We’ve Had Our Share


Hello my friends

It’s little old me again with yet another
realm of rambling.  The weather seems
to be cooling down a little bit.  It’s 75
degrees right now at 2:30 PM and that’s
supposed to be pretty close to what the
coming week is forecasted for.  So,  we
will surely be enjoying that 🙂  I can’t
handle the 80 and above temperatures.
I have heat strokes pretty quickly due
to hot temps.  Anyways,  moving along.
August will soon be over with and that
means so will me being 63 years old 🙂
So I’m  gonna be Livin La Vida Loca
for another week LOL.  Ok so I may
not be living it up crazily,  but I’ll try
to enjoy being alive hehehe.  Judy and
I have made plans on going Miniature
Golfing for my birthday.  She’s never
been.  I think she’ll love it 🙂  We may
later dates have some family to join us
on some miniature golfing.  Anyways,
all that doesn’t begin until next week,
not this week.  This week seems to be
without any doctors appointments so,
that’s great.  I hate going to see the
doctor,  🙂 nothing against my doctor/
PA hehehe.  I just hate doctors clinics
and hospitals.  Judy and I are doing
well or should I say as well as possible.
LOL we’re a sickly bunch.  It’s been
quite boring around these parts.  Not
much going on.  Judy and I made a
couple of trips to Walmart and to the
other grocery stores to buy groceries
and get such.  The second time was to
go and get my prescription refilled 🙂
I took a few pictures there and back
as normal.  I’m a weird one,  being
unlike most up here,  I can’t wait to
see autumn and winter.  I adore the
colors of autumn and when seeing the
first snowflakes floating down from
the sky,  I get all excited and have to
take pictures and videos hehehe. Yep,
I’m more of a wintertime guy,  though
with our new journey to play miniature
golf,  I might find I like summer to a
minute degree LOL as long as it’s not
too hot.  It’s cloudy outside with a few
scattered showers.  It looks as though
we may be having a few days later this
week in the mid to upper 60’s 🙂  LOL,
I had to stop writing for a little bit due
to Rocky wanting me to pet him.  He
loves me for some dumb reason that
I am unaware 🙂  I’m such a mean man.
Anyways,  now he’s sleeping in the floor
right behind me,  so I’ve gotta take care
to not run over him with the wheels of
my chair LOL.  We’ve had our share
of bad times,  but for the most part it
has been pretty good.  God is still at
work watching over us along with all
the angels that He sent and the spirits
that enjoy hanging around with us in
our daily life.  We feel blessed,  being
it could always be worse.  Thank You
God for all that You do and all that
I am sure You will do.  Thank You,
and AMEN.  So I reckon it’s time to
read back on all that I’ve written here,
to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem.  With that
said it is away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have found a decent title just a few
lines back and now after checking I
see that it has not bee used as of yet,
so used it shall be today.  Here goes…

We’ve Had Our Share

Doors and windows
that times infuse
create the patterns
to win or lose.
So many complain
and never smile
when surely others
are walking the mile.
The times and places
that come and go
become as the doors
or time’s window.
We’ve all had times
we thought we’d die
as now and again
says hello or goodbye.
If you need a breath
say a little prayer,
for trust me my friend
we’ve had our share.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2020

I hope you liked the poem and maybe
even a bit of my rambling.  There’s not
much else to tell you.   Rocky is backed
up a little and now I’m not so worried
about rolling over him with the wheels
of my chair LOL.  That’s about all I’ve
got for ya,  other than what I tell you
almost every week and that is I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems and 22 more haiku for
all of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you can find 1 or 2 of either of them or
both that you like.  Now,  I believe it’s
time for me to start my search for that
hardly elusive off switch,  but surely
not before I wish you a blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Alrighty then,  where can
that ornery off switch be trying to hide
this week?  Hmm,  looking over at my
other monitor I see something dangling
from the camera on top of it hahahaha.
I see ya you silly thing.  The camera is
unplugged so you’re not getting your
picture taken.  How about try hiding.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Moments Combine

We might see signs
some of the past
strung all around
as shadows cast.
We might even see
a time and place
that reminds us of
a scenic embrace.
The heartfelt sights
we see in dreams
might come to life
in so many things.
We may remember
a season of white
that at the moment
is still within sight.
It may only be you
to see the design
within the scene as
moments combine.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 17,  2020

Scenic Meditation

Just like a dreamworld
within a fantasy
time can come to life
as a heartbeat’s decree.
Finding in a moment
a passage to unwind
as a scenic meditation
found within the mind.
Just like another world
of passing scenes
minutes can become
as life of many things.
Living in our memory
giving stories to tell
as a scenic meditation
with thoughts to expel.
Moments might expose
minutes we recall
that were emotional
and stood out so tall.
Look for the blessings
in each breath of air
in a scenic meditation
joined with a prayer.
 Just like life’s doorway
times may become
that of a dreamworld
as a bright shining sun.
Locate time’s essence
of correct formulation
as peace within mind
in a scenic meditation.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 17,  2020

