Creating Your Path


Hello my friends
Happy Memorial Day

I’m getting a late start on writing this today
due to us enjoying the weekend with a little
visit from our grandson Christian and also
his mom when she came to pick him up this
afternoon.  It has been a great weekend.  We
watched an animated movie together and a
few funny Youtube videos 🙂 with Christian
and when his mom came we sat all sat in the
living room and had a nice visit.  They have
left now and Judy is busy fixing her and I
some dinner.  I’m gonna maybe make this
a rather short journal,  being it is so late in
the day.  There’s not been much going on
here at the Pearce’s Place other than what
I have already mentioned LOL.  Judy had
a doctors visit Tuesday.  Basically just a
check up and of course I did as always as I
took pictures there and back LOL.  It was
raining quite a bit then.  My new t shirts
came Friday.  They are rather colorful 🙂
Judy and I had pictures taken with my
camera of us in our new T shirts.  Her in
one she had made a while back that she
just got a week ago.  Also today I did a
few selfies of us with Christian and a few
with us and Christian and Helena ( Judy’s
daughter) that I’ll put in my stationery 🙂
Judy just brought in dinner so I will be
eating a little and writing a little hehehe.
Yep,  we are exciting,  maybe to a corpse
LOL.  So,  what else have I got for you
news worthy?  Hmm,  well it has been a
nice Memorial weekend.  We’re thankful
for all of the soldiers that have fought for
our freedom and our country.  There are
so many things that we each might take
for granted as time ticks along.  Too often
we will complain about things that we
have that others would actually kill for.
I thank God for being able to share my
life with Judy and her family which that
I now call my own as well as my own blood
related family and many friends that I am
able to keep in contact with and the ones
I knew that have either moved on or have
passed on.  Never forget family and the
true friends.  Each one has played a part
in creating your path or is at this moment
helping with your life.  I know there are
times when life goes sour,  but don’t let it
make you to forget the good times and all
that you learned.  Thank You God for
always being there for me and helping me
to find my path in life.  Also thank You
for bringing Judy into my life,  for she
and I have become as team.  Also thank
You for my mom than has helped us when
we could not afford to make it on our
own.  Last but definitely not in any sense
the least,  thank You for giving me a dad
that was always helping me to grow and
giving me the guidance I needed in life
to help me to be the best that I could be
and for also being my very best friend.
Now I believe it’s time for me to be taking
a little trip back through my rambling of
words to see if I can find a good word or
phrase I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always
 like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  Now
as I look back I think I may of found a
decent title about a third of the way back
through my rambling and now after I’ve
checked I see that it’s not been used as
of yet,  so used it shall be.  Here goes…

Creating Your Path

Ticking of a time clock
gives reflections to see
pathways in a mirror
to be what will be.
So many people can
become as our guide
leading us on journeys
to pathways inside.
Finding deep within us
a person to grow
in lifetimes created
with times to and fro.
Remembering friends
and our family ties
can help with the future
to cease its demise.
Learn from the negative
and positive things
how to end nightmares
and create your dreams.
Allow for the moments
of times in the past
to teach you the right way
creating your path.

©By Bill Pearce
May 26,  2019

I hope you liked the poem and maybe even
understood it.  Also I hope you enjoyed my
short winded rambling.  LOL I told you it
would more than likely be short 🙂 hehehe.
Maybe next week I’ll have a little more to
say.  You just never know with me Hahaha.
Well,  I haven’t anything else to tell you
other than what I tell you every week and
that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku 🙂  Yeppers,  10 more poems with 1
of them being sort of Christmassy and 22
more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now I believe it is
time for me to begin my search for that
hardly elusive off switch,  but not before
I wish you a blessings filled Memorial day
and a week of happiness.   Remember,
Jesus love you and we do too.  Ok,  now
where can that ornery off switch be trying
to hide this week???   LOL I see ya you
little whippersnapper.  Trying to hide
behind the bottle of sweet and sour sauce
that Judy brought in to put on the chicken
tenders that she cooked hehehe.  Too bad
it’s sitting upside down to drain into the
cap LOL.  Ya must of bumped it which
caused it to do a bit of wobbling hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Living in The Now

Looking for colors,
looking for signs
things we envision
inside of our minds.
So many ventures
as timeless details
found in a minds eye
then in the sails.
Winds of tomorrow
begin looking back
showing their stories
of fiction and fact.
Now is the moment,
now is the time
to seek for a better
future to find.
Spring to summer
and summer to fall
displays a journey
of shadows over all.
Then as wintertime
comes into view
it becomes a season
with life oh so true.
Time is the owner
of seconds that pass
living as a memoir
of shadows we cast.
So use the moments
with truth to endow
doing your very best
while living in now.

