Now Days


Hello my friends

It’s late Saturday night and I decided to get
an early start on my Sunday journal being our
grandson Christian is coming over tomorrow
and I didn’t want to be stuck writing all the
while he’s here.  So,  here it is,  12:30 AM in
the morning hehehe.  This past week has been
not very eventful,  other than a little walk in
the field with Benny.  Milo just wanted to stay
inside with Judy.  I got out our weed eater agin
and I tried to get a little more done before the
rain starts again.  It’s supposed to rain again
Sunday then into the night and Monday,  then
agin on Wednesday.  I managed to get most
of the front of our house weed whacked before
not only its battery ran down,  but mine also 🙂
I had an asthma attack and had to make way
for my respirator.  My sneezing kicked into
overdrive as well due to my many allergies
with one of them being grass hehehe.  Yep,
I do spend a lot of time sneezing and blowing
my nose LOL.  Right now at 12:45 AM it’s
59 F degrees.  Sunday’s high is supposed to
be 60 F degrees,  so I am guessing that we
won’t need to run the AC LOL.  Of course
it might be raining all day beginning in the
noon hours hehehe.  Judy is browsing the
recipes on the net and on Facebook.  She
likes to try out new recipes.  Some turn out
quite well and others maybe not so,  but it’s
hit and miss to find us something that we
both like sometimes hehehe.  Do you recall
that 19″ monitor that I bought for my other
PC that has Windows 8?  Well,  believe it
or not,  it already quit working and I have
sent them an email to ask for a replacement.
LOL,  bought it Friday the 19th and it died
Friday the 26th.  A whole week,  WOW.
Anyways,  it’s supposed to be guaranteed
for 3 months and it never made it.  I’m sure
they will make good on the deal.  In the
mean time it’s back to the tiny 15″ screen
that I can barely make out anything with
my right eye.  Due to all of my many years
of being on the Internet and working with
PC’s I have a lot of programs that will
not work on Windows 8 and so I need my
Windows XP PC for those programs along
with the ability to send my journals which
Windows 8 will not do unless I send them
out one email at a freaking time hehehe.
When My old PC died I was forced to buy
a new PC which had Windows 8 on it and
it wasn’t until then that I found out all of
the flaws in Windows 8,  so I bought me a
refurbished Windows XP Pro off of the net
and then cleaned it to get rid of any bots or
programs that the seller might have put on
it to take control.  He beat me and started
messing with it,  but I put a stop to it quick
and reformatted and then looked for any
remains of a back door.  I am an old PC
programmer from way back,  but due to
my loss of eyesight and all I had to retire.
Many didn’t even know that I knew as
much as I do about PC’s until someone
tattled at work hehehe.  I tried to play
dumb for as long as I could because I
knew what that would procure from all
of that hehehe.  Now days,  my knowledge
is limited due my ceasing to do what my
eyesight would let me do,  but no longer
allows.  LOL,  it’s funny how so many
thought I was ignorant because I acted
silly at work.  The key word is acted LOL.
There are many among you that might
be smarter than you think.  You would
not believe how many people never knew
I wrote poetry,  but they knew I wrote
songs hehehe.  Put 2 and 2 together 🙂
Yes,  there are so many judged simply
by their appearance and not given any
chance to show you what they can do.
We do that with religions and colors.
Just because they look or act different
than you doesn’t make them any better
or worse than you.  We need to quit our
labeling people as bad due to a situation
that involved their color,  race or religion.
We are people with unique personalities.
Though some might look the same,  it
doesn’t mean that they are.  God gave
us each our differences so that we could
further our growth.  If everyone was
the same,  then growth would stagnate.
Life has a funny way of repeating itself
when we fail to learn the lessons.  Let’s
cease the name calling and labeling
people.  We are God’s children and I’m
sure He doesn’t want His children to
bicker about who’s better or worse.
Find common ground to at least make
some peace.  I love you all and I don’t
care if you’re orange,  black or gray 🙂
Well it’s 57 F degrees now at 1:20 AM.
I reckon it’s gonna be a nice night for
sleeping if either one of us ever go to
bed LOL.  Judy is busy at writing her
book.  She said she want’s me to proof
read it when she’s done,  but it looks
like she has a long way to go hehehe.
She’s not writing a small book.  She
said it’s going to have 90 chapters in it
and she’s about ready to start sending
me a few at a time to proof read.  She’s
my little author and I’m proud of her.
So,  this is what goes on around the
Pearce’s Place hehehe.  We spend time
with Benny and Milo and watch TV
together.  I can’t wait till we get our
bicycles and the boys doggy trailer 🙂
We’ll head out riding carrying our
cameras with us to stop and take a
few pictures ever so often.  It will be
great exercise and maybe we can
lose a little weight.  I have about 60
pounds that I would like to lose LOL.
Of course I might not lose any,  but
at least I’ll be getting some exercise
and enjoying it with my honeypie and
our boys 🙂  So,  what else is there to
talk about?  Hmm nothing comes to
mind,  so I guess it’s time for me to
be taking my little trip back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  And so,  it’s away I go to that
little place that I always like to call
have found a decent title that I have
not used yet and now after checking
I see that my guess is right hehehehe.
I hope it makes at least a little sense 🙂
Here goes…

