I Can Feel/Still Planning


Hello my friends
Happy Easter

How’ve you been? I’ve been doing OK. Still in pain and at times
having to use my cane to get around, but I guess that’s life huh!?
Yeppers, at least I’m alive. I’ve spent a few days outside taking
videos and pictures of my neighbor flying his RC planes. I know,
I shouldn’t stand so much, but I do take a chair out there every
time so I can sit when I can stand no longer LOL, which is very
often hehehe. Brian is out there right now, but it seems to be just
a bit too windy for flight right now. We’re hoping the wind slacks
down a tad soon. I used my DVD cam and took a bunch of videos
Friday. I took the DVD to him to view to see if he wanted anymore
added onto it. He said the video was great and to go ahead and
finalize it and burn it onto the DVD R that he gave me. So I’ll
do that when he brings it back. I also wrote a little poem about
the experience and gave it to him and his wife and he asked me
if I could make it into a picture with airplanes and stuff. I said
sure thing, no problem. He wants to frame it hehehe. It’s very
nice outside today just as it was yesterday and the day before.
It’s supposed to get up to about 72 degrees F today. Ok so what
else is going on in this part of the world. Oh yea, hehehe it seems
my face is a bit sunburned due to all the exposure while taking
videos of the planes LOL!! Judy is doing well. I think her doctor
is going to have to up her level of insulin though. The last few
days her blood sugar has been sort of high. We’re still playing
our old farming games on FaceBook LOL. Judy is still playing
Pet Society a bit, but I have sort of lost my interest in it being
they have added so much garbage to the game and there has
been so much down time in the game. If anybody wants to add
me as a friend on FaceBook, just look me up using my email
address that you get this in. If you don’t know it being you
got my journal on a blog, then message me and ask, I’ll be
more than happy to help. Well other than all of that hehehe,
ain’t much going on around here. Judy is at work. Yes she
has to work Easter. People still wanna eat for some reason.
Today I’m not quite sure what to fix us for dinner, but I do
know that we’ll be watching a lot of our TV programs LOL.
Last night we watched the Most Shocking on Tru TV hehe.
LOL, hey we like that kind of stuff, hehehehe sometimes!
Sometimes it gets a bit more gruesome than either of us can
actually watch LOL. I have finally found a friend to hang
out with time to time. He’s old enough to be my son, but he’s
a cool guy. Brian is into RC airplanes, helicopters and of
course cars hehehe. I think they’re awesome to watch and
all. Yet way to expensive for me to ever think of getting into.
plus ya gotta be able to actually see to fly the things LOL.
I would be crashing every second hehehehe. My camcorder
doesn’t require me to see well hehe. I just aim it as close to
the direction of the plane or whatever and it gets it and it
does the focusing. I’ve been a picture taker for decades and
love it. Recording memories to watch later is the greatest,
or at least it is for us. God has taken good care of Judy
and I and I can feel His Hands at times holding us tightly.
The blessing of friendship is a wonderful thing that so many
take for granted. Never take friendship for granted. It’s
something that you will find most fulfilling as life goes on.
Yet don’t be foolish to put your trust into just anyone and
call them your friend. Friendship is something that grows.
It’s either true or false. Many people out there feed on
others needs for friends and then use them. Be cautious
who that you befriend. They could be users, not friends.
Let God guide your heart and mind and you will most
assuredly find a friend. It may take time and it may be
rough starting, but have faith. I have friends all over
the world. So many that I would be here all day trying
to write their names not wanting to leave out one, but
the truth is, God has blessed me with friendship and
now I have friends nearby that I can spend time with.
Hehehehe Judy said she is happy, because she knew
how much of a people person I am and how much I
miss all of my friends. She said, she watched me out
there with Brian and smiled. She and I watched the
videos I took of the airplanes and she loved it. Well,
I want to thank you God for taking care of me. Oh yea
one of Brian’s planes looks exactly like one of the model
airplanes that my dad put together years ago. My mom
said she still has it hehehe. She said that if by chance
she and my sister are able to make it up this year, she
will bring it. I am still planning on making an attempt
to fly to Texas sometime this summer to see my friends,
but it all depends on finances as well as my health.
Mostly my health! My intestines have been giving me
a little extra problem lately. Keep Judy and I in your
prayers. I guess with that said I need to be setting off
to try and find a word or phrase in something that I
have written here that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a good title.
Now, let’s see what I can do with it hehe! Here goes…

