Never Be The Same


Hello my friends

How have you been?  We’ve been doing fairly well.  The
weather hasn’t been too awful bad.  As a matter of fact it’s
been pretty nice this passed week.  It’s only gotten a tad
warm.  Today’s high is supposed to be around 79 F degrees
and that’s what it is at this moment (1:30 PM).  Judy has
gone over her sisters house again today to take care of her
mother while her sister goes to work.  It’s just once a week
so me and the boys have some guy time LOL.  OK so they
are not human hehehe.  Some people swear up and down
that I’m not human LOL.  No matter,  me and the boys have
gotten used to this weekly scenario.  I stop writing time to
time and play with the boys.  Though Benny is right now
lying in his crate hoping that his mom (Judy) comes home
soon cause he misses her.  Milo is just following me all
over the place and as always wanting to lie down right at
my feet removing my leg room LOL.  I just called Benny
and he came running.  Hehehe they looked like they could
use a treat so I gave them each two strips of Bark’n Bacon.
They’re happy now :).  Now on with my journal.  We’ve
definitely got some new neighbors,  but I have yet to of
met them.  I’ll give them time to get moved in.  In the
mean time,  Benny is enjoying watching them as he has
always.  He likes to just sit and watch.  There’s not much
that goes on around this place hehehe.  I was thinking
about doing a drumming video today,  but not sure if my
arms and shoulders can handle it today.  They’ve been
hurting a bit more than normal here lately the same as
my legs and the rest of my body LOL.  It sure would be
nice to be able to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a
time hehehe.  I barely fall asleep and then have to get
up and make a mad dash to the restroom.  LOL that’s
of course if in fact I am able to actually fall asleep,  but
most times I just get so exhausted from lack of sleep
that I pass out and am awoken quickly with the need to
visit my office (ya know what I mean LOL).   Oh well
it won’t last forever,  because I most surely will be rid
of this worn out body one day soon,  thank God :).  Yet,
until then,  I’ll just do as I have been doing for decades
and catnap.  My darned chair keeps lowering on me :(.
I guess the cylinder is worn out.  It makes it real hard
to type.  Maybe one day soon I will be able to get me
a new computer chair.  Judy is needing one too,  but
she’s been needing it longer than me,  but then,  she
doesn’t do half of the writing that I do.  None the less
we will both one day soon get some new chairs when
we can afford them.  It’s not the end of the world.  We
will survive.  I’ve lived with much less in my past and
survived.  Ok so now Milo is lying down in the floor
right behind me.  I think Benny has gone back to the
living room where he does his watchdog thing hehehe.
He’s our little doorbell.  Of course often he’s just in
there barking at either the neighbors or a sound he
heard hehehe.  He’ll bark and if he doesn’t see me
or Judy coming to check it out,  he’ll head in here
and try to get us to follow him hehehe.  Kind of like
a Peekapoo Lassie LOL.  Then I’ll look and if there
is nothing to be barking about,  I’ll open the door and
show him that there is nothing to be barking about.
Then he hushes,  until he hears something else LOL.
I think I liked it better when he didn’t bark at all :),
but he was just a pup when we got him.  This passed
July 16th,  Benny turned 3 years old although he
still acts like a pup.  Milo will get in a playful mood
from time to time and chase Benny around the house,
but Milo is 9 years old and will be 10 on Halloween.
He ain’t no spring chicken ya know hehehehe,  but
there are times he likes to act like it.  Like when I’m
fixing to feed them,  he’ll jump almost a foot off of the
floor in excitement.  Dinner time is their favorite time
of day hehehe.  LOL,  any time is Milo’s favorite time
of day as long as it involves food.  I have to tell him
to go and lie down when he starts barking for a treat,
because it ain’t happening every time he wants one.
It’s mighty cloudy outside,  but we’re not expecting
any rain.  We might though get a sprinkle here and
there.  Milo has moved to the doorway and out from
under my feet where he sort of snuck to when I wasn’t
looking hehehe.  If I move my feet for just a second
he will often sneak up under my desk.  For some dumb
reason he likes to be right under foot LOL.  Oh well,
we still love him hehehe.  Now what else is there to
talk about?  Well,  I got a lot of great cloud pictures
this last week.  I love how the clouds are like artwork
always changing.  Yes I got some pictures of me and
the boys as well.  I finally managed to buy back my
1975 high school yearbook.  Mine got stolen back in
the early 80’s.  It’s great to be able to revisit my
graduation days and see some pictures that I had
not seen in decades.  There’s a picture of me playing
my trap drum set at the pep rally hehehe.  Yep,  no
beard hehehe.  Beards were against the dress code as
were many other things,  but a few things I managed
to sneak in,  like long hair or should I say sort of
long LOL.  There were a few of us rebels in school :).
I do wish I could do it again,  but do it right this time.
I screwed up many times just as many others did.  Our
life is to be remembered,  not be relived.  No matter
if you returned to that very same place,  it will never
be the same.  Times change and so do we.  Take the
memories with you,  good and bad.  Enjoy the good
ones and learn from the bad ones.  Don’t let time
to be forgotten,  for it’s with those moments that we
grow to be who we are and learn to improve.  I do
though wish I had listened more to my parents and
not have run amuck as I did,  but I can’t undo it,
so I’ve had to learn from it.  Some lessons are what
I try to teach others,  being I have already gone
through it and it’s done.  I’ve had to learn to laugh
at my mistakes and not let them become my daily
focal point.  Of course I still screw up on a day to
day turnstile.  LOL,  who doesn’t?  OK,  a better
question,  who will admit to it hehehe?  I’ve found
many people that want to act like they’ve never
made a mistake and most surely don’t want to
admit to making any mistakes behind closed doors.
LOL yep,  often the ego can cause ones to try to
hide their imperfections and make like they never
happened,  but God knows,  and in fact He knew
that we would always make mistakes,  because
that’s what gives us growth.  Sometimes mistakes
will shed light on a better avenue to travel than
we would of ever known if we had never made the
mistakes.  Like turning the wrong way on a road
showing you a better route that you never knew
was there.  In any sense,  learn from the mistakes
of yours and others and grow.  Don’t become a
stagnant pond that will not admit that there was
ever a ripple.  So I guess it’s come to that point
and time that I need to be ceasing my rambling
and taking a little looksee back through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little
place of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have found
a good title,  but now I’ve gotta make sure that I
haven’t already used it hehehe.  Nope,  so it’s a go.
Hope it comes out making at least a little sense :).

