Admit That You’re Human


Hello my friends

Has it rained over your ways?  It’s rained a little in this
passed week,  but not much.  We might get a little rain
throughout the week,  but not expecting too much.  The
temperatures have been fairly nice.  Today it might get
up to 80 F degrees.  Right now at 11 AM it’s 71 degrees.
Not too awful bad!  The last few days I’ve been having
to sit here alone as Judy went to visit with her sisters
and cousins which are girls also hehehe.  Nope,  I didn’t
wanna get stuck in a room with a bunch of girl talk LOL.
Yesterday,  she went to her sisters house for a family get
together,  but my legs were hurting too bad to go due to
me being stupid and helping our neighbors move some
stuff,  which I will not EVER do again.  Long story,  but
my body is still recouping and I don’t feel that I was even
appreciated anyways.  OH well,  live and learn.  Judy is
over at her sisters house today taking care of her mom
again so that her sister can work her one day a week at
WalMart.  She should be home sometime this evening.
This passed week I’ve felt like a single man hehehehe.
Unfortunately I had no car to go anywhere or do anything,
because she had the car.  Our landlord is out in the field
trying to get his tractor fixed.  It quit on him a few days
ago with a LOUD backfire LOL.  It sounded like a gun
shot.  Anyways,  he’s gone again.  I guess it still wouldn’t
start.  Tomorrow,  Judy and I are gonna sleep in,  being
we don’t have anywhere we need to be.  That’ll be nice!
Milo is lying in the floor.  Him and Benny went with Judy
yesterday and they were pooped little boys from playing
with their many cousins when they finally got home last
night.  Benny of course has already gotten his second
wind,  but Milo’s an old dude and he don’t snap back as
fast LOL.  He’s like me and needs a little time to rest
and recoup.  There’s not much going on around this place.
While Judy has been gone,  I’ve been just goofing around
with my conga drums.  browsing the internet and watching
TV,  of course aside from helping our neighbors which
I have already mentioned LOL.  It sounds like Calvin got
his tractor up and running again and he’s back to plowing.
He’s a nice man.  Not the best landlord,  but he does his
best and that’s all that can be expected.  I just went to
see if Benny was ready to come in and he was hiding up
under our steps hehehe.  The tractor scares him.  Benny
came inside and Milo came to the door saying he needs
to go out.  LOL swinging doors.  He went and pooped and
came running back to the door because he was ready to
come back inside.  LOL back to the floor to plop down
and sleep hehehe.  There are two doggy beds in here and
he’s lying on the freaking floor LOL.  Go figure hehehe!
Oops,  Calvin’s tractor died again.  He might ought to
take it to a mechanic,  but then that would cost money.
I’m sure he’ll get it up and running again :).  I just gave
the boys some Bark’n Bac’n.  They’ve been real good
aside from Benny barking at our landlord while he’s out
there trying to get his tractor started again hehehe.  The
Bark’n Bac’n shut him up for a bit hehehe.  Now he’s up
under the coffee table in the living room gnawing on it :).
Now it’s on with the journal after of course I grab me
a another soda water (Mountain Dew).  OK got it!  Now
Milo is sitting right behind me just staring at me wanting
another piece of Bark’n Bac’n hehehe.  Nope,  you’ve
had two pieces the same as Benny.  Go and lie down now
and let me write.  He’s lying down now,  but still staring
at me hehehe.  I guess I’ll just have to try and ignore
him LOL.  As I said before,  there’s not much going on
around the Pearce’s Place.  We live a fairly quiet life
of course aside from us both being deaf and having to
turn the TV up full blast so we can hear it hehehe and
also from me ever so often jamming on my conga drums
to kill the boredom and they’re not that loud.  Nope it’s
a quiet life around here.  I would surely welcome a little
excitement from time to time LOL.  Judy and I might
one day soon take a little sightseeing photo drive and
even bring the boys along to get in the pictures :).  Yep,
it’s great that Judy and I enjoy a lot of the same things.
Not everything,  but then that would just be weird LOL.
It looks like I might have to do a little laundry and wash
some dishes in a bit.  It’ll kill the boredom hehehehe.
I hear our landlord out there again.  It sounds like he’s
got his tractor running again and gone back to plowing.
Yep,  it’s REAL exciting around here LOL.  It’s better
than nothing.  It’s gotten a little bit warmer since I began
writing.  Now it’s 79 F degrees.  That’s supposed to be
the high for today,  but we shall see hehehe.  I’m sure
it will vary,  because it went back to 78 degrees while
I was writing this LOL.  Thank God for the breezes
that come blowing in ever so often.  I often find myself
looking back in time wondering how I ended up way up
here and I can sometimes see how God intervened in
putting me where I needed to be.  I might not be happy
always,  but there’s no one that is always happy.  We all
have our bad days and what’s bad to you might be great
to another.  The owner of the problems will often deduce
the troubles that they have.  What’s hard for another,
might be easy for you and visa versa.  We often think
that we’ve got it worse,  but trust me,  there is always
someone out there that has it worse than you.  Just like
if you think you’re the best at something,  think again,
because there’s always someone out there that is better
than you at doing something.  Just be yourself and do the
best you can with what God gave you.  Don’t worry about
how great another person is.  You are often only seeing
the outer shell of who they are and not seeing what’s
thriving within.  Many will often try to hide their failures
that they’ve had for fear of being less than.  We’re all
going to make mistakes.  That’s a fact of life.  Get over
it.  Learn from your mistakes and grow.  Let God show
you the blessings that can come from learning.  Let your
ego have a rest.  Admit that you’re human and have made
a few mistakes in life and are still making them.  I know
I make mistakes every freaking day,  but I try not to
dwell on them,  but learn from them.  Let Jesus show you
His forgiveness as you learn how to forgive yourself and
others.  Today is a brand new day,  so don’t let mistakes
of yesterday to prevent you from growing today.  Now,
I believe it’s time for me to take a little trip back through
all that I’ve written and see if I can find a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  Hmm,
I think I found a good title that I haven’t used before,
but can I write anything that makes any sense using it?
That’s soon to be seen huh hehehe.  Here goes.

