Don’t Let


Hello my friends

I hope you have been staying well or at least as best that
you can LOL. I’m still amongst the living, yet at times I
do not feel like it. Yet, I must strive onwards with my life
and continue doing what I believe God intends on me to do
and that is writing and taking care of my wife which as time
goes by, gets harder to do with every passing moment. Oh
well, that’s life. So it’s onwards passed depression ville :).
Judy and I have been spending a lot of time catching up on
our Star Trek Voyager watching LOL. We bought all of
the seasons and are watching one or two episodes each day
or should I say night hehehe, being we watch them in bed.
We’ve also been still working on our farms in FarmTown,
Farmville and Country Life LOL. She’s slowly but surely
catching up with me in Farmville and Country Life, but she’s
past me up by a little in FarmTown hehehe. We help each
other in FarmTown by harvesting and plowing each others
farms. Yet the only way I can help her in Farmville or in
Country Life is for me to log in on her PC and I do that
every once in a while to help her level up, being it seems
I have nothing but time on my hands. Yet often lately I’ve
not even been able to take care of my own farms very well
and she has been helping me. She’s even been doing a lot
of the chores around the house helping me out knowing that
I can barely move at times. I am feeling a slight bit better
today, yet still weak, but none the less, I have gotta wash
the dishes and do the laundry. Judy said she is going to
bring something home from work for dinner today to save
me from attempting to do as I did yesterday. She offered
to cook dinner, but I could not see it happening, so I did
it. It came out fairly well considering it was a trial and
error new dish that I had not tried LOL. She said that it
was great. I even thought tasted good, but who knows :).
It was Hamburger Helper with a lot of add ons to sort of
make it not so boring LOL. Oh yea, Judy’s youngest
daughter called the other day and said she is moving up
here from southern Maine. She’ll be staying with her dad
I’m sure until she can afford a place of her own, but it
will be great to see her. She then will only live about 25
miles from us compared to the 200 plus miles when she
lived in Lewiston Maine. Of course, she’s not moving
until later this week, but it will still be great to not only
see her, but Christian my step grandson. I wish I had the
luck of living closer to my daughter and grand daughter
as well as my mom and friends, but that’s life. I’m hoping
my health gets better to where I can fly back to Texas
this summer to see a few. I truly miss my dad bunches.
I wish I could give him a great big hug. He taught me so
much, but there was so much I ignored that I wish I
had paid more attention. Little did I know that he and
I were literally one of the same in many ways. I held
his hands in his last hours. I love you dad and I will
always remember what you told me about looking and
letting God be my sight. Thank you dad. Dad and I
got on the same page of life the last few years before
his death and I thank God for allowing us that time to
bond and sort of make up for lost time. I know you can
never undo what that’s done, but you can make the best
of the moments God gives us. Use them wisely. Don’t
throw them away. Don’t let long hair or a personality
to lose your chance for a friend. Sometimes what’s on
the outside is totally opposite on the inside. Actually
on most occasions, that’s the way it is. We will often
hide who we are due to fear of rejection or just not
having a clue of how people see us. Sometimes people
are just happy with the way they look. So give ones a
chance. You might be surprised. Yes it might be a bad
surprise, but it could also be a great one :). With that
said, I guess I need to be reading back through all I’ve
written to see if I can find a word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s
off I go to that place of my recollection that I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found a good
title. Now let’s see if I can find a way to write a good
poem using it that makes at least a little sense LOL.
Here goes nothing or something or whatever hehehe!

Don’t Let

When you’re vision
is not clear
Don’t let choices
Don’t just run
when you can’t see
what God’s given
oh so free.
Let God guide you
as you go.
Don’t let choices
make your woe.
Sometimes chances
need be made,
so don’t let
your time degrade.
Yet use judgment
God gives you.
Don’t let greed to
guide your view.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2010

