Drastic Measures


Hello my friends

It’s been cold and wet the last few days, but
not too cold. We’ve seen a lot worse for sure 🙂
This November is being more like they’ve been
before last years snowy outbreak. I’m happy
for that being it means there isn’t melting snow
to be turned into slush and then ice that causes
many problems. Snow, I can handle. It can be
quite beautiful, but the after affects which is ice
and of course that nasty slush can cause a lot
of havoc. Right now it’s 37 F degrees and sort
of rainy. It’s supposed to be about 29 F degrees
by Monday morning and that’s not bad for this
time of year. I am anxious to see my daughter
and granddaughter this Christmas. I hope that
nothing happens to prevent them from coming.
Please God, keep them well and safe. Next
topic. Judy and her sisters and daughters got
together Saturday as they do once a month and
had their craft session. This time they made
dreamcatchers. Judy’s came out quite nice 🙂
She took pictures of everybody else’s and they
all came out pretty good too. It was Judy’s first
try at making a dreamcatcher, but I think she
did a pretty good job at it. Last Tuesday I did
some videos of me playing my conga drums 🙂
I only published 1 of them on my Youtube and
Facebook LOL. The 1 I did before it was good,
but my left leg got weak and made me sort of
almost fall nearing the end of the video hehehe.
I might yet upload that video, but don’t want
people to think I was drunk LOL. My left leg
has had a lot of work done on it and it’s weak.
Oh well, at least my right leg still works sort
of hehehe. Anyways, a little later after I had
rested a bit, Judy and I took the boys out for
a little field trip. LOL they’ve gotten to where
they often go on their own, but they love it
when we come too. When we mention going
outside for a walk, the dancing begins and
Benny starts talking telling us how excited
he is 🙂 We took some more pictures of us
out in the field with the boys. Judy is in the
bedroom right now giving the boys haircuts.
They were getting a little too bushy looking.
I cut a ton of hair off of Benny last night,
because he was getting his paws caught up
in his hair every time he would scratch or
something hehehe. The poor guy. I felt
I had to sheer off some of that stuff. He
still has plenty of hair. Judy trimmed him
up a little more just now and has put her
attention on Rocky. They had way too much
hair on them. We have sweaters for them
to wear, that will also keep them warm,
but too much hair can become a problem
as it holds the snow and becomes heavy
on their little legs LOL. 🙂 After I cut
Benny’s hair last night, he got all excited
and began running all over the house with
Rocky as they played chase. I guess he
felt a little lighter hehehe. It looked like
I had enough hair to create a dog doll
the same size as Benny is now hehehehe.
I imagine it will be the same outcome with
Rocky LOL. Believe it or not, I’ve got
my radio station on Traditional Holiday
Christmas music on my Dish radio LOL.
I love Christmas music. I listened to it
all day yesterday while Judy was over
at her sisters house, while I read Judy’s
sci-fi novel. I was reading it allowed and
Rocky was in the floor beside me all the
while just looking up at me listening as
if he understood what I was saying 🙂
Benny was in here for a bit, but he made
his way back into the living room to wait
for mom to get home. He keeps watch
in there hehehe. Judy just came in here
for a break from hair trimming. Benny
is looking good, but Rocky has a long
ways to go hehehe. He looks a little bit
like a small woolly mammoth and I bet
ya that after a hair cut he won’t weigh
as much as he does now LOL. I think
Benny may have lost a few pounds. He
lost quite a bit of hair ya know hehehe.
Now, what next? Oh yea, the other
day I had Rocky sitting in my lap and
Judy got out her camera and took a few
pictures. Him and Benny both love to
sit in my lap or better yet sleep in my
lap LOL. I guess I’ve got a Santa lap 🙂
They often bicker about which is going
to sit in my lap and it gets a tad noisy
in here hehehe. Gotta love them boys.
Oh yea, our furnace is still not working.
