Let A Raindrop


Hello my friends

It looks like summer is on a downhill slide now,  at least
up here that’s what it looks like.  We’ve been staying in
the upper 60’s to mid to upper 70’s for the past few weeks
and it looks like according to our weather forecast,  that
there’ll be more of the same.  Today’s high is supposed to
be 78 F degrees.  Right now at 11 AM it’s 74 F degrees.
I’ve been taking the boys out in the field in front of our
house to get some exercise.  They seem to enjoy it LOL.
It’s helping me too.  When we first got Benny and much
time afterwards,  we couldn’t trust him to walk with us
out there,  but now along side Milo,  he stays close and
doesn’t wander off to the woods as he did once before :).
When I said are yall ready to go back to the house,  it
was like a mad dash hehehe.  Benny took off and then
Milo was right behind him.  They looked so cute playing
all the way to the house.  I took a video of them and it
came out pretty good :).  I’ve already uploaded it to my
Facebook page hehehe.  Milo is lying in the floor right
now and Benny I’m pretty sure is lying on his favorite
recliner.  Although,  since we’ve gotten our spare room
cleaned out and made our futon accessible,  he’s been
found sleeping on it from time to time hehehe.  We’ve
gotten a little rain off and on as normal.  We might get
a little this evening,  but there’s only 10 percent chance.
My weather program shows a slight chance of rain for
Tuesday and then 40-80 percent for Wednesday and
Thursday,  but that can all change one way or another
at the drop of a hat.  So what else is going on around
here other than clouds,  rain and sunshine hehehehe
oh and yes Benny and Milo?  Well to be honest,  it’s
pretty quiet around here.  Or it would be :),  if Benny
would quit barking every time our neighbors come or
go or whatever LOL.  If it had anything to do with us,
then I wouldn’t mind so much hehehe,  but he’s gonna
have to get used to us having neighbors again LOL.
I guess we’ve been without any neighbors for so long,
he thinks he’s gotta protect all of the homes hehehe.
Yes,  that is good to a point,  but there is such a thing
as overkill hehehe.  Judy is once again over at her
sister’s house taking care of her mom while her sister
works her one day a week at WalMart.  I think the
boys have gotten used to her schedule.  Benny just
stood with me at the door and watched Judy back
out of the driveway and then he picked up where he
left off with his dentist stick hehehe.  Milo never
even got up from the dog bed in here and he’s still
down there snoring away.  After I finish writing this
I might take them out to the field with me again and
play to give them and me some exercise.  I’ve been
walking out in the field by myself for a long time,  but
just a couple of days ago started bringing them along.
Milo has come out with me a few times,  but Benny’s
first time was yesterday.  I think I’m going to try and
make it a daily thing of course up until it snows and
it’s too deep to walk hehehe.  Even then,  I might
make us a few trails in the snow that we can walk
in,  but that’s a few months away.  Right now the
sun is shining bright.  It’s 73 F degrees at 11:30 AM
and there’s a 5 mile an hour breeze blowing.  Not
too bad.  Milo was having an asthma attack just a
minute ago,  but I picked him up and calmed him
down so he could relax and breathe.  I have asthma
too hehehe.  Like father,  like son.  A lot of times it
just takes a little calming to help to breathe peaceful
again.  I have a respirator  that I use,   but haven’t
found one for a dog.  For that matter,  how would
you even get him to use it LOL?  Breathe in Milo.
No don’t try to eat it.  Let it go Milo,  it’s not a toy.
Do you see the aspect of that dilemma hehehehe.
Anyways,  he in time gets to breathing normally
and continues with whatever he was doing hehehe.
Right now he’s SNORING LOUDLY LOL.  I can