I Can Feel

Times of tugs
I can feel
of God’s Hands
so very real.
I can sense
His Eyes each day
watching me
my will and way.
I can even
sometimes sense
Him in journeys
of past tense.
Times I falter
in my views
I can feel Him
in my shoes.
Guiding footsteps
to and fro
I can feel Him
where I go.
Even troubles
that perplex
I can feel Him
step by step.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4, 2010

Now for an Easter poem hehehe

Still Planning

God gave moments
times to win
when He gave us
ways from sin.
He’s still planning
in His stride
how to open
eyes up wide.
God gave Jesus
for our view
to show us
what we’re to do.
He can help us
daily see,
but we need to
set sin free.
Let lose wanna
and your greed
and let Him
give all you need.
God’s still planning
yet it’s done
oh so daily
through His Son.
On the third day
Jesus came
with His Words
to proclaim.
We have places
waiting true,
but it’s up to
me and you.
All our choices
that we make
build the paths
that we’ll partake.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4, 2010

Ok so there ya go, two for the price of one LOL. Ok, so the
poems didn’t cost ya anything hehehe. I hope you enjoyed them
and they maybe even spoke to you. I guess I need to be finding
a stopping place, but before I do, I need to tell you once again
what I tell you every week hehehe, I wrote some more poems
and haikus, I actually wrote one of the haikus Monday the 29th.
I wrote 10 poems hehehe as usual and 22 haiku all yesterday
Saturday if you’re reading this Monday or Tuesday hehehehehe.
So all in all I have 10 poems and 22 haiku plus 1 from Monday.
Sooooooo, with that said :), it’s about time to be searching for
that old off switch, but before I do that I must wish you a most
wonderful Easter and I pray your week goes well. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. So now, where’s that blasted
off switch hiding this week hehehe??? I was too pooped to look
for it last week LOL. Found it hiding behind my SD card :).
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus 🙂
10 and 22 + 1 🙂 hehehehe

Reminds Of You

We might find
someone someday
that will change
your will and way.
Sometimes that one
might just be
someone that we
sought not see.
We didn’t try to
see their hue,
but in essence
they came through.
Their true actions
done one day
might change what
we do and say.
It might be just
passing time
but their meanings
will remind.
They might be just
someone true
that somehow
reminds of you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

From Our Debris

A crevice of sadness
may hold you in
if you will ever
let it begin.
The crevice may grow
great by far
if you let sadness
be all you are.
Let out the anger
and all the sad
and look again
at things not so bad.
Sometimes our viewing
is all we can see
when we’re recoiling
from our debris.
Let yourself blossom
and learn to view
what that the future
may hold for you.
You may be seeing
segments insane,
yet there is growing
from all the pain.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

Flying in The Sky

Planes flying high
in the skies that I saw
flew with much passion
filled with much awe.
Around and around
in sky over head
I saw the planes
not bird flight instead.
Yet they were flying
almost the same
as a few birds
of a different name.
Soaring as eagles
most everywhere
I saw the flight
that none could compare.
I visualized
myself there in flight
flying in the cockpit
far out of sight,
but they were only
flown by remote
flying in the sky
as a heavenly boat.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

