Fancy Places


Hello my friends

I hope you’ve been staying cool.  We’ve
tried to stay cool,  but when I go out to
mow the yard the heat catches up with
me LOL.  Yep,  it’s been a little warm up
here.  It’s actually the humidity that gets
me most being the high for most of the
weeks has been the lower 80’s.  I know it
might not seem hot to you,  but as I’ve
said many times,  I’m hot natured in the
worst way :).  Anyways,  I’ve spent the
last few days mowing and finally got the
biggest portion done.  I was finishing up
yesterday when came a down pour and
made me have to hurry it up and get it
finished and then rush the lawn mower
back onto the covered porch so it did
not get soaked.  It is a battery powered
lawn mower ya know LOL.  Life here at
the Pearce’s Place isn’t all that exciting.
It’s not like we go on fancy trips or to
fancy places Hahaha.  Nope,  we keep it
rather simple.  We do what we can afford.
We did though go to get ice cream at the
Houlton Farms Dairy Bar
Monday after
Judy’s doctors appointment.  But mostly
we have just hung around the house for
the most part.  Along with my mowing
I worked on clearing a place to put my
trail camera up that Judy got for me last
Christmas.  I bought me a tiny chainsaw
to use to clear the tree limbs.  It has a 6
inch blade and is 20 volts.  Yep,  another
battery operated tool.  It worked great
and did the job I intended it for.  I am
sure I will use it again to keep the limbs
trimmed.  Judy’s watching movies on
her computer while she waits for me to
get done writing this,  so I might try to
hurry it along.  One thing I have noticed
is that Rocky has no fear of our battery
powered lawn mower and he follows me
everywhere I mow and I often have to
nudge him out of the way hehehe.  He
will often just lie down and watch as I
mow when he’s gotten tired of following
me,  until maybe when he gets hungry
or thirsty and needs to go back in the
house.  He does love to go outside with
me for some dumb reason, the silly boy.
God has surely blessed our home with
many things that most take for granted.
We don’t have a lot of money,  but we
enjoy doing things together even if they
are only such as watching TV or going
for a drive.  We’re planning on doing
some mini golfing in the future as well
as taking a drive down south of us to
the coast of Maine to take some more
pictures.  Hopefully we are able to do a
few of our plans.  I’m sure that we’ll find
something to keep us entertained.  God
is always with us.  We’ve got struggles
that we must deal with,  but we’re not
dealing with them alone.  We have each
other and God as well as the many spirits
that have been sent to help us.  May God
always be with you as you face the days
ahead.  I pray that many blessings find
their way to your life.  Please God,  keep
Your mighty hands over our friends and
family as well as the many that we know
not of.  Thank You for all that You have
done and will surely do.  Amen and amen.
Now,  I do believe it’s time for me to be
reading back over all that I have written
to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title of today’s new
poem and so it’s away I go to that place
of my recollection that I always like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may
have found me a decent title near a third
of the way down from the beginning of my
ongoing rambling and now after checking
I see that it has yet to of been used,  so
used it shall be.  Here goes…

Fancy Places

Times of sights
and scenes we see
might only end up
in our history.
Moments we spent
on a time and way
might only become
of a wasted array.
So use your time
the best you can
seeking for the good
of your fellow man.
Enjoy the minutes
and hours ahead
finding blessings
and not just dread.
Look beyond scenes
and the happy faces
for often they’re sad
in fancy places.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23,  2023

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem
and maybe even a little of my rambling 🙂
I don’t think I have anything further to
tell you aside from what I tell you nearly
every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems
and 22 more haiku for all the haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.  Okey dokey,
so now I guess it’s time for me to begin my
search for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Now,  where can that ornery off
switch be trying to hide this time???????
LOL I took a glance back at Judy with
her headset on as she watches her
and noticed that she has a rider hanging
onto her headset hehehe.  Were ya trying
to watch and hear her movie or did you
just think that I would not see ya LOL?
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Wonders of Ages

Often as haystacks
life might transform
creating the windows
for time to adorn.
Seeming as illusion
time continues on
as wonders of ages
singing their song.
Singing in harmony
what God displays
as wonders of ages
in timeless arrays.
Giving us a breath
with sceneries stages
as heavenly blessings
wonders of ages.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17,  2023

Semblance of Style

We might see sights
of ordinary views
that as time passes
the scenes infuse.
Creating memories
of a distant day
a semblance of style
that faded away.
It might now seem
as a wonderful sight
that’s characterized
as a passed delight.
Find the memories
and let them live on
in a breath of air
as a sweet love song.
Sing with your heart
what times compile,
let blessings survive
in semblance of style.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17,  2023

