A Little Birthday Poem


Hello my friends

I hope you have been doing fairly well. We’ve
been doing pretty good. The weather is getting
cooler with each passing day. Today’s high is
supposed to be 64 F degrees and right now it’s
64 F at 3:30 PM. Tonight’s low is supposed to
be 39 F or around that. We’ve taken the boys
out for more field trips in front of our house and
Rocky is loving it. Benny has always loved to go
play in the field, but Rocky was hesitant in the
beginning, but now he’s ready to go. LOL we
had to leave them home the few times we went
to town for groceries and stuff being it was just
a bit too warm to take them, plus we are still
not totally trusting Rocky to not go poop in the
car just yet. Anyways, when we got home the
other day, I went in and let them out of their
crates and they made a beeline for the door.
When I opened it, they both ran out. We said
OK boys go potty and I think they misheard us
and they both started heading out to the field.
We managed to catch Rocky before he set off
his electronic fence collar. Benny doesn’t wear
one anymore, so he ran out quite a ways before
he noticed that we weren’t behind him and he
came running back. We’ll take them out in
the field this week. OK, now for some great
news. Today is my grandmothers birthday
(my moms mother) and she turned 108 years
old. I’ll put a few of her birthday pictures
in the stationery that my mom sent me. I’ll
also put in a couple of my grandmother and
me from last year when Judy and I went to
Texas for a visit. I wrote grandmother a
little birthday poem and sent it to my mom
and she said she would take it to her and
read it to her. Grandmother and Pawpaw
were always in my life. They both taught
me so much. They were like second parents.
I miss the old days back when we would
work in the garden together harvesting
crops, They grew everything and the food
always tasted so great. Grandmother used
to can her own foods. Pawpaw and me
spent many a night out on Lake Tawakanii
fishing and would come home by sunrise
and clean the fish and hand them over to
grandmother to fry up for dinner. Yep,
those were the days. I thank God for all
of those memories. Judy and I are making
memories of our own with the these two
boys and yes of course our dearly departed
Milo. Milo will always be a part of our
family. We see a lot of Milo in Rocky even
if they were not related other than being
dogs. It seems that Benny learned a few
things from Milo. Used to be that Milo
would bark for treats and Benny would
reap the rewards LOL, but now Benny
does the barking for treats and Rocky
reaps the rewards. Judy has got Benny
talking now sort of. He’ll ask for treats
in different tones and sounds LOL. Him
and Rocky were active yesterday and
Benny had decided to rest for a while
and I caught a video of Rocky using his
different toned barks asking Benny to
play with him hehehe. I’ll upload that
to my Facebook 🙂 These boys make us
happy every day. They might get on our
nerves from time to time, but most of
the time they are a sight to see hehehe.
They do make it hard to write at times
when they are wanting our undivided
attention, especially Rocky LOL, but
aside from that, they are good boys 🙂
Judy’s been making some memes using
their pictures. I’ll put one of them in
the stationery. Of course like always
if you’re only receiving my journals via
plain text style, you won’t see them.
Sorry for that, but webmail and most
AOL will not display stationery email.
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that you emailed from 🙂 I might one
day in the future start sending using
my other email address, but I’ll let
you know if and when that day does
occur. Until then, this is it hehehehe.
LOL I had to go to the bathroom a
moment ago and when I was done
and opened the door I looked down
and saw that I had a little body guard
watching the door. Rocky was waiting
for me to come back to the PC room
hehehehe. The other day when I went
to the bathroom he followed me there
and then shortly began barking at the
door for me to come out LOL. The
little guy missed me hehehe. Though
that can get old after a bit LOL. Yep,
our little home is filled with love and
excitement hehehe. OK so it might
not be exciting to you, but it is to us.
Oct 2nd is mine and Judy’s 14 year
wedding anniversary. We might have
to wait to celebrate till we get paid,
because both of us are pretty much
strapped for cash, but we shall see.
It’s hard to believe we met in a little
Yahoo Poetry egroup back in 2001
huh. Yep, April 1st 2001 was the
day that I got my first email from her.
It’s been a life changing experience.
I would of never allowed a dog to
stay in the house, but here ya go 🙂
God has managed to put two people
together from different aspects of life
and make them united. We found
that we had more in common than
we ever could of dreamed of. Yep,
God knows what He’s doing as always.
He’s put many people in our lives that
have helped us to grow. I thank God
for our family. My daughter and my
granddaughter not to mention all of
my new family with stepdaughters
and step grandchildren. They are a
blessing of abundance. I am getting
more excited by the day thinking about
my daughter Jamye and her daughter
(my granddaughter) coming up this
December for Christmas. I’m looking
forwards to meeting Jamye’s boyfriend
Brian and his son. I hope that nothing
happens to prevent their trip. I hope
they don’t mind staying with us in our
tiny mobile home. We aren’t rich by no
means LOL, but we are rich in love and
The Lord and that’s the best kind of
rich 🙂 So, I reckon it’s time for me to
be taking my little trip back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So, it’s away I go to that little place of
my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found
a fairly decent title near the beginning
where I spoke of the poem I wrote for
my Grandmother 🙂 So here’s another
one for my Grandmother. She deserves
many more, but I do have my limits 🙂
I love ya bunches Grandmother and
wish I could be there in person to wish
you a Happy Birthday, but this will have
to do. Maybe my mom (your daughter)
will read this one as well to you. Tons
of hugs and kisses. Now, it’s time to
give an effort to write a poem using
this title. Here goes 🙂

