaceful tune.

Having had problems
doesn’t mean you’re a loser.
It means you’re learning.

Hearing a bird sing
on a beautiful spring day
puts peace in my heart.

Life is but a time
that comes and goes with minutes
that only God knows.

©By Bill Pearce
June 12,  2015

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