Heaven To Join


Hello my friends

Here I am once again with a little more
rambling. I hope you are doing well or
as well as possible. It’s been rather nice
around here. Judy went over to her ex’s
house Labor day to spend time with her
daughters. She took Benny and Rocky
so to give me a break from them for a bit.
I enjoyed the time alone and even wrote
a poem about Judy and I and it’s a long
one LOL. I told her I would probably
write her a poem, but it turned into a
freaken story titled Here Is A Story 🙂
Judy came home early and she said it
was starting to rain when she left. She
took tons of pictures and many of them
are of the boys playing with their little
cousins Peanut and Khione. They were
tired little pups when they got home 🙂
LOL Judy was tired too. We looked
at all of the pictures she took and then
I copied them to my PC. We took the
boys on a couple of field trips last week.
Rocky has gotten to where he loves to
go for runs/walks in the field in front
of our home. Him and Benny run side
by side and play chase. Milo used to
do that with Benny up until he started
getting sick, The poor guy wanted to
keep playing with Benny, but he was
just not able. Benny’s little brother
Rocky can wear him out hehehe. He
always wants to play. Benny was like
that when he was younger, but he has
slowed down a little since then. Yet he
still loves to run and play and boy oh boy
was he excited when we headed out to
the field and this time Rocky ran right
along with him. We heard Benny give
out a bark that we never heard before 🙂
It was a bark of joy. Rocky up until
then would only come out a few feet in
the field, because when we first got him
we did him the same way as we did both
Benny and Milo and made him wear
the electric fence collar which would
not allow him to go into the field and
one day when he went too far, he was
shocked. But now that he knows the
boundaries the same as Benny, we let
him go outside without it. He was just
leery of going out with us, but I guess
that day he really wanted to play with
Benny and he chanced it and he was
so excited. He will still not go out there
without us as is the same with Benny.
They know that we are to be with them.
Benny will often follow me out to the
mailbox and wait for me on the other
side of the road in the driveway. Then
run ahead of me heading back to the
house hehehe. Milo used to do the
very same. Rocky might do that in
the future, but he’s still learning what
he is and is not to do. So only in time.
Today’s high is supposed to be 69 F
and right now it’s 67 F at 3:00 in the
afternoon. Tomorrow’s forecasted
high is 67 F. I am so excited to get
a chance to test out our new snow
blower. I know I’ll still have to use
the snow shovel on parts, but not as
much. At least hopefully not as much 😉
Judy and I cannot wait to see Rocky’s
reaction to his first sight of snow 😮
For all we know, he might love it as
much as Benny does. Benny simply
loves snow and we have to wait for
him to get tired or too cold before
he will come back in without a fuss.
We might have 2 snow dogs on our
hands hehehe. Rocky has begun to
do many of the same things as Benny.
We often look out and they will be
both lying underneath the car side
by side. OK, next topic. We haven’t
heard much from Ricky except he is
having more health issues. Kidney
stones and bladder infections. He
needs your prayers. He is in the
nursing home and he is happy. He
has made a friend there and that’s
something he has never had. Before
he always stayed to himself. I guess
being at the nursing home brought
him out of his shell a little bit. He’s
a good guy. He is struggling with
the loss of his leg beneath his knee
though. He’s lucky that is all that
he lost. Gangrene can take your
life if not careful. So, what else is
there to talk about. Rocky is in a
feisty mood wanting to play hehehe.
I managed to trim some of the hair
away from his eyes so he can see,
but not without a bit of a struggle.
LOL he doesn’t like the scissors, but
I got it done, sort of hehehe. We’ll
wait a while to give him and Benny a
haircut until after winter as we have
always done. We might trim them
up just a tad once in a while such as
from their eyes, but they’ll need the
hair to keep them warm when they
are out in the snow playing. It does
get rather cold up this way. I called
my Aunt Anna the other day and she
was excited to hear from me. She
is my moms oldest sister. We had
a nice talk. I try my best to keep in
touch with my family and friends,
but I can only do so much. Anna
now has our phone number, so she
can call us 🙂 I wish I could snap my
fingers and visit all of my family and
friends, but I can’t, so I do what
I can. My mom is doing well. We
keep in contact always. I wish her
and my sister could come up for a
visit. My sister Peggy was wanting
to come up and asked if mom was
wanting to and I said that the last
time I talked to her she said she
wanted to. Who knows, maybe in
the next year they’ll make the drive
up again. They came up in 2008
shortly after Judy and I had moved
up here, but Peggy had some stuff
to tend to back home so they had
to leave early. I hope yall can make
it up soon. There is so much to see
that you didn’t stay long enough to
see. I have been chatting with my
daughters boyfriend Brian and he
seems like a nice polite guy. They
are coming up for Christmas and
bringing my granddaughter Sami
and Brian’s little boy. It should be
a wondrous time. They have never
seen snow as we get up here being
they are from Texas the same as
me LOL. I was blown away when
I saw all the snow. LOL up until
April of 2008 I thought our house
was sitting on a snow mound LOL.
We moved up here on the first of
December or thereabouts. I have
a feeling a few snowball fights will
occur and maybe even a few tries
at making a snowman and snow
angels hehehe. Anyways, that’s
about all I have to ramble about.
God is always number 1 around
here. He has made sure that we
have all that we need and protected
us from danger. We know that
when our time is up within these
bodies, we will find our way to
Heaven to join those that have
gone on before us. Judy and I
know that we will always be a
family for even in death there is
life. I praise God for all that He
has done for us and that He will
do. I hope that you have found
a relationship with Him and have
allowed Him to work within you.
If you haven’t, then why not today?
Now I believe it’s time for me to
begin my search back through
all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title of today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I
go to that place of my recollection
that I seem to always like to call
I found a halfway decent title just
a few lines back. So, let’s see how
I do with it LOL. Here goes!!!

