A Better Pace


Hello my friends

I hope you have been having a decent life.
Judy and I have been doing pretty much as
we always do LOL.  OK,  we might change
our directions from time to time,  but we’ll
always try to keep some kind of order in
our lives hehehe.  It’s not always possible,
but we try LOL.  We haven’t done much in
the passing days.  We did though get a few
things done getting ready for summer such
as I did a little more mowing.  I mowed us
a path out in the field so we can walk the
boys without having to get in the tall grass.
Judy did a little planting and replanting of
flowers in hopes of them blooming.  She
also sprinkled wildflower seeds in front of
our house so I’m hoping they take root 🙂
Our new neighbors have been doing a lot
of work on the house behind us trying to get
it ready for them to move in next month.
I hope it goes well for them.  The weather
has been rather nice.  It’s 69F degrees right
now at 4 PM.  Monday’s high is supposed
to be around 79 degrees,  but it’s supposed
to be 62 Tuesday as the temperature drops
a little.  It’s supposed rain Tuesday which
should help with the cooling.  After that
for the next week or more it’s supposed to
be 70 degrees and in the lower 70’s for the
next 10 days or so.  🙂 So it looks like I
will be testing out our new little AC units
Arctic Air to keep us cool.  If they don’t
do well enough in here,  I’ll turn on our
portable Air Conditioner and for sure
it’ll cool us off LOL.  But first I want to
try our little Arctic Airs,  being they don’t
use a great amount of electricity.  They
can plug either in the wall outlet or in a
USB port on our computers.  We shall see
how they work 🙂  I’m only gonna use 1
of them in here tomorrow,  but I might
end up moving them to the bedroom at
night being that is why I bought them 🙂
For our night stands.  1 on her side and
1 on mine 🙂  I’ve got us ready for all of
the variations of weather that we have
up here.  We’ve still got a half a tank of
heating oil left from last winter.  I will
begin putting a 100 or 200 dollars down
on our heating oil tab maybe next month
and doing that every month which should
have us ready by the time October and
November roll around again.  That’s one
of the down parts about living up here.
It cost a lot of money to heat your home
through the 5 and 6 month winters,  but
there are problems with living anywhere,
so we make do.  It looks rainy outside,
but so far it hasn’t rained.  I got eaten
alive by black flies the other day when
I was mowing LOL.  My face looks like
they had a feast hehehe,  but I’m healing.
I’m sure they’ll get me again when I have
to mow again,  which will be in the next
few days LOL.  It looks like even a few
mosquitoes tried to get in a few bites on
me,  but the black flies were the worst 🙂
Oh well,  it’s not like they’ll kill me LOL.
I’m too large for them to carry me away
for a to go order hehehe.  I’ve been busy
doing more and more poetry pictures 🙂
Believe it or not,  I’ve almost written near
enough for another book hahaha,  but
I am not planning on publishing a book
11 any time soon.  I have other ideas,
but for now,  I’ll just keep on keeping on
with my poetry writing.  It seems I have
found my knack in life and it’s poetry
pictures and of course photography that
plays an important role in my poetry
pictures,  for without the pictures they
would be but only poems and I’ve got
many thousands of them hehehe.  Yep,
I have written around 12,000 poems 🙂
LOL I write a lot.  There’s a lot going
on inside this mind of mine.  Hopefully
my books will start selling at a better
pace some day,  but I’m not going to
hold my breath hahaha.  God blessed
me with this gift and it’s something that
I share with the world in hopes of maybe
giving ones a smile or showing ones a
different view of life that is not but only
misery,  but of blessings.  Thank You
God for giving me this gift and all that
You have given me and helped me to do.
Thank You for always watching over us
protecting us and sending many angels
to help when we’re in need.  We thank
You for also allowing our friends and
family that have passed on to come and
be with us as they would desire.  Their
spirits are always welcome in our home.
Now I believe it is time for me to take
a little look back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I may have found me
a good title just about a quarter of the
way back through all my rambling and
now after checking I see that it has not
been used yet,  so used it shall be today.
Here goes nothing…

A Better Pace

Another time
another view
we need find
a life anew.
Changing style
then and there
a better pace
filled with prayer.
Learn to look
with inner eyes
and then search
the hopeful skies.
Find the answers
another scene
not just red light
maybe green.
Our perspective
moments meet
needs to change
not meet defeat.
For God’s glory
and His grace
gives us daily
a better pace.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 9,  2019