Beyond Thoughts

Thresholds of time
hold place in a view
often as windows
from the old to new.
Time creates scenes
way up in the skies
moments perceived
found in our eyes.
We might see places
deep in our minds
a farmhouse of life
or other designs.
Open your vision
and look far across
seeing the blessings
on beyond thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
July 18,  2023

Daylight Meets Night

An evening awakens
and gives us a dance
found as the rhythms
of lifetime’s romance.
Scenes come in view
as an ocean of sky
filled full of dreams
that heartbeats reply.
Daylight meets night
as an evening’s hello
displaying the colors
with time all aglow.
We might see sights
that seem so alive
found as a blessing
as moments arrive.
Yet stood motionless
you might still find
evening of colors
from time to time.
Seen as a journal
of a season’s delight
it becomes a story as
daylight meets night.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2023


Remembering times
as shadows we cast
may often enhance
and bring in contrast.
Waves of a moment
created from a time
might continue on
as a season of mind.
Forming the patterns
of a distant fantasy
in our memorization
of a time in history.
We can still dream
of places we’ve been
and keep them close
when pain enters in.
Using good times
of passed days sights
to open a window
to dreamers delights.
Remember the good
and find you a grin
with memorization
of a time and again.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2023

After You’re Gone

We often may look
at all that’s here
and see but only
a life’s yesteryear.
Often our views
are material things
seeing only sights
of wanted dreams.
We may not know
we are that way
for as we view it
we kneel and pray.
Yet in our lives
we might only see
what that we think
is of you and me.
So look for Jesus
and find His path
to try and better
your shadows cast.
For after our time
has all run out
we’ll find what life
was truly about.
Don’t let your life
to be as all wrong
for it is too late
after you’re gone.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2023

Beneath Our Feet

Life of a moment
might be found
beneath our feet
upon the ground.
We might not see
a life that’s there
beneath our feet
as a breath of air.
It might be alive
as leaves of green
beneath our feet
a wondrous scene.
We need to strive
to find a display
beneath our feet
God sent our way.
Sights very tiny,
but stand so tall
beneath our feet
seeming so small.
It’s as our life
that times accrete
we may find hope
beneath our feet.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20,  2023

Appearance of Time

Sometimes our windows
might need to be cleaned,
as often they may display
times previously dreamed.
Not perceiving the sights
that God gave us to view
as the appearance of time
creating something anew.
Life as passing clouds
floating high in the sky
so often that’s joined with
 some geese that fly by.
You might see a dream
with a barn on a hill
as an appearance of time
passes by with great skill.
Leaving in its shadows
some dreams of design
found as an awakening
of an appearance of time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20,  2023

Flight Above

Above our vision
a moment may fly
bringing us views
in the living sky.
A vision of birds
seeming a dream
filled full of life
in a distant scene.
Flavored of time
filled full of love
hearts can unite
in a flight above.

©By Bill Pearce
July 21,  2023

Illusionary Finds

Minds often see
life as a phase
timeless designs
in magical ways.
We may dream
of times of style
or of a moment
seconds compile.
Formed as life’s
wondrous sights
seeming illusion
days and nights.
Living heartbeats,
scenic designs
magical seconds,
illusionary finds.

©By Bill Pearce
July 22,  2023

for July 22,  2023

Today’s tomorrow
might look just like yesterday
if it’s repeated.

Distance of design
often replicates closeness
found in creation.

When gathering speed
we might often trip and fall,
so watch your footing.

Storms of emotions
came become times destruction
if they’re not governed.

Living in the past
can create many hardships
that now does not need.

Thresholds of anger
can often become doorways
that some will transcend.

Time is a window
that we may often look through
seeking better views.

Seconds and minutes
create the hours of our lives
that time might not show.

Lessons of a breath
formulate the need to breathe
to give a heartbeat.

Years we remember
can become artwork of time
painted in our minds.

The threads of today
can be sewn into our life
to be used later.

Living for today
can be a good thought to think,
but it needs to grow.

Shadows of ourselves
are often seen in others
as our reflections.

Finding good footing
when walking on rocky roads
you might slide a bit.

The stems of flowers
are the feeding tubes of life
to help them to bloom.

Arguing with time
is like yelling at the wind,
for it will not lose.

People that we meet
might hide who they really are
until they know you.

In the dark of night
there might be many visions
that are there in light.

Looking at the clock
time might seem to stand real still,
so don’t stare at it.

Ones might tell you that
a watched pot will never boil,
but it will in time.

Throughout a lifetime
many things will become seen
that we might regret.

Years that we acquire
can become lessons in life
if we watch and learn.

©By Bill Pearce
July 22,  2023

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