Some Old Pictures


Hello my friends

It’s been a warm week this passed few days,
but it’s supposed to stay in the 70’s for the next
week or so.  The temperature should drop to
the 60’s after that.  September is the beginning
of Autumn and up here it’s felt and seen in the
early part of September.  We’ve changed up
our tactics on potty training Rocky being that
he still hasn’t caught on.  So we’re putting him
in his crate at night and then letting him out
in the morning to go potty,  OUTSIDE.  We
are hoping that this works.  He’s beginning to
get on our nerves.  Even Judy’s fed up with
it LOL.  Hopefully this new tactic will work 🙂
He bickered a little bit when I put him in his
crate,  but he soon quit and accepted it and
went to sleep.  I let him out this morning.  he
wasn’t whining or anything and he was calm
when he got out of his crate.  I said,  come on
now,  it’s time for you and Benny to go outside
and they both followed me to the door and
went out without any fuss.  Right now Rocky
is wanting to play and he keeps jumping up
on my arm rest nudging me hehehe.  OK so
I stopped to pick him up and let him sit in my
lap for a while.  Now,  it’s time to get back to
writing,  which might be hard to do being that
Rocky is right behind me playing with his toys
that squeaky squeak LOL.  They are both in
a cantankerous playful mood hehehe.  I saw
that they had left the room and gone in our
bedroom and I went to see what they were
up to and Benny was in Rocky’s crate with
Rocky on the outside sort saying in his own
way,  hey bro,  that’s mine LOL.  Benny got
out and both of them began jumping up and
down wanting me to play with them.  They’re
getting along like brothers now.  That’s one
of the things we were hoping for.  Now if
we could just get Rocky completely potty
trained,  that would be MARVELOUS LOL.
He does though still chew on stuff,  but I’m
sure that soon he will grow out of that.  We
have tried all of the stuff that’s supposed to
deter dogs from chewing,  but it didn’t even
work on Benny hehehe.  He would just lick
it off and keep on chewing on it LOL.  So,
we’re fairly sure it won’t work on Rocky.
The weather has been a bit rainy for the
passed few days and it looks like it will
continue as such for most of the week and
maybe into the next.  I wish we could send
some rain to California and thereabouts.
They are still needing rain and with all of
the fires,  I’m sure they need it even more.
All I can send is my prayers.  I’m fixing to
stop here and start cleaning out our spare
room to get ready to haul some stuff to
storage.  I’ll be right back.  OK,  I’m back.
We hauled most of the junk to a dumpster
that Judy’s sister rented and we carried
a lot of our stuff to storage that we will
not use this year.  Making room for my
daughter Jamye and granddaughter Sami.
Jamye’s boyfriend Brian and his little boy
will be coming with them.  So we needed
our spare room cleaned out.  We have a
futon in it and we have 2 recliners in the
living room.  Hopefully my granddaughter
doesn’t have a relapse of her health issues
and make it to where she can’t come. She
has had a rough time sense she was born.
Sami has Spina Bifida.  It will be great
to see them at Christmastime.  They have
never seen a White Christmas as we see
every year.  LOL hopefully this isn’t the
year that the weather does a flip flop
and doesn’t snow.  That would be bad.
Yet so far,  the forecast has been for
a more than normal winter with more
snow,  so I don’t foresee a problem for
Christmas snow.  Now onto another
topic.  Today’s high is supposed to be
78 F degrees and right now at 4:30 it’s
77 F degrees.  Tomorrow the high is
supposed to be 75 F.  Just right!  Not
too warm and not too cold.  Of course
I would prefer it a little cooler being
that I’m hot natured 🙂  I have been
sweating like an ape in a sauna LOL.
My daughter used to say that my arms
were long and hairy enough to belong
to an ape and I would say Hahaha you
are too Funny LOL.  That was back
when she was just a little girl and I
took her to the zoo.  We passed by
the apes and she looked at me and
said related?  I said remember you
and I are related hehehe.  Nothing
more about that LOL.  I do wish we
could of spent more time together,
but too many people came between us.
Thank God we have today.  Ok,  so
next topic.  Judy is over on her PC
scanning some old pictures that she
found onto her computer.  I wish
I had more pictures than I do of my
past.  I have just a few being I did
not own a camera much of my life
and the old cameras would never
guaranty that the pictures that you
took were going to actually come
out well.  Many times I would have
more bad photos than good ones and
that was aggravating,  being they
were of times that will never be seen
again.  I guess that’s why I take so
many pictures today.  I want to have
as many pictures as I can to reflect
upon.  So many memories were lost
in the negatives of film that did not
develop well.  So that explains why
I take so many pictures LOL.  Plus
I just seem to find so much to take
a picture of that I often cannot stop
snapping that darn button hehehe.
I didn’t get my new old camera till
Tuesday of last week,  so I haven’t
taken as many pictures as I usually
do,  but you just wait LOL.  I thank
God every day for the blessings that
I receive,  even the ones I haven’t any
knowledge of.  Yes I get irritated at
things when they don’t go my way,
but that’s my humanity that still tries
to run me ragged.  God is always in
control whether we think so or not.
Ones will live and ones will die with
His will set in motion for reasons that
we might never comprehend.  Don’t
let yourself fall prey to Satan’s lies,
for he will try to deceive you into
thinking God doesn’t care.  Have
faith in God and trust that all will be
well.  Maybe not here on Earth,  but
in Heaven made anew.  Now I believe
it’s time for me to  take my little trip
back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  And away we go 🙂
Scanning searching scanning searching.
Aha,  found one just a little ways back
through my journal.  So now to check
to see if I have used it yet.  Nope,  so
it’s away we go.  Zooooooooooooom.