Admit That You’re Human

Don’t spend so much time now
just trying to be
without an error now
in history.
Admit that you’re human
and make some mistakes
as bakers make pies
when trying to make cakes.
Sometimes our failures
are better to find
when they give lessons
to then change our mind.
Admit that you’re human
as each day moves on,
for we all make mistakes
from dusk unto dawn.
Don’t let your failures
to make you insane,
for with many failures
there’s good to attain .
Look passed the lesser
and see what that’s good.
Admit that you’re human
just misunderstood.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 3,  2014

LOL OK so there ya go.  I hope that made sense to you.
It makes sense to me :).  I’ve seen so many people that
refuse to admit they have ever made a mistake.  That in
my book is stupid.  Why try to hide your humanity?  I’ll
tell ya what,  I’ve made so many mistakes,  that I don’t
think a computer could keep tabs of them LOL.  If God
were writing them on a Holy chalk board,  He might end
end up with writers cramp :).  I am so thankful for His
Son that He gave to give forgiveness for all of our many
mistakes and sins.  I know through Jesus,  I have Heaven
waiting for me.  So I guess,  before I get back into Rambles
Ville,  I need to send out a special prayer request for my
good friend Jimmy in Oregon.  He has cancer and I’ve been
told he has but only 4 to 8 weeks to live.  Please put him in
your prayers.  I love that guy.  He’s been a friend of ours
for many years.  Hey Jimmy,  always remember,  God is
in control and no matter what,  (we will meet in Heaven).
Ok,  so I guess I need to tell you what I tell you every
week and that is,   I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers,  10 more poems with one of them being sort of
Christmassy and another one about Judy and me.  I also
wrote once again 22 haiku for all of my haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you find one or two of either or both that
you like.  Now,  it’s time for me to be searching for that
not so illusive off switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend and a blessings filled week.  Ok so
where is that silly off switch hiding this week?  Hmmm,
I thought I saw movement behind my monitor.  I see ya!
That would of been a good hiding spot if you hadn’t been
leaning on the stand making it rock back and forth hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. One of the haiku is about our friend Robin’s
dog in Texas.  The dog’s name is Ginger and she
likes to talk on the phone or should I say growl 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Scenes Forgotten

Times we’ve encountered
and things we’ve been through
are often forgotten
from here thereunto.
Things that we’ve seen in
the passed days of time
are often remembered
a bit out of line.
Some scenes forgotten
come flavorful back
with sight of pictures
that memories lack.
The years flow onwards
as timeframes display
some scenes forgotten
of some other day.
Often our heartbeats
will not remember when
those scenes forgotten
of time and again.
Yet it’s with pictures
of somewhere in time
that scenes forgotten
then come back on line.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

Lesser is Better

Sometimes a little
is better by far
than that of whole lot
from near to afar.
Often our wanting’s
are not seeing right
for we might want things
in our mere excite.
Many times less than
is all that we need,
for it fulfills moments
to daily succeed.
Yet many people
still want so much more
when lesser is better
to fit through the door.
Life gives illusions
of what is much wetter
when it’s found sometimes
that lesser is better.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

Dirty Windows

Surely sometimes
we look through
dirty windows
with our view.
Times distorted
through the glass
dirty windows
now and past.
It’s with cleaning
up your sight
that you might see
clearer light.
Dirty windows
can display
clouds of rain
on a sunny day.
Don’t let dirt to
cloud your view.
Clean your sight up
and see true.
Dirty windows
can become
only raindrops
in the sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

