Until Then


Hello my friends
& Happy Fathers Day

It’s been raining all morning long and it looks
as though it’s gonna rain most of the week 🙂
I got my 19 inch monitor in the Mail Thursday
so I unplugged the little 15 inch one. We might
give it to Judy’s brother if he ever gets to come
home.  My Windows 8 PC was really hard to
see with that tiny 15 inch monitor due to my loss
of eyesight.  I still prefer using my Windows XP,
but there are many things nowadays that will
not work on XP,  so I use it for those programs.
I have a 28 inch monitor on my Windows XP PC.
Windows 8 is no good for doing my emails being
it does not do grouped emails or at least it will
not on this computer LOL.  If I used it to send
my journals,  I would be forced to have to send
one email at a freaking time which would take
me for an eternity hehehe.  But I have signed
up for the free Windows 10 upgrade from the
Windows 8.1.  So hopefully they’ve fixed many
of the flaws that are in Windows 8 and 8.1 🙂
We shall see,  but it won’t be available for
download until July 29.  Until then I will just
do as I have been with Windows 8.1 flipping
back and forth between PC’s LOL.  I have
managed to copy many of my family pictures
and videos to my Windows XP so that just
in case I have a problem again,  I have them
on both PC’s 🙂  Yes,  the computer is my life.
It’s what helps to keep me sane along with
all of my other activities which I might add
need my PC’s to be able to save and share,
so I guess I’m stuck hehehe.  OK,  what else
is there to chat about?  Judy finished up with
Milo’s haircut using the petstation and she
then took it in the bathroom and gave both
of them a bath.  One at a time of course 🙂
So,  what else is going on around this place?
Actually it’s been sort of quiet around here
aside from a few barking sounds coming
from the boys hehehe.  I got our old weed
eater out and whacked as much as I was
able to before my body started hurting so
bad that I couldn’t do it anymore.  Our little
weedeater isn’t made for this tall stuff,  so
I was only able to do so much.  Hopefully
our landlord will hire somebody soon to do
what I was unable to do.  I just wanted to
get the weeds cut from around our front
steps and around Judy’s flowers as well as
much of the front of the house I could trim.
My old shoulders,  back and legs would not
let me do too much at once.  I had to keep
stopping to try to ease the pain and also get
to where I could breathe again.  My asthma
was continually flaring up making me gasp
for air.  I think I’ll let our landlord take care
of the rest of it.  I’ll end up in the hospital if
I’m not careful and I hate hospitals hehehe.
Judy has gone with her sister Barbara up to
Eagle Lake Maine to see her brother Ricky
and his daughter and her husband are going
to meet them there.  So,  today for Fathers
Day it’s just me and the boys.  Judy did make
us omelets for breakfast before she headed
out and no telling when she will get home.
It’s about 90 miles north of us which could
be a 2 hour or more drive one way.  Benny
is in the living room keeping a look out as
he does always hehehe.  Milo is in here with
me.  Benny might end up in here a little bit
later on in the day.  Especially when he gets
tired of waiting for mom to get home hehehe.
She might get home earlier than I think,  but
time will tell.  This is Fathers Day for me 🙁
It’s not much different than any other day.
All of my family is in Texas and unable to
come up to see me.  Judy and I are buying
us a couple of bicycles next month so that
we can ride them down to Cameron’s and
back for some exercise.  Judy has ordered
a two dog doggy trailer to hook up to the
back of one of the bikes and bring them
along with us on our rides.  We’ll see how
that works LOL.  That’s the highlights of
our next months venture.  We might head
out one day soon on a picture taking drive.
We never know which direction we will
head out until maybe the night before 🙂
The weather always plays a part in the
drive.  If it’s raining or something,  it will
wait for another day.  So only time will
tell.  Until then,  I’ll continue doing as I
do each time we drive to town or around.
I’ll aim my camera out the car window
and snap away LOL.  I always wrap the
strap around my wrist just in case she
hits a bump and well you know hehehe.
Don’t wanna lose my old camera.  Judy
bought it for me a decade ago and it still
works great.  of course I’ve had to use
tape to keep things from falling off of it.
It has been on some journeys hehehehe.
I’ve dropped it in the snow and almost
lost it,  but it survived.  Of course in the
wintertime with subzero temperatures
the batteries run down fast,  so I’ve always
gotta keep some charged ones handy in
my pockets.  Today’s high is supposed
to be 55,  but so far it’s not gotten above
54 F degrees.  It’s supposed to be in
lower 60’s to lower 70’s F all week long
on through to next week.  Yep,   this is
the way summer should be.  Of course
it makes it a tad cool for swimming 🙂
It might warm up a bit more a little
later on in the summertime days,  but
nothing like the summers in Texas LOL.
Judy had to bring her flowers back in
the house Thursday night because the
temperature was dropping down near
freezing.  It never made it below 35 F,
but better safe than sorry I always say.
All of her flowers are blooming and
they are so pretty.  I’m glad I was able
to save the one that got hit by the frost
a few weeks ago.  I trimmed off the
dead limbs and it allowed for new life
to sprout.  I can see where God has
had His Hands blessing the moments.
I might be sad and alone at times due
my being so far away,  but God gives
me instances that put a smile on my
face.  Life is guaranteed to have a few
problems,  but through those problems
strength is born.  Let God help to make
you stronger through your journeys.
Find the joy in the small things.  They
are the things such as a gentle breeze
or a calling bird.  Now I believe it’s
time for me to be taking my little trip
back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find me a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have found a decent title and it looks
like I haven’t used it yet,  so here goes.
I hope it makes sense hehehe.

