Senseless Wars


Hello my friends

The days are passing slowly up this way.
Our Labor Day went well.  Judy and I as
well as the boys went over Judy’s sister
Trudy’s house and had some good food
and enjoyed the family.  The boys had a
good time playing with their cousins,  but
I think Rocky was pretty much ready to
go home before long,  but Benny always
wants to stay longer.  Oh well,  such is
life LOL.  The temperature is still staying
in the 60’s and 70’s.  We had a couple of
days last week that got in the lower 80’s,
but even that wasn’t too bad.  Today’s
high is supposed to be 70 F. Right now
at 4 PM it’s 66 F.  It rained a little bit this
morning and earlier this morning before
light the electricity went off and stayed
off for an hour or so.  Benny got scared.
He’s the only dog I know of that’s afraid
of the dark hehehe.  I turned on our little
backup lantern to give light until the sun
started coming up and then turned it off.
The electricity came back on just a few
moments later 🙂  I was fortunate that I
glanced at my weather program before
we went bed and I noticed that it was
supposed to rain so I went and closed all
of the windows.  LOL good thing I did.
So,  what else has happened this passed
week?  Well,  Judy’s family and others
all began demo at her brothers house to
get it ready to be remodeled with items
to help Ricky get around when he gets
out of the nursing home.  There’s a lot
to do before Ricky can move back in his
old house.  It has not been taken care of
and there are many problems.  Hopefully
they can get it fixed up for him before he
is released to come home.  I’m sure it
will be in better shape than it is right
now.  So what else is in the news for the
Pearce’s Place?  Well,  Judy and I went
and got hot dogs and ice cream at the
Houlton Farms Dairy.  They’ve got a
small business that sells their ice cream
and such just a few months out of the
year.  Judy I try to go there at least once
or twice a year.  There’s another one
in Hodgdon Maine,  but they closed up
shop a little earlier than the one that we
go to in Houlton.  It will be closing in a
few weeks.  We might go again before
it closes for the year 🙂  Wintertime is
quickly coming.  It’ll be here before you
know it.  Though fall will make a short
lived appearance with colors and Judy
and I will do our best to capture the
colors with our trusty cameras 🙂  We
are planning on taking another trip
back down to Baxter State Park this
fall to see what all we can find to take
pictures of that’s colorful.  I’m sure
we’ll find a lot of colors.  But of course
until then,  we must just wait.  There’s
still a lot of time before autumn hehehe.
Ok next topic.  I’ve done quite a few
more picture poems.  I’m not sure if
I’ve mentioned that I am doing picture
poems LOL,  so now I am whether I
have or have not mentioned it LOL 🙂
To date I have done 44 and a few of
them are poems I’ve written for Judy’s
paintings.  She’s getting pretty good at
painting.  She even painted a picture
of me using an old photo of me from
years ago down at Port Aransas TX.
I’ll add it in the stationery along with
a few of her recent paintings.  Now
she’s painting a picture of the flag and
twin towers in remembrance of 9 11.
Yes,  this is a day I remember too well.
I thank God that my nephew Zack
was not at work in the towers that day.
So many lost their lives in that sad
moment of history,  but then we must
also remember,  many have lost their
lives fighting for our freedom and in
many cases sent to battle in senseless
wars that we had no business in.  But
that is done and in the past and we
must now focus on the future and try
to do the best we can to give our youth
a future for them and their kids and
grand kids.  Too often we will allow
our minds to only see what involves
us at the moment and not see what
that procures a pathway for days to
come and others future including our
own families of the future.  There are
still many that live in the past with all
of their judgments about women and
their participation in life of the now.
That’s just a small degree of what’s
stuck in peoples minds that still live in
the past.  Racial and many other things
keep getting focused on rather than
seeing each one of us as brothers and
sisters of a different look, style and
way of life.  I was raised not to be
prejudice and see us each one as the
same,  but yet to hate the actions,  not
the person.  God has been good to us.
Judy and I are still enjoying life even
though we do have a few problems.
The problems are what that bring us
together,  just as disasters in life will
bring ones together that otherwise
would of never known of one another.
With the bad comes knowledge of the
things that are good that we might
have forgotten or overlooked.  Don’t
let the bad to be all that you see.  Look
for the blessings in life and I’m sure
you will find them.  Now, I believe it’s
time for me to take a little trip back
through all that I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go
to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a decent title
about a 3rd of the way back in my
rambling LOL.  Now to see if I can
write a decent poem using it.  Here

Senseless Wars

Timeless moments
now and then,
senseless wars
were sought to win.
Many soldiers
fought to find
life of freedom
for mankind.
Yet too often
all we see
is times we fought
through history.
But those moments
timeless found
brought us sometimes
only ground.
Lands of natives
took in stride
as so many
fought and died.
Senseless wars
of all mankind
brought a storm
for ones to find.
Lose the senseless
see what’s true.
Don’t let wars
be all we do.
Look for likeness,
learn to live,
a human nation
life to give.
Wars of present
now displays
senseless moments
bitter ways.
We should all now
look inside
and make God’s love
to be applied.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2016