Now Days

When looking back in years of time
now days might just discover
that we’ve gone repeating ourselves
as our errors we uncover.
Now days with our actions made
tomorrow might be found
with judgment on each other
when our thoughts all come around.
Soon will be the end of times
with no chance to save your soul
so why continue acting like
you’ve paid the greatest toll.
We all have our own problems
that we may not let you see,
for there’s times humiliation
that is found in you and me.
So now days let God’s blessings
to be found in how you act
while trying to cease the judging
what might not be matter fact.
Sometimes our personalities
will disperse a different sight
and what might seem wrong to you
might turn out being right.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2015

So,  there ya go hehehe.  I know,  it’s not
one of my best,  but I have had all of this
on my mind for some time now.  I’m tired
of people critiquing others simply because
they’re different.  We are all different and
that’s how God made us.  It’s differences
that should bond us together,  not push us
apart.  Don’t be so quick to judge that guy
with long hair or a different color,  because
they might turn out to be angels.  OK,  off
of my preaching hehehe.  Back to Earth 🙂
Judy and I are listening to Moodscapes
on TV.  It’s peaceful music without any
words.  I seem to do my best writing while
listening to it.  Judy also loves to listen
to it.  We sleep to it quite often.  OK,  so
she sleeps to it.  I spend most of my time
running back and forth to the restroom
and when I’m not doing that I’m trying
to ignore my aching arthritis hehehehe
long enough to grab a few winks LOL.
That’s life.  At least I can still enjoy
my time with my Judy and our boys.
Also I enjoy spending time with her
family.  Maybe one day my daughter
and granddaughter will make it up
this way.  So,  I guess it’s time for me
to begin my search for that hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before I
tell you what I tell you almost every
week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 poems
with 1 of them being a Christmas
poem.  Also once again I wrote 22
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.  Now,
where is that darned off switch this
time?  Before I begin looking I’ll
give ya a chance to make sure that
you’re hidden.  Remember my friends,
Jesus loves you and we do too. OK,
here I come.  OH for Heaven’s sake,
and I even gave you a little more
time to find a better hiding spot.
Look at you.  I can see you plain as
day right behind my respirator LOL 🙂
Gotcha  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


Without some direction
of which way to go
and when you should turn
with how that you flow,
you might discover
a storm brewing chided
from all those time frames
found undecided.
Sometimes some choosing
of a pathway to find
can become a journey
of a little peace of mind.
Yet undecided moments
can often be good,
for then you might later
choose what that you should.
Don’t let your decisions
to lead you astray,
for sometimes undecided
can see through the gray.
Undecided moments
might one day choose
the right or wrong journey
to win or to lose.

©By Bill Pearce
June 24,  2015

Sunshine Summer

The time when rains
come pouring down
a sunshine summer
found all around.
The scenes become
assorted arrays
of sunshine summer
with day after days.
Prismatic views
of now and agin
a sunshine summer
seems without end.
With each day found
and minutes thereto
the sunshine summer
is found within view.
Found after spring
are moments of wonder
seen as the days
of sunshine summer.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

Without A Trace

Footprints that we’ve made
in footsteps of time
might display so wrongly
what was on our mind.
Facts without a trace
might be misunderstood
and seen as just moments
that were not so good.
So many see pictures
that liars have drawn
and without a trace
is truth dusk to dawn.
Footprints of missteps
that are not so true
might be found on a day
what’s clearer to view.
For someone’s footsteps
might show on their face
what many didn’t see then
without a trace.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

