We May Be Unaware


Hello my friends

How are you?   We’re doing well.  The
weather has been a little rainy lately,  but
for the most part it has been nice.  I took
the boys out for a field trip last Monday
and then Tuesday Judy and I went to play
miniature golf.  We had a blast as always.
Though,  this time there were more people
golfing than before.  We are planning on
going again next month :).  It’s good fun
and exercise.  It doesn’t cost that much
either.  Yep, we’re exciting aren’t we LOL.
Anyways,  we’ve been just doing what we
do,  her crocheting and me writing and
creating poetry pictures when we’re not
watching TV.  We went shopping for a
few items Friday for Judy’s craft night
that was Saturday and got her an metal
oil funnel for the tin man that she was
creating.  Anyways,  when we got home
we took the boys out for another field
trip.  They love it when we both come
out with them.  Yes we took a bunch of
pictures of us and the boys while out in
the field as well as the scenery that we
stumbled upon LOL.  We are exciting
aren’t we hahaha.  Judy went to craft
night Saturday and she got her tin man
built.  He looks so freaking cute LOL.
Judy’s sister Trudy also made a tin man
and it came out quite adorable as well.
I’ll share the pictures on my stationery
for the ones of you receiving my emails
in stationery format.  The rest of you
will just have to imagine what they look
like,  or send me a request to send the
pictures to ya 🙂  Anyways,  Judy just
a moment ago put Mr. Tinny outside
with the flowers and her aliens hehehe.
So what else is going on around this
place???   Hmm,  well tomorrow I’m
going to put up some flower hangers
on the outside of our porch if it’s not
too rainy.  Mainly because I will need
to take my drill outside and drill some
holes in the outside wall of the porch
to put the hangers and I do not want
to get electrocuted LOL.  If it’s too bad
tomorrow,  I’ll do it one day this week.
Then we may buy a couple more plants
to hang on them.  There’s not much else
going on around this place.  It’s not like
Judy and I can go mountain climbing
or anything hehehe.  Walking and going
up and down steps is about all these old
bodies will do 🙂 so I think we’ll stick to
that.  Temperature wise,  it’s pretty nice.
Right now at 5 PM it’s 75 F degrees.  It’s
supposed to be in the mid 70’s all week
and I can handle that.  Up here,  June
is our hottest month where in Texas it’s
July and August.  I do not miss those
triple digit temps either.  God has been
good to us and watched over us.  Judy’s
sister Barbara is still hanging on to life.
Keep her in your prayers.  God is still
with us as are many angels and friendly
spirits.   We have our fair share of issues
that cause problems,  but we make it
passed them with help from above and
beyond.  Thank You God for all that
You do and all that You will do in our
lives that we may be unaware of.  AMEN.
Now, I believe it is time for me to read
back on all that I have written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  It’s
looking like I might not have to read
back too far.  It seems I may of found
a decent title just a few lines back and
now after checking,   I see that it has
not been used yet,  but used it shall be.
Here goes…

We May Be Unaware

Throughout time
and there and back
life has a way of
getting off track.
The simplest things
within our views
might create times
that surely confuse.
We may be unaware
of the ins and outs
in the times we find
many rainy clouds.
Troubles are born
from lessons to learn
we may be unaware
that we’re to discern.
Awaken with hope
through a little prayer
to survive moments
we may be unaware.

©By Bill Pearce
July 18,  2021

Yea, I know it’s not that great of a poem,
but hopefully it got the message through.
I hope you liked it a little as well as my
rambling.  I hope I didn’t bore you too
much LOL.  Anyways,  that’s about all
I’ve got for ya other than what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote a few
more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more
poems with 3 semi Christmas poems in
the mix.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for
all of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you can find 1 or 2 of either or both that
you like.  OK, with that said I reckon it’s
time for me to begin my search for that
hardly elusive off switch,  but not before
I wish you a wonderful blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now,  where can that ornery
off switch be trying to hide this week.
Looking around the room at all of its
normal hiding spots.  Hmm,  I think I’m
seeing movement behind my Bubble Fun
soap bubbles that I bought to blow some
bubbles for the boys to chase.  Yep,  It
just peeked out again.  I’m sort of glad
that you are a bad hider,  being that if
you were really good,  then this journal
might never get posted LOL or I would
just have to give up and post it anyways.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Summer’s Daylilies

Seen while walking
colors transform
new days dawning
a flower is born.
Colors so brightly
shining in the day
lilies of a moment
in brightest array.
Summer’s daylilies
become as a dream
a sight of emotion
as a living stream.
Flowing as artwork
time has become
a season of orange
with a daylily sun.
As you’re walking
look all around
and find the beauty
in sky and ground.
Enjoy the moments
a season gives you
summer’s daylilies
of old and anew.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2021

Picture View

Times and places
we might perceive
might show signs
of heaven’s weave.
Dashed with color
as scenic dreams
life gives a stage
as magical scenes.
With just a taste
of colorful hills
time is a photo
a season instills.
Poured out gold
as a tasty treat
a picture view
for eyes to eat.
A scene a dream
a timeless stage
forms a journey
from age to age.
A living picture
minds discern
formed in life
as pages turn.
A place of wonder
the seasons unfold
that of heartbeats
of young and old.
Look on beyond it
the old and anew
as it comes alive
in a picture view.

