Surely Encounter


Hello my friends

It’s been a sort of warm week up this ways,  but
all in all not too bad.  Today’s high is supposed to
be 78 F degrees.  Right now it’s 76 F.  According
to my weather program,  after tomorrow it might
be cooling down a bit.  Tomorrow’s high shows
as to be 86 F,  but after that it’s supposed to be
77 F for Tuesday and the lower 70’s all the way
into next week LOL.  Yep,  this is Maine hehehe.
Benny and Rocky are doing well and are getting
along together fine.  They have started playing
together which is what we had hoped for aside
from Rocky learning to do all of his potty work
outside.  He is showing promise in that area 🙂
He’s had only one pooping accident since last
week.  Although,  he is still choosing to do it
on the top front steps LOL.  I’m sure in time he
will learn.  He’ll learn that he gets a spanking
if he poops on the steps,  but doesn’t if he poops
in the yard where he’s supposed to hehehehe.
He’s been good about not peeing on the floor
too.  He has only had a couple of accidents in
the last week.  Rocky is a pup in training.  We
went through a lot of that with Benny when we
got him.   Benny was about 8 months old when
we got him and he had been somewhat potty
trained,  but not for our house so we had to
re-teach him a tad.  Benny learned and so will
Rocky 🙂  Milo was an old boy and already
knew better than making potty in the house.
He would knock at the door with his paw to
let you know he needed to go out and if that
didn’t work,  he would start barking at us 🙂
He always got the message across hehehe.
So,  this house is once again teaming with
8 paws bouncing around the house.  Rocky
has learned how to get on the bed with us
just like Benny and of course Milo.  He’s
a lovable little guy.  We always do our best
to show them love equally,  because we love
them both.  They both love to play and to be
played with.  LOL right now they’re lying in
the floor head to head.  They’ve begun doing
that quite often here lately.  I got some cute
pictures of them watching me walk to check
the mail.  Judy stopped at the head of our
driveway and I got out as always and went
to check our mailbox and when I turned to
come back I saw both of their heads sticking
out of the window side by side watching me.
You can’t complain about that hehehehehe.
It rained a tad Friday evening and we got
a lot of wind along with a short 1 minute
power outage.  It also rained Thursday
night and we lost our Satellite TV signal
for about 45 minutes.  It looks like we’re
in for a little more rain this week.  That’s
OK by me,  but the boys don’t care for it
much LOL.  We might see wintertime a
little earlier this year.  Only God knows!
LOL I can’t wait to see Rocky’s reaction
to snow.  I’m fairly sure he’s never seen it.
When we got Benny,  there was already
some snow on the ground with more to
come hehehe.  Benny came to us from
Missouri,  so we’re fairly sure he had
seen snow before,  but Rocky came from
Florida,  the snowless state LOL.  Yep,
Rocky is in for a BIG SURPRISE this
winter.  Heck, he might surprise us and
love it as much as Benny,  but for some
reason I don’t think so.  He’s more like
Milo was.  He prefers to stay indoors,
but you never know hehehe.  Both him
and Benny have been getting use out of
the doghouse.  It has an upstairs balcony
that Benny loves to sit on,  but even he
has began crawling inside and enjoying
it.  I got a few pictures of Benny in the
doghouse with Rocky coming over to
sit with him on the outside.  We love to
watch them.  It’s 76 F degrees still at
3:40 PM.  Not too bad for summertime.
I feel bad for all those down south of us
in the 90-100+ temperatures.  Although
they will be saying almost the same thing
about us this coming winter hehehehehe.
Yep,  it’s with the changes that makes life
so magical.  If things never changed it
would get quite boring,  or at least to me
it would.  I like spring/summer,  but I
always yearn to see Fall and then the
first snowflake.  It gives us something
to look forward to.  God gives us many
changes so to keep us entertained in a
way.  It influences our thinking patterns
as we see things changing before us and
mysteries are uncovered to expose more
mysteries.  Look for the blessings in the
changes in your daily life.  If there are
no changes,  you might begin to turn
stagnate and depressed.  The joy of God
is all around us,  in heartbeats of little
ones to the smiles of ones that we meet.
Seek for the glimmer of a blessing in
your day to day life.  You might just be
surprised to find it where you never
thought to look,  INSIDE.  I often let
my mind drift off to think about the
good times I have seen and thank God
for them all.  I know there will be bad
times,  but that’s life.  Out tomorrow’s
are filled with good and bad that we
will most surely encounter.  Let God
be with you through them all.  The bad
will be more tolerable and the good will
be more pleasant.  I have my share of
bad days,  but I always know that this
too shall pass.  Life is a journey through
turnstiles of life with some seeming as
echoes,  because we may not of learned
from them when they came through the
first time or they’re times that we need
to enlighten us or make us smile.  Let
God travel with you through your daily
journeys and you will be blessed.  You
will still see bad times,  but you’ll have
strength through His Son Jesus Christ
to endure.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to be taking my little journey back
through all that I’ve written here,  to
see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to
that little place of my recollection that I
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE 🙂
I think I may have found a good title
just a little ways back in my rambling
and now after checking I see that I
have not used it yet,  So away we go.