Until Then

My time as a boy
grown into a man
joined with my dad
as a God given plan.
For until then
the minutes ticked on
found until then
what time brought along.
My dad taught lessons
I often ignored.
but yet still learned them
with my life explored.
My life until then
as a young little boy
was found with my daddy
and filled with much joy.
I grew up to see what
he meant then each day
with things that he told me
in his wise little way.
Yet I until then
just sought with a smile
what I learned later
was a pain staking mile.
My daddy had wisdom
that I soon heard clear
what I until then
saw not so sincere.
Dad I now thank you
for all that you said,
because all your words
were life giving bread.
You taught me how Jesus
had saved us from sin
and how we were Hell bent
from times until then.
Daddy I love you
and thank you so much
for giving me moments
that my heart can touch.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2015

I love you Daddy and I miss you
although you are always with me
in my heart,  mind and eyes <3

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe
even the poem hehehe.  Yes,  my dad helped
me to become the person that I am today and
he is still with me in spirit guiding me.  Just
because the body’s died doesn’t mean that he
is gone.  The spirit lives on in Heaven and can
be anywhere to watch and guide us as angels.
You might not see them,  but they are there.
I talk to my dad all the time and I can often
hear his words in my head speaking to me
as he has in the past.  OK,  so what else is
there to tell ya that I haven’t already told
ya?  Oh yea,  keep my good friend Rachel
Palmer’s husband Brian in your prayers.
Brian is a good man.  He has been stricken
with cancer in his brain and elsewhere in
his body.  They are good Christian folk.
Ok,  so I guess that’s about all I can think
of to tell you aside from what I tell you
almost every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems,  but none of them are of
a Christmassy style hehehe.  Maybe next
week.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for
all of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like.  Now I believe it’s time for me to
be searching for that not so elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend and Fathers Day
and a blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now,
where is that darned off switch hiding
this week?  I think I see it hiding behind
the new monitor.  Yep,  it just couldn’t
stay still hehehe.  It looked like it was
doing a little soft shoe back there LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Hearing Myself

Words of a hurry
might come out so wrong
and not be saying
what then does belong.
Hearing myself talking
brings clear what I’ve said
while often I let things
to go to my head.
We all have our moments
that time might display
words found so wrongful
of one distraught day.
I know that sometimes
I might speak despair,
but I will then later
let it find some prayer.
God gives us blessings
that I might not find
but hearing myself will
make clearer my mind.
Giving my thinking
a much better view
while hearing myself
teaches what not to do.

©By Bill Pearce
June 16,  2015

Harvest Of Time

Step by step
some continue on
while watching others
until they are gone.
The essence of meanings
becomes understood
one by one
not what that it should.
Our harvest of time
shows moments we’ve patterned
sometimes with rhythms
of time frames all shattered.
Our echoes might find us
just doing the same
step by step
found so insane.
It might be found
our chose design
while we continue
our harvest of time.

©By Bill Pearce
June 18,  2015

A Brief Encounter

The seconds pass
while sounding clear
a brief encounter
of yesteryear.
With musical sounds
with harmonized voice
becomes the view
that now I rejoice.
Those memories
of sounds so sweet
a brief encounter
came so complete.
My mind still finds
those distant days
so long ago
those youthful ways.
A brief encounter
with musical minds
is memorized
from distant times.

©B y Bill Pearce
June 18,  2015

I Love You Dad

The things we did
so long ago
you and I
what times bestow
now are displaying
as me and you
together found
in things I do.
You brought me joy
with words so kind
even those moments
you spanked my behind.
I love you dad
and you’ll always be
deep in my heart
right here with me.
You were the light
when things were bad
and I want you to know
I love you dad.