Never Be The Same

Found as our echoes
of time and agin
will never be the same
as the way it has been.
Scenes we remember
from so long ago
will never be the same
as then to and fro.
So many moments
that we’d like to change
cannot be repeated,
they’ll never be the same.
Changes in heartbeats
from young unto old
will never be the same
as our lifetimes unfold.
So when you’re thinking
of sometime insane
learn how to change it
to never be the same.
Learn from the lessons
to gather your wits
that never be the same
needs you to resist.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20,  2014

There ya go!  I hope that my rambling didn’t put ya to sleep
and the poem made some sense to you.  Of course,  if what
I write helps you sleep,  then I am happy for that as well LOL.
Some of my writing is sort of silly and I know it.  🙂 Even some
of my poems might be a bit silly,  but I write what comes into
my thoughts.  You might not agree with some of it,  but I don’t
really care one way or another.  It’s my beliefs and the way
that I think.  I’m not in this world to have everybody to agree
with me LOL,  nor am I going to agree with everybody by
that same notion.  God gave me my perceptions and ability
to share with whomever that wants to read it.  I hope you
have been enjoying my many episodes of rambling LOL.
I often enjoy reading back through what I’ve written to see
what I might of messed up hehehehe.  Yes I do also find
things that help me that I had forgotten that I wrote down.
That in essence was the reason I began writing my journal
in the first place hehehe.  I just happened to share it with
a few of my friends and they shared it with a few of their
friends and well,  from 1995 it came to what’s now called
Animal’s Greetings being Animal is a nick name that I’ve
had since the late 70’s LOL.  Gary, the bass player in my
band from way back then, took his son to see the Muppet
Movie when it first came out and then came to practice
the next day saying he saw a creature that reminded him
of me and it even made the same laughing sounds and
played the drums in the same crazy way that I did hehe.
My hair was even so long that it made him think of me 🙂
Yep,  it was Animal!  LOL and so it stuck and everyone
started calling me Animal.  I don’t mind it hehehe,  it’s
better than Kermit LOL.  Ok so now that I have done
gone and rambled a bit more,  I think I need to stop here
and tell you what I tell you almost every week and that is,
I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more
poems with two of them once agin being Christmas poems.
One of them though is more like a children’s Christmas
story poem.  I also wrote once again 22 haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find at least one
or two of either or both that you like.  Now it’s time for
me to begin my search for that not so elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful weekend
and a blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now to find that confounded off
switch :).  Oh for Heavens sake,  are you even trying?
I can see you as plain as day hiding on the cap of my
eyedrops LOL.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  The first poem is one that I wrote about Judy
and I reflecting on some great times from long ago
at Port Aransas Texas.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