Mornings Haze

Night will bring
a brand new gaze
found as often
mornings haze.
Sometimes sleepless
enters through
clouding up the
mornings view.
Mornings haze then
could turn bright
if the viewer
changes sight.
Letting not the
sleepless gaze
to allow the
mornings haze.
Find some peaceful
mornings hour
maybe in a
fragrant flower.
Look for blessings
here and there
then let haze to
lose its glare.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

Looking Back Now

When clouds float by
they bring to mind
things remembered
time to time.
Looking back now
you might see
bits and pieces of
Tomorrows journey
is found gazed
looking back now
quite amazed.
Things we’ve been through
made us strong
teaching us
what’s right and wrong.
Ages turnstiles
swings around
looking back now
town to town.
I myself see
where I’ve been
looking back now
and again.
I see journeys
footsteps made
looking back now
times crusade.
Aging footprints
I laid down
looking back now
turned around
bringing lessons
now today.
Looking back now
I’m OK.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

The Oceans Waves

As waves roll in
upon the shore
a moments time
shows so much more.
Scenes uncovered
in my view
the oceans waves
of there and to.
of those days
now are just a
photo phase.
Things we did
upon the beach
the oceans waves
were then in reach.
Now I view those
times we saw
as our favorite
times of awe.
We stood most days
in mornings sun
watching as the
days begun.
Picture taking
of our gaze
often of the
oceans waves.
The sounds of waves
just like before
gave us peace
upon the shore.
Now those days
are just a glance
the oceans waves
of times romance.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From ME Bill Pearce 🙂

A Single Thought

A single time
a single thought
brings to mind
a time that’s sought.
Simple choices
that we choose
become voices
win or lose.
A page that’s turned
of times belief
might discern
a moments grief.
Yet some seconds
minutes pass
ones might reckon
gone too fast.
A single thought
of times gone by
might ask questions
how and why.
Leaving pages
without answers
as some ages
moments dancers.
Dancing as a
single thought
that’s gone away
and best unsought.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

Why Can’t Christmas?

As time goes by
I find my gaze
searching for
those Christmas days.
The Christmas lights
and whitest snow
that’s found with Santa’s
I ask myself
what can I do
to bring that time
right back in view?
Then I search
and try to find
Christmas found
in summertime.
Why can’t Christmas
live all year
bringing always
love and cheer?
Oh so many
lose its joy
as each minute
does deploy.
Why can’t Christmas
be each day
even when it’s
gone away?
It should live on
in our heart
as a daily
work of art
flavored with some
Jesus love
come from Lord God
up above.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

Summers Breeze

While time drifts by
with summers breeze
it leaves it’s passion
in the trees.
Rustling leaves
of timeless days
summers breeze
goes on its way.
Scenes transfixing
day and night
summers breeze
will make a sight.
Trees seen blowing
to and fro
as the summers
breeze will blow.
Even the sounds
of it’s own ways
summers breeze
gives peaceful days.
Relaxing sounds
with rushing wind
the summers breeze
is my best friend.
It cools the days
with just a breeze
as it rushes
through the trees.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

Life Is Short

Don’t worry about
those things that passed
for life is short
and things won’t last.
The days we’ve hurried
we might find
too short to care.
Life is short
with burning fuse
so don’t burden
win or lose.
Just enjoy
the days you find,
for life is short
and passing time.
Let your days be
done the best
and then take some
time to rest.
Life is short
so don’t fall prey
to not enjoying
day by day.
Find the good things
in your life
and don’t be filled
with only strife.
Life is short
so find some good
doing what
you know you should.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

for Aug 2,  2014

As hearts are beating
there is life in a moment
that can come and go.

Someone’s single thought
could change the worlds perception
if it’s put to use.

Living in the past
will prevent you from growing
and moving forward.

A little puppy
finds ways of displaying love
in just a mere growl.

Doorways we’ve entered
might be filled with many things
never expected.

Time’s not just minutes
but the uncounted pathways
that we never saw.

Living for today
makes way for your tomorrows
either good or bad.

Postponing your needs
for unnecessary wants
could find you empty.

Becoming forgiving
will allow peace in your heart
as time moves along.

Searching for trouble
might find more than you sought for
and end in great pain.

Looks of a liar
might have unfocused eyesight
with truth found within.

Leaves on windy days
will dance within the sunlight
with rustling sounds.

Change brings new doorways
to either enter or not
with chance found in place.

Leftover values
can become wrenching onslaughts
that might prevent change.

When seeking revenge
be prepared for a downfall
you weren’t prepared for.

Sometimes tomorrow
looks best when you have rested
and not just worried.

Lines on some paper
show us where we are to write,
but some do not care.

Efforts of a dewdrop
find a resting spot in time
that shines in the sun.

Beyond memories
are the times we’ve forgotten
with footsteps taken.

Looks of some starlight
will twinkle in the night sky
with eyes watching them.

Meaningless chatter
will often drive ones crazy
until understood.

Streams of waterways
sometimes flow in a rainstorm,
but cease when it’s done.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 2,  2014

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