Heaven To Join

Time is a bubble
that many will bust
left in the middle
of their lack of trust.
Heaven to join
becomes just a time
with many doubting
what all they will find.
With our believing
brings faith to arise
Heaven to join
those now in the skies.
That wondrous place
that is Holier true
is Heaven to join
together me and you.
For our existence
is that of a while
connecting with others
a time to compile.
Let God to live now
inside of your heart
then Heaven to join
will be your depart.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13, 2015

So, how’d I do? LOL I know, it ain’t
that great, but I did my best with what
I had. It’s 67 F degrees at 4:30 PM and
Rocky is still wanting to play. Judy let
them outside a bit ago and little Rocky
decided to go exploring a little further
than he is allowed to without us and
Judy was at the door hollering for him
to come home. I stepped out the door
and yelled Rocky and he came running.
He heard me and knew he was in trouble
LOL. I have one of those voices hehehe.
It’s like my dads was. A lot of people
say that they think of my dad when they
hear me speak, plus I have his green
eyes as well and his white beard LOL.
Life continues on in the Pearce’s Place.
I reckon it’s time for me to be telling
you what I tell you almost every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yep, 10 more poems with
1 being a Christmas poem and 1 being
a really long story poem 🙂 Also once
again I wrote 22 haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there. I hope you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like. Now I believe it’s time for me
to be searching for that not so great
at hiding off switch, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a most
blessed prayerful week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
where’s that darned off switch hiding
this time? Oh for Christ Sake, not
behind my respirator agin. You do
know I have asthma don’t you, you
freaking nut, don’t you????? LOL!
Try a little harder next week will ya.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Here Is A Story

Past becomes echoes
of yesterdays dreams
ones wishing true love
on starlight moonbeams.
Here is a story
of how miles inlaid
the time of a porthole
that Lord God had made.
Two sat so lonely
just looking for friends
as God entwined
a time with loose ends.
Knots were tied surely
as time moved along
and here is a story
how two became one.
A little poetry club
of so long ago
found on the internet
had them to flow.
The past came alive
and flourished a start,
two found together
with one beating heart.
Time then was counted
to days then to meet
one on a plane
and the other to greet.
Those two together
then went for a ride
finally in person
with true love inside.
Their hearts were a twitter
as miles went their way
and two later found
a great wedding day.
Yet there were things
that the other had to do
as he got on the plane
and away he then flew,
but he promised his love
that he would return
in time to be married
so have no concern.
He returned a little later
a month or so true
to be her loving husband
with life started new.
October the second
2001 found them married
and a month later
true heartbeats they carried.
Southbound to Texas
they drove oh so far
to live life together
as God’s shining star.
They had normal problems,
but still found a way
to keep God within them
with day after day.
Here is a story
about two loving souls
now found together
connected with goals.
The heartbeats united
are Judy and I
joined with some others
from Heaven so high.
The end of November
2007 displayed
us on a journey
December portrayed.
Up north to Maine
new life was begun
us with the blessings
from Jesus God’s Son.
White snow was falling
and landing in place
finding our new home
filled with God’s grace.
We saw many moments
some good and not so
joined with the journeys
as our lives did grow.
The struggles we found
made us much stronger
as we continue
our lives a bit longer.
Then with the ticking
of times changing hue
our little family
much greater it grew
Now we’ve got doggies
that bring us much joy
as they bounce around
with every dog toy.
Life’s so abundant
with us holding tight
Here is a story
how God did unite.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7, 2015

To Judy Ann Pearce
From William Earl Pearce II

The Midnight Moon

Stars are shining
with moonlight
amidst the moment
in the night.
Scenes are pictured
painted so
with the starlight
times bestow.
With each segment
times attune
connecting with
the midnight moon.
After midnight
it moves on
the midnight moon
to early dawn.
Changing places
in the sky
the midnight moon
will just fly by.
Then as sunrise
comes in view
the midnight moon
is somewhere new.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Storms Of Winter

Summers demise
comes with some colors
painted with leaves
and many others.
Then as the leaves
all fall to the ground,
soon there is winter
with white all around.
The storms of winter
start out with ease
displaying stages
of white snow on trees.
Painting with passion
the snow makes a sight
displayed as winter
found oh so white.
Each scene is patterned
with its special way
as storms of winter
perform their display.
Seen by a camera
while found front and center
December brings us
some white storms of winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