Surely Encounter

Crossroads of timeless
meet crisscross of days
to surely encounter
some left and right ways.
Often the pitfalls
will seem way too deep,
but with God beside you
the holes will not keep.
Life can be burdensome
filled with despair
to surely encounter
some times unaware.
Left ways and right ways
can often seem bland
as ones will continue
to try hard to stand.
We’ll surely encounter
what’s thought as all wrong,
but find out much later
that it did belong.
Maybe a lesson learned,
maybe a tool
to help us to do things
taught from life’s school.
Some patterns might display
long and winding roads,
but you might then discover
some lessons in loads.
We’ll surely encounter
things thought not so fair,
but in the end my friend
we each have a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2015

There ya go.  I hope the poem made sense
to ya.  Also I hope my rambling didn’t put
you to sleep hehehe.  I do tend to talk a lot
about the boys huh LOL.  You didn’t have
to read it ya know hehehe.  But,  if you did,
I hope it brought you a smile.  Judy is over
there writing on her book.  I’ve proof read
two chapters so far.  She sent me two more
chapters last night.  I’ll get started reading
over them later tonight or tomorrow.  So
far,  I have enjoyed what I’ve read.  She’s a
good writer.  I think I told ya once before,
but just in case,  she’s writing a sci-fi novel.
She has already written 2 books.  1 is a
poetry book and the other is about Benny
which is a children’s picture poetry book.
I’m very proud of her.  I would do a book,
but it would be a total stress on me to go
and find the poems to publish and then do
editing and reformatting and me with only
one good eye would become a lot of time
consumption with my right eye always
getting weak after an hour and having
to rest it.  Judy isn’t writing her books
to get rich,  but that would be nice LOL.
No,  she hasn’t made any money so far.
The sale of her books needs to be a lot
more than it is before she will see a check.
Maybe one day and maybe one day I will
make the decision to put in the time to
get some books published,  but not now.
For now,  you will have to read all my
ramblings in this hehehe.  OK,  so now
I think it’s time for me to be telling you
what I tell you almost every week and
that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with one
of them being sort of Christmassy.  I
also wrote 22 more haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there.  I hope you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like.  Now I believe it’s time for me to
be searching for that not so elusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you
a most wonderful weekend and a most
blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  where are
ya hiding this week ya silly varmint?
I see ya,  you’re trying a new hiding
spot huh!  Too bad it’s right there in
front of me hehehe.  Hiding behind
the air conditioner remote isn’t very
good.  The remotes only a quarter
of an inch thick,  so all I have to say
is Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

My Monochrome Mind

The scenes within
my monochrome mind
bring forth a journey
of time after time.
Scenes so transfixing
as old days have passed
bring forth a journey
with a shadowy cast.
My monochrome mind
lives now as a glimmer
scenes of snow white
I’ve found within winter.
With breezes blowing
and snowflakes to fall
my monochrome mind
will record it all.
Yet sometimes colors
will paint a design
displaying memories
my monochrome mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

In The Beginning

Looking for doorways
time evolves space
in the beginning
of the human race.
God creates pathways
that started with one
in the beginning
when time has begun.
A moment of thinking
thought up to be
in the beginning
of you and of me.
The stage always changing
with moments of mind
in the beginning
of time after time.
God had imagined
what all He created
in the beginning
what all He awaited.
The first then of Adam
and then there was Eve
in the beginning
that God did conceive.
Life became abundant
as time ticked ahead
in the beginning
with all that was said.
Each page was turning
with new stages set
in the beginning
we should not forget.
Time was a journey
for many to grow
in the beginning
of life to and fro.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

Across The Sky

A summer storm
comes raging through
across the sky
that once was blue.
The rain falls down
on every sight
within the day
and summers night.
Thunder’s roaring
speaking loud
across the sky
with clouds a shroud.
Lightning streaking
at a glance
across the sky
that seems to dance.
The minutes ticking
seem to say
across the sky
is a rainy day.
With each moments
lightning bolt
across the sky
is a roaring jolt.
Raindrops coming
from the sights
across the sky
with sound and lights.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

