All Excited


Hello my friends

The month of March is working on its
last half now and only 2 more weeks of
it left.  We’ve gotten tons of snow,  but
that’s pretty much the norm every year 🙂
It’s still frigid up here.  Right now it is
21 F degrees at 2:30 PM and by early
Monday morning it’s supposed to be 5
degrees.  But it’s supposed to warm up
to 27 F degrees Monday LOL.  Though
it looks as though the rest of the week’s
in the 30’s,  so that’s not too bad.  We’re
running on fumes with heating oil and
could run out any day now.  Hopefully
though the temperatures aren’t so bad
we cannot get by with just our portable
radiator heaters 🙂  The only thing that
we’re worried about is our water pipes 🙂
We can stay warm with our lil radiator
heaters LOL.  Our neighbor had some
heating oil delivered to him Friday by
one of his buddies hehehe.  I reckon
that’s the pitfall of living up here.  It
cost a lot for heating oil.  Although if
we were still in Texas,  I would not be
able to do much because the heat would
kill me.  Plus I would miss out on all
of the beauty up here.  Photography is
one of my greatest passions along with
music and poetry.  Yep,  since we moved
up here it seems my writings have gone
and exploded into pictures LOL.  I do
though miss my friends and family in
Texas and thereabouts,  but life goes
on.  I wish to God I was able to drive
down every year to see everyone,  but
that’s just not conceivable.  Nope,  I
wish it were,  but I’ve gotta except the
reality of the situation.  Moving on 🙂
Next topic.  Judy just got up and the
boys were all excited when she strolled
in here with us.  The sun is shining a
bit.  That’s great,  because it will warm
up the house.  Even if it’s cold outside,
the sun can warm the house and that
will give our furnace a little break 🙂
We had a lot more snow dumped on us
last Tuesday and Wednesday.  About
20 inches or so.  I went outside to play
with the boys and do a couple videos
of me on my conga drums Tuesday.
The snow was coming down in sheets
as I played LOL.  Therefore the videos
were fairly short,  but people seemed
to like them none the less 🙂  Benny
and Rocky were romping in the snow
all around me.  Anyways the next day
Wednesday I went out to play with
the boys again and the neighbors kids
saw me and came running wanting me
to take their pictures as they played
in the snow.  I took a lot of pictures
and I have already used a few of them
for poetry pictures LOL.  Also that
day I had to trudge through the snow
to get to our satellite dish to brush the
snow off of it so we could watch TV
later.  I then walked out to check the
mail and did a little video of my walk
out to the mailbox.  After that I went
on a little picture taking walk down
the road to the river which is now just
a (riv) LOL.  There ain’t no (er) because
it’s frozen up,  but there are spots that
have melted and where there is a big
hole in the ice it shows that there is
about 2 foot of snow on the river LOL.
I took a few pictures of it.  I’ll put a
few of the pictures in my journal along
with alot of the other pictures I took 🙂
LOL,  I even did a few selfies of me
and one of the selfies is of me with my
conga drums hehehe.  I dug our car
out Friday so that if we needed to go
somewhere,  we could.  I was hoping
that the Vision Care clinic was opened.
I accidentally sat on my PC glasses  and
I was hoping they can repair the frames,
but it seems they are closed on Fridays,
so hopefully tomorrow (Monday) they
can repair my glasses.  I have a cheap
pair of PC glasses,  but I have to be
within one foot of my computer screen
for them to do me any good and that
is painstakingly hard on my old body.
Especially after me almost killing myself
digging our car out.  The snow was like
ice bricks.  It had melted a tad and then
refrozen creating something that our
snow blower could not blow LOL,  so
I had to use the snow shovel and toss
big chunks of ice and snow across the
driveway as I dug the car out and I’ll
tell ya what.  That did me in.  Thank
God I thought of getting our battery
operated snow shovel.  It managed to
dig through the stuff and lighten the
load for me a little bit,  but I still had
to hold it up and push it through LOL.
My body feels like manure right now 🙂
But the good thing is,  I got our car
freed from its tomb of ice HaHaHaHa.
I guess I should of gone out and dug
it out Thursday before the snow had
a chance to ice up LOL.  Oh well,  live
and learn.  I just didn’t think that one
day would make that much difference.
Yeppers,  it made a big difference LOL.
The boys enjoyed running and playing
while watching me digging our car out.
I played with them a bit afterwards 🙂
They begged Judy to let them come out
where I was hehehe.  Life up here has
it’s ups and downs,  but all in all it’s
not that bad.  I hated Greenville when
I lived there and always wanted to be
elsewhere, 🙂 but never in my wildest
dreams did I think of moving to Maine.
It has been a blessing as well as a bit
of a curse hehehe,  but I do enjoy the
snow and taking pictures of it as well
as the other seasons that come and go
with beauty.  God has been good to me.
He has been good to us.  Judy and I
have our fair share or troubles,  but
we have each other as well as these lil
4 legged boys.  Thank You God for all
that You have done for us and all that
You will do that we may not be aware
of.  Now I believe it’s time for me to
begin my little quest back through all
that I have written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that place
of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think
I may have found a decent title and
now after checking I see that it has not
been used as of yet,  so used it shall be.
Here goes…

