Decide To Do


Hello my friends

Winter is still with its grip upon us,  but
the temperature isn’t quite as cold as it
has been.  None the less we’re getting a bit
of snow.  We got over a foot a couple of
days ago and this week we’re expecting
8 to 14 inches with localized amounts up
to 20 inches of that wonderful white stuff.
LOL I do love the snow and love to watch
it snow.  I went out with the boys ever so
often and played with them in the snow 🙂
They love it when I come outside with them
and play.  I might one day in the snow if I
get the notion take my conga drums outside
and do a few conga music videos hehehe.
I’ve done a few snowy music videos in the
past.  Benny and Rocky were in the last
one I did.  They were romping all around
me in the snow.  I imagine they’ll be doing
the same if I do decide to do a video LOL.
It snowed a little bit today,  but the clouds
have passed.  The sun is shining brightly
at the moment although some clouds are
still crossing our path and snowing from
time to time hehehe.  I dug our car out
Friday and moved it so that the guy that
plows our driveway can finish it,  but he
hasn’t been back.  Of course Thursday we
managed to beat the storm and go to town
and we bought a few groceries.  We made it
home just in time as it seemed the bottom
dropped out of the clouds and it started
snowing profusely.  LOL that’s life up here.
Ya gotta do stuff when you are able and
not procrastinate because ya might not be
able to get of your driveway HaHaHaHa.
I do love our snow blower,  but the other
day I had to use the shovel because all of
the snow that the snow plow plowed up in
back of our car was packed and our snow
blower don’t do packed snow.  I ended up
having an asthma attack and almost didn’t
make it in the house to grab my respirator,
but I did thank God.  I told Judy if I ever
see that guy,  I’m going to give him an little
talken to.  He piled up 8 foot of snow right
behind our car and it almost got the best
of me clearing a little at a time,  but I got
it done and moved our car.  Now if he does
that again,  I’m going to be kicking me some
butt LOL.  Shoveling packed snow is almost
like shoveling hard dried clay with a snow
shovel yet and if you have ever shoveled
dried clay,  you know,  it’s not no easy task.
It most surely gave me a work out LOL 🙂
My old body is sore as hell now though,
but then it was sore before hehehe,  just
not quite as sore 🙂  LOL I was able to use
the snow blower after I broke the compacted
snow into lesser and it seems the boys love
to have snow blown on them,  being it
seems that every direction I was going with
the snow blower they were right there just
smiling waiting for the snow to be blown
on them LOL.  So silly!  Yeppers,  we’ve
got us some snow dogs.  I took quite a few
pictures of them and a video the other day
when we were outside playing.  I love to
watch the boys playing in the snow.  I’m
sure we’ll have a bit more play time in that
cold white stuff before winter gets done 🙂
Snow has a way of making things to look
beautiful,  such as an old house or barn.
Even the most bland landscapes become
artwork with snow upon them.  Yes I do
love snow.  I also love it when flowers and
trees begin blooming,  but I do not like
hot weather which is 1 thing that I really
love about being up here.  We don’t have
near the hot temperatures that Texas has.
Thank You God for giving me these many
blessings.  Thank You for watching over
Judy and I as well as our boys.  We are
most grateful for all that You have done
and will do.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my little quest back through
all that I have written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.
I think I found a decent poem not too far
from the beginning of all of my rambling
and now after checking I see that it has
not been used as of yet,  so used it shall be.
Here goes…

Decide To Do

Make a decision
to move or not
maybe a little
or maybe a lot.
Don’t just say it
do what you can
make life better
for your fellow man.
Make a decision
to do things today
and not just sit there
and not just say.
Start some movement
making a pace
times your needing
not then to waste.
For surely you can
be a better you
if you seek good
and decide to do.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 11,  2018

