If Not


Hello my friends

It’s been a wild week the last few days as we
have been attempting to potty train Rocky LOL.
We’re slowly but surely making progress,  plus
Benny wasn’t too accepting of Rocky,  but for
the first time this morning,   they were sitting
together on the top step waiting for me to let
them back in.  I had let them both out to go to
the bathroom and it looks like Rocky might of
finally got it.  Yesterday when I let him out to
go potty,  he never left the top step and that’s
where he went potty hehehe.  This morning I
went out our back door and snuck around to
see if that is what he did today and if so I was
going to use the water hose and wash it off
and him if he got it on his feet,  but him and
Benny were sitting side by side waiting for
me to let them in.  I left them outside for two
hours.  Also,  Rocky had never been able to
manipulate the steps going down.  He could
go up,  but not down LOL.  Yet,  this time
when they saw me,  they both came running
down the steps together with smiling faces
jumping up wanting me to pet them hehehe.
I went up the steps to let them in,  but I must
of locked the door,  so I had to go around to
the back door to go in and open the front
door.  They both chased me around to the
back and when I opened the door they both
ran in side by side and wanted to give mom
a good morning kiss hehehe.  So,  it looks
like we might of finally made some headway.
I have Milo’s ashes in the living room on
the TV.  We’re going to buy an urn with his
name on it and put his ashes in it.  Right
now they’re in a box in a bag with his name
on it that the vet put them in.  I often go in
the living room and talk to him.  He’s still
part of our household.  LOL Rocky is in
his bed in the floor looking up at me with
his little toothy grin 🙂  Yep,  the Pearce’s
Place has gone to the dogs with us asking
ever so often “Who Let The Dogs Out”.
Oh yea,  it looks like my daughter Jamye
and her daughter Sami will be coming up
for Christmas.  She will be bringing her
boyfriend and his son.  She said she has
bought the tickets already.  I sure hope
nothing happens that will prevent her
from coming.  Judy and I are excited,  but
it means that we need to get back started
cleaning out our spare room hehehe.  It’s
a tad cluttered,  but we have about five
months,  so it’ll get done.  I don’t think she
realizes that we start getting snow early
in November hehehe.  I told Jamye that she
might get to see a white Christmas,  which
is more like a will see a white Christmas.
We’ve had a white Christmas every year
since we moved up in December of 2007.
I was going back and looking at all of my
pictures through the years of Christmas
snow and each year it has been white as
can be hehehe.  It’ll be a first for her.  She
might of seen a little snow for Christmas
in Texas,  but nothing like what we get 🙂
Not to worry about the roads.  Our road
crews up here take care of business and
keep the roads driveable.  There might be
a few times that the road crew has to wait
for the snow to slack off a bit due to the
lack of visibility,  but they get right on it
after it has slacked off.  They even from
time to time come in and throw dirt in our
driveway when there is ice on it.  That’s
nice of them.  Our landlord does pretty
good keeping our driveway plowed.  He
will sometimes hire someone when his
plow is broken down.  He’s surely not
the greatest landlord,  but I have seen
much worse.  He’s a nice guy.  He often
gives us something for Christmas.  Judy
and I love living out here away from the
city life.  It’s peaceful and I can play my
conga drums whenever I want to hehehe.
I’m in love with the scenery.  I never get
tired of taking pictures of it.  Judy and
I will ever so often take a picture taking
drive.  It looks like though I might have
to buy me a new camera next month.  My
old camera is falling apart.  Judy bought
this camera for me back in 2004 and it’s
taken tons of great pictures,  but it has
seen its better days.  Right now it’s held
together with tape LOL.  Each time I
take the camera card out to save to my
PC and Judy’s I am wondering if I will
be able to get it taped back and not lose
the piece that is needed for the camera
to work hehehe.  God takes good care
of us and I’m sure He won’t let me down.
We don’t have much,  but we are happy.
These little boys running and playing in
the house brings joy to our hearts.  Judy
and I enjoy watching our favorite TV
programs together.  She’s gotten back
to writing her book.  She had paused for
a bit due to the loss of our beloved Milo,
but she has started writing again.  She
told me last night that she is going to
send me the first chapter so I can get
started proofreading it.  She proofreads
my poetry with me most of the time. It’s
a God thing that her and I enjoy much
of the same things.  Jesus lives within
our hearts and in our home.  Does He
live with you?  If not,  why not take Him
into your heart today and be filled with
His blessings.  Yes,  things will go wrong.
Milo had to be put to sleep,  but he isn’t
gone from our hearts.  He is well now up
in Heaven waiting for us to join him when
our time comes to be to leave these old
worn out bodies to be made anew.  Life
is a mystery with good and bad that is
found day to day.  It’s with the bad that
we are more grateful for the good and
filled with joy.  Without the bad times
we would be bored with the good and
become stagnate.  Welcome Jesus into
your heart today and let Him help you
with the bad times and be joyful in the
good times.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my quest back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for
the title of today’s brand new poem.  So
it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  It looks like I
may have found a decent title just a little
ways back in my rambling and now after
checking I see that I have not used it as
of yet,  but used it shall be today.  Enjoy.

