For Tomorrow


Hello my friends

It’s thundering and raining at the moment
which means Judy and who ever joined her
to work on cleaning out her brothers house
today might be getting wet.  Yep,  Judy and
possibly grandson Chance and possibly his
mom and others are over at Ricky’s house
cleaning it up.  Ricky will not be living in it
again.  He’s in way too bad of shape and
 living in a nursing home.  I went down to
the house with Judy the other day and did
a bit of mowing so that when they brought
the dumpster they would have a clear place
to set it so that Judy and the others could
get to it.  This passed week has been not
to active.  I haven’t even taken but just a
few pictures.  Not much to photograph at
the moment 🙂  That will change I am very
sure LOL.  Judy and I are already talking
about taking a picture taking drive soon.
Yep,  back to the photos and Judy’s talking
about doing some more paintings 🙂  She’s
the best in my eyes 🙂  Yep,  I love all of
her paintings and creations.  I wish I was
as creative as her.  No matter,  I am what
I am and I’m all that I am,  LOL a sort
of quote from Popeye hehehe.  I guess my
gift is writing poetry and creating poetry
pictures.  It seems to be something that
I’m good at and do a whole lot of LOL.
Next topic 🙂  I bought a 50 foot extension
cord to use outside when I need to do some
drilling.  I plan on doing a bit of work on
our porch this week.  Gonna put up some
hangers so I can hang our new ladder on
it,  plus I have a few other things planned.
I’ve been having a little of trouble with
vertigo here lately and it has slowed me
down a bit,  but I’m sure it will pass.  Now
I just try not to move too quickly hehehe.
LOL if I move too quickly the fun ride
begins hehehe.  It made me puke the other
day LOL.  So,  what else has gone on in
this little life of mine?  Well,  Judy and
I went to town yesterday and did a little
shopping and then stopped at Subway
and got us a couple of foot longs hehehe.
We ate half of ours last night and we’ll
eat the other half this evening.  I’m also
thinking about frying up some bacon in
a little bit for us to have for sandwiches
maybe later and also for tomorrow for
breakfast to be joined with maybe some
eggs and toast or maybe even pancakes.
I’ll make that decision tomorrow hehehe.
Judy and I take turns cooking although
I most times do breakfast,  but there’s
been a few times that she’s made us some
omelets 🙂 which I love.  We do have our
bad moments when things aren’t so rosy,
but for the most part we enjoy life aside
from the aches and pains from these old
bodies of ours.  God has given us many
blessings and I am so very thankful for
them all.   I’m sure that many blessings
might go unnoticed at times due to us
being focused on other things,  but they
are in existence and will one day come
to shine.  Thank You God for all that
You do for us and all that You have
done.  We are so truly thankful.  Now,
I believe it’s time for me to take a little
look back on all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find me a word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go,
to that place of my recollection that I
always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may of stumbled upon a decent
title just about halfway through all of
my rambling and now after checking,
I see that it’s not been used as of yet,
so used it shall be today.  Here goes…

For Tomorrow

Today’s the date
preceding tomorrow
that might be filled
with thrill and sorrow.
All of the yesterdays
that found their place
might now be shadows
found on our face.
So for tomorrow
look deeply within
and find the lessons
that moments transcend.
Don’t let the passing
of life’s broken doors
to become just regret
that right now abhors.
Search through the days
as minutes are found
and find the moments
within much astound.
Find the conclusions
that are better to see
and for tomorrow
make them your key.
Give God the glory
as blessings of time
then for tomorrow
have a thankful mind.

©By Bill Pearce
July 14,  2019

There ya go 🙂  I hope ya liked the poem.
If you didn’t,  Oh well LOL.  Anyways,
I at least hope you enjoyed my rambling.
If I gave you a smile or 2,  then I did my
job.  Judy is home now.  It seems our
grandson Chance did not show up as he
was supposed to and also Judy ended up
cleaning the house by herself.  I’m a little
ticked off because of that,  but I guess it’s
done and getting mad over it won’t make
it any better.  I’m just glad that Judy is
OK.  She might be ready to eat in a bit,
so I need to be finishing this.  There’s
not much else to tell you other than what
I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems with 2 of them being a
little Christmassy 🙂  I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or
both that you like.  Now I believe it’s time
for me to begin my search for that ornery
off switch,  but not before I wish you all
a most wonderful blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Now,  where can that silly off switch
be trying to hide this time????  Hmmmm
that wouldn’t happen to be you hiding
behind my nose spray again would it???
LOL sheesh,  you’ve had all week to find
a good hiding spot and this is what you
come up with.  Look around for heavens
sake.  There’s tons of places to hide LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Evening’s Bliss

