Next Door


Hello my friends

I hope your passed week has been a good one and the
weekend hasn’t turned out too awful bad for ya either.
It’s been fairly nice up here with temperatures that
range from lower to upper 70’s.  It’s 79 degrees right
now,  but tomorrows high is supposed to be 71 F and
that sounds great to me.  I’m guessing that summer is
almost over with up this ways.  It looks like we might
get some rain this evening and tomorrow.  The wind
has sure picked up.  Benny is barking at the house
behind us that has a back door swaying in the breeze.
That has to be it,  being there’s nobody out there :).
I just heard the door slam open.  I think I might of got
it through Benny’s head this time that the only thing
he’s hearing is that,  at the moment of course LOL.
Yep,  he’s our little watchdog.  It’s just me and the
boys again today.  They’ve kind of gotten used to it.
This time Benny just stood with me at the front door
and watched Judy back out of the driveway.  Milo
never got up.  He’s was lying on the floor in here
just snoring.  He’s gotten up since then and gone
out to go potty a couple of times.  I fixed Judy and
I some EGGO’s and sausage for breakfast and
made a couple of extra sausages for the boys,  but
it seems that Benny has put on his Garfield face
as he does from time to time and didn’t want his
sausages.  I just a few moments ago fixed them
an egg and they shared it,  of course surely not in
the same bowl/dog pan LOL.  Cases when there
has been only one,  sort of like the water  bowl in
here,  Benny will wait till Milo is finished and then
get a drink,  but if Benny is eating,  Milo better
back off,  because Benny protects his food hehehe.
He’ll give a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as a warning which
usually gets the point across to Milo,  but what’s
funny is Benny doesn’t care if we pet him or mess
with him while he’s eating.  He just don’t want his
big bubba to get it hehehe.  I just stepped out for
a moment and had to hold tight to our screen door.
That wind is gusting at about 25 miles per hour :).
Milo’s been following me everywhere I go.  He’s
my four legged shadow.  Benny does it too,  but
at the moment he’s resting in his/our recliner :).
We hardly need our fans on today with that big
breeze blowing through the house.  The temp
has dropped a degree since I began writing 🙂
It’s now 78 F degrees.  The nights have been
a little chilly lately,  but I don’t mind.  I prefer
it to be chilly rather than be hot and humid,  so
it works for me.  The house always seems to
get quieter when Judy is gone hehehe.  I think
it might be due to Milo not barking at her for
treats.  He thinks she’s the treat dispenser or
something LOL.  Benny just lets Milo do all of
the barking and then reaps the reward,  that is
of course if Milo’s barking got a treat and not a
SHUT UP or use your indoor voice and hush
cause ya ain’t gonna get a treat right now :).
Yep,  this be one wacky family.  I often  will
do some silly things when I get really bored.
Ya never know what’s up my sleeve or pants
legs or whatever hehehe.  But yes I do get
bored from time to time,  being that there’s
not much to do around here other than take
pictures,  watch TV and write.  Oh yea,  surely
not to forget play with our boys and irritate
Judy :).  It would be nice if we had some of our
old neighbors back.  Brian and me used to go
fishing often and he would fly his RC planes
while I video taped them in flight.  Carol and
her kids used to come over from time to time
and I always enjoyed seeing them.  June 27 of
2012 we had a sort of flood in our yard and the
kids brought over their dads canoe and rowed
back and forth across the water hehehe.  I’ve
got tons of pictures of that day as well as a few
good videos.  Shortly before they moved they
brought and left a cute little statuette on our
steps that read “I think you’re nice”.  I sure
do miss them.  Well,  I met our new neighbors
last Sunday shortly after I finished writing my