Silent Perceptions

A dream’s a place
a timeless sight
often in daytime,
but more at night.
Perceptive scenes
become our glance
often so silent as
moonlight’s dance.
We may see times
of signature ages
as its arrangement
shows new pages.
A field may display
a heart’s cuisine
silent perceptions
as a passing dream.
Time might begin
as a flock of birds
seeming to repeat
the distant words.
There may be seen
a shadowy barn
scenic perceptions
ones told as a yarn.
A simple moment
that time began
dreamers dreams
of shifting sand.
Discovered sights
scenic connections
these are found as
silent perceptions.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 18,  2020

Beginnings Begun

Striving perfection
might find flaw
sights of deception
hung in life’s jaw.
We might perceive
a day’s desire
beginnings begun
times to acquire.
A bridge may seem
to hold the path
of which you want
to move real fast.
Yet as you walk on
you may discover
some distant views
moments uncover.
Pay close attention
before you run
to see what’s true
beginnings begun.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 19,  2020

Rippling Aspects

Trickling waters
that of the mind
flows as patterns
seen time to time.
Found as a scene
dreams come true
rippling aspects
within our view.
Time’s counting
minutes unfold
beginning sights
young unto old.
Trickling essence
ripples acquire
counted seconds
times to aspire.
We might splash
in certain phase
within the ripples
of passing days.
Our perspectives
a song and dance
might be ripples
times romance.
Search to locate
a timeless peace
one that of love
as never to cease.
One in a prayer
personal affects
times as water
rippling aspects.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 19,  2020

River Flows

Waters of blue
flowing like wine
speaking of ripples
moments to find.
Times illusions
may become seen
within a river
a watery stream.
A stage is born
with life’s desire
as waters flow
a life to admire.
There are many
times life bestows
that our perception
is as a river flows.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 20,  2020

Images of Peace

Sights may display
a snowy embrace
as time so divine
as a scenic enlace.
Creating the sights
to come unfurled
timeless scenes
a dreamer’s world.
We might perceive
a scented sight
within the images
of peace in white.
A wonderful aroma
as love in the air
scenes enhanced
with peaceful flair.
These are blessings
God filled release
answered prayers
as images of peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21,  2020

Rails of Changes

So many tracks
may prove derailed
as signs of times
that minds entailed.
Pathways begun
among rails of desire
create the changes
but not in entire.
The rails may be
in needed directions
a time of changes
showing corrections.
As new and old
connects and refines
a lifetime’s changes
live in our minds.
With just a move
or change of the sail
a ship can be lost
in an ocean’s swell.
For even a train
chugging on and on
can land on a rail
that is so wrong.
Search the path
that’s best to travel
rails of changes
that might be gravel.
Seek the truth
as time rearranges,
find what’s best
on rails of changes.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21,  2020

Deep Meditation

Waters of melodies
flow as a phase
speaking the words
of hopeful arrays.
Meditate softly
all that you hear
and find the ripples
of yesteryear.
Take it in deeply
the moments of flow
and feel the breeze
that begins to blow.
Let your minds eye
to see on beyond
the ripples of water
in a reflecting pond.
Now look inwards
and see the path
as your spirit guide
shows shadows cast.
God is with you
each day and night
to give you strength
with His holy light.
So use the tools
of now and again
to bring you peace
and help you begin.
Think of the waters
 with imagination
and find your peace
in deep meditation.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21,  2020

Waves Encountered

Life might attempt
to pull you with flow
as waves encountered
with times undertow.
Many still struggle
and stand very true
holding to moments
in a deep sea of blue.
Yet so many others
just give up the ship
without even trying
to get a good grip.
Let the waves work
and provide a scene
as time moves onto
an ocean or stream.
 Encountered sights
might seem as shore
a moment’s embrace
that many do adore.
Look deeply within
and make your wish
one that of blessings
as a heaven sent fish.
Given as a doorway
with new ways of life
as crashing of desires
that seems as a knife.
Yet its perception
may be surmounted
filled with blessings
as waves encountered.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2020

for Aug 22,  2020

Time’s within action
counted with daily vision
that becomes our stride.

So many shadows
are often only nightmares
that fear has conceived.

Leaving doors opened
allows good and bad inside,
so watch what enters.

Noticing yourself
within reflections of life
you might see regret.

Painting without paint
needs an imagination
to see what is there.

Opening windows
to let in the aromas
might not go so well.

When tilting your head
you might look intelligent,
but be real stupid.

Learning life’s lessons
often begins with failures
that become as tools.

The length of a chain
does not show the pain withheld,
but only the view.

Hiding your feelings
in a breeze within the wind
can become a storm.

Weeds of a garden
can overwhelm the flowers
leaving them to die.

A leaky tire
might be hard to discover
unless it is heard.

Mountains and molehills
become distinguished factors
when pointing out flaws.

Life is a journey
that many fear to travel
because of unknown.

Paving a pathway
with the choices that we choose
is often bumpy.

Today’s yesterday
might hold a lot of regrets
found in tomorrow.

Seconds evolving
can show minutes and hours
that become our life.

The artwork of clouds
is as unfinished paintings
found always perfect.

Tears of a moment
can often become our strength
in our memories.

Living for right now
can become future poison
as the minutes pass.

Reaching for handles
might find a few hard to hold
if they’re on fire.

Synchronizing thoughts
does not guaranty to work,
for they both may fail.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22,  2020

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