Never Stands Still

Time is a tick-tock
that never stands still
a watch or a wall clock
has time to fulfill.
The painted emotions
of minutes we see
might seem as the oceans
to you or to me.
Time is a pathway
to now and tomorrow
a good or a bad day
that minutes can’t borrow.
Often our desires
are dreams to come true
which often acquires
a nightmarish view.
Truth of a moment
might show some goodwill
with sought atonement
for never stands still.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

Life Changing Space

Now is a journey
to another place
found within heartbeats of
life changing space.
A moment a minute
that time moves along
becomes as a porthole
with blessings sweet song.
With life changing space
beyond what we see
the pathways are found
what will be will be.
The echoes ones hear
might seem as to fade
as time moves along
with moments we’ve made.
Our heartbeats united
can show ones God’s grace
in the times that we see as
life changing space.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

A Single Spark

A tiny flake
of snow that falls
shows to me
how Christmas calls
A single spark
of joy for me
is found within
a Christmas tree.
Twinkling lights
found here and there
displays peace
God’s love and care
Blessings remembered
now and then
are Christmastime
of time agin.
Those memories
that I embark
are Christmastime
a single spark.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

The Grasses Grow

The winter breezes
and snow of white
will hide the grasses
day and night.
Beneath the snow
is frozen ground
with the grasses
so profound.
Held within the
grip of winter
the grass is found
beneath tormentor.
Yet when winter’s
lost its sail
spring is found
with its detail.
The signs beneath
the melting snow
is found with life
the grasses grow.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

Beyond The Stars

The night comes alive
with lights all aglow
and depth of wonder
that will flow.
For in the stars
found in the night
there is so much
beyond our sight.
So many planets
that we can’t count
with life that might then
just surmount.
Life that’s beyond
anything we know
beyond the stars
might surely grow.
So many beings
of wildest dreams
beyond the stars
could be extremes.
Life so abundant
ahead of us too
beyond the stars
is life old and new.
Maybe much wiser
than we have perceived
we might find ones
with more they’ve achieved.
Beyond the stars
and beyond our sight
we might find ones
that share our delight.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

A Raindrop Falls

A drive to town
on summers eve
brings a raindrop
to perceive.
A raindrop falls
as clouds give way
to another
rainy day.
The windshield wipers
swipe the glass
taking rain
with every pass.
A raindrop falls
to detonate
and make a splash
to procreate.
Seasons summer
time recalls
a drive to town,
a raindrop falls.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

Vines Of Light

Heavens porthole
opens wide
allowing souls
to come inside.
Vines of light
to surely climb
up to Heaven’s
peace of mind.
Scenes found displayed
up above
vines of light
lead to its love.
Heavens stairway
displays true
a passageway
for me and you.
Hands of Glory
found just right
death of flesh
to vines of light.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

for June 26,  2015

Tomorrow’s journey
begins one step at a time
from now and today.

Looks of a liar
often find themselves disguised
in their own two eyes.

With only a smile
you can change someone’s outlook
and make them to smile.

Looking to Heaven
you might see a cloud float by
that looks like a friend.

So many desires
are not necessary needs,
and lead to trouble.

Grandeurs delusion
is often our perception
of a fantasy.

The leaves on the trees
display seasonal journey’s
through their many colors.

Descriptive moments
often find themselves confused
due to circumstance.

Losing direction
gives way for new desires
with lessons to learn.

A second in time
finds many without someone
and no one knowing.

Often ones sadness
lives hidden from everyone
while they fade away.

Storms will find rainbows
hidden in troubled moments
with later to see.

A bright sunny day
might have a chance for raindrops
as some clouds blow in.

Searching for yourself
could set off some discoveries
that you never knew.

When looking above
open up your mind to things
that could be out there.

God’s love holds firmly
as we continue our path
with our decisions.

Life is a turnstile
that finds a lot of shadows
within its own self.

Beyond what we see
might be a much larger sight
that we’re not aware,

Lost within ourselves
can make others turn away
and leave you with you.

Disruptive people
can become a firestorm
inflaming others.

Summertime’s highlights
are often hidden sadness
for ones wanting more.

Because of someone
becomes reasons of others
and not their own choice.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2015

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