I hope you liked my poem and maybe
even my rambling hehehe.  It seems I
have a lot on my mind about all of the
hatred that has been stirred up by a
certain man and of course what has
been going on for ages.  It makes my
heart hurt to see so much hatred in
the world.  Of course I know that’s
not the full picture,  because there is
a lot of love being shared also.  That
makes me smile.  I guess it’s true,  that
without the bad,  the good what not
be noticed.  There has to be 2 sides
of the coin to make it a whole,  but
I wish it was not that way.  I’m sure
God is in control and in the end,  all
will be as it should be.  We might even
see a few in Heaven that we thought
could never make it LOL.  Remember,
we’re not the judge and jury of who
goes to Heaven.  That’s God’s part.
So the next time you say to someone
or think that they are going to Hell,
remember,  you might not be seeing
the full picture.  Only God truly knows.
Now I believe it’s time for me to be
telling you what I tell you almost every
week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more
poems,  but with a few extras hehehe.
6 extras that I wrote for my picture
poetry which ups the count to 16 🙂
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there.  Nope,  no
Christmas poems this week.  Maybe
next week.  Now with that said I need
to begin my search for that hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before I
wish you a most wonderful weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a blessings
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Where oh where
can that off switch be hiding?  Hmm,
I think I see something out of place.
Yeppers,  there ya are.  LOL hiding
behind my PC camera again.  That’s
not the greatest place to hide,  being
it isn’t that big and it tends to wobble
when you lean on it.  Try harder next
time 🙂  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to Judy’s new book as at
the end of the journal along with the
others.  Enjoy 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+6 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

A Wave Of Life

The days the phase
of times gone by,
a wave of life
is you and I.
We walked the shores
of thereunto
upon the beach
of ocean blue.
A wave of life
was in the skies
that God had given
for our eyes.
The scenes of time
became much more,
a wave of life,
an ocean shore.
The stage was set
for you and I,
the days the phase
of by and by.
We’d walk upon
the sands of time,
a wave of life
that’s so divine.
Our hearts connected
timeless scenes,
a wave of life
that’s now our dreams.
We now still find
those times live on,
within our minds
they’re never gone.
A wave of life
so fancy free
is now within
our history.
Pictures taken
a wave of life
you and I
husband and wife.

©By Bill  Pearce
Sept 7,  2016

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Its Search For Night

The sun will set
and leave its trail,
a wondrous view
to then set sail.
The sky lives on
another day
the sun will dawn
with its display
Yet with nighttime
comes a view
a starry sky
so timeless true.
Painted pathways
now and then
the night moves on
until its end.
Then the sunshine
oh so bright
begins again
its search for night.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7,  2016

A Distant Scene

Beyond the trees
a view is found,
a sight to see
that’s all around.
A distant scene,
a mountain top
that never seems
to ever stop.
The view is made
when I look through,
the sights inlaid
to something new.
A distant scene
of far and wide,
beyond a stream
was set aside.
Pictures gleam
of burning ember,
a distant scene
that I’ll remember.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7,  2016

Road To The Sky

Scarred by minutes
as echoes repeat,
a road to the sky
that so many meet.
Its beauty is endless
as clouds overcome
a road to the sky,
with each beating drum.
Angels awaken
with wings to ascend
a road to the sky
where timeless begins.
This road in the picture
with power lines strung
might be of the essence
for Heaven begun.
Our view is clouded
as we’re looking through
a road to the sky
with a limited view.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7,  2016

A Bird In A Painting

A charismatic picture
with bird found in flight
displays such a glimmer
a rustic style sight.
Brush strokes of minutes
then paint the days sun
as storys unfolding
of time frames begun.
A bird in a painting
might surely fly free
if the artist perception
is such then to see.
Each little frame
in the picture displays
a bird in a painting
with waters to wave.
The sun is seen clouded
with an ocean of blue
as a bird in a painting
then fades out of view.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7,  2016

Lighthouse Dreams

A picture painting
scented scenes,
displays colors
lighthouse dreams.
Oceans rhythms
crash the shore,
lighthouse dreams
of evermore.
Time’s a doorway
traveled through,
lighthouse dreams
a painters view.
In the picture
now and then,
lighthouse dreams
remember when.
Each with colors
rainbow streams,
found within the
lighthouse dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 9,  2016

A Seasons Life

Worried minds
begin a style
searching for
a little smile.
A life to find
as cancer free,
a seasons life
to truly be.
Many echoes
you and I,
a seasons life
hello goodbye.
So don’t forget
that path inlaid,
a seasons life
that cancer made.
Show your love
by giving true,
a seasons life
to be anew.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 9,  2016

Artwork Of Clouds

Various stages
of ages of styles,
billowy artwork’s
time to compile.
Clouds of a moment
raindrops to fall,
artwork’s desires
standing so tall.
Scenes oh so fluffy
white unto gray,
artwork is seasoned
timeless inlaid.
Found as a threshold
painted by God,
artwork with passion
angels applaud.
Time is a portion
covered with shrouds,
moments arrival
artwork of clouds.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 9,  2016