©By Bill Pearce
June 18,  2015

Rain Showers in June

Storms come a raining
from clouds overhead
and pour down the waters
in a little riverbed.
The waters refresh all
that needs that June rain,
but so many people
just watch and complain.
The flowers that blossom
need rain to fall down
and then to soak into
the moments dry ground.
Rain showers in June
are found as a breath
waters to scare off
the dry bitter death.
Helping the flowers
and trees sing a tune
joyful with life from
rain showers in June.

©By Bill Pearce
June 20,  2015

Without Worry

Walking boldly
where you go
sometimes leads to
Hell below.
Without worry
ones might be
found within
Sometimes worry
can be good
to make you do
the things you should.
Yet don’t worry
about it all,
because sometimes
it’s just the call.
Things will happen
where you go
even when you
worry so.
But  you need to
look and see
what might happen
worry free.
Without worry
you might find
what you should of
kept confined.

©By Bill Pearce
June 20,  2015

The Simpler Times

The years long ago
when I was a lad
I often would see
ones acting so bad.
Kids way back when
still did as they do.
Some doing good things
and some not so true.
The simpler times
weren’t simple at all,
for within that time
the problems would call.
The years long ago
we might not see clear,
for the simpler times
were not yesteryear.
Each decade comes
with its own moments minds
seen in the future
to be simpler times.

©By Bill Pearce
June 20,  2015

My Daddy My Friend

I still remember
my daddy and me
walking together
throughout history.
Me playing bongos
and him seeing true
the signature found
in things that I do.
He saw me writing
and heard my voice
while he would always
show his rejoice.
My daddy my friend
would say that’s real good
all of the words
that he understood.
He was a great daddy
and also my friend
as a father and son
that never would end.
He’s now in Heaven
and I know he can see
me now still writing
what God gave to me.
My daddy my friend
will forever be found
reflecting in my eyes
when I look around.
He taught me of Jesus
and how He is love
and my daddy my friend
is with Him above.
I’ll never forget you
and your smiling face
my daddy my friend
that taught me God’s grace.
So now on this day
that defines you so true
Happy Fathers day daddy
from me now to you.

©By Bill Pearce
June 20,  2015

Laugh At Yourself

Times we you stumble
and do silly stuff
laugh at yourself
and learn to be tough.
Don’t let the dumb things
that you’ve surely done
to cause you to pout
each seasonal sun.
See all the dumb things
that you do each day
and laugh at yourself
in a smiling array.
Often when storm clouds
of dumb things we do
come out just raining
on me and on you
laughter can brighten up
each stormy frown,
so laugh at yourself
when storms come around.

©By Bill Pearce
June 20,  2015

Tomorrow’s Today

When now has no patience
for what’s needing done
tomorrow might also
display the same sun.
While waiting for better
you might misconceive
what that is standing
in moments you breathe.
Tomorrow’s today
might be of the same
displayed a bit later
what you did not claim.
Procrastinators journey
begins with a moment
that in the future
might seek for atonement.
For often our waiting
to do what we should
finds us tomorrow
a worse neighborhood.
So do not just put off
what’s needing your way
or it might be worse then
tomorrow’s today.

©By Bill Pearce
June 20,  2015

for June 20,  2015

Behind every man
holds a mother and father
that patterned his life.

Peace is a moment
that exists in a time frame
that we often miss.

Within tomorrow
holds the actions of today
and our yesterdays.

No one’s right always
for right to you might be wrong
and needing lessons.

An uncloudy day
might soon dissipate from view
displaying artwork.

While many look on,
a person in need awaits
with God watching you.

When breathing a breath
that breath might become shortened
as our time finds end.

Looking for true love
could find you in much despair
not seeing clearly.

What’s displayed outside
might not be the same inwards,
so look passed the sight.

Motivation of fear
makes ones to forget themselves
as truth is exposed.

Lucky is two ways
as the moment might explode
to be unlucky.

A bird flying high
lets the wind fill up its wings
keeping it aloft.

Without a brushstroke
a painter creates a scene
that we cannot see.

A brisk breeze in June
makes the leaves on the trees sway
and make rustling sounds.

Nighttime’s signature
is found in the starlight
and moon up above.

In mornings window
holds visions of bright sunlight
and maybe some rain.

The needs of many
are greater than that of one,
but one still matters.

Life in the fast lane
might conclude to destruction
as hurry brings pain.

The lawnmower man
cuts the grass in the daylight,
with headlights at night.

An old wrinkled man
shows his age through the lessons
in his walk of life.

Creating a time
that doesn’t really exist
might just be a dream.

Mindset emotions
can cause you future problems,
so allow some change.

©By Bill Pearce
June 20,  2015

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