Come Your Way


Hello my friends

Another week has passed us by leaving less
than 2 weeks left in this month and this is
leap year.  Yep,  that extra day has made it
to the calendar this year.  I know there are
people born on February 29th,  but I stay
confused on how they celebrate and have an
idea of their age LOL.  Yes I know they’ve
gotta celebrate their birthdays on a different
day either February 28th or March 1 hehehe.
LOL if you only celebrated your birthdays
on February 29 and thought of it that way
then if they were 67 like me they would only
be 16.75 years old LOL.  Thankfully I was
born on August 31 🙂  It’s 18 F degrees right
now at 6:40 PM and expecting a few snow
showers tonight with a low of 16 F degrees.
It snowed a little bit Saturday,  but not a
lot.  Just enough to cover the driveway up
with snow again.  It was slowly melting off
of the driveway,  but oh well LOL.  This
has been an unusually mild winter for us
and it might be the cause of a bug infested
summer.  Not much we can do about that,
so we must deal with it.  I remember oh so
well the summers in Texas with the bugs
that were large enough to carry you off 🙂
I can also remember the sweltering heat
which I do not miss and hope that it does
not make it up this way.  If it does,  then
I will be staying indoors quite a bit,  being
I can’t handle anything near or over 80 F
degrees for very long.  I’m hot natured in
the worst way LOL.  Although I still do
the mowing,  but have to go inside often
to cool off.  Thank God for our portable
air conditioner 🙂  Winter’s not done with
yet though.  It normally last till April and
sometimes May,  but God only knows how
long it will last this year.  Judy and I have
been just enjoying life as best that we can.
Rocky is about to drive us loco LOL.  He
has gotta be one of the dumbest dogs I’ve
ever seen.  He doesn’t know if he’s gotta
go out to potty or something else other
than such as something to eat or water 🙂
Yeppers,  we’ve got a dumb dog hehehehe.
We love him,  but he drives us crazy LOL.
Other than that,  we’re doing pretty well.
Judy’s still busy crocheting and of course
I’m still busy writing poetry and creating
poetry pictures.  I’ve got quite a few books
ready for me to get started formatting and
publishing,  but I am still sort of waiting
on the 14 books that I have published to
start selling.  I though might one day get
an inkling to get to work formatting a few
and get them published,  you never know.
I have done well over 4000 poetry pictures
since 2016 🙂  One might say that I write
a lot huh hehehe.  That of course doesn’t
count the thousands of poems that I wrote
long before I began doing poetry pictures.
In any sense,  that’s been my hobby for
many decades.  I’m very boring if you’ve
figured that one out yet LOL,  but Judy
loves me for some odd reason.  I am so
very grateful that God put her in my life.
It doesn’t seem like we’ve been together
for over 22 years,  but we have and if we
survive,  we’ll see 23 years this October 🙂
Judy is doing well.  She’s done her 2nd
chemo now and she only has 2 more to
go.  Then they’re going to start a course
of immunotherapy for a year on her.  So
all in all,  I believe she’s going to be OK.
God is always watching over us.  He and
His many angels are always protecting us
as well as the many kindly spirits that we
have around us and that come into our
life.  We have our fair share of problems,
but we keep on keeping on.  I pray that
you have God in your life and that many
blessings come your way.  Father God I
pray that you continue to watch over us
as we continue our stride thru life and
You also watch over all of our family
and friends.  Amen and amen.  So now,
I do believe it’s time for me to read over
all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find me a good word or phrase that I can
use for a title for today’s brand new poem.
and so it’s away I go to that little place of
my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have
found me a fairly workable title just about
a 4th of the way back in my rambling and
now after checking I see that it has never
been used,   by me of course hehehe and
so used it shall be.  Here goes…

Come Your Way

Seeking for blessings
within your stride
you might not see all
that lives inside.
Often when we hurry
we create a path
as a road to illusions
wanted too fast.
Blessings from God
will maybe be found
when we allow them
a sight or a sound.
Many times blessings
are a breath of air
breathed in existance
in a moment of prayer.
Open up your heart
and let it display
all of God’s blessings
that come your way.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18,  2024

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked the
poem and maybe even a little bit of my
rambling.  I think I’ve told you all that
there is to tell other than what I tell you
nearly every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10
more poems and 22 more haiku for all
the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like.  Now I do believe it’s time for me to
begin my search for that hardly elusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you all
a truly blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Okey
dokey now,  where can that ornery off
switch be trying to hide this week?????
LOL I see ya you silly thing.   Hiding
behind my harmonica case is not that
great of a hiding spot being it’s nearly
right in front of me on the second tier
of my desk.  Maybe find something a
little larger to hide behind
next week 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Watery Ripples