If Not

When you’re with worry
and found in much pain
God can show blessings
to be of your gain.
If not for troubles
and problems galore,
time might evade us
where blessings are more.
If not for road blocks
that come in our way
we might continue to
seek the wrong day.
Sometimes a turnstile
will open just right
and then be found with
God’s Bright Shining Light.
Yet often doorways
will seem to be good,
but not be the right thing
of which that you should.
If not for those times
of right or wrong styles
we might get bored with
our God given whiles.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2015

OK,  there ya go.  I hope that made at least
a little sense to ya.  Also I hope you enjoyed
my rambling.  LOL,  I know I tend to talk
more about the boys,  but we love them so
much.  Hehehe Rocky has rolled over on his
back and sleeping with his paws in the air.
Sooooo cute!  Benny is in the living room
at his post upon one of the recliners.  He’s
our little guard dog/doorbell.  I just wish he
would not bark every time he hears our
neighbors across the way LOL,  but he is
a dog even if we consider him our lil boy 🙂
So,  what else is there to share with you
that I have yet to do????  I can’t think of
anything,  so I reckon it’s time for me to
be telling you what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with 1
of them being a Christmas poem hehehe.
Also I once again wrote 22 haiku for all
of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either of both that you
like.  Now I believe it’s time for me to be
searching for that not so elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most joyful
weekend or what ever is left of it and a
truly blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now,
to find that dad gum off switch.  LOL
I see ya you silly thing.  When are you
going to start looking for new places to
hide?  You’ve hidden behind the curtains
already once or twice hehehe.  So I guess
I got ya,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Milo
and soon to be Rocky Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Stepping Stones

Each step we make
brings paths to find
some seconds found
from time to time.
Those stepping stones
might find some bumps
where our problems
took some dumps.
Each days journey
brings to view
some stepping stones
for us to do.
Step after step
we walk and learn
from stepping stones
that times discern,
Often doorways
of different tones
are our lessons
stepping stones.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

As Seconds Turn

The moments find
a minute found
as seconds turn
with sight and sound.
Things encountered
we discern
become lessons
as seconds turn.
A scene,  a sign
stuck in our head
might then become
a moment of dread.
As seconds turn
and days pass by
we might then find
a question of why.
It’s with the moments
that we recognize
that we will often
see truth and lies.
For as seconds turn
each day is complete
left with our wantings
and needs to accrete.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

Within A Dream

There’s a place
where fantasies
will come alive
as raging seas.
Within a dream
a time can brew
and be something
you wish to do.
This fine place
where joy is found
can turn nasty
time around.
Within a dream
of overuse
a nightmare can
become set loose.
For those dreams
need find what’s true
and learn what’s best
for you to do.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

Lines Of A Tree

A forest of trees
displays certain sights
within the ages
of each tree of heights.
Some standing firmly
so high to explore
and some that are growing
just like times before.
The lines of a tree
tell its age old or young
while also displaying
when they had begun.
A tree cutters ax
might fall one so big
exposing the lines
when found in their rig.
The trees give oxygen
for you and for me,
so why not take care
of the lines on a tree.
We need their beauty
and green leaves to grow
to help us always
with our ebb and flow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