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked the
poem and it made a little bit of sense to
you. 🙂 I also hope that you enjoyed my
rambling a bit.  I do ramble don’t I LOL!
There’s not much else to tell ya aside from
what I tell you every week and that is,  I
wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,
10 more poems with 1 being a little bit
Christmassy.  I also wrote 22 more haiku
for all of the haiku lovers out there.  I
hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or of
both that you like.  Now,  to begin my
search for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you all a wonderful
and blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  OK,  so where
can that ornery off switch be TRYING
to hide this time,  if trying at all LOL?
Hmm,  I don’t see you in any of your
regular hiding spots.  LOL I saw ya.
You peeked out from behind my stack
of books to my right.  I wouldn’t of
noticed you if ya would of not been on
the very edge of book 10 at the top of
the stack hehehe.  Ya almost fooled me.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

My Heart Still Lives

With life of a snowflake
formed upon the ground
my heart still lives
making a beating sound.
Wintertime’s viewpoints
become as a glance
as the seasons release
their own style of dance.
Forming a momentum
as the days pass us by
while my heart still lives
within the evening sky.
Time is but a shadow
that a moment reveals
seasons found as echoes
that my heartbeat feels.
A second and a minute
coincide to make a place
that’s filled with a sight
of God’s saving grace.
Hours turn into days
as the minutes tick on
leaving our perspectives
of what’s right or wrong.
A snowy filled moment
brings forth my desires
planted as a heartbeat
with passionate fires.
My heart still lives
as the days come and go
displaying blessings
in memories of snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 4,  2019

Enhanced Beyond

Our time on Earth
might seem detailed
as that of moments
a time exhaled.
A breath of air
that time exposed
became the past
an old country road.
The loads we carry
for so many miles
can become lessons
to show new styles.
Enhanced beyond
might glimmer light
a scene that you see
each day and night.
A God given journey
that seconds become
each day as anew
with a morning sun.
Give peace a chance
to enhance your life
to lessen your anger
and lessen the strife.
Look beyond sadness
and find some hope
and let peace exist
to help you to cope.
For as you remember
the now and gone
look for the blessings
enhanced beyond.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 5,  2019

Tossing Snowballs

December days
I remember so well
are as a wonderful
story to tell.
Time comes alive
with a magical look
pages of ages
of memories book.
Seeing loved ones
playing in snow
wishing it to last,
but yet had to go.
Beloved scenes of my
granddaughter’s eyes
seeing white snow as
a Christmas surprise.
Tossing snowballs
that day at her mom
is a time I remember
of which now is gone.
In photos I see them
in my eyes today
tossing snowballs
in a wintery way.
Seeing their smiles
of joy and laughter
is still sought within
as time ever after.
I seek for the minutes
that my heart enthralls
to once again see them
tossing snowballs.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 5,  2019

Rustic Beauty

Countrified thoughts
thinking so true
become the doorways
timeless to view.
Scenes within scenes
of rustic details
create then within us
ships with sails.
Sailing through time
as our imagination
creates the moments of
life’s accommodation.
Suited for daydreams
found within times
mapped then within us
found in our minds.
That rustic beauty
the moments become
shout out with scenes
of a new setting sun.
Pictured as blessings
so timelessly found
when we go driving
just looking around.
You might see them
the passing of scenes
of an old red barn
or fast moving stream.
Each day that passes
might hold deep within
the old rustic beauty
that minutes transcend.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 5,  2019

Someplace in Time

Just like a mirror
time’s a reflection
showing bestowing
within a direction.
Someplace may be
as scenes come alive
with time and place
as moments survive.
Linked to phases
of days and weeks
someplace in time’s
like some antiques.
Created in weather
as storms transfuse
giving an existence
to win or to lose.
Life begins moving
creating a song
someplace in time
of right and wrong.
Choices are colors
of timeless appeal
synched in moments
that hands can feel.
Held in perspective
of a day or night
someplace in time
may shed some light.
Creating memories
as grasses and trees
formed as a feather
to blow in the breeze.
Life is a doorway
many walk passed
leaving footsteps
shadows they cast.
Don’t let a moment
to slip from mind
for it may help you
someplace in time.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 6,  2019

Momentary Visions

Reliving picture perfect
some leaves might grow
showing their lifespan
up high and real low.
Then for a moment
you might see flowers
daisies collected then
a moment empowers.
Reliving perspectives
of a scenic desire
brings what’s imagined
as a time in entire.
The momentary visions
of heartbeats of green
found within summer
as a magical scene.
Contrived emotions
that only God knows
brought to the living
as a moment bestows.
Reliving picture perfect
is often found surreal
as a time and a place
that your hands can feel.
The minutes that display
are as ghost in sight,
yet they are haunting
as a wonderful sight.
We often look at photos
as momentary visions,
but they are blessings
of heavenly previsions.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 6,  2019