Beyond Perception

Some sights seen
might twist and turn
to what our brain
will not discern.
Beyond perception
we might see
what our brain
does not agree
and those times
we might be found
to seek to find
what’s fact and sound.
Yet some moments
that appear
might be right
not thought so clear.
Beyond perception
lives a place
sometimes doubtful
face to face.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

A Moonlight Night

A starry night
with moon above
is often all
that I think of.
The twinkling essence
in the sky
a moonlight night
displays so high.
With each pattern
that stars make
a moonlight night
is wide awake.
For so often
I can see
a moonlight night
of history.
Times remembered
I delight
with you and me
a moonlight night.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

To Judy Ann Pearce
From William Earl Pearce II 🙂

The Whitest Days

Those winter days
that I remember
still burn bright
a snowy ember.
The whitest days
that I recall
came a few days
after fall.
The beginning of
old winters ways
to expose
the whitest days.
Snowflakes falling
to the ground
the whitest days
are surely found.
Scenes as blankets
to and fro
the whitest days
are winters snow.
Then the blessings
come in sight
to then delight.
Silent blessings
have a voice
snowflakes falling
to rejoice.
The whitest days
of joyful true
are Christmastime
for me and you.
With the magical
Christmas snow
the whitest days
bring HoHoHo.
Santa’s sleighbells
in the night
the whitest days
bring much delight.
Then those stories
read and heard
of dear Jesus
word for word.
Our dear Savior
from above
the whitest days
are filled with love.
Lights found blinking
twinkling true
display auras
oh so new.
The whitest days
of Christmas flavor
come from Jesus
Lord and Savior.
So now find
God’s wondrous ways
throughout time
the whitest days.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

Ventures Of A Smile

Amongst ones frowning
smiles exist
sometimes as a
moment’s mist.
Ventures of a smile
can begin inside
that ones so often
just wanna hide.
Many are afraid to
show how they feel
as they continue
to always conceal.
Ventures of a smile
so many need to see
to then find their own
through times misery.
Show ones your smile
and a heartbeat might find
ventures of a smile
in their own design.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

Sometimes A Day

Sometimes our problems
are just but a thing
sometimes a moment
a touch out of swing.
Sometimes a day
is only a sight
found as a turnstile
not seeming so right.
Yet many doorways
that we walk on through
are just a pathway
that we need to do.
Sometimes our verdicts
are not very clear,
because we’re still viewing
from our yesteryear.
Often a moment
is just but a way
needed for growing
in sometimes a day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

Painted With Love

Time tells a story
of a passionate one
that is Lord Jesus
God’s True Only Son.
Even the present days
display His Heart
that is found with us
a great work of art.
God gave us Someone
to forgive of our past
and is there always
with His great contrast.
He is The Painter
the artist Divine
that loves us dearly
no matter our sign.
Jesus will help us
to find who we are
painted with love
a bright shining star.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

A Silver lake

Upon a lake
of shimmering hue
I saw a sign
reflected true.
A silver lake
with sunshine bright
shows of ripples
silver sight.
Then as waves
come into frame
a silver lake
time does attain.
Scenes of beauty
come alive
a silver lake
where waves arrive.
Time then passes
no mistake
memories of
a silver lake.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

for Aug 1,  2015

Today’s memories
might be a tad out of sync
due to misperceptions.

Beyond a shadow
lies a pattern time has made
that we might not see.

Love has emotions
that are distinguished wrongly
as ones will rush it.

Noticing a star
gives life to the galaxy
that your mind perceives.

Various people
will only live for themselves
not knowing friendship.

An unopened door
still holds mysteries inside,
but enter at risk.

A storm that blows through
might leave us its memories
found in destruction.

When acting stupid,
expect others to agree
if they don’t know you.

Distinguishing summer
is easy to do most times
when winter arrives.

When heartbeats collide
the passed will become lesser
as life becomes new.

Mornings own sunshine
might be hidden behind clouds,
but still be shining.

The wants of ones greed
will dig them many deep holes
if allowed to buy.

A simple notion
can become a great journey
if it’s not whacko.

Our ifs,  ands and buts
can evolve into destruction
if the truth is dead.

Behind every thought
is a passageway of time
that might not work well.

Mundane emotions
can make ones think you don’t care
as life supersedes.

Unwanted actions
can often end in anger,
so take heed your  stride.

The center of time
brings the minutes into sight
counted as seconds.

Using ones for gain
will only divulge your heart
and find loneliness.

Space with its starlight
holds many different things
that we cannot see.

Answers to questions
often end with more questions
as life moves along.

Counting your blessings
will make you grateful for God
as you kneel in prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1,  2015

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