article.  I decided to haul my conga drums out
for a breath of air and do a recording in front
of our house.  They heard me playing and came
to watch and listen.  They told me to not worry
about bothering them.  Hehehe he used to play
the congas a bit also.  Their names are Mark
and Shirlene.   They are nice people.  Shirlene
took off her straw hat and stuck in my head and
stuck it on my head saying it’s yours now LOL.
Maybe,  hopefully they’ll hang around for a bit.
Here lately our neighbors have changed more
times than I wash my hair LOL.  I see some
dark clouds blowing in.  Yep,  it’s gonna rain :).
After I finish with writing,  I think I’m gonna
wash a load of clothes and then go outside and
uncover the boys swimming pool and dog house
while also uncovering our picnic table and drag
them all to the front of our house.  Of course
I’ll have to fill the kiddie pool with water to
prevent it from blowing away with the breeze.
If I don’t,  it will end up in Canada in no time.
I just took a break from writing and dug out
the pool.  doghouse and picnic table with chairs.
The pools filling as I write.  I put a cinder block
in the pool to keep it from blowing away before
it’s filled LOL.  So now it’s on with my rambling.
It’s dropped another degree since I said before.
Now it’s 77 F degrees hehehe.  Going down fast.
Benny decided to come in here with me and Milo.
He’s now lying in the floor beside his brother 🙂
of course Milo finally curled up in one of the
doggy beds hehehe.  Benny’s now following me
all around the place with his little tail wagging :).
Anyways,  I just went out and shut off the water
hose being I believe the rain will fill it the rest
of the way LOL.  I laid the cinder block on the
outside of the pool so if they wanna drink
they can just get on it and get one.  Of course
they’ll have to jump to get in and out of the
pool,  OK,  maybe just in due to the cinder
block on the outside LOL.  I did all this with
a long shirt on hoping the breeze didn’t get
a bit frisky and expose me hehehe.  Of course
I’m sure our neighbors have better things to
do rather than just wait for me to come outside
and watch me hehehe.  Judy said that she might
stop and get us something to eat on her way
home.  So,  we shall see.  I have the bath rags
and towels in the washer now waiting for them
to finish so I can put them in the dryer  and
put our clothes in the washer.  Fun times at
the Pearce’s Place hehehe.   I have dishes
needing washing too.  Sheesh,  it never ends!
Oh well,  it kills the boredom hehehe.  I think
I’m gonna go ahead and let my beard grow
out a little at a time,  but not all the way out
until it’s a bit closer to winter LOL.  I showed
our new neighbors a picture of me in my Santa
suit and they said,  Hey,  we live next door to
Santa Claus :).  It’s cooled down a little more
now.  It’s 75 F degrees now LOL.  I know I
don’t thank God enough for all of the blessings
He gives me,  so let me stop right here to say
a bit of thanks to Him.  Thank You God for
putting up with all my silliness and never giving
up on me.  Thank You for giving us Your Son
to give forgiveness for all of our sins and yes I
do sin way too much,  but I’m trying.  God has
showed me His mercy on many different venues
of my life.  Not one of us is sinless,  but if we
allow God’s Son in hearts and lives then we can
be washed of our sins in Heaven.  Yes,  we will
still have to answer to them here on Earth in
our fleshly bodies,  but when we die,  we have
Jesus to wipe our slate clean.  Please,  if you
haven’t found a relationship with God,  I implore
to find one today.  He’s only a prayer away.
Now,  I guess it’s time for me to stop rambling
and take a little looksee back through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for today’s new
poem that I have not used already LOL.  So,
away I go to that little place that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a good title,  but now I’ve gotta try and write
something using it LOL.  Here goes nothing.