Our landlord came and tried once again
to get it going Saturday, but has decided
that the transformer in it is busted and
needs a new one. I told him he might
want to hurry, because the temperature
is slowly dropping. We are OK in here
and in our bedroom, but we need the
furnace to heat our bathroom and the
other part of the house to mainly keep
the pipes from freezing. He said he’d
get it done as fast as he can. Of course
to him, that means when he remembers.
LOL he does have a bad memory. No
matter, I’m sure we’ll be OK. We’ve
been through worse scenarios and God
has pulled us through. So we’ll survive.
Our landlord has been busy trying to
get the trailer house that he just pulled
in ready for someone to move in before
the heavy snows begin. They’ve been
working into the night on it. Now if he
would just hurry and get over here and
fix this one hehehe. Benny and Rocky
are now lying in the floor fast asleep.
I guess the Christmas music is sort of
relaxing. I’m getting a little sleepy too,
but then I haven’t had much more than
an hour of sleep since yesterday thanks
to our landlord getting an early start
on the trailer house behind us. Benny
heard them and he began barking and
my sleep was ended. Of course I rarely
get but about 30 minutes to an hours
worth a sleep a day anyways due to my
health issues that cannot be resolved.
Sleep? What is this thing that thouest
knows not of, this thing of which you
call sleep. Is it the waking of the aches
or the vile misbehaving muscles that
tend to throb whilst thou lies upon a flat
soft surface that ones often call a bed?
LOL, nope I don’t sleep much due to
the loss of my colon and arthritis that
has taken over my whole body and there
isn’t anything that can be done about it.
So, I just do as best I can to grab a nap
hither and to hehehe. I’ve survived now
for over 20 years doing that LOL and
I ain’t died yet. Judy picked out a few
chapters in her novel that she wants me
to check and make sure they’re OK, so
as soon as I get done here, I’ll go and
give them a read. Then I’ll go back to
where I left off yesterday, book 1 chapter
11 🙂 The book might not be everyone’s
cup of tea, but I’m sure many of you
will totally enjoy it. I know I am and
it’s not just because she’s my wife. OK,
that might have a little bit to do with it,
but it is a good story 🙂 I sent my mom
the 1st 2 chapters of it to read. I hope
she likes it. Well, what else is there
to yammer about? Judy got an email
from the nursing home where Ricky
her brother is staying and it had some
pictures of Ricky in his Halloween garb.
He looks like he’s doing well. I’m glad
he is making some friends there. He’s
a great guy. I’m sure he will learn to
use his prosthetic leg in time. Prayer
does work. God has a way of putting
us where we are needing to be whether
we like it or not at the time. Sometimes
it’s to help us to move from the past
and take on a brand new future course.
This has helped him to get out of his
shell and meet people. Drastic you say.
Some people need drastic measures
to happen to make them do what they
need to do. I was a hard learner also
and went through a lot, but the lessons
were learned. Though this day and age
I have become less hard to learn, for
I have lost the stubborn part of me
that had haunted me for years. Now,
I just try to do what’s best for me and
my family. Judy and I have God always
watching over us and there are times
that we can feel His Mighty Breath
within our home. Blessings come to us
that there is no explanation for except
that God provided. Have you allowed
God in your life? Have you let lose of
the past to find better days with Jesus?
If not, why not today? It doesn’t mean
that things will be all rosy, but it does
mean that you won’t be going it alone
and He will give you strength to make
it through the toughest storms. Now,
I believe it’s time for me to be taking
my little venture back through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a
good word or phrase that I can use for
the title for today’s brand new poem.
I think I found a decent title just a little
ways back. Now let’s see what I can
do with it if anything hehehehehehehe.
Here goes……..