A Little Birthday Poem
(Happy Birthday Grandmother 108 years)

With every episode
of my own childhood days
I can remember
your wonderful ways,
so I wrote you a little
birthday poem true
that’s of my memories
that I have of you.
Every single moment
that I can remember
burns as a blessing
the brightest of ember.
A time long ago
when we used to play
Yahtzee and Monopoly
day after day.
Me with my cousin
and you with your smile
warmed by the fire
as time did compile.
You are now older
and wiser in mind
as many years passed
time unto time.
You’ve seen so much
as the years went on by
one hundred and eight
that just seemed to fly.
So now I am writing
how you’ve made me grown
through all your love
in a little birthday poem.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 20, 2015

So 🙂 did I put ya to sleep? I hope that you
enjoyed my rambling and maybe even the
poem to my Grandmother. I love her very
much. I wish I could be there to wish her a
happy birthday, but it’s just not possible at
this moment. I hope she likes the poems
I wrote for her. Judy just went and let in
the rugrats 🙂 Rocky is now right behind
me squeaking on his squeaky toys hehehe.
Benny is lying down under the folding chair
that we have in for whenever Christian our
grandson wants to visit. We spend most
of our time in here either watching TV or
writing. OK so we both spend a lot of time
on Facebook. We’re retired. We go for
walks ever so often when taking the boys
out for field trips. Yes, we do more, but
is there a reason I must write it down?
LOL I thought not! Mom sent me some
pictures that were taken Friday of my
Grandmother at the nursing home. They
celebrated her birthday then being that
a lot of the workers would not be there
on the weekend and they all wanted to
celebrate with her. I haven’t much else
to tell you aside from what I normally
tell you every week and that is I wrote
some more poems and haiku. Yeppers,
10 more poems, but no Christmas poems
this week. Also I once again wrote 22
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there. I hope you can find one or two
of either or both that you like. Now it’s
time for me to be searching for that
not so elusive off switch, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful weekend
and a most blessed week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
where could that confounded off switch
be trying to hide this week? I use the
word TRYING very loosely hehehehe.
Hmm, I think I see movement behind
my saltshaker hehehe. Yep, once again
caught hiding behind something that is
not that large to hide behind. Will you
ever learn? Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

My Inner Thoughts

Those thoughts I think
inside my head
are often what
are thought not said.
My inner thoughts
will take a ride
time to time
when I look outside.
The scenes I see
with colors born
my inner thoughts
then do adorn.
Inside my mind
I can create
a scene of time
another date.
My inner thoughts
are often found
alive and well
when I look around.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Certain Hues

Colors displayed
red and green
and some more
that eyes have seen.
Certain hues
will come on stage
of the time frame
age to age.
People watching
colors change
green to brown
and rearrange.
Autumn’s scattered
with the sight
colors painted
day and night.
Reds and greens
with browns and blues
are displayed as
some certain hues.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Now And Gone

Wantings wished for
dusk to dawn
might soon turn to
now and gone.
Life has ways of
changing place
what you wanted
changed its face.
Storms of troubles
come from greed
getting what you
do not need.
Now and gone
is situated
maybe better
For so often
life moves on
showing what that’s
now and gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