almost feel the floor vibrating hehehe.  My mom
told me that she’s ready for wintertime.  She’s tired
of the heat.  I wonder why :).  Today’s high in her
part of Texas is supposed to be 99 F degrees and
right now at 11:46 it’s 90 F degrees.  I know how
she feels.  I can still remember those hot summer
days,  but at least it seems the temps are staying
below the triple digits.  I told her,  she ought to
move up here hehehe.  She said,  don’t tempt her.
I said remember,  we often have months of subzero
temperatures with tons of snow to boot.  She said,
she hates the heat LOL.  Something tells me that
she would hate the cold much more while having
to deal with what we deal with LOL.  But if she
wants to move up,  there are places in town that
she can move to.  LOL I don’t think she could
handle living way out here in the boonies and
having to dig out her car every day.  I’m a little
different than her.  I prefer the cold to the heat
due to my health issues and plus I love to play
in the snow and take pictures of the snow scenes.
OK,  I’m a lot different than her hehehe.   Now,
what else is there to talk about?  I’ve taking a
lot of pictures of the scenery around our house.
Everything’s so green, it looks like it’s painted :).
I walked down to the river that is just below us
and I took a few pictures.  I also got some great
moon shots as well as more cloud pictures.  Yes,
I got many pictures of the boys :).  Did ya think
that wouldn’t happen?  Milo is getting more and
more affectionate.  He’s wanting me to hold him
almost as much as Benny.  It’s hard to believe
that Milo was ever not so cuddly.  He used to
hate being held hehehe.  Now,  when I put him
down,  he tries to jump back up in my lap LOL.
So silly!  I haven’t heard Benny bark in a while.
I better go check on him.  I’ll be back.  I’m back.
Benny’s sound asleep on his favorite recliner :).
I hope he’s resting up,  because after I finish
with this,  we’re going walking.  Yep,  another
trip out in the field.  When they get used to it,
all I’ll have to say is,  yall wanna go walking
just like when we say,  do yall wanna go for a
ride which after that phrase,  they both head
for the door and Benny starts whining hehehe.
Milo shows his excitement in a more dignified
manner hehehe.  When we open the door,  he
makes a mad dash for the back door of the car.
So,  when I get them used to hearing ya wanna
go for a walk,  I’m sure I will start getting a sort
of similar response aside from the car being the
point of journey hehehe.  We love our lil boys :).
Thank you God for the many blessings that we
receive and have received as well as the ones we
have yet to receive.  I can remember times long
ago in my past that I was not so thankful for the
things God had given me,  but now as I look back
I can see how that what He gave me,  was what
I needed,  whether I liked it or not.  Sometimes
being grateful needs be done even for the bad
times that you experienced,  for they are lessons
to help us grow.  Often the hard lessons will stay
with us longer than the easy ones.  Sometimes we
will forget the easy lessons and have to learn
them again and again,  but those hard lessons
will stay with us.  Don’t let life to turn you into
a miserable person.  Look for the rainbows
through the storm.  Let a raindrop not be a bad
thing,  but an enlightening one.  Yesterdays
troubles can be the builders for todays good
times.  Learn what not to say,  where not to go
and what not to do.  Use those lessons wisely
and tomorrow will be a better brighter day :).
Now,  I believe it’s time once again for me to
be searching through all that I’ve written here
for a new word or phrase that I can use as the
new title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a good title that I haven’t used
yet,  but now I’ve gotta see if I can put a few
words together and form a poem using it LOL.
Here goes nothing hehehe.