Drastic Measures

Times of troubles
come to be
drastic measures
that we see.
Moments turmoil
fall in place
drastic measures
saved by grace.
Often doorways
open wide
allowing drastic
to provide.
Lessons billowed
then in turn
drastic measures
help you learn.
For so often
time is found
with but only
you Hell bound.
Drastic measures
God has sent
to teach ones
that are Hell bent.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 15, 2015

OK, there ya go. Yes I know. It’s not that
great, but then I’m not perfect ya know LOL.
No matter, I hope you at least enjoyed my
rambling and it didn’t just bore ya to death 🙂
Thanksgiving day is getting closer with each
passing moment. Yep and I bet I will put on
some more pounds hehehe. I’ll try not to eat
too much, but you know how that goes LOL.
Yep, Thursday after next is turkey day or it
is for most. I myself don’t care much for it,
but my brother in law Dennis cooks a pretty
mean turkey and I did go back for seconds.
I shouldn’t have, but I did, so there ptttttt 🙂
I guess that’s about all there is to tell you.
Now I reckon it’s time for me to tell you
what I tell you almost every week and that
is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers, 10 more poems, but this week
6 of them are Christmas poems. I also
once again wrote 22 more haiku for all
of the haiku lovers out there. I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like. Now, it’s time for me to try and find
that silly off switch, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful weekend or whatever’s
left of it and a truly blessings filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
OK, where are ya hiding this week you
goofy off switch? So far your hiding spots
have really sucked hehehe. OH, I see
that you’re trying a new spot this week 🙂
If you could ever learn to not be peeking
out every so often to see if I can see you,
I might not see you hehehe. Guess what?
I didn’t see you at first behind my camera,
but as soon as you peeked you moved the
camera and got my attention hehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Dreaming Tree

A long time ago
when I was a child
I would just dream of
moments compiled.
Under the dreaming tree
sat all alone
I would see starry skies
clouds moving on.
The darkness would come
with moonlight to see
and Venus and Mars
under the dreaming tree..
I’d fall fast asleep
as the night turned to day
while the dreaming tree
swished and would sway.
The winds of each moment
gave this for free
a lifetime found under
the dreaming tree.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015


With minutes recorded
as phantoms displayed
a dreamcatcher catches
what life does persuade.
Things maybe hidden
inside of our mind
a dreamcatcher catches
to surely unwind.
Dreams of existence
where life is a glitter
not filled with sadness
found oh so bitter.
The dreamcatcher catches
what can become real
and not just a moment
that hands cannot feel.
The essence of life can
be better viewed
that of a dreamcatcher
which you pursued.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

A Christmas Night

It’s a time when in slumber
you dream of the sight
snowflakes found falling
deep in the night.
The essence of Christmas
is there as a glow
the nights of the season
with fresh fallen snow.
The signs of the times
that you so delight
are found in December as
a Christmas night.
Some lights found twinkling
in the distance you see
within a Christmas night
snow falling free.
The joyful music playing
on the radio
of a Christmas night scene
that you used to know.
Those special moments
that time holds so true
are of a moment
that was not so blue.
So now remember each
wonderful sight
found in December of
a Christmas night.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

Once Upon A Time

Some stories from childhood
days we remind
often are started with
once upon a time.
Those stories were sometimes
scary, but sweet
and other times with some
children to eat.
Yet those stories brought
minds to some places
found as a journey filled
with smiling faces.
Many of the stories were
written to fill
children’s minds with
things not so real.
But so many story books
would come alive
and teach many children
how to survive.
Finding the meanings through
words and a rhyme
what can become of
once upon a time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

Christ In Christmas

Looking back years ago
I can clearly see
that Christ in Christmas
was given for free.
Now while I’m looking
today I still find
Christ in Christmas
and oh so divine.
Yet many others still
the same as the past
view it much different
in shadows they cast.
Saying Merry Christmas
or Happy Holidays
doesn’t change Christmas
and how it displays.
Yes many view it,
but not how we do
because they’re religion
is not me and you.
So keep Christ in Christmas
the way that you’re taught
and let others live on
the way you do not.
For Christmas to them
might still be the same,
but found in a different
way that they name.
For God is still God
and His Son is love
as Christ in Christmas
from Heaven above.
I’ll still continue to
say what I will
Merry Christmas to all
with love to fulfill.
I’ll keep Christ in Christmas
as daddy taught me
and you keep it your way
and just be happy.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

Mornings Of Snow

Sweet winters mornings
are seasons delight,
snowflakes found falling
making a sight.
Scenes they’ve created
as morning is found
white snowflakes landing
there on the ground.
Creating their magic
so wondrous to see
found in December
so Christmassy.
Those mornings of snow
are greatest to find,
glittering brilliantly
in the sunshine.
Each flakes uniqueness
creates its own show,
Christmastimes seasons
mornings of snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