There ya go.  LOL I know it’s a simple
poem,  but it said what was on my mind
at the moment.  Too many people are
busy saying what they will do instead of
putting into action any good they said
that they would do.  Also,  putting off
things that you can do today only makes
it possible for things to not ever get done.
Something could happen tomorrow or
whatever that could prevent you from
ever doing what you should of done on
the day is was needing done.  I’m not
big on procrastination.  LOL my old
conscience won’t let me.  That tends to
drive me crazy from time to time,  but
it gets things done LOL.  Anyways,  I
have been busy working on book 7 and
I am getting closer and closer to getting
it done to where I can begin formatting
it and all for the book.  So I guess it’s
time for me to be telling you what I tell
you every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
there’s 10 more poems with 2 extras and
2 of them are sort of Christmassy.  Also
I wrote 22 more haiku for all the haiku
lovers out there.  Now I believe it’s time
for me to begin my search for that hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a wonderful weekend or whatever’s
left of it and a truly blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Ok,  where are ya hiding you ornery little
off switch?  LOL,  there ya are hehehehe.
I see ya hanging onto the solar powered
hula girl in the window Hahaha.  But then
she ain’t doing much dancing now that
evening is upon us.  But I bet you were
getting the ride of your life while the sun
was shining hehehe.  We’ve got a load of
solar powered items in our window.  1 of
them is a turtle in a hammock which swings
back and forth when the sun shines LOL.
Anyways,  Better luck next week.  Maybe
find a place to hide to where you can be
not seen at the very first glance hehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+2 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Shimmering Sunset

Cascading fractions
of an evenings sight
displays a journey
to the dark of night.
Painted by minutes
of moments to gaze
a shimmering view
is a wondrous phase.
Often it’s fading
from yellow to black
as it gives stories
words found intact.
Yet many evenings
are seen displayed
shimmering beauty
as skies lemonade.
It can enlighten us
as it grows beyond
sunset of evening
seeking for dawn.
Time is a portrait
as a face in the sky
painted up above
by The One Adonai.
Seasons are displayed
as paintings in time
shimmering beauty
that’s oh so divine.
It’s but a moment
that I can’t forget
a blessing from God
a shimmering sunset.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 6,  2018

Season’s Sky

Throughout the day
the sight may change
with a season’s sky
that days rearrange.
It changes places
with day and night
as it goes onwards
to create each sight.
The season’s sky
might seem as gray,
but it is changing
from day to day.
With each formation
that comes and goes
the season’s sky
most surely grows.
Clouds of beauty
might be the seeds
to bring us rain
the farmer needs.
Throughout each day
the sights of time
might come alive
within our mind.
Beginning journeys
that then cascade
which look just like
a day’s parade.
Seeming timeless
as clouds float by
we might perceive
a season’s sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 6,  2018

Embrace The View

Allow the minutes
time to pass
and don’t hurry
your shadow’s cast.
Embrace the view
that time bestows
and allow it
to ease your woes.
Find the beauty
within each scene
and then partake
into a dream.
Beyond the sadness
is smiles of life
that views can give
to ease your strife.
Embrace the view
that time unfolds
and find the peace
that then beholds.
Look beyond now
and see a new day
the beauty within
such a magical way.
Allow your mind
to find some peace
that time gives way
to then unleash.
Look on beyond
the sadness of time
and embrace the view
of beauty you find.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 6,  2018

Christmas Unfolds

Counting snow
as flakes of time
minutes pass
to Christmas mind.
Just like a journey
the flakes will flow
landing softly
Christmas snow.
Seasons beginnings
displays views.
Christmas unfolds
to wonderful hues.
As a page of life
in a book of white
Christmas can be
a wonderful sight.
It might be seen
as timeless strolls
found within as
Christmas unfolds.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 6,  2018

Rushing Waters

Our life is a journal
that’s written in style
words of a doorway
time frames compile.
Splashing out scenes
as substantial views
painted as a picture
that times interfuse.
As rushing waters
of a moment’s detail
our lives are gathered
as a sequence in sail.
While often watching
the past come and go
we’re rushing waters
that continually flow.
Then just like a river
our lives often find
the scenes that begin
and stay on our mind.
Within our turnstiles
we might find a way
through rushing waters
to a brand new day.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 7,  2018

Blissful Scenes

Flowers bloom
as time moves on
blissful scenes
are there and gone.
Life’s encountered
scented styles
blissful scenes
as moments smiles.
Through a door
or window view
blissful scenes
are thereunto.
As living legends
of their own way
blissful scenes
are on display.
We so often miss
the days parade
blissful scenes
that God has made.
So take a look
and see the sights
blissful scenes
in days and nights.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 7,  2018

Life Awakens

Searching skyward
seeking views
life awakens
in the news.
Evenings shadows
come and go
life awakens
with a show.
Time becomes as
scenic styles
life awakens
within miles.
Morning dewdrops
become scenes
life awakens
fields and streams.
The passing clouds
times transcend
life awakens
with a friend.
Views as blessings
scented sweet
life awakens
times to meet.
A moment echoes
what we find
life awakens
in our mind.
Through beginnings
time is found
life awakens
look around.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 7,  2018

