The Only Thing


Hello my friends

It looks like springtime is awakening
as the weather is warming up a bit with
every day that passes.  🙂 It’s times like
this that I am very glad that we live on
high ground.  Yep,  even the snow seems
to be melting at of course a slow rate 🙂
We’ve still got many feet of snow and
when it does start melting faster,  that
is when the people in low lying areas
will be getting hit with floods as they do
every year.  It makes you wonder why
they don’t move huh LOL.  Of course
I’m sure that there are many that are
saying the same about us huh hehehe.
The fact is,  that we actually love the
seasons up here and yes we love the
snow.  Yes,  it presents a few problems
time to time,  but for the most part it
creates beauty that is otherwise just
a broken down home or a landscape
with no special appeal.  The trees all
become alive even the ones that have
lost their leaves.  They glisten in the
sunlight as stars.  So,  you can see
why we love where we live.  We are
not threatened with hurricanes and
tornadoes near as much as those of
you down south.  It does cost quite
a bit to survive through the winters
with the price of heating oil and all,
but even still,  we do survive and we
find the joy in life.  LOL though as
both Judy and I are retired,  we do
tend to get on each others nerves
time to time,  but we work through
it and find the good in life.  Judy
just got up and walked in and is
now in here with me and the boys.
In a little bit I’ll fix her and I some
breakfast.  Biscuits with syrup and
sausages.  Life in the fast lane LOL.
I hope my mom is feeling better
today.  She’s been a little ill and
all,  but she said yesterday that she
is feeling a little better.  I love you
mom.  I’ll check up on you maybe
tomorrow or the next day 🙂  Judy
and I are always thinking of you.
We’re hoping to come for a visit
sometime in the future,  but we
cannot designate a time.  Maybe
even one day you and Peggy can
make it back up for a visit.  So,
on with the journal LOL.  The
weather as I said before is getting
warmer every day.  Though at
this moment it’s 26 F degrees 🙂
Yes that is a warming compared
to what it has been hehehe.  We
did though have a few days last
week in the 40’s,  but it looks as
though they have passed.  They
will return in a few days or so, says
my weather program 🙂  I know
I will be ready for spring/summer
aside from the bugs that seem to
come alive and irritate us LOL.
We don’t have the hot summers
as you do down south,  but we
do have a few weeks in the 90’s
and that’s when I am happy to
have our portable air conditioner.
Yep,  I couldn’t make it without
it.  I am extremely hot natured 🙂
So,  Judy and I just finished our
breakfast and I even washed the
dishes and all.  Now back to the
journal.  It looks as though today
will not get any warmer than 26 🙂
Our landlord told me yesterday
that he’s going to fix our poor old
mailbox today.  LOL the snow was
the only thing holding it up and
that was at a horrendous tilt due
to the county snow plows Hahaha.
Yep,  it’s leaning to the left quite
a bit.  The only thing holding it up
now is a board that was put there
to try to withstand the snow as
the plows passed by LOL,  But it
looks as though it was unable to
hold it upright hehehe.  Calvin also
said he would try to see if the ice
and snow was loose enough on top
of our leaking porch roof that he
could shovel it off and repair the
leaks.  He said if it wasn’t,  then
maybe Monday 🙂  Anyways,  it
will be fixed.  Right now though it
is leaking rather badly.  Judy put
a bucket out there so to catch the
worst of the water leaking hehehe.
We’ve had to empty it a few times.
As soon as the leak is fixed we can
work on drying the carpet hehehe.
God has been good to us.  He is
always with us watching over us as
sending His many angels to give us
assistance when we are in need 🙂
Thank You God.  Now I believe
it’s time for me to begin my search
back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem and so
it’s away I go,  to that place of my
recollection that I seem to always
well it seems I may of found a good
title just about a 4th of the way back
in my rambling and after checking
I see that it has not been used as of
yet,  so used it shall be.  Here goes…

The Only Thing

As troubles come
and time preceeds
we might only
see the weeds.
Our sight might be
a blinded view
of times and places
that are true.
The only thing
we need to know
is God is there
to help us grow.
We might feel lost
as time goes by,
but He is there
to help us try.
So don’t give up
when life gets bad.
Find the blessings
that you’ve had,
then be thankful
in great degrees
if the only thing
is your memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2019

