Easy To Change


Hello my friends

It’s was mildly cold last week and for that
matter it’s continuing on into today and seems
to be the same for the forecast for the week.
Of course many in the more southern states
might call our weather freaken cold hehehe.
Right now at 4:30 PM it’s 48 F degrees LOL,
which in my book is not all that cold. It’s not
supposed to get much colder tonight. Maybe
44 F or so. Anyways, we’re doing fairly well
as the winter days approach with much lower
temperatures. I visited my new doctor/CNP
which is really only a glorified RN hehehe. Yep,
doctors are scarce up here or at least it seems
that way. My other so called doctor was also
a CNP. That seems to be all I can get to take
me on as a patient. OH well, there is nothing
that can be done for most of my health issues.
I actually just need one to prescribe me my
inhaler and Advair LOL. I’ve already seen
all of the specialist that I could afford and
all they could say was, “it’s a mystery why
I’m still alive”. That’s me the mystery man 🙂
I’m alive and that’s what matters. I thank
God for giving me the gift that He has given
me of writing, music and photography, but
I wish He could of put a limit on my health
issues a tad hehehe. The old saying goes
what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
So, I guess all of this is my calisthenics for
life LOL. God, would ya please give me
a break :)? So, what else is there to tell
ya? Well, Judy and I took the boys on a
couple of field trips last week. They had
a blast as always. Running and playing
chase seems to be one of the many things
that are their favorite things to do LOL.
Saturday/Halloween was Milo’s birthday.
We miss our old boy, but we’re sure that
his spirit comes to visit from time to time.
Judy and her sister Barbara went up to
visit their brother Ricky that is in nursing
home up in the more northern section of
Maine from us. Ricky seems to be doing
fairly well after losing his leg below his
knee due to gangrene. He’s learning how
to walk using a temporary prosthetic leg.
In a few months he will get the one that
will be with him always. Judy made up
a collage of pictures from the past for
him and he loved it 🙂 Judy took a few
pictures of him looking through it with
Barbara sitting beside him. I also have
a picture of Ricky learning to walk on
the temporary prosthetic leg and he was
happy. The nurses sent Judy the picture.
I’ll put that picture and maybe a couple
of pictures of him looking through the
collage of pictures in the stationery so
that those of you that are receiving this
in stationery format can see 🙂 Sorry,
but for those of you receiving this in
the plain text version will just have to
imagine it hehehe. We took a lot of
pictures of the boys this week. There
are a couple that are just too cute of
them lying in the floor right behind me
with them holding paws face to face
and playing. Yep, we love those boys.
Yesterday/Saturday, while Judy was
up at Eagle Lake, me and the boys just
hung out together and I wrote all of
my poems and haiku which in essence
is also poetry, but just a different style
Haiku is really just a Japanese form
of poetry, I like writing it, because it
allows me to use my inner thoughts
without allowing rhymes to clutter it.
Actually a lot of my haiku is not true
haiku, but a style of senryu which is
also a form of Japanese poetry, but it
is about the ironies of life, where haiku
is mostly about the seasons and nature.
I’m not perfect in my writings, but I
do my best, yet most times I just write
what comes to mind at that moment.
I do tend to think more than many ever
thought I did. For years I kept all of
my thoughts locked inside except to
write a poem ever so often that which
was never seen by anybody. Now days
I have decided to allow others to see
what is going on inside my mind as I
write my thoughts and share them 🙂
So, OK, next topic hehehe. It rained
most of the day today. Not heavy, but
none the less rain. Judy has still been
busy editing her sci-fi novel. She has
done a little bit of rewriting ever so
often. That’s what I usually do after
I’ve written my poems, because I’m
usually typing quickly my thoughts of
a moment and later when reviewed I can
find places I left out words or I found I
could of used a different word or phrase
in place of what’s there. I’ll often still
miss a few typo’s, but that’s life hehehe.
I am human or at least that’s what I’m
told by my mom LOL. Yet there are
a few times that I could swear that I
am an alien from another world LOL.
I do have a habit of thinking too much
and it does give me a headache. My dad
always called me a thinker, because it
seems that my brain never actually gives
me a break. I will often find myself
composing and reciting poetry in the
weirdest places such as the bathroom
and in bed while trying to sleep. That’s
my life. I do though whisper it while
Judy is trying to sleep or in my case I
assume I am whispering, but the fact
is I’m deaf and often when I think I’m
whispering I am talking out loud and
she can hear me. But here lately I’ve
done my best to keep my reciting in
the bathroom behind closed doors 🙂
Now, whenever I do happen to fall
asleep for a few minutes, I tend to
have nightmares of my past and begin
talking about it which has woken Judy
up from time to time LOL. It’s a good
thing I don’t sleep much huh hehehe.
I’m guessing that the reason I do have
those nightmares is due to the lack of
sleep that I get because of my health
issues which cannot be resolved by
any form. I can’t take sleeping pills
because they act like Exlax to me as
they relax my bowels and I end up
spending the night running back and
forth to the bathroom of which I’ve
begun calling my thinking room LOL.
So OK, next topic, if I can think of
one hehehe. Well the time change is
something that I could do without.
It serves no purpose. The reason it
began was due to World War 1 with
President Woodrow Wilson, but then
abolished by congress. Then it was
brought back agin during World War
2 by President Franklin Roosevelt
and here it is today still being a pain
in the behind LOL. To my knowledge
Arizona is the only state that does not
observe Daylight Savings Time and
I think the rest of the states should
follow suit. So, you can see how I
feel about Daylight Savings Time 🙂
It makes it real confusing to my inner
clock. The clocks in the house are
easy to change, but our bodies tend
to still function on the old time for
a month or so of which causes havoc
within our systems or at least it does
mine. No matter, it will continue
until somebody finally says enough
already and stops it hehehe. Until
then, I guess Judy and I will keep on
keeping on with our lives with God
watching over us. He has been good
to us and kept us protected from the
many evils of life. Yes we still have
our share of problems, but nothing
that we can’t handle as God gives
us strength. Thank You God for all
that You have done for us and all that
You will do. We praise Your Name
always. Now I believe it’s time for
me to cease my longwinded rambling
and begin my search back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I
can find a good word or phrase that I
can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem. So, it’s away I go to that
place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have found a decent
title, so now I need to try and write
a poem using it hehehe. Here goes.