All Excited

With ins and outs
of times we see
we might find parts
of history,
The times we’ve seen,
but have forgotten,
that may of been good
or may of been rotten.
Yet as a doorway
the time bestows
things we should see
as our heartbeat grows.
Get all excited
about life as it will
to find all the blessings
that did then fulfill.
Be thankful for life
with the good and bad
and get all excited
for the good you’ve had.
Allow the glimmers
of yesterdays ways
to be all excited
as time changes phase.
Look for the blessings
in now and then
and get all excited
let God enter in.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18,  2018

There ya go 🙂   I hope you liked the poem
and maybe even my rambling hehehe.  Yes
I know,  I do tend to drift from 1 topic to
another without warning LOL.  🙂 By now,
you ought to be used to it hehehe.  I do it
every week 🙂  I wonder if I have forgotten
to tell you anything.  Hmm,  nope,  can’t
think of anything so I guess it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  I wrote  10 more poems
with 2 extras and there is 1 Christmas poem
in the midst of them.  Of course a few of
the other poems could be Christmas related,
but not literally about Christmas.  I also
wrote 22 more haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can fond 1 or
2 of either or both that you like.  Now I
believe it’s time for me to begin my search
for that hardly elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most joyous weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a truly blessings
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Okie dokie,  now where
is that ornery off switch trying to hide this
week?  Hmm,  I believe it’s gotten better
at hiding hehehe,  but not great.  I see ya
you little varmint.  Hiding behind my
salt shaker might have worked if it in
fact had some salt in it and it itself is
very clear LOL.  Better luck next week 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+2 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Ship At Sea

A fishing vessel
through the waves
seeks for portions
fishing phase.
A ship at sea
begins its course
as time displays
the currents force.
Seeking to catch
a daily wage
to pay the bills
of a living age.
A fishing vessel
is seen to be
the hearts of ones
like you and me.
We fish for life
in journeys waves
to try and make
the future days.
Though we might
find shallow ground
where we crash
in times astound.
Yet the seasons
won’t run dry
if we continue
to give a try.
Not letting time
to steal your gain
as minutes move
within each frame.
Look for the times
that surely breathe
that give the things
we really need.
Flow with waters
and grow beyond
as a ship at sea
fishes on and on.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13 2018

Taken Aback

Finding a moment
that comes in view
as a scene or a time
with wondrous hue.
We might be found
a little off track,
but yet in a moment
be taken aback.
We often pass by
the seasons of time
and all the good views
we pay them no mind.
Scenes of a pathway
or a sight somewhere
might live within you
as a true breath of air.
So when thinking
is a little off track
search for the memories
and be taken aback.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14,  2018

Wintertime’s Scenes

Hearts as a flavor
become as a taste
scented with blessings
found in snowflakes.
Children laughing
and having a blast
wintertime’s scenes
that turn to the past.
Living as seconds
become as a view
wintertime’s scenes
will then bid adieu.
Yet as the seasons
are seen from afar
all of those memories
say here we are.
Wintertime’s scenes
are glimpses of love
found in snowflakes
that fell from above.
While children play
so many remember
this as a moment of
time’s burning ember.
Within the season
of wintertime’s scenes
life is a moments time
found in our dreams.
With children playing
in snow fluffy white
wintertime’s scenes
are a magical sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2018

Kneeling In Snow

A child kneels down
with a little friend
a four footed pal
with love to extend.
Snowflakes falling
becomes their view
while kneeling in snow
with a whitish hue.
They share a moment
what time displays
as they’re together
with peaceful ways.
The minutes may pass
leaving only a time,
but it’s enlightened
as moments unwind.
We watch for a while
as time moves along
and then in a moment
the passage is gone.
Leaving only glimmers
of a time long ago
a child with a puppy
kneeling in snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2018

Friends From Afar

We might look up
and not realize
there’s more to life
way up in the skies.
There’s life from afar
to surely gaze
and watch our lives
in wondering ways.
So many view them
as fictional sights
that so many see
in days and nights.
But from afar
ones might be true
often displayed
within our view.
Friends from afar
and other designs
watching us closely
with curious minds.
They might be trying
to see how we are
as they’re watching,
friends from afar.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2018

