Don’t Waste Now


Hello my friends

So how’s your week and weekend been? I guess I should
ask ya how’s life huh hehehe? Life up here has been one
bumpy ride. Judy is still bouting with the flu of sorts and
I last Wednesday slipped and fell on the ice when stepping
out our front door to get a package off of our hand rail at
the bottom of our front steps. I didn’t see the ice that was
covered up with snow. First step took me with a whoosh
and I was flying. That was not the hard part. It was the
landing which messed me up. My landing gear consisted
of all of my right side and hand. I mashed my little finger
also somehow and it is swollen. Doctor Judy came to my
rescue and bandaged me up to stop the bleeding hehehehe.
I am doing better now, but it still hurts to move or hehehe
not move LOL. Yeppers, I didn’t see the ice. I did though
later throw some salt on it to melt it away so Judy would
not fall on it on her way out the door. That’s life up in the
winter wonderland of Maine hehe! Well it’s onto another
topic. My fingers are sore and it makes it real hard to
type, but I shall continue. I think it might snow a little
more later today and on into the week. Not unusual for
up here LOL. Yet I’ve noticed that the southern states
have been getting snow when they normally did not LOL.
My mom is now really confused about the thought of
global warming hehe. She said it’s not showing itself in
Texas LOL! Yeppers, the weather has been weird to
say the least hehe. I was going to try to do my writing
and all earlier this morning, but due to lack of sleep
and all, I could barely see my PC monitor, so I decided
to lay down and try to rest my eyes a bit more, but it’s
hard to do that when spent running back and forth to
the restroom hehehe which I might add gives me no
rest at all LOL. Oh well, I will get this written soon
and it will be on its way to you. Judy got home from
work just a few moments ago and is now fixing her
some noodles to hold her until I get hungry and fix us
dinner. Really I just needed to wait until I finished this
writing first before I ate. Anyways, when I finish, I
will see what I can stir up in the kitchen. Have you
gotten your honeys a Valentines card or anything?
I haven’t had much of a way, being short on funds,
but Judy said she got something for both of us. I will
though write her a little Valentines poem 🙂 as I always
do. No place to hang it though hehehe being we both
have our poems hung all over the place. We enjoyed
last night watching 3 Valentines movies on Lifetime
channel. That’s the greatest of all, spending it with
someone you love whether it be a best friend, or a
spouse or in my case 🙂 both hehe. Yes life throws
a few curve balls at us time to time, but with God we
can survive the turnstiles. Valentines day is just a
day to do what you should be doing all the while as
each day comes and goes. Never let a day slide by
that you don’t tell ones you love them. You never
know when the end will actually be. It could be
the moment you or they walk out the door. Always
make a point of letting ones know you care in some
manner. Life is shorter than you may think and
the grim reaper could be headed to your home with
his scythe in hand. Always keep Jesus alive in your
heart as you carry on with your day to day journeys.
God has given us each one a moment in life to do
what we are meant to do. Don’t waste now. You
might not get a chance to correct your errors before
you go. So it’s time once again for me to begin my
little journey back through all I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase that I might
be able to use as a title for today’s brand new poem.
So it’s away I go to that place that little place that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may
have stumbled upon a good title not too far back 🙂
I hope it works for me hehehe and you. Here goes!

Don’t Waste Now

Life is short
with days ahead
so don’t do
what you might dread.
Don’t waste now
the times to be
for they’ll live
in history.
Don’t be found
without a gain
which you chose
to not attain.
Don’t let love
to pass you by
and leave you
with a bitter sigh.
Don’t waste now
from thens designs
to find true
your Valentines.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 13, 2011

I hope you enjoyed my rambling hehehe and maybe even
the poem. I guess I need to hurry and finish this so I can
fix Judy and I something to eat, yet of course she’s not
that hungry now being she’s eaten some noodles hehehe.
But she only ate a little. Hmmm, what to fix? Oh well,
as soon as I finish here I’ll hobble to the kitchen and see
what we’ve got that’s quick and easy hehe. I ate a small
bowl of oatmeal early this morning which has already
diminished from my system hehe. Judy had a bowl of
cereal before she headed off to work. I reckon I need
to be telling you what I tell you every week and that is,
I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yeppers I wrote
10 more poems with 4 of them Christmassy/wintry style
and 2 of them Valentines poems hehehe. Also I wrote
22 more haiku for all my haiku lovers out there. Now
I believe it’s time for me to be searching for that old off
switch, but not before I wish you a happy Valentines
day and a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that off
switch hehe. Found it hiding behind my eyelids hehe.
GOTCHA See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehe 🙂

P.S. The first Valentines poem is to Judy.