Easy To Change

Yesterdays patterns
might seem to exclaim
that they’re too tough
not easy to change,
but the fact of the thing
is sometimes its you
that refuses to change
what you always do,
We each have our troubles
that haunt us so well,
but God can take all those
and change the detail.
Sometimes its money
and sometimes its face
fearing our appearance
within human race.
It’s easy to change
as you choose better ways
to begin then by morning
changing your days.
Yet many problems
that you daily grieve
might just need the changing
of how you perceive.
Look for the blessings
in smallest amount
and then ease up judging
your daily recount.
Those times in the past
that now does pertain
can be all the lessons
with easy to change.
Maybe not the moment,
but futures to see.
It’s easy to change
using our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 1, 2015

So, OK there ya go. I hope that poem
made some sense to ya. Change doesn’t
have to be a big thing. Even the smallest
thing can be a change that can grow into
a large one. It often takes time. Change
how you view things. Don’t always look
for the negative. Look for the positive
in life and work on it, but also as best
you can work on the negative to make
it positive in a good way. LOL both of
the boys are lying in the floor sleeping
right behind me and beside me. Benny
is beside me and Rocky is behind me 🙂
Gotta love them boys <3 So, what else
is there to say that I may have forgotten?
Well, it’s dark as dark can be outside.
I wish we had a light pole somewhere
near our home LOL. All we have is a
front porch light and my cat like eyes.
Yep, I can see in the dark pretty good.
My dad used to call me a night creature,
because I would always go wandering
through the dark of night where many
could not see, but I could see clearly.
LOL I have walked out to the mailbox
in the dark a number of times and our
little boys would panic because they
couldn’t see me. Benny would stand
there just searching the darkness until
I finally came nearing our house lights.
The only reason I would ever need a
flashlight was to look in the mailbox,
because my eyes couldn’t see in that
much darkness. Even on cloudy nights
I can see with maybe a little starlight,
but it doesn’t take much It just takes
a little time for my eyes to adjust and
then I’m off hehehemwahaha, So, I
reckon it’s time for me to be telling you
what I tell you almost every week and
that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems
with 2 of them being Christmas poems.
Also I wrote 22 more haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there. I hope
you can find 1 or 2 of either or both
that you like. Now I believe it’s time
for me to begin my search for that
not so freaken elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend or whatever’s
left of it and a blessings filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and
we do too. Now, where’s that off
switch hiding this time or should I
say attempting to hide? Hmm, It
looks as though some of my papers
are rustling for no reason at all LOL.
There ya are ya little varmint. That
might have worked well for you as
a hiding spot, but each time you
moved the papers would make a bit
of a sound that caught my attention
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Joy Of The Journey

Notions of motions
continued so true
the joy of the journey
says how do you do.
Scenes from the journey
can truly live and breathe
if for the moment
you do so believe.
The joy of the journey
is inside our mind
found as the minutes
that dreams will unwind.
Sometimes the journey
will become so real
that you can then see it
with heartbeats you feel.
Often in a moment
our lives might be seen
as joy of the journey
that ones call a dream.
Yet many journeys
are there to behold
given from Lord God
as journeys of old.
Then as the days pass
new pathways are found
the joy of the journey
when you look around.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

Words In The Wind

A dark night so windy
found words lullaby
sounding like questions
as who, where and why.
Seasons remarking
their words in the dark
in sentences displayed
that make our dogs bark.
Making things rattle
with words on display,
the wind comes alive
with things it will say.
Words in the wind
that are often well heard
sometimes as a moment
a little obscured.
Yet many times
it seems as a friend
serenading love songs
words in the wind.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