I Recall
(This is about Judy and I)

Minutes daydreams
spring to fall
are some moments
I recall.
Scenes transfixing
ocean waves
I recall
those distant days.
Summers sunshine
oh so bright
I recall
that scenic sight.
Rolling moments
footprints found
I recall
that wondrous sound.
Waves found crashing
on the shore
I recall
that time and more.
Hands held tightly
in the waves
you and I
those sunny days.
Minutes passing
now to find
I recall it
in my mind.
Our hearts gathered
for a sight
I recall
each day and night.
Then the moon comes
bright to see
I recall
just you and me.
Watching sunshine
fade away
I recall
that distant day.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Hidden Trails

Minutes passing
times details
might display some
hidden trails.
Scenes so quickly
passed us by
while our hurry
seemed to fly.
Hidden trails of
unknown days
might show futures
scenic gaze.
Sometimes as a
moments time
hidden trails
our own design.
Many footsteps
that we’ve taken
hidden trails
might then awaken.
Like a doorway
entered through
hidden trails
might show their view.
Found with footprints
others took
hidden trails
display their look.
Scenes as valleys
oceans too
hidden trails
will display true.
Timeless echoes
hidden trails
given chance
will show their selves.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Silent Storms

In the silence
you might hear
sounds of thunder
very near.
Yet some minutes
might not be
what you hear
or what you see.
Silent storms
inside ones heart
might be raging
off the chart.
For so many
hold it in
storms of anger
now and then.
Silent storms can
grow so large
that the anger
can take charge.
Don’t let silent
storms rage on.
Find some peace from
dusk to dawn
Let God give you
peace of mind
to ease the silent
storms of time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Watching And Waiting

Searching for blessings
might lose you the sight
of what that God has
given just right.
Watching and waiting
for minutes to pass
could make the moments
seem out of contrast.
Let each days blessings
come as they will
as you continue
to try to fulfill.
Watching and waiting
can grow you impatient
not seeing truly
what’s then Heaven sent.
Just do your best now
as each season turns
and then let God to
fulfill your concerns.
He knows much better
of all that we need
so let Him give you
the best to succeed.
Often our vision
does not see the plan
while watching and waiting
for times and again.
Cease always watching
and waiting each day
and do your best now
with Jesus,  OK.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

A Little Christmas

Summertime’s breath ways
are breathed with a smile
often with dreams of
a little Christmas while.
A moment of splendor
that lives in my heart
is a little Christmas
with white snowy art.
Scenes as a snowman
with a little carrot nose
and coal for the eyes
in a moment that’s froze.
A little Christmas art
that twinkles on the trees
as snow lands and plays
while blowing in the breeze.
Summertime’s sunshine
does not make this fade,
for it’s a little Christmas
that my mind has made.
A daydream of beauty
that exist now for me
is a little Christmas
of which I can see.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Beyond The Sky

While looking upwards
at clouds floating by
I have some thoughts found
beyond the sky.
Planets rotating
in their own timeframe
far beyond the sky
and an aero plane.
The dark of night displays
the stars in the sky
that might be planets
that rotate and fly.
Within their cosmos
of time faraway
our year might just be
just a moment of day.
Beyond the sky
is what that I seek
so far away
with telescope peek.
Some are just stars,
but so many we find
are planets like ours
in another point and time.
Thinking that we’re all
that Lord God has made
beyond the stars
shows all that to fade.
For He created planets
and maybe just a few
have someone on them
just like me and you.
Maybe a little different,
but yet they’re the same,
for we’re all different
with our looks and name.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Frosty’s Christmas