As Years Go By

My time found
that swished and swayed
becomes an echo
that’s displayed.
Scenes remembered
given a try
becomes lessons
years go by.
Tiny fragments
I remember
might become
the brightest ember.
What was just
a moments time
became as my
certain rhyme.
As years go by
I change each day
and what once was
is a different way.
Yet so many
never tried
to get to know me
deep inside.
So with that said
I move on
as years go by
and then is gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Looking For Stars

At night with moonlight
I’m looking for stars,
but often only finding
Venus and Mars.
Yet as I gaze up
at the sky oh so dark
the stars start to twinkle
as their lights embark.
Looking for stars
in the middle of the night
gives me a neck ache
when looking for light.
Then as if magic
the sky is found full
stars that are twinkling
that look super cool.
Designs in the starlight
are painted so fine
while looking for stars
of a unique design.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

God’s Love For Free

God gave me blessings,
but many I missed
as I continued
my own bucket list.
We all will so often
not see what that’s true
and miss all the blessings
God gave me and you.
Those times when struggling
and out on a limb
you may not of found that
true love is Him.
He sends us some angels
to guide here and there
and you may truly never
know that they’re there.
They might be an angel
someone that you see,
but you may not know
they’re God’s love for free.
He’s there just awaiting
for you to realize
that all you have to do
is seek His Devise.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

A Short Path To Smiles

As each day moves forwards
some frowns might appear
as time exposes them
year after year.
A short path to smiles
is a journey well taken,
maybe by a giggle
or something mistaken.
The journey through life
might become bestowed
as only your sadness
down an old bumpy road.
A short path to smiles
might be found on the way
that you have eluded
and found Hell to pay.
Take a little journey now
with not many miles
and look for the laughter
a short path to smiles.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Dreams Found In White

Summer is ending
and losing its stride
as I am steadfast
with dreams found in white.
Now’s just illusion,
but soon I will see
dreams found in white
as my reality.
The colors of autumn
will soon be displayed
the colors of paintings
as bright lemonade.
Dreams found in white
will surely expose
wintertime’s doorway
with many things froze.
Snow on the driveway
with signs that I’m older,
for I have now gone and
bought a snow blower.
Now as I’m awaiting
to test that things might
my snow blowers charged for
dreams found in white.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Clean Out Your Closet

Don’t let your baggage
to become so much,
that many find you
a bit out of touch.
Clean out your closet
and make room for now,
for if you don’t then
less good you’ll endow.
You’ll only find things
that you once had viewed
better that moment,
but now misconstrued.
Clean out your closet
and let God help you
find a much better
lifetime to view.
Don’t let the baggage
to become so large
that it is all that
daily takes charge.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

My Grandmother
(I love you Grandmother)

She was a person
that I looked up to
and my grandmother
is still that so true.
She taught me to cook
and do many things
like creating life
with the knitting of strings.
Now she’s much older,
but still has that smile
that makes me happy
though distant the mile.
I love my grandmother,
for she helped me find
life in a new way
with my own design.
Her birthday is here now
and that is so great,
for she’s still alive at
one hundred and eight.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

for Sept 19, 2015

Many find stories
as only a waste of time,
but they give us growth.

Even the most boring
can enlighten with some words,
but maybe later.

Joining together
with two hearts beating truly
shows differences.

Not looking forwards
could cause you much destruction,
for the past is done.

Deceptions doorway
opens with some fish stories
that were not so true.

Witnessing a crime,
but keeping it to yourself
could come back to haunt.

Rubbernecking people
will often cause accidents
while trying to see.

Many months of snow
will come as winter grabs hold
until it’s springtime.

Pages of ones life
might not concur with their book,
for they might have changed.

Living as a fool
will most surely be displayed
in all you acquire.

Our reality
might not be what we perceive,
for it might be fake.

Life in a bubble
will prevent you from living
and growing stronger.

The looks of a thief
have no designated style,
for they look like us.

Aboard a vessel
sailing on the oceans waves
you might become green.

Ones stupidity
might turn into a landslide
if they never learn.

Desires of the heart
are often clouded by thoughts
wanting another.

Within a snowflake
holds many different views
to bond into one.

Summertime’s passing
might breathe a sigh of relief
in ones hot natured.

Less of our judging
will allow others to bloom
into good people.

The flowers of spring
are remembered through summer,
but lost in winter.

Today’s legacy
finds tools through our yesterdays
to heighten our view.

Repeating problems
will only make them greater,
so learn from the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

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