Looking Up

Skies above me,
ground below
often give me
things to grow.
Looking up
and looking down
I see Jesus
all around.
Seasons changing
in the sights
looking up
at days and nights.
Some with sunshine,
some with snow,
Some with cold winds
that will blow.
Hands of Jesus
I can feel
as I’m on
my knees to kneel.
Looking up
then looking down
I find smiles then
all around.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

A Christmas Tree

Years in the making
ones hiked through the snow
searching for that special
Christmastime glow.
That very special tree
that stood out so fine
maybe a douglas fir
or spruce or a pine.
Then with a chop ax
they would cut down
that very special tree
that they surely found.
A Christmas tree
to decorate with lights
and hang some ornaments
glittering bright.
Then as Christmas
comes closer each day
the Christmas tree
provides its display.
A Christmas tree
of magical dressings
glittering Christmastimes
wonderful blessings.
There might even be
a train going around
the Christmas tree
with a starry crown.
Smoke from the smokestack
billowing true
as it goes around
creating its view.
Now as the decades
have made history,
we still enjoy the sights
of a Christmas tree.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

Dreaming Of Santa

Children see differently
than what we see,
for they see the magic
that escapes you and me.
They find the joy in
snowflakes that fall
and then get excited
to hear Santa’s call.
Dreaming of Santa
each Christmastime night
and sugarplum fairies
dancing delight.
Children find greater
in the things we have lost
for with our old age
the times paid the cost.
So try a little now
to look inside
and find that child that
you have denied.
Allow your heart to
find that child view
dreaming of Santa
how you used to do.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

Placing A Heartbeat

Scenes we remember
when we were so young
times in December
with Christmas lights hung.
Placing a heartbeat
on times that we know
helps ones create
a season of snow.
Even with a can
of spray snow delight
you could draw a snowman
there in plain sight.
Then if some snowflakes
of white begins to fall
a child’s mind awakes
to take on it all.
Rolling up some snow
to build a snowman
to sort of imitate
the one from the can.
Placing a heartbeat
with snow angels wings,
a child then competes
with what Heaven brings.
Each flake that lands
on the ground then that day,
becomes with his hands
the greatest display.
A heartbeat from God
that children perceive
creates an applaud
with how they believe.
Christmastimes scenes
of children’s delight,
heartbeats of dreams
right there in plain sight.
Placing a heartbeat
right there in the snow
helps ones to greet
with Christmastimes glow.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

for Nov 12, 2015

Begging for moments
could find you missing right now,
as it passes by.

Beyond a forest
a tree might fall prey to age
and never be heard.

The grasp of nightfall
is that of darkness that comes
sometimes silently.

Worlds of the unknown
are beyond the perception
we can imagine.

A wagon of truth
might find a bumpy journey
through doubters pathway.

Mindless emotions
can become endless thresholds
leading to nowhere.

The path of flowers
begins with just but a seed
and then some loving.

Tombs of ignorance
allows stupidities growth
and becomes empty.

Hands of a lifetime
can become one long strong grasp,
if the hold is true.

Meaningless chatter
only fills the room with holes
of which blows on through.

Desires of the heart
often get confused with wants
and end up saddened.

The dust in the wind
often looks like the living
as it goes its way.

A snowflake that falls
has no clue of its journey
or where it will land.

Living for moments
might find a few not worth it
so make sure they are.

Disturbing others
could become your own downfall,
as it comes to haunt.

Lessons of a fool
are often found with much pain,
due to bad judgment.

The leaves on the trees
will rustle on windy days
and often blow off.

New choices chosen
will help the old ways to fade,
but there is a risk.

The game of slumber
finds a path through sleeping dreams
that might turn sour.

Your own awareness
might display your perception
and how you view life.

God connects us all,
but we cause separation
due to prejudice.

The flowers of life
bloom as a fragrant machine
that many let die.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2015

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