Winter’s Christmas

Snowbound trees
with bending branches
displays winters
that time enhances.
Seen as a painting
or a mere photograph
is winter’s Christmas
as life’s glazed glass.
Blessings of flavors
scented with joy
as winter brings in
times to deploy.
Snowflakes of essence
are times that bestow
as winter’s Christmas
with moments to grow.
God sent from Heaven
this scene so divine
as a page so peaceful
a wondrous design.
A time to remember
that comes into frame
as winter’s Christmas
on life’s windowpane.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2018

Seeker’s Mind

An icy picture,
a point in time
displays moments
a seeker’s mind.
Maybe a scene
of winter’s flair,
a seeker’s mind
finds fresh air.
Breathing deeply
a second flows,
a seeker’s mind
grows and grows.
Maybe snowflakes
of winter’s scenery
a seeker’s mind
find things to see.
As time’s counted
and life moves on
the seeker’s mind
is still going strong.
Searching for times
sometimes in space,
the seeker’s mind
will never waste.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2018


Beautiful scenes
remembered so well
time then displays
a moment to tell.
A story to share
as time passes by
that then arrived
as clouds in the sky.
Arrived as blessings
a moment of time
what you remember
a scene so divine.
Linked to season
that minutes concur
arrived is a session
for love to transfer.
Sweet tender minutes
that seconds display
arrived as passion
in a wonderful way.
Scented with beauty
that time brings alive
Heavenly ventures
a seasonal size.
Each little morsel
of all that’s displayed
shows all the beauty
that God has made.
All of the colors
of autumns own style
display the stages
that minutes compile.
Some as a doorway
to enter on through
then as a time frame
from old to anew.
Life is a pageant
of seasons contrived
with stages settings
of moments arrived.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2018

Within A Gaze

Within a gaze
of summer’s mind
so timeless seen
are things to find.
A wondrous view
within a day
is found beyond
a sky of gray.
Clouds may form
to certain heights
and create some
wondrous sights.
Within a gaze
of summers scene
time can become
a wondrous dream.
Through the eyes
of the one who sees
time can become
as raging seas.
Yet with a thought
of moments mind
within a gaze
can change design.
The distant things
that come in sight
might be hills
of evenings light.
Depicted moments
of summer’s ways
live and breathe
within a gaze.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2018

Evening Comes

Passing moments
become sights,
evening comes
into the nights.
Light is dimmer
as shadows grow,
evening comes
in winter’s snow.
Like a beacon
in distant hills
evening comes
as night fulfills.
Winter’s snow
is on the ground,
evening comes
to then be found.
Time’s a doorway
of seasons sight
evening comes
to say goodnight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2018

Inside Solitude

Now is an image
that brings into view
time with a breath
to give me and you.
Maybe in a bay
of time’s own release
inside solitude
will give some peace.
Found as a fraction
of minutes to spare
a moment of solitude
gives us fresh air.
Inside the moments
seconds can become
peace at its finest
as a morning sun.
Inside solitude
is a chance to grow
leaving the bitterness
you used to know.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2018

Winter’s Mile

Sometimes a minute
becomes a mile
as a time of footsteps
of which we compile.
Life passes by us
as time moves along
and then winter’s mile
is there then and gone.
We so often only see
the bad of the view
instead of us looking
to see what is true.
The beauty of life
as snow paints it well
with faded old scenes
brought alive to excel.
A white snowy day
can most surely compile
and become a blessing
within winter’s mile.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2018

for Mar 17,  2018

As time moves onwards
life begins its journey’s path
to where it must go.

A life’s rocking chair
is that of a pendulum
that goes to and fro.

The nature of man
changes direction often
as lessons are learned.

Looking for answers
can be an endless journey
with many questions.

Inside of heartbeats
is the voice of decision
with choices to choose.

Looking for springtime
when winter is still in bloom
might be depressing.

Rainbows of a day
are as angels from Heaven
to show us blessings.

Lost in a moment
time can become a turnstile
with choices to make.

I life’s umbrella
protects us from many things,
but we will still get wet.

Seeking a flower
that has yet to of blossomed
might show only weeds.

The needs of a rose
are that of a good planting
and some nourishment.

Various people
will hide behind anything,
because they’re ashamed.

The shadows of life
are as echoes of time frames
that might be hidden.

Within a liar
holds the truth that will be known
as time marches on.

Living in a hole
not allowing others in
can create sadness.

Blessings of mistakes
show us lessons to grow from
that we might regret.

A page from a book
might hold some misconceptions
devoid the title.

Looking to the stars
you might see your reflection
in a moments mind.

Blessings from Heaven
can be speed bumps to hinder
and slow down our stride.

Weeds among flowers
might make themselves as flowers
so to stay alive.

Tomorrows journey
is often yesterdays mind
as ones put it off.

Seasons decisions
are as turnstiles of lifetimes
that change day to day.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2018

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