Let Yourself Grow

It might be journeys,
or just a scene
that gives the reasons
to what things mean.
You might be seeing
what that’s inside
and not be seeing
with eyes opened wide.
Your might be owning
all of your fears
from all the things
of so many years.
It may be segments
that you recall
that make your fearing
surely to fall.
Don’t let pathways
that you’ve been through
be in the essence
of all that’s you.
We each have choices
which can be changed
from what that might of
been slight deranged.
Let yourself grow
from lessons of time
and not let moments
become your sign.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

Someone The Same

Letters from heartbeats
written inside
need to have someone
to coincide.
All of the letters
written and said
might need envision
ways done instead.
Maybe on paper
or maybe by word
so that the heartbeats
can then be heard.
Many hide feelings
rhythms of tears
behind the decades
filled up with fears.
Let your heartbeat
expose the flame
and you might find then
someone the same.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

Desires of Greed

Moments yearnings
we each want
may come daily
to just taunt.
Just as passions
filled with pain
moments yearnings
seek the gain.
Scenes found jealous
from our views
might seem different
from their shoes.
Others problems
we can’t see
may be nightmares
they can’t free.
So don’t let your
desires of greed
become what all
you think you need.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

Really Solid Ground

Can and can’t
becomes our view
we choose
what we can do.
Things of wants
of can filled paint
might be what
we need restraint.
Pointless hours
found in tow
might be where
we need not go.
Angles watching
God as sent
help us daily
to repent.
Can and can’t
needs be found
as what’s really
solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

Seek True Dawn

The truth of minutes
may display
on another
different day.
What we’re seeing
and we think
may be just a
ship to sink.
Simple minutes
that we find
may be what that
makes our mind.
The truth of minutes
may be scenes
just as segues
in our dreams.
Learn to wake up
and to see
what that really
needs to be.
Let your dreams
live on and on,
but yet also
seek true dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

Spreading Their Wings

Within the sky
of blue overhead
I hear the words
of time done and said.
In the beginnings
man thought not true
that they could fly
in high sky of blue.
Wisdom through years
has brought us alive
teaching us daily
how to survive.
yet it seems decades
faded from sight
as oh so many
lost view of flight.
Not that of flying,
but their own ways
spreading their wings
to better displays.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

It Takes Effort

Links are forged
as time moves on
dusk to dusk
and dawn to dawn.
Things we do
reflect on others
sometimes with
some awkward colors.
Links are forged
as chains of time
that we now
can change design.
It takes effort
sometimes strong
to make happen
not so wrong.
Don’t let problems
set you back.
Use them to get
you back on track.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

for Mar 29 and Apr 3, 2010

Think outside the box,
but when you’re juudging people
look at what’s within.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 29, 2010

Letters are written
sometimes as words from inside
and need be displayed.

Anguish makes shadows
we may never understand.
Let someone help you.

Blessings will happen
in the times we don’t expect.
Maybe far from view.

Continuing journeys
might become our own downfall.
Know when to sit down.

Guiding your footsteps
might be guardian angels
God has given you.

Many a threshold
is found with its mysteries.
Pray for the right path.

The wings of a plane
make wind beneath them occur
to keep it in flight.

Canned up anger
can explode at any time
so find a release.

Onwards ones will walk
within the deep sands of time
and never know why.

We may be shadows
of the ones we admire.
Do not lose yourself.

In walks a journey
with also a decision
to turn left or right.

Earning someone’s trust
does not always come easy.
It often takes time.

Some patterns are born
from carcasses of old thoughts.
Some patterns need change.

The wise man’s teachings
are due to sometimes much pain
that came from their past.

In but a second
one can choose their destruction.
Use seconds wisely

Our innermost sight
might see the wrong in others.
Give ones a true chance.

We might find trouble,
yet we might also find good.
Pray and take a chance.

Every heartbeat
has its very own rhythm
as different drums.

Patience will blossom
when we learn to wait for God
and His Own Timing.

Peace is wonderful
as it’s gained through uniting
through some common ground.

Pages will be turned
as we grow and experience
all that is intended.

Havoc is disease
that many often gather
within their own greed.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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