Well there ya go.  I hope you liked
the poem.  I also hope you enjoyed
all of my rambling.  Yes I do tend to
drift from topic to topic,  but that is
what’s called rambling hehehe and I
do ramble LOL.  So,  I wonder if I’ve
forgotten to tell you anything?  Nope
I can’t think of anything important
to tell you other than what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10
more poems but no Christmas related.
I did though write 22 more haiku for
all of the haiku lovers out there.  I
hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or
both that you like.  Now,  I reckon
it’s time for me to begin my search
for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a happy
Saint Patty’s day and a week filled
with many blessings 🙂  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too….
Now,  where can that silly freaking
off switch be  hinding this time???
Hmm,  well it seems that I can see
a bit of movement behind my spare
computer glasses.  Yep,  I see ya.
The glasses case rocking was what
that gave you away hahahahahaha.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Reflections of Peace

Views of life
in seasons gain
are the reflections
that will remain.
Time is a shadow
reflected of source
scented of seconds
time runs its course.
Reflections of peace
of a day gone by
displays a journey
of a summer sky.
Blue within water
reflected to see
becomes as a story
that God gave free.
Words as a novel
are yet very true
spoken as teardrops
of minutes to view.
Seasons of passion
and seasons of style
become as a moment
a window to smile.
Open your eyes now
and find the release
of a view of time
reflections of peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2019

Springtime Begins

Searching passed winter
and seeking for spring
you might uncover
a magical scene.
A scene that of white
within a distant view
and sky that awakens
with hazy shade of blue.
Life is but a flavor
of aromas and sights
scented of springtime
as it then ignites.
Exploding into pictures
of melting snow
becoming as a doorway
of a springtime show.
Life is as a pageant
of a moment’s allure
when springtime begins
as a life’s connoisseur.
A sweet tasty treat
for our eyes to see
becoming refreshments
for you and for me.
Time then announces
its minutes to pass
as sprintime begins
in a moment so vast.
The grasses awaken
as wintertime ends
like opening windows
as springtime begins.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2019

Parade of Seasons

Pictures like paintings
seasons displayed
time’s like a porthole
that then seems to fade.
Becoming as grandeur
that lifetime’s emit
a parade of seasons
that you’ll never forget.
Often the landscapes
become works of art
painted within seasons
from ending to start.
All of the changes
are sweet sips of wine
a parade of seasons
with a timeless mind.
Many might see it
as a moments romance
and others might see it
as a season of dance.
The parade of seasons
begins with its flow
sometimes as glimmers
as white fallen snow.
Yet often it’s flowers
to show their desire
painting up the stage
for ones to admire.
The stage is of artwork
that moments combine
as a parade of seasons
an awesome design.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2019

Lost in Reflections

A stage full of actors
presented as a theme
life begins a journey
of a memoirs requiem.
Reflections of the past
and days we recall
might just fade away
within a timeless wall.
Life is often sentenced
to a time and a place
a moment remembered
of a certain embrace.
Lost in reflections
a moment may reside
holding onto moments
that shadows coincide.
Tempered that of time
which just faded away
leaving a mere threshold
as reflections of a day.
We all have moments
we never want to lose
that give us no choice
or essence to choose.
Look for the times
the best of your days
and hold them tightly
to look back and gaze.
Find the moments
the best of them all
lost in reflections
that need to stand tall.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13,  2019

Breeze of Life

Calming waters
fill a view
winds of time
in thereunto.
Kept with peace
a timeless day
a breeze of life
blows its way.
Now imagine
in your mind
a breeze of life
of time to time.
See the waters
flowing true
a scene so sweet
for you to view.
Now look deeper
into the sight
and find within
what you delight.
Look for joyful
look for peace
and then find
a minds release.
Allow the time
to end your strife
with the scene
a breeze of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13,  2019