Ok so it might not be one of my best poems. I tried!
Also excuse my typing hehehehe. I am having to type
using memory being the letters on the keys are how
shall I say, disappearing hehehe. Can’t even see the L.
It looks like a comma hehehe. So thank you my dear
typing teacher Mrs. Steadham for staying after me to
learn how to type LOL… We never ever really know
how or what we’re going to need in life so my suggestion
to you kids is stay in school and learn all you can and
go to college if you are able financially. Don’t take out
a tremendous loan to go to college. You will regret
it for sure. I paid for my college by working at night
and going to college during the day. I went a while
after I graduated from high school but had to drop
out to support the family that I had married into with
a number of jobs. I for a few years worked 3 jobs at
a time. Went from one to the other and got no sleep
as well as I played night clubs for extra cash. Many
do not know my past and just as well. Oh well, as I
said, stay in school kids. You will regret it later if you
drop out or do not pay attention. How do you think I
became a writer. My favorite course was English :).
Hehehe in fact when I went back to college later in
years, I majored in English lit and journalism. Yet of
course I had been writing poetry and lyrics since I
was about 12 hehehe so it was in my blood along with
playing the drums. I might one day soon muster up
the strength to do yet another little video. I still play
the time to time. Practice as they call it LOL. But
don’t be surprised if you see yet another video of me
on my Poetbill UTube Channel. So with that said I
guess I need to be telling you of all the poems and
haikus I wrote. I wrote 10 more poems Friday, yet
I didn’t write any haiku until early this morning. I
actually got carried away writing and wrote 24
instead of 22 hehehe. So sue me LOL. I hope that
some of the poems and or haikus speak to you and
you see the meanings. Ok so it’s time for me to be
searching for that off switch, but before I do that
I need to wish you all a most wonderful week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now
where’s that off switch hiding at LOL. Oh forget
about it hehehehehehehehe see ya zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. I also wrote a poem to Judy which I shared.
It’s the last poem in the list :). Also for those of you
that are receiving the stationary version of this,
hehehe the pictures are of my neighbor flying his
planes and helicopter hehehe. I got a few videos.
We decided to do it agin on a less windy day.
He had trouble with them crashing due to the
many gust of wind that came time to time.

Now on with the poems and of course haikus ­čÖé
10 and 22 + 2 hehehe

People That Repeat

People repeating
things that they’ve done
leads them through journeys
that have begun.
Times found in sequence
that we repeat
might become journeys
that may defeat.
So many timeframes
that get us by
are maybe better
to not again try.
People that repeat
again what went wrong
might find journeys
that do not belong.
Repeating an essence
of trouble in turn
might find lessons
that they didn’t learn.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Make Many Saved

Jungles of forethought
within a phrase
might become minutes
passing of days.
Thinking of could then
and what might be
could make distinction
on our history.
Using those brain cells
that were given
might be the thing that
makes better driven.
Times in our journeys
will all be found
seeing the same things
coming around.
Jungles of forethought
might be what’s seen
when we don’t know
what our journeys mean.
Jungles untangle
when forethought is paved
using the lessons
to make many saved.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Times Might Point

Lines are written
words sort of said
saying many things
that stick in our head.
Stories are told
as times come and go
within the lines
so many behold.
Pictures are painted
and put into place,
yet often there’s not
seen a clear face.
Within a doorway
of time here to there
times might point
to some special where.
Words in a sentence
might seem absurd,
yet they may be lessons
word after word.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Windows and Doorways

Windows will open
and windows will close,
but only Lord God
truly really knows.
Doorways to timeframes
may lead nowhere
yet we must often
rely on our prayer.
Many prayers answers
might seem so wrong,
yet only Lord God
knows what does belong.
We might see troubles,
but God sees the gain
and we will often
just daily complain.
Windows and doorways
to where we’re to be
will be enlightened
when He lets us see.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Inner Thought

Have you seen
what time beholds
when our minutes
time unfolds?
Have you wondered
what you are
and sought to see
how you got so far?
Have you found
some clues each day
as you sought
a different way?
Sometimes seeking
different views
helps us see
the false and trues.
Have you fought
your own display
as you hated
your own way?
Let God guide your
inner thought
and He’ll show you
what you’ve got.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

