Hello my friends

It’s looking more and more like springtime
up here.  It’s 39 F degrees right now at 6:47
in the evening.  We’re expecting a little snow
this evening also,  but just a little and I am
sure that it will not stick,  being the ground
has had enough time to warm up a bit.  So
it looks as though springtime is finally here.
Yep,  the snow has all melted or at least all
of places that the sun shines upon.  There
are still a few spots where the sun doesn’t
shine that have patches of snow 🙂 There’s
not much going on up here.  We’re waiting
for the weather to warm up a little more so
we can do some field trips with Rocky and
also go and play Mini Golf.  The Houlton’s
Farm Dairy should open up in a week or so.
It might already be open,  but we have not
heard.  It seems Rocky is doing well after
the loss of his brother Benny.  A lot better
than Judy and I.  We still or least I still feel
and empty spot in our home.  We had him
for nearly 10 years.  Yep,  he was our first
boy/dog.  Anyways,  next topic.  Judy and
I have been enjoying our new arrangement
of TV programs not always having to record
them or watch them when they aired.  So,
we do not miss DISH TV LOL.  Yep and it
doesn’t cost near what DISH cost.  We had
to find something to lessen our expenses 🙂
and watching TV is something that we enjoy
doing.  It passes the time.  It’s not like we
have tons of things we are able to do that we
enjoy doing LOL.  I’d be a happy camper
if I could find someone up here that wants
to play some music,  but so far,  nobody
or at least they don’t want to jam with a
Texan.  I’m beginning to think that Mainers
don’t like me because I’m a Texan.  I have
always welcomed anyone from whatever
world they might come from.  I am still in
hopes of someone answering my Facebook
requests for anybody that lives in or near
New Limerick or Houlton Maine that wants
to jam,  to send me a message.  So what else
is going on around this place?  That’s a good
question.  Well I took a few pictures of the
spring thaw.  It won’t be long till I’m gonna
be mowing instead of snowblowing hehehe.
I reckon it’s time for me to move all of the
snow blowers to the back of the porch and
bring the lawnmower to the front so that
I can get to it when I need to mow the yard.
Yep,  we live a wild life LOL.  Easter is soon
upon us.  I wrote a new Easter poem a week
or so ago and made it into a poetry picture
using one of Judy’s paintings.  It came out
quite nice.   I haven’t done but a handful
of Easter poems.  Oh well,  who’s counting 🙂
It’s 37 F degrees at 8:24 PM and the forecast
if for 34 F degrees by morning.  It’s still a
little cool up this way,  but not too awful
bad.  Tomorrow night’s low is supposed
to be 28 F,  but with a high of 52 F LOL.
So go figure.  Heck,  there have been years
that we’ve still had tons of snow even into
May.  So nothing surprises me anymore.
God is still with us watching over us as we
encounter each new day.  We can still feel
the presence of many angels and kindly
spirits with us as well as the spirits of our
beloved boys/dogs that have passed as
they continue to watch over us.  Thank
You God for all that you’ve done and all
that You will surely do for us as well as
our loved ones and friends.  There is none
greater than You Lord.  Thank You for
never wavering and always giving Your
very best.  AMEN and AMEN.  Now I do
believe it’s time for me to be reading back
over all that I’ve written here to see if I
can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go to the place of
my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a
fairly decent title near the middle of my
rambling.  Now to see if I can do anything
with it LOL.  Here goes…


Minutes of time
begin and end
leaving us seconds
times to transcend.
Beginning seasons
and ending a few
time is a window
we’re look through.
Patterns lifestyles
form many finds
scenic as heartbeats
found in our minds.
Past meets present
and now meets then
creating pathways
the times enter in.
Blessings counted
we think are gone
that are beginning
yet another song.
Sung as a melody
a pageant of style
beginnings begin
and surely compile.
Times thought lost
yet they’re winning
lessons of the past
from the beginning.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2022

Well,  there ya go.  I hope that you liked
the poem and maybe even a little of my
rambling 🙂  Judy’s behind me watching
a few videos on her laptop PC while she
waits for me to finish here,  so I think I
have told you all there is to tell 🙂 other
than of course what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems and 22
more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now,  I do believe
it’s time for me to begin my search for
that hardly elusive off switch.  but surely
not before I wish you all a blessing filled
week and a happy Easter.  Now,  where
can that ornery lil off switch be trying to
hide this time LOL?  I don’t think it
put a lick of effort in hiding last week 🙂
LOL oh my word,  don’t fall and break
yourself.  How did you get way up there
on the curtain rod in front of me?????
I’ll try to reach up and get you ya silly.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Stormy Doors

Clouds might become
windows of the mind
seasons of reflections
as a moment’s design.
Forming the illusions
of a time in disrepair
doorways can open
and display a prayer.
Finding recognition
in phases of your life
stormy doors of time
might be full of strife.
But yet with a breath
a prayer can unleash
doorways to blessings
that are full of peace.
Let not the moments
of clouds that you see
to thrive within you
in a horrific degree.
Time gives us chances
to seek for new shores
using all the lessons
from the stormy doors.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2022