Just like threads
the waters of time
flow on and sew in
a timeless design.
A rippling essence
as reflected scenes
creates a window’s
ocean of dreams.
Transforming life
into living trickles
all from moments
of watery ripples.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12,  2024

Searching Memories

Becoming a breath
that breathes a smile
can transform life
to a wonderful style.
So many blessings
can open up doors
as we move along
footsteps on floors.
Not just sitting idle,
but seeking a sight
within our mindset
of a day and night.
Many might see us
as just but a breeze
if we continue just
searching memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12,  2024

Miracles of Blue

Seeming as illusions
moments might portray
time as just a passing
of a ocean’s passageway.
With breezes of salt air
blowing in the wind
 a living miracle of ages
might then transcend.
Becoming as a doorway
to another point in time
transforming windows
into rhythm and rhyme.
Scenic are the moments
that come into our view
when stood by an ocean
within miracles of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 13,  2024

Time Peeks Thru

Created from seasons
time is a doorway
to scenes we see
with wondrous array.
They may seem faint
these sights of time,
but seen closer
they most surely shine.
Distance may seem
as time’s photograph
seen thru a place
as a shadow that cast.
Mirroring heartbeats
of a passing view
life might come alive
as time peeks thru.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 13,  2024

Time as a Place

We might remember
a time long ago
swimming memories
a heartfelt flow.
Scenes seeming faint
as a season’s seas
with time as a place
in our memories.
Life is like magic
as it unveils delights
seeming uncountable
as magical sights.
Look in the shadows
and then retrace
seconds doorways
with time as a place.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2024

Clusters of Snow

Sometimes a story
has words of a way
sentences gathering
with much to say.
Life can become as
a window with style
found as a cluster
that it does compile.
Begun as snowflakes
that life displayed
wintertime’s essence
as snow’s lemonade.
God creates dreams
so wondrous to view
maybe as snowflakes
for me and for you.
Showing the beauty
the moments bestow
as heaven’s blessings
of clusters of snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2024

Time Comes Attune

Our dreams at night
can often become
as times and places
second to none.
They might be sights
we’ve seen above
the sun’s reflection
as moonlight of love.
We might even see
some clouds up high
that pass the moon
in the starry sky.
It might be darkness
helping your dreams
transforming time
to magical scenes.
Bringing forth life
a sight of the moon
that comes to life as
time comes attune.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 15,  2024

River of Life

The transformations
that water becomes
might form pictures
of times illusions.
With a living breath
the times might flow
displaying the places
we might wish to go.
A river of existance
as a web time weaves
flows like heartbeats
of a summer breeze.
Transforming sights
to time without strife
as it becomes a portal
in a river of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 15,  2024

Passing Right By

When within travels
we might miss sights
such as the blessings
that Heaven incites.
Moments as pictures
that lifetimes prevail
so often scented with
a blessing’s exhale.
Scenes as heartbeats
below a clouded sky
are often as moments
passing right by.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16,  2024

Witnessing Eve

In search of wonders
a road might display
a train track crossing
to an
evening of day.
Transforming scenes
into blessings to find
in an eve of shadows
of a wondrous design.
Moments seem to be
as but only a stage
with a sky of beauty
that reflects a page.
Words of a wanderer
find times to believe
scented of a window
when witnessing eve.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 17,  2024

for Feb 17,  2024

Simple times of life
might seem boring to others,
but they brought us peace.

Living too quickly
you might find many problems
time brought abundant.

Within winter’s snow
might live a lonely snowman
that soon melts away.

Traveling heartbeats
create a rhythm of beats
that some never hear.

Reflecting on time
you might discover moments
that you’re glad are gone.

Various patterns
may hold secrets within them
that we’re following.

In search of the truth
there might be a lot of lies
you have to get thru.

Sentimental minds
hold onto many ages
that may hold them back.

Train tracks of passage
can unleash many details
that look like the past.

Tomorrow holds life
as a breath for us to breathe
with choices to choose.

Echoes of ourselves
may be found within our minds
as our memories.

When treading water
it helps to know how to swim
or your just splashing.

Looking to the sky
you might see a lot of clouds
that look like your dreams.

Wandering thru minutes
the seconds will accumulate
becoming hours.

Stepping in puddles
you might just splash some water,
but they might be deep.

Seeking a true love
in the midst of loneliness
you might find some rain.

Whispers in darkness
are so often only lies,
so stay on your guard.

Glancing at the sun
you might lose what sight you have,
so don’t look too long.

Cherishing a time
needs you to let it become
times sweet memories.

Sands of an hourglass
might expose all the delays
within deception.

Transforming your life
into another heartbeat
you might still be you.

We’re the reflections
of so many that we meet,
often a bit warped.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 17,  2024

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