I’m Awaiting Heaven

Heaven finds many
afraid of the scenes
just because they don’t
know what it means.
Heaven is blissful
painted so sweet
scenes all around
that none can compete.
Fear not your dieing,
for life is the joy
gathered in Heaven
that God does deploy.
Heaven is a journey
that I am awaiting
as I am daily
always anticipating.
That day and time
for me to go there
I will know surely
my answered prayer.
Peace will behold me
with pain found no more.
I’m awaiting Heaven
to open it’s door.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Watch As Its Beauty

Only the vision
of sights that we see
can be enlightened
if we’ll let them be.
Letting the winter
to display its frame
will help the vision
not seem so insane.
Only seeing spring
the way it should show
makes for the beauty
seen without snow.
Seeing the summer
with its moments heat
might be better
if seen so complete.
Seen as the blessings
of swimming and fun
might help us better
to see summer sun.
Then in fall time
comes all the colors
that are the pictures
unlike any others.
Leaves on the trees
all change and fall down
giving the doorway
for winter around.
Then all the snowflakes
white as they flow
will make mountains
of fresh fallen snow.
Watch as its beauty
falls from the sky
and then enjoy it
until it goes by.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Don’t Let The Sadness

Look to the sky
and look to the ground
then take a look
of there all around.
There is much beauty
that we each might miss
due to our moments
of lacking in bliss.
Sometimes our minutes
of which we perceive
are what we carry
and cause us to grieve.
Long winded heartaches
pasted in time
seem to become
not much but a rhyme.
Rhythms in daylight
and also at night
are as the heartaches
daily in sight.
Look to the sky
and see something new.
A daily occurrence
much better to view.
Don’t let the sadness
of times bitter days
become as journeys
just like a sad maze.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Our Wintertime

The heat of the day
sometimes might seem
as it’s a journey
found in a dream.
For up northward
in winters world
Summers not time
that’s always unfurled.
Sometimes it’s short
and sometimes not seen
as many up here
know what I mean.
The heat of the day
is a wanted delight
wishing it to be
as also at night.
Yet up northward
it’s the design
painted in the days
of our wintertime.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

Love is A Journey

Love is a vision
seen by a few
and it is one
that’s led me to you.
Love is a feeling
felt deep inside
that I’m so glad
I was not denied.
Love is a journey
so many will take
sometimes as goodtimes
sometimes mistake.
Yet you and I
have love that has grown
to what I never
have ever have known.
Love is a blessing
God gave me and you
and then allowed us
to start life anew.
I truly love you
no matter the plain.
All I see clearly
is truly the gain.
No other woman
could love me so great
and so our marriage
I did not hesitate.
Thank you for all
that you’ve given me.
You’ve made the happiest
man that could be.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2010

To Judy Ann Pearce
From William Earl Pearce II
I love you

for Mar 28, 2010

The oceans movements
are as words of emotion.
They speak so sincere.

Many find the blessings
that so many disregard
and they miss the joy.

Hard times explosions
sometimes makes us miss goodness
that’s hidden within.

Endings beginnings
find their places and moments
that might confuse us.

New is the morning
as the sun comes up gleaming
in the dawn of day.

Let someone love you,
for you may be found lonely
if you hide away.

Changes in outcomes
can be made by a mere choice,
so choose your path well.

Selections we see
might be less in quality.
Look beyond the flesh.

Yesterdays pictures
sometimes look much different
than our memories.

Pieces of wonder
are the moments in our dreams
we wish to come true.

Onlooking people
may look passed all the beauty
and see only pain.

Guarding a moment
might cause blessings to be missed
due to our own fear.

God gives us seconds
that are compiled into years,
yet we waste the days.

Another you see
cannot become your reason.
We each have choices.

In the oceans waves
are the sounds we imagine
heard inside a shell.

Hindsight is futile
if only seen as remorse
and not the lessons.

Fictional beings
that we see from time to time
still have not a life.

Hemorrhoid moments
can also be distinguished
as troubles we find.

Alternate timeframes
may or may not lead to good.
Often it’s a risk.

Looking for blessings
does not guarantee any.
We need to have faith.

A written promise
needs be read well in the light.
See clear the fine print.

Glancing at others
might cause you to interpret
them in the wrong light.

Blessings are issued
as we strive to stay alive.
We must continue.

Seeing tomorrow
is now just an illusion
that has yet to come.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Mar 28, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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