Distant Storms

When looking deep
into the way
you might discover
a distant day.
A time that becomes
a living stage
as life moves on
from age to age.
Those distant storms
of memories
become as living
raging seas.
Those times of life
we valued most
turned into
a nightmares ghost.
You can change
your mindset skies
and view them with
some clearer eyes.
Look for peaceful
look for style
in distant storms
and find a smile.
Those distant storms
might fade away
to show the sun
a wondrous way.
Maybe a rainbow
that lives within
can help your day
to again begin.
Displaying changes
within your views
of clouds above
a choice to choose.
The greys of then
may then transform
to brighter days
in distant storms.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14,  2019

Ripples of Gold

Just like a river
a wanted array
ripples can carry
our dreams away.
Becoming stardust
a reflected source
life seems golden
a river of force.
Choices gathered
as ripples release
becoming scenic
a blessing of peace.
Scented of Heaven
a ripple may seem
life is an artist
a river of dream.
Seek for the gold
in ripples you find
and let them flow
inside your mind.
Then as the river
begins to speak
you may encounter
what all you seek.
It may of changed,
but best to behold
as it turns stardust
to ripples of gold.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14,  2019

Tranquil Designs

Ones own perception
can create a view
a time or a place
that isn’t really true.
You can make sadness
to become much less
if you let good times
to live with excess.
Enjoy all the moments
that lifetimes expose
especially the ones
as a blossoming rose.
Look for the waters
that ripple and pour
and then awaken
a tranquil allure.
Find in the moments
a time so complete
a time you remember
none could compete.
Think of a day
that became so alive
a moment in time
you need to revive.
Look for the magical
scenic details
times you remember
with ripples as trails.
Maybe in a pond
that life intertwines
a magical scene
of tranquil designs.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2019

Summer’s Muse

Blades of grass
and other things
create life as
summer scenes.
Seen to play
as dogs may run
life and times
a summer sun.
These are things
we might not view
that come to life
as times so true.
The days ahead
might display
a summer scene
of wondrous way.
Trees so green
that seem to shine
as living life
with more to find.
You might notice
a scenic trail
a path laid out
in strange detail.
It might be where
two dogs have run
a moment passed
in summer’s sun.
It paints a picture
so great to see
a time and place
in history.
A moment’s life
that came in sync
with your view
a thought to think.
It may of been
a choice to choose
a scene so sweet
as summer’s muse.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2019

Life’s Blowing Snow

Strong winds blowing
as winter transcends
creating the stories
of snow in the winds.
Becoming as paintings
as a living display
the snow is blowing
far across the way.
This is a memory
of life’s wintertime
blustery moments
that seem to unwind.
Winter is an artist
that creates its views
some seeming timeless
as lifetimes infuse.
Minutes procuring
are seasons romance
as the snow continues
to put on a dance.
The wind is its helper
it blows it around
creating many stages
all over the ground.
Even some houses
and trees thereunto
are painted as visions
strong winds that blew.
So when you see it
enjoy the great show
wintertime’s artwork
life’s blowing snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 16,  2019

for Mar 16,  2019

Sought for memories
might be hard to remember,
so allow them time.

A snowflakes journey
begins with the decisions
of wintertime’s quest.

Flowers of springtime
have many dreams blossoming
even in winter.

Fields of illusions
can create some memories
that are just our dreams.

Shouting at someone
does not always make them hear,
for they might be deaf.

In search of the truth
you might find many liars
that lie to themselves.

Beyond a skyline
there might be a storm coming
that you cannot see.

Figurative speech
can lose ones in the moment,
and leave them confused.

Challenging lifestyles
is often as dynamite,
if you do not know.

Modern types of life
might have a few bugs in it,
for it’s still in trial.

Yesterday’s meanings
in today and tomorrow
may not coincide.

A shower of rain
provides water for the earth
and all that will grow.

Turning on your friends
when they truly need you most,
might leave you friendless.

Windy winter days
display many emotions
that might just confuse.

Changing directions
does not always fix a life,
but it can help it.

The want of moments
can become confused as needs
lost in perspective.

Sometimes values
are often as bitter sweet
with sunshine and rain.

Losing a loved one
can leave you feeling empty,
but true love lives on.

Times we remember
can become the very best
as we forget things.

Patterns of a cloud
become artwork of the sky
with their own choices.

Various turnstiles
open and close when they wish
and not just for you.

Misleading people
can backfire and mislead you
as time goes its way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 16,  2019

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