Blue Of Life

Waters that ripple,
times song and dance
is the blue of life
a moment’s romance.
Within the waters
lives life down below
thriving as nature
finds ways to grow.
In the blue of life
is a certain photograph
taken with eyesight
to remember the past.
We have a journey
that time has displayed
filled full of blessings
for moments to wade.
Peaceful arrivals
of a certain phase
is the blue of life
with so much to gaze.
Depicting scenes
of a colorful hue
gives the blue of life
a much better view.
Scented with waters
of a lake or a pond
is that of a dream
that shall continue on.
Thriving as heartbeats
weaving through time
is the blue of life
and its own design.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2018

Windows Of Winter

Found are footprints
footsteps have made
windows of winter
so heavenly laid.
Scenes within scenes
of seasons decor
found are the flavors
of times to explore.
Windows of winter
will open real wide
allowing the pages
of time right inside.
Memories treadmill
are minutes to cast
windows of winter
winds blowing fast.
Life’s as a doorway
to another place
windows of winter
a white snowy taste.
Breathing of a time
that surely arrived
windows of winter
are moments derived.
Deduced as a scene
that life brought upon
windows of winter
are dusk unto dawn.
God provides life
as snow flakes of love
windows of winter
from Heaven above.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2018

Tasting Snowflakes

Life of Christmas
snow of dreams
tasting snowflakes
fills the scenes.
Looking upwards
catching them all
tasting snowflakes
as they fall.
Heavenly ventures
a wonderful time
tasting snowflakes
all that you find.
Each is a morsel
Christmas delight
tasting snowflakes
so winter white.
It is a picture
a painting of style
tasting snowflakes
filled with a smile.
Then is a memoir
that life partakes
time as a doorway
tasting snowflakes.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2018

Blue Horizon

Time might crash
onto your shore
and display
life’s inner core.
Yet the visions
that you see
might be glimmers
of history.
You might then only
see what’s passed
the times that came
but went too fast.
A blue horizon
seasons shine
might be imprints
in your mind.
Along with oceans
own decor
you might find
a scenic shore.
A time for thriving
a time for pain
a time for living
life to attain.
For as the minutes
of then and now
life’s a timepiece
we can endow.
Taking in lessons
to learn one day
a blue horizon
shows the way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 9,  2018


Night’s own thoughts
become alive
immersed in clouds
that then arrive.
Creating the scenes
of white and black
within full immersion
right there and back.
Time is then counted
as seconds display
the immersed of life
within its own way.
Dreams then procure
of a moment in time
found in the darkness
within the mind.
Immersion envelops
as minutes unite
while moments display
a bit of moonlight.
Time is the counter
that numbers don’t see
counted as seconds
above you and me.
Often we may wonder
how the sky bestows
clouds of such beauty
in day and night shows.
In full immersion
the skylight creates
becoming as a painting
that oh so elates.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 10,  2018

for Mar 10,  2018

Amidst a journey
there might be many turnstiles
as time goes its way.

Within ones breathing
is a breath that might give more
within our struggles.

Doors to tomorrow
might look like yesterdays path,
but not quite the same.

Young hearts of lifetimes
may hold the answers we need
to help us to grow.

Many will deceive
even if the truth is clear,
for it is their way.

Shadows of ourselves
are often people we see
that follow our ways.

Beyond yesterday
lives hope for our tomorrows
if we learned from it.

Inside someone’s thoughts
might live worlds of misery
that we do not see.

Painted as a style
life can become as a dream
that can come alive.

Artwork of the eyes
paints a painting in the mind
that hands can make real.

Walking back and forth
only makes ruts in the floor
without any gain.

Mornings of dewdrops
help flowers blossom and bloom
as springtime’s begun.

The length of a day
often looks longer at times
with nothing to do.

Looking for answers
might find you with more questions
about the answers.

In search of true love
many will step into pain
as lessons are learned.

Snowflakes of winter
are as heartbeats from Heaven
that cover our sins.

A breath of peaceful
can evolve and create life
of a better view.

Each scene that we see
has its very own beauty
that we may not see.

Various questions
lead to unending answers
that might change in time.

Closed fist of anger
sets up a stage of regret
that needs not happen.

Throughout daily lives
there might be much confusion
that is merely life.

Losing your temper
could find you with apologies
that no one will hear.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 10,  2018

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