Next Door

When words find ways
to vibrate through walls
you might just find
next door full of squalls.
Sometimes a persons
reflection in time
finds them next door
as an awkward design.
For what one’s hearing
might not shed a light
on the ones next door
of what’s really right.
We all at one seasons
moment displayed
find we’re reacting
to times lemonade.
For what you’re hearing
might just surely be
the sounds of a program
that’s on their TV.

©By Bill Pearce
July 27,  2014

Ok,  so how was that hehehe?  I hope a few of you
understood it :).  How many times have you come in
a conversation and thought they were talking about
one thing and it was nowhere near what you thought?
I know it’s happened to me at least a dozen times if
not a hundred/thousand hehehe.  I just went to check
to see if it was raining yet and it was a good thing I did.
It was raining in the house,  so I shut the windows on
the south side of the house.  It’s not raining in on the
North side LOL.  Ya can’t even tell that it’s raining
unless you get up and look outside hehehe.  Benny
was still outside from when I let Milo out to go potty
and he was ready to come in.  Benny don’t like rain.
Loves snow,  hates rain LOL.  The temperature has
dropped quite a bit now.  It’s 68 F degrees now,  but
I think the rain helped out a bit hehehe.   The boys
are now lying in the floor to the left of me and happy.
Benny’s a tad wet,  but he’ll dry quickly.  I have
a prayer request.  My sister in law Barbara is in the
fear of the cancer returning being they found another
lump.  Please keep her in your prayers and also a
real good friend of mine in Oregon.  It’s cancer
and they have had to take him off chemo.  He said
he’s losing weight fast.  Please take Jimmy with you
in your prayers.  So,  I guess it’s time for me to be
telling you what I tell you every week and that is,
I wrote some more poetry and haiku.  Yeppers,
I wrote 10 more poems with once again 2 of them
being Christmas poems.  Also there’s one to Judy
about my silliness hehehe.  I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you find one or two of either or both that you like.
Now I believe it’s time for me to begin my search
for that not so freaken elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful weekend and
blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  where’s that silly off
switch trying to hide this week????  OH WOW,
you almost managed to hide from me this week :).
Hiding in my printer paper box was a good spot,
but ya gotta learn to not always be peeking out to
see if I see.  Peekaboo,  I see you hehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  It’s 64 F degrees now LOL.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Life and Lies

So many people
live life without truth
often learned sometime
come from their youth.
It might of come from
some place in time
where they were portrayed as
less than a dime.
Yet many people will
just lie away
when the truth’s better
to much surely say.
Often the liars club
is but a game
played by so many
just going insane.
Times might be displaying
fields of demise
found on the journey of
their life and lies.
Learn to move forwards
with truth better found
while letting Jesus be
your solid ground.
Yet don’t go crazy
just blurting what’s seen,
for sometimes truthful
can be really mean.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

Looks of Disaster

When in a storm cloud
look for the good
that you might find as
Sometimes a rainbow
is not clearly seen,
for there are nightmares
with no clear seen dream.
The looks of disaster
are often found blind
as many judge it
as a land mine.
Yet some disasters
are actually real good
just but a little bit
Looks of disaster
will often find peace
when they are learned from
times we should cease.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

Looking for Love

Some mornings find ones
searching to see
their own connection
to loves history.
Looking for love
in the places they go
often gives only a
life full of woe.
Let Jesus help you
to find your true love
even if it turns out
not who you’d think of.
Often perception
is a bit out of whack
looking for love on
the wrong railroad track.
Don’t always judge ones
by how that they look,
for what’s on inside
might be then mistook.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

Winters Christmas

In my mind now
I remember
Winters Christmas
in December.
Seasons jolly
laughter too
in my mind now
I can view.
Winters Christmas
comes in clear
when I dream of
it sincere.
Seasons shadows
seem to dance
in my mind with
winters glance.
Christmas music
songs of joy
comes as blessings
I enjoy.
Winters Christmas
snowy white
I now dream of
day and night.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

I Believe I Believe

When there’s not a glimmer
of sunshine to shine
I believe I believe
some hope I will find.
When sadness is shadowed
with all I think of
I believe I believe
there’s help from above.
When doorways are sliding
that I’ve entered through
I believe I believe
God will still be my glue.
When my own perception
is filled with despair
I believe I believe
God will help me through prayer.
When all my efforts
are turmoil’s of sight
I believe I believe
God will make it alright.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