One time long ago
on a bright winters day
there was some snowfall
that wanted to play.
A magic hat that
was lost long ago
brought alive Frosty then
made out of snow.
He was a happy one
fluffy and white
that dreamed of Christmas
each day and each night.
For Frosty one time
as years had gone by
he remembered children
a Christmassy high.
He was excitedly
looking around
searching for children
in this little town.
Then he saw a little one
sat all alone
crying about Christmas
that he’s never known.
So Frosty walked up
and sat on the ground
and the little boy said
you’re big and round.
Frosty said I came alive
with this magic hat
and at the moment
don’t know where I’m at.
Then the little boy said
with a tiny smile
you’re sent from Santa
to be here a while.
Frosty then got up
and said to the boy
get up and join me
in a little Christmas joy.
They went off singing
and dancing with glee
while Frosty found out
why he was to be.
This little boy was left
so very alone
for he was brought up
with Christmas not known.
So Frosty taught him
the true joy to find
that is from Jesus
in true Christmastime.
He said that the season
can live all year round
inside your heart as
Lord Jesus is found.
Find now the blessings
as now comes to be.
The boy looked at Frosty
and said he will see.
The boy gave a wink
and went on his way
while Frosty went onwards
in search another day.
Looking for another
heart which to cheer
before he melts away
for another times year.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Finding Some Peace

When troubles find you
and seep in your heart
find you some peace in
a prayers work of art.
For finding peaceful
is a blessing away
found in a moments time
kneeled down to pray.
Often our struggles will
just bring us down,
but with Lord Jesus
you can lose that frown.
Finding some peaceful
might seem as too hard
when all you’re seeing
is Hell in your yard,
but look deep within you
and find breath of air
found in a moments time
through just a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Mornings Paradise

Dawns own arrival
brings tears to my eyes
with all the beauty of
mornings paradise.
Seasonal thresholds
so wonderfully staged
as morning comes with
each story well paged.
Written as turnstiles
of dawns early shine
mornings arrival
shows its point and time.
Paging as a journal
in a book with a seed
mornings paradise
gives a story to read.
Each page with wonder
and greatest surprise
is what that’s found in
mornings paradise.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

Certain Times

Time for thunder,
time for rain,
time for lightning
strikes again.
Certain times are
found to be
what we sometimes
never see.
Time for winter,
on through fall,
time for seasons
to enthrall.
Certain times
we might be found
standing looking
all around.
Time for morning,
time for night,
time for each time
found in sight.
Certain times
we may not find,
because we’re looking
back in time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

for July 19,  2014

Today gives chances
to make better tomorrows
beginning right now.

A persons answer
might not be an honest one,
but a better one.

Some clouds shapes defined
are often of the viewers
that only they see.

Counting the seconds
can make a day as a week,
so enjoy the time.

Tomorrows journey
might need some preparation
to avoid mistakes.

A new pair of eyes
can change up your perception
so look from both sides.

Beyond a birds nest
is a mother bird in watch
guarding her babies.

Life in the fast lane
will give you many problems
that could be lessened.

A summer shower
can give life to a flower,
but also drown it.

Morning comes dawning
with maybe some bright sunshine
or maybe some clouds.

Life’s a mystery
with the ins and outs of time
that might surprise us.

A disasters brink
might be found in a flower
that was just a weed.

Starting with footsteps
without watching your footing
might show some stumbles.

Ventures of a snail
are some long and patient ones
that often end short.

A turtles refuge
is within itself with faith
that none can enter.

Many flowers bloom
with just a little sunshine,
for they bloom at night.

Life in the rich world
might seem to be exciting,
but there are some jolts.

A kingdom of want
can come crashing down on you
with bricks of despair.

Lives filled with hatred
will only find bitterness
filling up their voids.

Negligent people
will lose track of what’s needed
and lose what they have.

With four pawed journeys
comes a pathway of hopeful
when they’re truly loved.

Our destinations
are written within heartbeats
found in our choices.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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