Let A Raindrop

When a storm cloud
rains on you
let a raindrop
change your view.
Search to find
a greater show
through the storm
a bright rainbow.
Let a raindrop
teach you well
how some problems
change detail.
Often struggles
give you gain
hidden in
the falling rain.
Sometimes storms
we’ve found succeed
are what all
we really need.
Let a raindrop
teach you true
what that you are
needing do.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10,  2014

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe even the
poem.  Before I get ahead of myself,  I want to wish
my granddaughter Sami a HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY.
I sure wish I could be there and celebrate it with you
or at least give you a GREAT BIG HUG.  I love you.
Jayme,  I miss you.  It would be nice if yall could one
day come up and visit.  I know,  finances are really
tight.  Ours are too.  Judy and I love ya bunches.
Again,  Please,  continue to keep my good friend
Jimmy in your prayers.  We love you Jimmy.  Never
ever forget that my friend.  Ok,  so it’s gotten a little
warmer now.  It’s 77 F degrees right now at 1 PM.
Still,  not too bad hehehe.  I had to let Benny outside.
His barking was driving me crazy.  Our neighbor is
vacuuming their car and Benny thinks I need to
know about it LOL.  Milo’s still sleeping.  He’s a
sound sleeper just like his mom hehehe.  Benny
and me wake up for everything LOL.  Well,  it
seems like I might ought to stop here before my
rambling gears kick in again hehehe.  So,  I guess
it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell you
every week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with one
of them being sort of Christmassy and another
one about Benny and Milo hehehe.  I also once
again wrote 22 haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you find at least one or two of
either or both that you like.  Now,  I’m  needing
to try and find once again that (not so great at
hiding) off switch,  but not before I wish you a
most wonderful weekend and a blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Ok,  now where’s that off switch attempting
to kind of sort of hide :)?  I think I see ya you
silly thang.  You’re really pushing the envelope
in bad places to hide LOL.  Hiding behind my
ESC key isn’t in my book even freaking trying.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and of course Benny and Milo “Woof Woof”

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Sweaty Paws

Summers days
with oohs and ahs
are sometimes
with sweaty paws.
Our boys running
here and there
sweaty paws
without a care.
Those four legs
go running wild
sometimes as
a little child,
but our oldest
named Milo
sometimes runs
a little slow.
Sweaty paws
of summers days
finds our youngest
playing chase.
Benny’s younger
than Milo,
but their truly
barking bros.
They will sometimes
bounce around
making their own
barking sound.
Not the same breed,
no they’re not,
but they love
each other a lot.
They’re our boys
with little claws
found upon
their sweaty paws.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

The Minutes

With only a moment
some minutes will pass
leaving things sometimes
out of contrast.
The minutes we count
are often so wrong,
because they are moments
that don’t belong.
The minutes we see
might be mere illusions
while only showing us
moments confusions.
So don’t let moments
to leave you found sad
for they’re just minutes
found sometimes a fad.
Yet sometimes moments
that the minutes disclose
show us the timeframes
we overexpose.
Leaving just a portion
of our reality
found in the minutes
of our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

Tomorrows Dream

While now paints a view
in front of your eyes
you might find portions
of tomorrows skies.
Times yet to flourish
of things that we’ve seen
are maybe moments of
tomorrows dream.
Imagine you’re climbing
a mountain so high
that when you get there
you touch the sky.
Tomorrows dreams come
when doubt’s at rest
leaving us blessings of
moments filled zest.
Find now your hopeful
in tomorrows dream eyes
and let your blessings
to fill up the skies.
Find now through prayerful
a genuine smile
within tomorrows dream
God can compile.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9, 2014

A Hint of Winter

Within the glimmers
of summertime’s days
a hint of winter comes
found in a phrase.
Bringing along Christmas
with it’s certain scent
there’s a little portion
of a wintery hint.
Sometimes at nighttime
with it’s little chill
there’s a hint of winter
to surely fulfill.
Summers own pages
are turning with time
soon to be winter with
white snow divine.
Then the glow of Christmas
will light up the nights
with a hint of winter
and Christmassy lights.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

So Many Lines

Some lines curve around
to make a few words,
while others just stand there
to spell a flock of birds.
So many lines
will just cross and mix
leaving some seemingly
just doing tricks.
Some lines form circles
to go where they go
while never ending
with their certain flow.
Sometimes the lines
will not look the same
connecting at corners
of an uneven plane.
Many times lines
will just be a view
seen from a distance
from thereunto.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