©By Bill Pearce
May 20,  2019

Reflections Memories

Lost in the limelight
times moves along
leaving only glimmers
of a so distant song.
Found in reflections
times day and night
life’s found repeating
reflections of sight.
Within the scenery
of a doorway or two
reflections memories
might come in view.
Bringing alive times
of a distant past
reflecting in waters
of a timeless contrast.
Memories are inventors
of stories misheard
reflecting a time frame
that might seem absurd.
Yet within reflections
are the scenes we find
often as remembered
as a mere point in time.
With ripples of seconds
are ventures of style
some that of sadness
some with a smile.
Don’t become hidden
within a sad breeze.
Find you a smile now
in reflections memories.

©By Bill Pearce
May 20,  2019

Past Unto Present

Within a looking glass
of yesterday’s vision
time gives a glimpse of
a moment’s decision.
The past often blurry
as minutes displayed
while in the future
shows life’s lemonade.
Now unto then ways
time sings a song
from past unto present
and right unto wrong.
Living the crazy life
seeking for sane
time can enhance then
as life’s pouring rain.
Creating lighting
and thunder to roar
walking in doorways
might end on the floor.
Look for the lessons
that life has to give
and learn the best way
in life which to live.
We can become rusted
as a roof of time
or use what we learned
to strengthen our mind.
Letting the snow to
most surely represent
things that we learned
past unto present.

©By Bill Pearce
May 22,  2019

Peace Begins

Life is as rhythms
timeless so true
the things we say
and things we do.
Meadows of peace
grow then thereon
scenic memories
of a rippling pond.
Flowing in essence
as that of desire
within a breeze
the minutes acquire.
Peace is a moment,
peace is a stage
actors of lifestyles
perform age to age.
It takes but only
a moment to find
peace deep within
a prayerful design.
Allow for a dream
to become as air
scented of blessings
found in a prayer.
For as we dream
we also inlay
hope for a moment
of day after day.
Lessons for living
learned by a few
are as the guides
to show what to do.
Find now a smile
to exist deep inside
as you let God
to be as your guide.
Life is a journey
found in the winds
showing directions
how peace begins.

©By Bill Pearce
May 22,  2019

Heartbeats Relived

Textured as emotions
scented as a style
moments can appear
and display a smile.
Found as an evening
with a colorful hue
with winter’s snow then
found in the view.
Life is remembrance
of a scenic desire
transposed heartbeats
of time in entire.
Minutes are counted
as a view comes alive
unleashing dreamscapes
as bees from a hive.
Heartbeats relived
in a sequential phase
displayed as teardrops
of a joyful amaze.
Light from a moment
might surely appear
as time remembered of
one yesteryear.
We each have moments
that come and go
as that of winter
with white fallen snow.
The time frames of then
that our dreams revive
are as heartbeats relived
in a timeless sky.

©By Bill Pearce
May 22,  2019

Memoir’s Effigy

Time paints a picture
of a person and place
found as a glimmer
of an ageless face.
Maybe that of windows
or maybe of a door
often as illusions
that so many explore.
Time is the keeper
of the dreams of life
that unfolds turnstiles
of happy and strife.
A house might relive
deep within its walls
a time that’s defined
what stands or falls.
So many memories
as a spiritual phase
a memoir’s effigy
as shadows to gaze.
We each might forget
what walls have seen
as they hold tightly
most every little thing.
Some may say illusions
and some may say real
the memories of then
our heartbeats can feel.
Yet as time passes by
it leaves much to see
often as reflections
of a memoir’s effigy.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2019