Christmas Memories

Snow is falling
now today
with the essence
whitish sway.
Blowing hither
and thereto
snow is falling
now so new.
It brings moments
I remember
of dear Christmas
in December.
I feel blessings
in the flakes
whitish wonders
no mistakes.
I can recall
certain times
found within
those great designs.
Snow is falling
on the trees
in my Christmas

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

Our Valentines

In the minutes
I can see
a timeless gain.
Gathered by
two hearts afire
I can see
right nows desire.
In the minutes
hours find
two together
mind to mind.
Scenes are found
as Heaven sent
in the minutes
where they went.
Two united
had begun
so to make
the minutes done.
Brought together
great designs
making us
our Valentines.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce
I Love You Judy


Witless wonders
come and go
some just saying
they don’t know.
Witless people
seem to be
often standing
in agree.
Many people
do not try
seeking answers
by and by.
Often people
will just look
at the moments
they mistook.
Witless wonders
find a way
painting stupid
day to day.
Don’t be witless,
look and see
what a moment
might not be.
Also see the
things for sure
that are lessons
grand a pure.
Witless wonders
can then learn
from the things
that they discern.
So let lessons
show you true
how to end
a witless you.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

The Shadows

In the shadows
things are found
often colored
shades of brown.
Scenes are flavored
shadowed views
as the means
for running shoes.
In the shadows
day to day
things might seem
a certain way.
Left without
a sense of color
you might find
you can’t go further.
Don’t let shadows
stop your feet.
Look to see
what you can meet.
You might find
in shadows view
something not so
then askew.
Yet of course
the shadows found
might then also
just be brown.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011


Hearts now gather
in designs
of some wondrous
This fine day
of hearts desire
sometimes helps
bring love afire.
When two meet
and stand together
they might find
it’s then forever.
Hearts that gather
true and pure
will then take
that scenic tour.
Through the valleys
they will find
they could be
their Valentine.
So when blessings
come your way
seek to cherish
them each day.
from here to there
might just be
an answered prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

Connecting Time

Young and old,
then and there
brings together
when and where.
Time to time,
place to place
brings together
face to face.
Now and then,
found and learned
brings together
time discerned.
Young and old,
seen and done
brings together
setting sun.
Time to time
our history
brings together
sights to see.
Now and then
we might find
things connecting
time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

Crispy And New

Scenic preludes
are often found
here everywhere
and all there around.
Yet some preludes
might simply be
a little early
for their sights to see.
Scenic moments
come into play
now as scenes
of Christmastimes day.
White snow’s falling
landing in place
and also landing
right here on my face.
Scenic wonders
come unto be
such as the magic
that’s so wintery.
With every essence
it brings into view
things so Christmassy
crispy and new.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

Winter’s Signs

Winter’s signs
are found and seen
sometimes as
a Christmas dream.
Often winter
is just found
with some snow
upon the ground.
It’s our choices
how we see
that determine
what’s wintry.
Winter’s signs
from times accord
can be found
as Heavenward.
Yet sometimes
our winter views
only have some
snow filled shoes.
Let the season
come to be
as remembered
Let your vision
see for sure
all God’s blessings
free and pure.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

Lessons From The Rain

Some see storm clouds,
some see rain.
Some see times
to just complain.
Some see problems,
some see tools.
Some see only
many rules.
Some see journeys,
some see views.
Some see only
moments news.
Some see roadblocks,
some see turns.
Some just see
what hopeless earns.
Don’t just see the
times each day
as some problems
swish and sway.
Let the storm clouds
give you gain
with the lessons
from the rain.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

The Unopened Flower

The unopened flower
waits for its cue
to bloom within spring
with a big sky of blue.
It just sits there
day after day
as it just waits for
April and May.
The unopened flower
is now just a seed
waiting real patiently
to then succeed.
It watches snowflakes
now landing in place
as it just weathers
the wintertime’s race.
The unopened flower
knows soon will be
time for its blossoms
for many to see.
Yet it’s now waiting
in winters snow
as it just dreams of
moments to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

for Feb 12, 2011

Flower arrangements
only guarantee moments.
They may all wither.

Snow filled mementoes
are the Christmastime blessings
that many forget.

Yesterdays letters
might be found differently
with turning of time.

Tomorrows forecast
changes with every moment.
It could turn out well.

Every sentence
has a meaning good or bad.
Make sure you are clear.

In many journeys
are the stumbling blocks of time
with rhyme or reason.

A mere white snowflake
cannot paint a grand landscape.
It needs many more.

Onlookers of trouble
often create more trouble
through their own neglect.

Longwinded people
will ramble incessantly
and often clueless.

A flowers resolve
is its blooming in springtime
to cease in winter.

Lessons from others
sometimes is stupidity
seen from a distance.

Harboring sadness
will continue the pitfalls
of tomorrows gain.

Internal growing
comes from learning the lessons
from many mistakes.

Tomorrow’s pointless
if you continue troubles
you could change today.

Now’s victorious
when your yesterdays sorrows
are used as a tool.

Places we’ve ventured
can live on inside our minds
as our memories.

The lines on a face
only show someone’s outcome,
not how they got there.

Looking in mirrors
can show a true reflection
of what that’s inside.

Seeking a blessing
could lead you wrong directions.
Let God be your guide.

When hearing thunder
you might miss all the lightning
if you weren’t looking.

Earthquakes will tremble
leaving many unsteady.
Be better prepared.

An X marks the spot
where a treasure is buried,
but not its true prize.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 12, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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