Some Old Pictures

Those days back so youthful
I still have a glance
some old pictures found then
of my song and dance.
Seasons have passed by
with times wished recorded,
but back in the old days
a camera was not afforded.
I have a few cassette tapes
that I listen to
of those times I wish that I
had pictures to view.
Yet still some old pictures
find me and others
standing with old friends,
sisters and brothers.
So now today I am with
camera at hand
to take some old pictures
for future so grand.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2015

There ya go 🙂  I hope you liked the poem.
I got the idea from watching Judy over
there scanning pictures hehehe.  The boys
are sleeping in the floor between Judy and
I.  This is the coolest part of the house with
the dehumidifier fan running.  It takes the
humidity and cools the air.  It’s our little
portable air conditioner and that is one of
the settings on it aside from the plain old
fan mode.  Soon we will be closing the
windows and turning on the heat,  but not
for a while yet.  It will have to get down
below 40 degrees F before we will think
about turning on the heat.  Hopefully by
that time we can afford to buy some more
heating oil.  We still have a little,  but not
enough to last but only a few days.  We
do have our radiator heaters throughout
the house that we use more often,  but
we need the heating furnace to keep our
pipes from freezing.  It does get rather
cold up here ya know LOL.  Oh yea,
an update on Judy’s brother Ricky.  He
is back in the nursing home and doing
fairly well.  He has made a few friends
in the nursing home and that’s great.
He didn’t have any friends before that.
He stayed pretty much to himself.  I’ll
put one of his pictures in the stationery.
Judy brought him a doughnut from the
nearby Dunkin’ Doughnuts hehehehehe.
That made him happy.  Anyways,  that’s
about all I have.  Now it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you almost
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  10 more poems
with one being sort of Christmassy 🙂
Also I once again wrote 22 haiku for
all of the haiku lovers out there.  I do
hope that you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now it’s time
for me to begin my little quest for
that not so elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful
weekend and a blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  OK,  where are ya hiding
this time ya silly thing?  LOL hiding
under my Advair near my respirator
ain’t quite the best place being that
you’re not that small and you’re sort
of making it wobble a little bit hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Waiting Game

Ticking time bombs
that explode
the waiting game
on down the road.
With every second
so many count
the waiting game
time frames surmount.
Scenes then pass by
to attain
times exposing
the waiting game.
Minutes add up
so to say
the waiting game
of yesterday.
Every moment
gathers dust
the waiting game
times to adjust.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

Linked As One

Hands held together
will surely expose
many with heartbeats
that do not oppose.
Linked as one
so many will find
they are much stronger
than one at a time.
So as our journeys
are found to bestow
look for some others
that go where you go.
Don’t become lonely
with no one to care,
for you and another
are driven with prayer.
Let God to join you
through Jesus His Son
and then become stronger
while linked as one.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

Becoming Better

Learning from mishaps,
learning from pain
becoming better
give times to attain.
Living as plumage
to fly as a bird
often our pathways
are found so absurd.
Roadblocks of problems
might teach us so well
becoming better
for us to foretell.
For as remembered
things become clear
becoming better
what’s learned yesteryear.
Found as our troubles
lessons are learned
becoming better
what we have discerned.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