Ocean’s Bay

As life continues
as a ship to sea
an ocean of life
is a door and key.
Opening moments
seascapes within
as an ocean’s bay
is time to begin.
It may be choices
of a life to live
as an ocean’s bay
has much to give.
Lost in emotion
we might perceive
an ocean’s bay
a time to conceive.
Find a heartbeat
within the waves
scenes of dreams
of ongoing days.
Life is an ocean
with us at sail
seeking for shores
and a story to tell.
Maybe of fiction
or maybe of truth
a timeless scene
of days of youth.
Feeling the breeze
of times long ago
now but a time
as memories flow.
Finding ourselves
in waters so vast
syncing up scenes
of future and past.
Using memories
to unlock a day
as heartbeats beat
as an ocean’s bay.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2019

Story of Life

Living for the moment
living for the time
can become a story
that lives in your mind.
Pages turning swiftly
as good books unfold
with a story of life
that a moment has told.
Look for the scenes
that time did create
as the pages of ages
that memories translate.
A little story of life
that holds in its hand
a face or a place
that moments did stand.
Not allowing sadness
not allowing grief
to worm its way inside
of a blessings belief.
Look for the grand scale
of a scenic design
and when you find it
let it live in your mind.
Use that storybook
as a wonderful dressing
topped off with life
with a heavenly blessing.
Now take that memory
and pour it into
your story of life now
with a magical view.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2019

Red and Green

So often our vision
is blinded by thought
thinking of one thing
that we should not.
Seeing only colors
and not seeing true
what that is me
and what that is you.
Sometimes as choices
we choose what’s seen
colors enhanced  as
but just red and green.
We are as plant life
with reasons to live,
but we so often
will take and not give.
Not giving a chance for
some others to thrive
only seeing differences
with prejudice eyes.
Look for the likeness
in ones that you view
and find the good
that compares to you.
We each are different,
but inside we bleed
living of a lifetime
with a nurturing need.
Differences make us
as a need to be seen
the same on the inside
as leaves red and green.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2019

Wintertime’s Past

Things I remember
now stand so tall
children of Christmas
the moments enthrall.
Echoes of snowflakes
scenes come alive
in wintertime’s past
with momentous drive.
Seasonal glimmers
I’ll never lose sight
of children playing
in cold snow so white.
The coldness forgotten
as I now remember
as wintertime’s past
burns as a ember.
The time is so alive
as blessings divine
in wintertime’s past
a most wonderful time.
I have many pictures
of those distant days
those wintertime scenes
with wondrous displays.
Christmases of then
as hearts beating true
living in my memories
my mind’s eye to view.
Now but only shadows
that my memories cast
these are as heartbeats
my wintertime’s past.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2019

for May 24,  2019

Looking for trouble
might find a lot of regret
as it overflows.

Seasons awaken
as life changes appearance
to display the new.

Opening windows
may allow trouble inside
or darkness to leave.

Links to peacefulness
are not always quiet times,
for some come from love.

Miseries lessons
often come when we give up
and listen to truth.

Facts are as oceans
rolling in with evenings tide
for they leave their mark.

Grasses of nature
become voices of seasons
awaiting to speak.

Lies are as poison
for they kill many chances
of finding true friends.

Now is but a time
that a minute magnifies
in form of hurry.

The dark side of life
is often found in our minds
as we reminisce.

Challenges of weeds
are met with learning to bloom
and be a flower.

The view of a bird
is often from up above
not seeing our view.

Catching breaths of air
needs to have air you can breathe,
the same as the truth.

can help us beyond what’s known
or change perspective.

Need is confusion
when wants become all we see
as our addiction.

Life is a gateway
to our now and tomorrows
with past memories.

Losing place in line
does not mean you won’t get there,
for time will complete.

Now is a shadow
of what that has passed us by
sometimes well hidden.

Nothing is something
when need is but just a breath
and not nothing more.

Trails that we walk on
may have reasons for travel
or reasons not to.

Various people
create their own perspective
on what’s good or bad.

Looking to the sky
you might see what’s imagined
as it becomes real.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2019

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