Rains of an evening
that come in a way
might have answers
for a time to display.
The blissful settings
of a so scenic sky
might show emotions
how raindrops fly.
Pouring as a dancer
just prancing around
as evening awakens
a pitter patter sound.
Refreshing moments
of a hearts desire
displays an evening
as true love on fire.
Burning then within
a passionate theme
a blissful settings
as a magical dream.
On a grassy knoll
near hills of time
you might awaken
a thoughtful design.
Such as a rain cloud
coming near to you
which at the moment
is a most distant view.
It may be expanding
and not moving at all
to show you a view
how the raindrops fall.
It might even shine
of a wondrous rainbow
as a heartbeat of love
for time to bestow.
So search the skies
for a peaceful kiss
as a lifetime of love
in an evening’s bliss.

©By Bill Pearce
July 8,  2019

Life Remembered

Begun as a theme
a summertime day
you might perceive
a dream on display.
Found as a time
a lifetime’s event
as life remembered
the greatest extent.
Maybe a boat ride
or seasonal sight
that a mere moment
brought into light.
As life remembered
it becomes proud
showing bestowing
as time has allowed.
Find you a photo
a picture of time
and maybe set it
to a poetic rhyme.
Look within then
and create a memoir
as you look onwards
from near to afar.
Seek for blessings
that you did acquire
found as emotions
a time to admire.
Then let the minutes
to give you release
with life remembered
a moment of peace.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9,  2019

Thoughts of Autumn

With colors entwining
time turns to gold
displaying pictures
as leaves grow old.
Moments blossom
to give us a glance
a time that we find
that seems as romance.
They seem to be alive
even after they die
the leaves of autumn
that tell us goodbye.
It seems to be a story
that’s written in hue
as a lifetime begun
that comes into view.
Death becomes life
as colors explode
with sequential signs
of life’s episode.
Thoughts of autumn
might then become
the greeter of winter
as life’s beating drum.
Bringing forth colors
to welcome the day
when snow is falling
in a wonderful way.
Allow for your mind
to dream about then
thoughts of autumn
as moments transcend.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9,  2019

Reflections Thrive

Waters of autumn
seem to come alive
bringing the motions
of which then arrive.
Maybe as a ripple
or maybe a glance
a scene so serene
as moments enhance.
Viewing as echoes
of a time or a place
the reflections thrive
that many embrace.
Find you a ripple
or a reflections view
that comes alive
and lives within you.
Dancing on waters
of a scenic design
brings alive feelings
of a so distant time.
Maybe a childhood
locked deep within
found as reflections
that did then begin.
Locate the blessings
of a hearts desire
and then ignite them
with a heavenly fire.
Say a little prayer
for a time to revive
to see the blessings
of reflections thrive.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10,  2019

Nightfall Comes

The end of the day
that life unwinds
displays some scenes
in dreamers minds.
Just like the bloom
of a dreamers seed
the nightfall comes
with want and need.
It can bring to life
oh so many things
as songs of the night
a whippoorwill sings.
You might even hear
a frog’s deep voice
croaking in the night
filled with rejoice.
Glancing to the skies
you might even see
some clouds of time
that God’s given free.
Patiently waiting
for moments to move
presenting its sights
as a dreamers groove.
The sky might hold
a voice of its own
spoken as moments
we may have known.
Seen that of Heaven
and answers to prayer
the nightfall comes
as a breath of air.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10,  2019

Light of The Moon

As clouds of the night
move across the sky
they hide the moon
that is way up high.
It shines on through
when it gets a chance
to display the light
of a night’s romance.
The light of the moon
is a reflected source
displaying sunlight
with its greatest force.
The moon gives shine
for times to come
as stars well hidden
may also shine some.
Far behind the clouds
of an evening quest
the light of the moon
shines its very best.
We might not see it
as clouds form walls,
but it still shines
as a night bird calls.
Sung in the distance
a loon may be heard
singing of the moon
that time has deferred.
As a dreamers dream
in the midnight hours
the light of the moon
is what that empowers.
The moon gives hope
for yet another day
as many look above
in the night and pray.
Blessings of arrival
that ones come attune
is that of the night
and light of the moon.