A Road Sign

Markers for people
a pathway to find
that is well noted
within a road sign.
For without markings
of which way to go
so many people
will just miss the road.
It takes a road sign
to show ones for sure
where they are headed
within the contour.
For without road signs
ones might just get lost
headed to nowhere
with time frames of cost.
So seek a road sign
that heads the right way
and you won’t end up
real lost turning gray.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

Summer’s Morn

Seasons are painted
with colors their own
as they are displayed
sometimes as windblown.
So with a camera
I head out to find
seasons to capture
in front and behind.
Morning brings pictures
alive so to say
painted as moments
of a bright summer’s day.
I snap real quickly
each image I see
so not to miss what’s
right there in front of me.
Time is the giver
of new photos born
found as the highlights
of each summer’s morn.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

Recalling Winter

My thoughts of snowfall
with wintertime’s hue
brings me some joyful
when I’m feeling blue.
Recalling winter
helps me to remember
my favorite times
that are found in December.
Christmas with joyful
and songs that we sing
recalling winter
is a wonderful thing.
Each new snowflake
that falls from the sky
displays the beauty
with winters reply.
Recalling winter
helps summer to fade
like an ice cold glass of
strawberry limeade.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

Long Winded People

Beneath ones talking
holds words that they say
sometimes so many
that others amscray.
Long winded people
will tend to say more
than they are needing
as ones slam the door.
Don’t be so wordy
with all that you know.
Learn to speak fluent
with shorter to flow.
Long winded people
will often be found
alone in the corner
with no one around.
Try and be wiser
in things that you say
and don’t be long winded
to make others pay.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

One Time Thing

Looking back
seen through my eyes
a one time thing
was my surprise.
Times connected
there and then
a one time thing
of where I’d been.
Making music
on the beach
summers blessings
one time each.
A 4 man band
as each day flows
guitars strumming
and bongos.
A one time thing
we used to play
long ago
on summers day.
Then as shadows
they were gone
a one time thing
another dawn.
My remembrance
comes so clear
of that time frames
A one time thing
of style and grace
now lives on
another place.
As just memories
found inside
a one time thing
my thoughts reside.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

God Will Surprise

Life as a sinner
will often run dry
leaving you empty
in your by and by.
Often our journeys
will lead us to find
lessons to learn
with a new frame of mind.
So many people
will just look away
and not want to find out
what God has to say.
Yet God will so often
show them oh so true
the sight of their choices
that need made anew.
Then as if magic
Lord God will surprise
and find someone Hell bent
and open their eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

Love Remains

We might have some problems,
but we still hold true,
for you still really love me
and I really love you.
As each day brings struggles
we each time will grow
stronger together
with each high and low.
Surely Lord Jesus
is here as our guide
as we’re together
with Him found inside.
Time becomes endless
as echoes roll on
found within moments
of dusk unto dawn.
Windows of mercy
are as Heavens grains
found in our heartbeats
as love remains.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

for Aug 22,  2015

Mysteries of life
come as doorways with some dreams
and a few nightmares.

The size of ones smile
does not always tell the truth,
for it could be false.

Leftover fractions
might end up being wasted
due to the moment.

Counting the leaves
could find you in an abyss
as the wind will blow.

When wanting first place
it could show you deception
of what first place is.

A bird flapping wings
can maneuver through the skies.
It was born for flight.

Seasonal footprints
are found in many places,
but not understood.

Annoying people
often have not any clue
of their annoyance.

Describing yourself
might seem unnecessary
when you think you’re clear.

Life on some paper
has only words to be read,
but truth has actions.

A misty morning
displays clouds hiding sunshine
with hope it will pass.

Beyond emotions
holds the key points of heartbeats
found as expression.

Sights seen in the skies
find many wondering what
or who that it is.

The smile of a dog
can bring you out of sadness
and show you true joy.

Each days arrival
gives way for a brand new sight
to search and to find.

Allowing sadness
to always be within you
gives no room for smiles.

The life of a clown
might hide a frown within it
hidden with a smile.

One that’s a bully
will often be insecure
fearing of others.

The summer grass grows
to only drive ones insane
as they mow it down.

Footsteps in the snow
might look larger than they are
due to perception.

Staring at the sun
can find you nothing to see
as you’ll lose your sight.

The twinkling essence
of the stars deep in the night
make many dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2015

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