Today and Tomorrow

When we are seeing
but only yesterday
today and tomorrow
might not be OK.
It’s with the lessons
from yesterdays seen
today and tomorrow
can make a cuisine.
Yet if we focus
on too much of past
today and tomorrow
might have bad forecast.
Don’t spend all your time
in should’ve done lane
just wishing different
for now to attain.
Today and tomorrow
are right now in sight,
so let all your yesterdays
just teach what’s right.
Showing you timeframes
of moments abode
that maybe went right
or found to explode.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

I Might Be Weird

My love my honey
I might be weird
with all the actions
that sometimes appear.
I might be silly
and do goofy things,
but I still love you
for you are my queen.
I might be weird
in the things that I do,
but I’ll always be here
to watch over you.
Some days might display
some bad points in time,
but I’ll always love you
with each day combined.
I might be weird honey,
but deep in my heart
I’ll always see you
as God’s work of art.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

To Judy Pearce
from ME:) Bill Pearce

Summers Dreams

Sights transfixing
summers dreams
are as sometimes
rushing streams.
Then much deeper
those dreams go
and find settings
Christmas snow.
Summers dreams then
come in view
with me wishing
scenes so true.
Winters paintings
oh so white
in my dreams now
day and night.
Summers dreams that
now display
are of Christmas
winters way.
Summers dreams with
great desire
are of Christmas
passions fire.
Blazing heartbeats
to and fro
summers dreams now
in the snow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

Wishing Stones

In a smooth round
river rock
is a wishful
to unlock.
Wishing stones
to toss and say
I wish I might
I wish I may.
Some might toss them
in a pond
wishing for a
better dawn.
Yet some people
toss them in
wishing for
the same again.
Wishing stones
of waters way
many toss in
just to play.
Not found wishing
large or small,
yet they find
they had a ball.
Wishing stones
still wait to show
answers to
a wishful throw.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

Within The Walls

When there’s silence
in the room
within the walls
might sing a tune.
Words of memoirs
found within
in the silence
now again.
Maybe glimmers
of the past
within the walls
a shadows cast.
Some say if
these walls could talk
they would maybe
squeak and squawk.
About the things
they heard ones say
from a distant
other day.
Within the walls
a story’s told
with a picture
to unfold.
So let stories
that they hear
be as blessings
so sincere.
Within the walls then
ones will find
peace and love
from time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

for July 26,  2014

Shadows only thrive
when there is light to give life
no matter how much.

Looks of a morning
will change as time moves forwards
leaving memories.

Deciding your path
needs knowledge of your footsteps
and maybe others.

A good flower blooms
when it’s been taken care of
and not left to die.

Pointless perception
finds ways into arguments
that need left alone.

Looking for hopeful
might find you eluding the best
due to appearance.

Without a footstep
after the true decision
there is no progress.

Leaning on others
can become a daily thing
that causes breakup.

Someone that’s smiling
might not be happy at all
and hiding a frown.

With someone watching
it might make you real nervous
to do what’s easy.

So many answers
come with even more questions
that have no answers.

Pools of teardrops
might form inside of ones heart
that is never seen.

Sometimes a story
is not at all what you thought,
due to the cover.

As clouds float by
there’s pictures being displayed
that many won’t see.

Without a heartbeat
our fleshly bodies will die,
but our spirit lives.

Glancing at someone,
you might get wrong impressions,
so give them a chance.

Life in the real world
is found overprotected
by many parents.

Many confuse love
with just a mere addiction
of someone to hold.

Today is a time
that yesterday forecasted
maybe not so well.

When spreading gossip
take a look at your own life
and see if it’s good.

Wandering eyeballs
see only part of the sights,
for they don’t hold fast.

As the seasons change
they also leave memories
found in the views.

©By Bill Pearce
July 26,  2014

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