©By Bill Pearce
July 13,  2021

Morning Arrives

Living as a shadow
life is but a gaze
on a long lost shore
of so distant days.
Standing together
we now look back
recalling reflections
of moments intact.
Times remembered
of another dawn
that’s now an echo
of a time long gone.
We all have times
we continue to tell
our living dreams
as a wishing well.
Told as a memoir
a heartbeat strives
a time and place
as morning arrives.

©By Bill Pearce
July 14,  2021

Hidden Stream

Passing scenes
a flowing sight
become alive
as waters flight.
Seen as ripples
a scenic reply
a hidden stream
as days go by.
The water flows
with aqua wings
pour alluring
cosmic dreams.
Time seems nil
as watery minds
places faces
of distant times.
Looking within
you may surmise
a memory
of distant skies.
It might be only
a wanted dream
found within
a hidden stream.

©By Bill Pearce
July 14,  2021

Geese May Fly

Seasons passing
leaves a view
changing scenes
from old to new.
Leaving stories
within the sight
as geese may fly
a season’s flight.
We might see
the birds above
flying formation
of then thereof.
Heading south
to miss the cold
and then north
as times unfold.
They might be
just passing by
on their journey
as geese may fly.

©By Bill Pearce
July 15,  2021

Reflective Minds

A watery glare
of a scenic array
may show signs
of day to day.
A rippling twist
just as a collage
might seem like
a time’s mirage.
A glittery glow
of deep within
becomes alive
just as the wind.
It forms a scene
to then be found
when reflecting
looking around.
A minute’s glare
as the sun shines
may be found in
reflective minds.

©By Bill Pearce
July 15,  2021

Dreaming Awake

Wonderful moments
I now remember
a Christmas essence
within December.
A time on my mind
a sentimental flame
that burns brightly
as a dream to attain.
A time is awakened
by glimmers of snow
and those memories
of Santa’s HoHoHo.
Thinking of the lights
of red, blue and green
seen upon the trees
as a Christmas theme.
Helping ones dream
of a wonderful place
a dreamer’s dream
with a timeless face.
Looking for windows
of moments in time
scenes may expose
a place which to find.
Winter brings to life
a stage of desire
a page from a time
that you admire.
A blissful memory
heartbeats partake
now but a moment
as dreaming awake.

©By Bill Pearce
July 15,  2021

Winter Snow

It seems a parade
as snow falls down
then landing upon
a winter’s ground.
Creating pictures
shapes and scenes
with winter snow
Christmas themes.
Like a doorway
that opened wide
the winter snow
is gently applied.
Christmas dreams
of Christmastime
the winter snow’s
a timeless design.
It forms a home
in our memories
times and places
as snow filled seas.
So many blessings
can surely grow
in Christmastime
with winter snow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16,  2021

Painted Moon

With light reflecting
a warm embrace
the moon in the sky
gives a smiling face.
It may be imagined
or even a dream
the moon up above
is a wonderful scene.
It glistens in the sky
as a magical orb
providing us dreams
which we can absorb.
Yet now it might be
as a timeless tune
sung as heartbeats
with a painted moon.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17,  2021

Standing in a Dream

Memories uncountable
become as a door
opened to illusions
for my mind to explore.
Scenes become dreams
as snowflakes fall
providing the rhythms
of a time stood tall.
Watching snowflakes
falling from the skies
is just like a window
seen with my two eyes.
The clearest perception
such a magical sight
that’s now but a dream
of a winter of white.
It’s like a reflection
of my scenic desires
found within a moment
my heartbeat aspires.
Such a wonderful place
as a Christmas cuisine,
that’s within my mind
standing in a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17,  2021

for July 17,  2021

Living for moments
can often become folly,
for we may miss them.

When in a moment
you might find there’s much regret
within your actions.

Time is a trickster
that often goes way too fast
and sometimes too slow.

Searching for a dream
in the midst of a nightmare
you might get lucky.

Traditional styles
often fall by the wayside,
when youth moves away.

Watching life unfold
you may see your reflection
somewhere in the scenes.

When trying too hard
you might defeat your purpose,
by not seeing facts.

Stages of our lives
are often filled with horror
that becomes blessings.

Looking out windows
you might see people pass by
that you thought you knew.

The new will where off
of anything that you buy,
so learn acceptance.

Leaves upon the trees
may create many voices
heard within the wind.

Evolving from past
needs us to let the past go
so to grow beyond.

Hands held together
can make life tolerable
as we each struggle.

Trimming off the times
from within our memories
might lose the lessons.

Gleaming as sunshine
so many are just liars
faking their brightness.

Live within your means
and you will find what’s needed
to get you through life.

Gridlock of choices
can often look like highways
mind set traffic jams.

Swimming in trouble
and not knowing how to swim
can pull you under.

Life can become right
if directions are altered
moving from the past.

Threading a needle
is what time often seems like
when trying to change.

Life’s a mystery
as we wonder through phases
that we think we know.

Life seems forever
as we may go through hardships,
but shorten through time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17,  2021

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