Looking For Signs

While within summer
I’m looking for signs
Christmassy blessings
of wonderful times.
Fantastic portions
of which I remember
come to me Christmas
within sweet December.
Yet now as summertime
displays its glory
I’m looking for signs
of a Christmastime story.
The blessings of Jesus
in every which way.
I’m look for signs of
that great Christmas Day.
The summertime scenes
my sight now unwinds
while Christmas is what I’m
looking for signs.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

The Sight Within Me

My own inner being
is sometimes misled,
the sight within me
that guides me ahead.
Those moments surely
have bumps in their lanes
gathered from seeing
what trouble attains.
The sight within me
is taught every day
sometimes but only
through moments of grey.
We all have problems
that only we see
for surely some moments
are just you and me.
My inner sight seeing
needs learn to see true
the sight within me
that’s better to view.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

Without My Eyes

Our eyes give us sight
with things to see,
but our nose will inhale
an abundant degree.
Our ears will be found
with sounds to explore
as a snap of a twig
or a slam of a door.
Without my eyes
I might need to learn
to see with my ears
and nose to discern.
Even by touching things
I might find clear
things I didn’t smell,
and see or even hear.
I know my other senses
will surely comprise
even when I might be
without my eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

Knowing Yourself

Sometimes our problems
begin first inside
not knowing ourselves
as time frames reside.
Knowing yourself
can help you to see
what that’s of you
and what that’s of me.
We each might find that
we think we know true,
but find out it’s not what
that we should then do.
Life has a way of
showing confusion
while knowing ourselves
becomes an illusion.
Now is a time to
learn who you are
with knowing yourself
not oh so bizarre.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

Tomorrow’s Past Days

The day after now
leaves stories to tell
words of a journey
that might not seem well.
Tomorrow’s past days
might be with regret
things that we’d wish to
in some ways forget.
As each day’s ended
and night comes to be
our words and actions
come clearer to see.
Tomorrow’s past days
are often exposed
sometimes with lessons
we somehow disposed.
Look now more clearly
and find better ways
lessons from turnstiles
tomorrow’s past days.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

Finding A Breath Full

A time of so peaceful
sometimes has some clouds
spread out through minutes
as a moment enshrouds.
Don’t let those storm clouds
to take your days smile.
Find God through blessings
to surely compile.
Often our pathways
of journeys will be
finding a breath full
of which we can see.
Yet on occasions
we might not see clear
the blessings from Lord God
of year after year,
Finding a breath full
might need you to grow
and maybe learn to
sometimes let go.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25,  2015

for July 25,  2015

Harboring anger
can cause a large explosion
within you own mind.

Free falling people
might land on ones passing by
and end with regret.

An anchor less ship
could find itself miles away
and striking some rocks.

Gazing at the stars
you’ll find some that are brighter
that might be planets.

As humans grow wiser
we in time find ourselves dumb
for things we thought right.

Counting the minutes
to the beginning of life
might show some changes.

Now is a moment
that will soon become the past
as time moves along.

Many discoveries
can change the way that we think
and build a new path.

With bad perception
you might find yourself confused
headed the wrong way.

Deciphering dreams
can sometimes lose the meanings
seen in the wrong light.

With hearts united
life can become much greater,
if God is within.

Sights of a dreamer
can often become clouded
and become nightmares.

Christmas believing
brings Lord Jesus Christ alive
with the gift of love.

Beyond our cosmos
we might never understand
what life that exists.

Collected moments
can turn into your baggage
even if it’s good.

Various people
find themselves in delusion
when found in the night.

Way up in the sky
clouds will sometimes form designs
that we recognize.

In the ocean deep
there lives many mysteries
we may never know.

Our own galaxy
is still very much unknown,
but we’re learning more.

A forest of trees
can hide the most wondrous sites
within its branches.

Weak from a journey
could leave you wanting to stop
before you get there.

A quick moments glance
is often just misconceived
for it was done fast.

©By Bill Pearce
july 25,  2015

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