Highway Of Life

A journey of miles
with speed bumps of time,
the highway of life
might be just a rhyme.
A few moments rhythms
as minutes and days,
the highway of life
in so many ways.
Teardrops might follow
the journey so far
as the highway of life
leaves many a scar.
Sections we’ve driven
might not be so clear,
the highway of life
of our yesteryear.
Yet as the wheels roll
and time moves along,
the highway of life
will still sing its song.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 9,  2016

A Hoot

The dark of night
prepares a hoot
as owls await
their lives repute.
The moon above
so big and round
can give a hoot
it’s wondrous sound.
Sounding as echoes
across the way
a hoot in time
moves on till day.
Their perch so high
in trees of style
to give a hoot
a moments while.
Then a young one
watches and waits
for mom and dad
to delegate.
Until the day
he’s just like them
a hoot at night
out on a limb.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 9,  2016

A Place And A Time

An emerging flower
blossoms and blooms
timeless encountered
the sunshine illumes.
A place and a time
that minutes foretell
a flowers own blossom
might tell of a tale.
Scenes of aromas
will billow and sway
as a place and a time
displays day to day.
Breezes then blowing
with showers of rain
make all the flowers
to seem as champagne.
Poured out like water
their flavors design,
this is the story,
a place and a time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2016


Deep in the night light
I might be chasing
shadows of a moment
that time is erasing.
A scene that the moon
will enhance then to be
a shadow of something
that my eyes can see.
So I a shadowchaser
search for a clue
the reason for the sight
that came into view.
Another page of night
that turned to confusion
that might just become
a moments illusion.
Yet I for the moment
will find in the scenes
a shadowchaser life
that might just be dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2016

I Can See

So many blessings,
so many prayers,
I can see daily
what Lord God prepares.
Each with a glimmer,
each with a shine,
I can see chances
for blessings sublime.
Doorways to lifestyles,
yours and mine both,
I can see hopeful
for us to find growth.
Sad bitter moments
with life gone astray,
I can see angels
to help us each day.
Now is a blessing
that we need to view,
which I can see daily
that ones misconstrue.
Don’t let your journey
to become as a day
that all of the bad times
took your joy away.
Look passed the sadness
and see what that’s there,
for I can see time frames
as answers to prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2016

Silhouette Of Summer

Seasons sun is shining
as a moment bestows,
a silhouette of summer
that seems like shadows.
Life across the walkway
of an evenings delight,
a silhouette of summer
is loosing its light.
It’s magical essence
is an ocean style dream,
a silhouette of summer
that’s best that I’ve seen.
Memories of passion
that then brought upon,
a silhouette of summer
that went on and on.
Footsteps were heightened
as the magic began,
a silhouette of summer
that was oh so grand.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2016

More Than Words

Actions reactions
minutes attained
more than words
someone is framed.
Pictured moments
night and day
more than words
might be dismay.
Seasons voices
spoke upon
more than voices
carries on.
What’s remembered
time’s will tell
more than words
a ship set sail.
Lessons gathered
like some birds
actions tell it
more than words.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2016

Tiny Pond

Geese are splashing
there upon
the roundabouts
a tiny pond.
Within this pond
there sits a child
while the geese
are just run wild.
This tiny pond
of summers day
is filled with joy
as geese will play,
for the child
that sits so still
is just a statue
not so real.
The geese don’t care
and still splash on
without a care
this tiny pond.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2016

for Sept 10,  2016

Time is just a time
and a place is just a place,
but a life is great.

Mysteries of life
often come in form of clouds
and how that they form.

Heart felt emotions
come as glimmers of starlight
within the night sky.

Chances for changes
are so often misconceived
and left to wither.

Without a window
our views would be limited
so don’t paint it black.

Showers of raindrops
and wintertime’s snow that falls
displays the changes.

Beyond perception
holds dreams of different worlds
that we do not know.

Evolving lifestyles
can become less connected
or joined much better.

A ghost in the night
that makes many things rattle
might want attention.

A fleeting moment
might be the most important,
so don’t miss the chance.

Bees seeking honey
might fly for many hours,
before finding it.

Red is a color
that many discern as blood,
but it’s also life.

Winter waits to come
as summer just takes its time
to welcome autumn.

In someone’s story
there might live fictional life
that could become true.

Delayed emotions
can be an insincere sign
that’s without concern.

Mornings arrival
might display many changes
that you were blind to.

Long awaited dreams
will often be unwanted
as we grow with life.

Time in the mirror
can display many wrinkles
that ones do not know.

Various angles
give many different views
to see good and bad.

When guarding your heart
you might prevent God’s blessings
to shine in your life.

A mountain that’s painted
might hold seasons remembered
within its view.

Stages that are set
are often left with chances
for different scenes.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2016

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