The Sound Of Happy

When life tosses trouble
and smiles are not found
sometimes a sound can
turn that around.
The sound of happy
from some little thing
can help a storm cloud
find shades of spring.
A small little dog
playing with a toy
brings forth the happy
to fill you with joy.
The sound of happy
can also be heard
from that of nature
with the tweet of a bird.
The sound can be also
a memory of yours
that brings a smile
which laughter secures.
The sound of happy
can be what you chose
found as a moment
you visioned a rose.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

So Distant Thoughts

Beyond what’s seen
are things I recall
so distant thoughts
from time frames so tall.
Every single second
comes back with a glance
so distant thoughts
from each song and dance.
Each minute studded
with music we made
my bands of time
I wish would of stayed.
Recalling the joyful
sessions recorded
now are the moments
that are not afforded.
My first little group
we played oh so fine
a learning degree
that was so divine.
We wrote songs together
and made little tunes
often in the shade
of late afternoons.
Those days I remember
so well in my heart
I wish we had never
seen to depart.
Life brings alive
a journey across
a universe of times
so distant thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Perfection’s Illusion

Some think they’re perfect,
but it’s just illusion
while they are filled with
so much confusion.
Yes we are perfect
in God’s Eyes for sure,
but what is human
is sinful allure.
We each have a way
of doing what’s wrong
even if we think
it’s part of our song.
Perfection’s illusion
comes with a gaze
leading so many
down bitter sweet days.
Yes we are perfect
as God made us true,
but our sins are uncovered
in me and in you.
We each make mistakes
so perfectly wrong
as we learn lessons
as time moves along.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

A Winding Road

Footprints we make
while walking along
leave many trails
while singing our song.
A winding road
that catches our step
might then become
a time frame inept.
For as the pathway
becomes bestowed
with many rocks found
on down the road,
your own way intended
might end in despair
as you find out that
you’re going nowhere.
You might need to ask
for God’s help that day
and then allow Him
to show you the way.
Then a winding road
will display a path
away from confusions
own aftermath.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

The Sound Of Christmas

A little child’s heartbeat
that sleeps in the night
dreaming of Santa
and each Christmas light
becomes as a picture
painted with smiles
as sugarplum fairies
in wintertime styles.
The sound of Christmas
are what many hear
as jingles and jangles
of that time of year.
Heard on the radio
Christmas songs playing
with words of Jesus
and many found praying.
The sound of Christmas
is what many find
when they’re awakened
with its own design.
The seasonal blessings
that then come alive
become as excitement
for it to arrive.
The sound of Christmas
is found in a heart
ones that are waiting
for Christmas to start.
The joy and laughter
that comes in to shine
is the sound of Christmas
Lord Jesus designed.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Secrets Of Time

Hidden from many
some times might be
things we imagine,
but are reality.
Secrets of time
are often in place
hidden in formats
of our smell and taste.
Often the secrets
are not hidden well,
but many find them
as much more to tell.
Scenes in the distance
we might just discern
as secrets of time
with a much different turn.
Not what’s imagined
and sought for to find
some moments might be
just secrets of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Disturbed Shadows

Night finds some shadows
as glimmers of fear
often in darkness
when sight is not clear.
Disturbed shadows
with pictures inlaid
as many nightmares
that your dreams have made.
Yet disturbed shadows
might be many things
that in the daylight
fills life full of dreams.
But in the night sky
with moonlight and stars
disturbed shadows
are fearful night scars.
So when at nighttime
some chills are exposed
remember they might be
just disturbed shadows.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

for Sept 12, 2015

Lost in perception
we might entwine our own views
and not understand.

When riding the wind
the wings of an eagle spread
to catch a smooth ride.

A footstep in time
can often be misconceived
due to the lack of.

Deciphered journals
might be wrongly understood
with you in the dark.

With the first snowflakes
comes the coldness of winter
with much more to come.

Left handed people
might find a lot of conflicts
in right handed worlds.

Many aromas
are not made to appeal us,
but to give warning.

Past to the present
brings forth many ideas
that might change in time.

The length of a foot
changes when describing fish
and what got away.

Various turnstiles
bring beginnings of trouble
and others bring peace.

Amidst true passion
holds ingredients for love,
but sometimes all wrong.

Disabled people
are not totally crippled,
for they still have God.

Painting a picture
needs the thought of an image
and canvas to paint.

Grandeur illusion
finds many living a dream
when it is not true.

Summers scenery
will soon fade away from sight
leaving us autumn.

The promise of change
comes when one can’t continue
the way they’re going.

A fool and his thoughts
will often find him trouble
from all his nonsense.

Camping in the woods
you might come across some sounds
that keep you awake.

Pointing at others
draws attention to yourself
and how that you are.

Aromas of clouds
come as seasonal moments
with raindrops to fall.

Winter winds will blow
bringing life from fallen snow
creating pictures.

Distant memories
can be tools to bring us smiles
if used correctly.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

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