Forever Begins

Deep within a dreamer
holds  candles of time
often found forever
so deep in their mind.
Life becomes memoirs
recordings so surreal
found as forever then
a moment to feel.
The ticking of a clock
can begin with a style
seconds moving madly
in search of a smile.
Yet as a story goes
life’s spinning wheels
as forever begins then
with all it reveals.
Life is as a biography
accounting each trail
the seasons we travel
with every detail.
Looking for answers
the existence of truth
things we encounter
times from our youth.
The days turn wildly
and often magnify
the seasons we’ve seen
and said then goodbye.
Look for the blessings
in life’s blowing winds
and you might discover
how forever begins.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 7,  2019

Field of Perception

While minutes gather
our lifetime moves on
giving us viewpoints
that seem like a song.
Sung as empowerment
as life finds a way
to gather momentum
in a field on display.
Beyond what we see
might be so much more
with moments awaiting
to open the door.
A field of perception
can begin with a glance
as a song in your head
begins then to dance.
Look for the pages
of a turnstiles scenes
to unleash stories
that can live as dreams.
Turn loose of fearful
and step out with faith
knowing God’s there
in moments of scathe.
Find then the courage
to move on ahead
and not just lay there
as if you are dead.
Look for the blessings
and not just perfection
for there is much more
in a field of perception.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 8,  2019

Pulses Emotion

Transitions of colors
are as pulses in time
found in the essence
of an autumn mind.
Transfixing scenes
that live on as colors
become as the pulses
unlike any others.
The times intensity
can create such a view
that lives on and on
inside of me and you.
The pulses emotion
is that of a scale
found within a season
that leaves set sail.
The explosion of life
begins with a quest
to display its style
as life comes to rest.
Bringing forth winter
as time moves along
seeking for a moment
for another to dawn.
Beauty from death
of leaves that sway
becomes such a sight
of a wondrous display.
Becoming portions of
windows through time
shown as a picture
for our eyes to find.
Poured out like water
a flourishing stream
the colors become as
a wonderful scene.
They for a moment
may seem as an ocean
flowing in the season
as pulses emotion.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 8,  2019

Landscape’s Journey

Roads we drive on
may take us on tours
filled with landscapes
a moment allures.
Our wheels rolling
providing the way
as we drive onwards
to yet another day.
The road’s a tempter
with travels to see
a landscape’s journey
to set our minds free.
Look for the pictures
that lifetimes unfold
and enjoy the view
a time to behold.
A landscape’s journey
can become so great
as it shows things
we can’t anticipate.
For as momentum
may join in the race
you might not see
the paramount trace.
Predominant views
that pass by our eyes
become as moments
filled with surprise.
A landscape’s journey
to a lost point in time
might then uncover
what ones left behind.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 8,  2019

for Jun 8,  2019

Right now is passing
as time continues onwards,
so deal with right now.

In search of autumn
on a summertime’s venture
might only find dreams.

Scented of flowers
a morning might awaken
with many dewdrops.

Love is like raindrops
as it can flood a heartbeat
or end in a drought.

The signs of liars
are within the many things
that they say and do.

Cheering a loser
could make them as the winner
knowing that ones care.

When in confusion
our life might be telling us
to take a breather.

As light of day dims
look for the light of nighttime
found within the stars.

Chances are many,
but they often only come
when we’re not ready.

Seasons of splendor
becomes seasons of sadness
if it’s overdone.

Walking with someone
only shows their direction
and not how they feel.

Looking to the stars
you might feel eyes watching you,
as the stars look back.

Tempting a tempter
might just backfire on you
as you are tempted.

While in a mad rush
you might not see what is there
hidden in hurry.

Lessons of a day
often lose their importance
unless they’re painful.

Springtime brings flowers
as summer follows behind
to nourish their blooms.

When trading places
make sure you know what’s traded
and what you will lose.

Testing the waters
needs you to know what’s in them,
before stepping in.

Finding some money,
does not mean that it is yours,
for one might need it.

Sharing your struggles
with ones that truly love you,
can make life better.

Windows of today
often show us yesterday
through some dirty glass.

Holding onto things
can leave you with only things,
so don’t hold so tight.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 8,  2019

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