Painted Skies

Skies of blue
with clouds of white
show me now
a wondrous sight.
Scenes of beauty
for my eyes
are found in
the painted skies.
Storms might enter
bringing rain,
but the beauty’s
still the same.
Changing daily
with each breath
the painted skies
shall never rest.
Bringing oceans
skies of blue
with some waves
a whitish hue.
Painted skies
are found each day
some to change
with clouds of grey.
Then the stories
for my eyes
are revealed
as painted skies.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

A Can of Worms

A word we said
without a thought
a can of worms
might then be bought.
Making a day
much worse for you
the can you open
might go askew.
So don’t let words
of untamed ways
to bring to you
some saddened days.
Think it over
clearly now
before your words
just go KAPOW.
For so often
trouble turns
when you open
a can of worms.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

When Summer’s Over

Days we’ve encountered
some too hot to breathe
many are found wanting
a simple little breeze.
When summer’s over
the summertime days
might within winter
have a much better gaze.
Yet now with summertime
many are sweating
while they’re just simply then
winter forgetting.
Winter brings snowflakes
and beauty divine
with also a wonderful
Christmassy time.
Then of course many will
lose track of days
while they are walking in
white snowy ways.
When summer’s over
so many forget
the best is to come
but surely has yet.
Don’t let the coldness
of wintertime’s scenes
to become all you think of
as a daily routine.
When summer’s over
then Autumn will show
fall colors growing
with scenes to and fro.
Then as the snowflakes
begin to fall down
a white snowy venture
will then paint the ground.
When summer’s over
look for all that’s good
autumn to winter
in your neighborhood.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

Leftover Smiles

Often some sadness
will become found
as only all that’s
seen all around.
Some situations
might fill up your mind
with only sadness
and no good to find.
On those occasions
search mindful the miles
to find the flavors
of leftover smiles.
Try and remember
the laughter you saw
maybe on sometimes
joyful hurrah.
Leftover smiles can
blossom and bloom
if you will try to
set them in tune.
Sometimes a moment
of a silly cuisine
might give a laugh
if you know what I mean.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

Joyful Sounds

Things we hear
on passing days
might turn out as
best soufflés.
Seasoned moments
time surrounds
as so many
joyful sounds.
Times we might not
think so great
might turn into
better fate.
Joyful blessings
come and go
sometimes leaving
us with woe.
Yet so often
leaps and bounds
lead us to some
joyful sounds.
Some with struggles
in their view
then some smiles come
unto you.
Joyful sounds
of God’s request
will become
our very best.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

for Aug 9,  2014

Shadows tell stories
of the actors in motion
leaving some questions.

The youth of today
will be tomorrows elders
so don’t look away.

Living in a shell
will prevent many lessons
that life will teach you.

God gives us choices
to either turn right or left
or pray about it.

Life is a turnstile
with a few squeaky doorways
that might need oiling.

Looking for true love
could find you a few lemons
amidst your journey.

Unsightly people
might hold beauty within them
that you might not see.

Within a tattoo
is often a persons thoughts
about who that they love.

Centuries of time
disclose decades of pathways
that we each repeat.

A leading person
could become someone’ downfall
due to ignorance.

Harboring sadness
prevents any happiness
to fully take hold.

Beyond tomorrow
holds the mysteries of now
that we did not see.

Changing surroundings
does not always work out well
for changing yourself.

Looks of some dewdrops
are found glowing in sunlight
sitting on flowers.

A persons heartbeat
is sometimes barely noticed
by ones prejudice.

A search of the truth
could display some good liars
that need exposing.

Too sheltered from storms
might prevent you from learning
as life moves along.

A book of knowledge
often gives too much info
for those that worry.

When time passes by
it paints a few portions
within tomorrow.

Glancing at beauty
is better than just staring
making ones nervous.

Written in the sky
are words of imagination
with painted details.

Long awaited moments
might turn out worse than first thought
due to your dreaming.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2014

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