Living as a moment
thriving as a dream
so many illusions
might fill up a scene.
Within imagination
holds keys to a stage
maybe a winterscape
of a childhood age.
Memories evolving
into a timeless sight
a winterscape dream
within snow of white.
A magical moment
that seems to appear
a reflection of time
of life’s yesteryear.
You might see clearly
yourself stood there
knee deep in snow
in a timeless flair.
It might seem like
an old video tape
showing reflections
of a winterscape.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2022


Value of times
is that of a scene
as times and places
passion of spring.
Held so deeply
a magical place
life is a doorway
so many embrace.
Seen as windows
a moment unfolds
a seasonal scene
that time beholds.
Found as sights
in a purplish hue
seasons of scenes
a wonderful view.
The memories
of now and then
are of bluebonnets
timeless as wind.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2022

Moon by Day

Time gives a glimpse
of a sky of style
as a moon by day
that gives us a smile.
It’s a wonderful sight
this big round ball
that shines so bright
when giving a call.
Seeming as a dream
it reflects the sun
this moon by day
that may have begun.
It raises the tides
of oceans and seas
this moon so bright
in many degrees.
Dreams are created
shining in the night
as it tells its tales
with reflected light.
This sight in the sky
is a magical way
so often in the night
and moon by day.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2022

Changing Skies

Above and beyond
our vision might see
a scene so wondrous
that God gave free.
Changing formation
times might become
reflecting the past
with each rising sun.
Moments fluently
in a blue sky above
transition as artwork
filled full of love.
Changing the colors
as moments unfold
time is a painting
of young and of old.
It forms illusions
as birds day by day
creating emotions
in a magical way.
Seasons are dreams
seen with our eyes
found as a threshold
in changing skies.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2022

Seasons of Dreams

Within many places
dreams might occur
giving a perception
of a him or a her.
Memories enlighten
times in the heart
seasons of emotions
scenes may impart.
Some as a blessing
and some as a pain
found as a memory
pouring like rain.
There may be times
you wish for to be
found as a portal
to happy and free.
Time may only show
a portion of scenes
that lives forever in
seasons of dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2022

Midst of Time

Sometimes scenery
might form a view
as an ocean of water
neath a sky of blue.
Dreaming of a sight
fishing in the waves
in the midst of time
of a heart’s arrays.
We might not know
how long it will be
in the midst of time
becoming history.
Life’s as doorways
with many a design
found as blessings
in the midst of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2022

White of Nature

Life is a painting
always being made
seasons of scenes
as life’s lemonade.
Pictures forming
and creating styles
often as windows
filled full of smiles.
Some might see
but only the sights
that of moments
their heart delights.
Yet as a picture
of moments details
nature enhances
how a life prevails.
Times might find
a season to bestow
white of nature
in a winter’s snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2022

Sights and Sounds

Evening breezes
become a view
a life of sounds
in a sea of blue.
Forming phrases
times that flow
sights and sounds
seeming to grow.
Scenes displayed
as time and place
created sights
a firm embrace.
Held in the grasp
of a scenic sun
time paints a way
to walk or run.
Becoming a door
to another realm
as time begins
taking the helm.
Love is an ocean
ripples of time
displaying scenes
hearts can find.
Creating a path
minds explore
reflected times
an ocean’s roar.
Search for peace
in many ways
sights and sounds
some better days.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 8,  2022


Now is a chance
a dream to find
as that of magic
a moment in time.
Desirable things
we want and wish
become an essence
a fisherman’s fish.
We might become
a river that flows
that of a moment
as a watery rose.
Creating ripples
a wondrous array
desirable scenes
of a distant day.
Scenes of pleasure
sights so sweet
become as a time
none can compete.
Hearts in unison
beat like a drum
life so desirable
second to none.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9,  2022

for Apr 9,  2022

Within a dreamworld
there may be many nightmares
awaiting for life.

Living on the edge
can create many problems
that cut you badly.

The leaves of autumn
can create many pictures
that seem so alive.

Trials that become us
can also create problems
that efforts can solve.

Living in a lie
cannot ever become peace,
for lies stoke hatred.

Journeys we travel
can often become alive
living in our minds.

Faintness of the truth
might show brightly many lies
that ones tried to hide.

Thoughts we may have
might not truly be our own
as we watch others.

The lines on one’s face
often tell many stories
that some misperceive.

Truth is a pattern
that needs to be set in place
or lies will live on.

The haves and have nots
are often with confusion
of what is needed.

A dreamers escape
can become a holy Hell
if the dream’s a lie.

Living as a breath
many breathe in existence
that of a fable.

Clinging to the edge
of a pathway that we cross
we might fall over.

Echoes of silence
can be heard within our minds
as our memories.

Hearts that are with flame
and stoke up an awesome blaze
if they are faithful.

Lost in a snowstorm
you might lose your direction
within the snowflakes.

So many challenges
are unnecessary words
in the heat of time.

Patience is gathered
when impatience has run out
saying you must wait.

Many say they love,
but do not know the meaning
and so they might like.

Change is a structure
that enhances daily stride
either good or bad.

Gathering your strength
for a journey you don’t know
can become useless.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9,  2022

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