©By Bill Pearce
July 11,  2019

Life’s Masterpiece

Looking searching
for a time or place
an adventure of life
with a smiling face.
It brings to view
oh so many designs
moments uncovered
of our special times.
Life’s masterpiece
is a counted array
minutes and seconds
of hours of a day.
There might be times
not seen so clearly
the times we find
we love so dearly.
It might be a jet ski
or maybe just a time
that lives on and on
inside of your mind.
It might even seem
as a beating heart
a timeless perception
that lives now as art.
It might seem vague
with time and date,
but still lives on
as a time you relate.
You might even find
it will never cease
as a moment of time
of life’s masterpiece.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2019

Ready For Snow

Beginnings and endings
of seasonal views
brings forth the wantings
of choices to choose.
Some wanting summer
when it is so warm,
but I’m wanting winter
with its seasonal charm
Snowflakes as a dream
of a time so sublime
I’m ready for snow
and that seasonal time.
Not just for winter,
but for music to play
songs about sleighbells
and Christmas Day.
We each view differently
the rain or the snow
and the hot of summer
and winds that blow.
Yet it doesn’t stop me
for wanting to reminisce
snowflakes of Christmas
as its seasonal kiss.
The dreams live on
deep inside of my mind,
I’m ready for snow
and Christmastime.
Though I must wait now
for that wondrous glow
the seasonal settings
I’m ready for snow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2019

Wondrous Simplicity

Snowflakes falling
on a winter’s eve
gives the glimmers
a time to believe.
Christmassy moments
that fall into place
wondrous simplicity
a time to embrace.
Life like a dream
with a hopeful view
can become a candle
that burns within you.
Aspiring lamplights
to burn of a flame
wondrous simplicity
has much to gain.
Giving of a blessing
a Christmastime light
burning of heartbeats
so wintery white.
Teeming as fireflies
there’s much to find
wondrous simplicity
deep in the mind.
Search your emotions
and find what is real
such as a snowflake
your hands can feel.
Seek for the blessings
that Christmas displays
wondrous simplicity
the greatest of days.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2019

Envisioning Colors

Riding with a dream
of colors of passion
life unleashes themes
of an ongoing fashion.
Repeated throughout
the seasonal glances
as colorful styles
each moment romances.
Leaping from leaves
are stories ones told
when envisioning colors
watching time unfold.
Seasonal gateways
to time’s burning ember
when envisioning colors
we hope to remember.
Partaking the blessings
as each leaf will change
creating the colors
the seasons rearrange.
Beginnings to endings
each time’s magnified
scented of a doorway
 with colors found inside.
As an old dusty road
unleashes its view
the pages of ages
are turned thereunto.
As a book of memories
unlike any others
life gives us dreams
when envisioning colors.

©By Bill Pearce
July 13,  2019

for July 13,  2019

The past and present
will meet at special moments
as lessons are learned.

Living for right now
can become as a hindrance
as lifetimes unfold.

Looking to the stars
you might see ones twinkling
that aren’t stars at all.

Mysterious ventures
leave fear within ones pockets
that’s of the unknown.

Breathing in a breath
you might notice an odor
that exist in you.

Hills of a moment
quietly roll in our sights
as minutes tick on.

A flower planted
can become a true blossom
or wither away.

Change is needed
to move away from right now
and acquire growth.

Lessons are struggles
within our many mistakes
that hold the answers.

Letting failures win
can create a rocky road,
so use them wisely.

Various windstorms
will blow in much confusion
when they’re just a breeze.

Beyond perception
holds a pathway of choices
that are ours to choose.

The days are counted
as minutes become hours
and lifetimes are born.

The east and the west
connect with the north and south
in spiritual views.

Sometimes a shadow
is but only a shadow
and nothing to fear.

Songs of a songbird
are as words within the wind
sung as a heartbeat.

Challenges of life
are as structures created
to become stronger.

Life of a meadow
is that of a scene to see
that flourishes time.

Waiting for a chance
could become as your downfall,
for chances are made.

Time’s epicenter
is the point of its vision
that many misread.

Vision in the night
might not see what’s truly there
and find only fear.

Many don’t see us,
but only see our shadows
and make their judgment.

©By Bill Pearce
July 13,  2019

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