Free To Fly

Feathers of a heart
can find ways to fly
and soar up above
so high in the sky.
The feel of the wind
that blows underneath
showers the freedom
truly to breathe.
No matter your troubles,
no matter your pain
you are free to fly
in dreams time again.
Let your wings soar
and carry you far
to a place not so sad
from a moment you are.
But yet don’t get stuck
in a fantasy world,
for sometimes that causes
some bad to unfurl.
Deal with reality
as best that you can,
for you’re free to fly
when you can’t withstand.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015


When daytime meets nighttime
with its afterglow
the stars start to twinkle
creating a show.
The night sky starts showing
its own famous way
then the moons afterglow
starts up the day.
The sun rises higher
as minutes will pass
with a reverse afterglow
to be shadows cast.
With ones gazing truly
at its own design,
the day moves long
with time after time.
Then as the sunshine
westward does go
it leaves us the sight
of its afterglow.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

His Spirit Moves

Moments of worry
might just come to be
what only your eyesight
can surely see,
for sometimes our worry
is over what’s small
making a molehill
seem oh so tall.
God is there with you
just waiting each day
for you to lead worry
into what you pray.
Let Him to handle
your win and your lose,
for prayers are then answered
as His Spirit moves.
Lessons from worrying
come as insane,
but His Spirit moves with
good to attain.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

Hope And Joy

Signs of times
as minutes pass
shows the seasons
shadows cast.
Hope and joy
of wondrous ways
come in form
of Christmas days.
With the essence
Christmas finds
some see snow filled
great designs.
Snowflakes falling
one by one
with hope and joy
on seasons sun.
Time is counted
to deploy
with hope and joy.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

We Meet Again

That time of year
when snowflakes fall
on places found
with trees so tall.
We meet again
you wondrous day
with your magical
Christmas way.
It’s now but a dream
of what’s to come
that’s from Jesus
God’s Only Son.
That special time
that comes in view
creating joy
for me and for you.
We meet again
you day of love
that was given
from God above.
I’m so thankful
for what I see
when a mere snowflake
lands on me.
I look to the starlight
high in the sky
at night in the season
with Jesus and I.
I’m so thankful
for Christmas times
even in summer
and all that entwines.
Those special moments
I’ll surely exclaim
I love you dearly
as we meet again.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

Time Smoothes The Stones

As rough roads are covered
with footsteps in time
we’re each on a journey
for pathways to find.
Many roads traveled
will become rougher still,
but time smoothes the stones
with lessons to fulfill.
We’ll find some rocky roads
with stones in our way,
but with God by our side
we’ll make it each day.
Time smoothes the stones
as a river does true
with water flowing over
changing the view.
Yes, each day’s a lesson
that often grunts and groans,
but God gives the answers
as time smoothes the stones.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

Rainbow Maker

A sky with clouds
and falling rain
soon has rainbows
in the frame.
The rainbow maker
gives a view
to see those days
when sky’s not blue.
Clouds of white
might turn so dark
and pour some rain
with lightning’s spark.
Thunder roaring
in reply
of the lightning
in the sky.
Then at end
we might just find
rainbow maker’s
great design.
It might be double
or by three,
but it’s there
to see for free.
The rainbow maker
brings to view
so many colors
in a sky of blue.
The clouds of white
or dark that were
leave to later
But then when they
do come back
the rainbow maker
will attack.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

The Song Of Stars

A night so dark
has stars that shine
with their gift from
God Divine.
The song of stars
is great to see.
It’s a gift
through history.
They’ve sung their song
through time and space
often landing
on our face.
A simple smile
from starry nights
lit our hearts
with Heaven’s lights.
Those great nights
with Venus and Mars
there are the sights,
the song of stars.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

for Oct 31, 2015

The things that we see
might not be what we can hold,
for some things aren’t true.

Deciphering dreams
could leave you still wondering
if you are correct.

One step at a time
gets us away from the past,
but some comes with us.

Leftover anger
can become a hand grenade
waiting to explode.

Walking through darkness
you might not see all that’s there,
but you may sense it.

Links to tomorrow
often look just like today,
but different time.

Burdens of sorrow
often come with loss of love
and regretfulness.

Hidden desires
will maybe become problems
if they are wrongful.

Looking at the sun
will most surely blind your eyes,
just like wanting sin.

Beyond our doorway
holds a place filled with choices,
that needs decisions.

Colors of people
don’t determine who they are
or how that they think.

Different beliefs
is what our country’s made up of,
for we’re united.

Proof of deception
opens up many questions,
such as reasons why.

Some only seek strength
and not what ones are needing,
like true compassion.

Scenes within autumn
came to life with many colors
then faded away.

A bluish gray sky
holds a glimmer of hopeful
as the day finds end.

A winter flower
will still attempt to blossom
even with the snow.

Shadows of ourselves
are as memories ones see
as we go our way.

Stitching a lifestyle
and making it as one thread
might have a few flaws.

Describing others
might cause you to realize
that you’re prejudice.

Beyond the starlight
holds what many imagined
and oh so much more.

Dreams can come alive,
if they’re truly meant to be
and not just a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2015

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