Worse Distractions


Hello my friends

It’s been another wintery week around here, but we have
yet to of had the full fledge onslaught of winter up this way.
Nope, we’ve had nothing this year like New York has had
recently. They had the lake affect snows that caused more
than their share of snow to be dropped on them. I’m quite
sure that there were a few other states in the neighborhood
that got slammed a bit. We’ve still got snow on the ground,
but nothing of a grand detail. I’m pretty sure the full beauty/
fury of winter will come in its own time LOL. I’m actually
excited to see what it will do this winter. Although I’m sure
that after a month or so of it, I will be excited to see it done
with hehehe. Too much of anything can get old ya know LOL.
Benny and Milo are doing well. Milo had to go outside and
go potty a minute ago and so Benny went outside with him.
Milo is already back inside, but as always, Benny is not,
because he wanted to play in the frozen stuff some more :).
Benny simply adores snow LOL. I just went to check on
him and he’s still not ready to come inside where it’s warm.
Silly boy! I’ll go and check on him again in a bit, but it’s
onwards with my rambling for now hehehe. This week I’ve
got a doctors appointment for an ultrasound on the lump on
my shoulder and two large moles on my back to make sure
they are not cancerous and then I’m having them removed.
Hopefully all goes well. I don’t think I have anything to
worry about. I’m quite sure that God has much more for
me to do, but if not, then that’s life. Our time is numbered.
So, I just went to see if Benny was ready to come back in
and he was sitting at the top of the steps waiting for me :).
Now he’s in here lying in the floor right beside me. Milo
is in the bedroom lying in a doggy bed at the moment, but
I’m sure he’ll be in here shortly hehehe. Speaking of the
devil, here he comes LOL. Now he’s lying in the floor on
the other side of me. I’m surrounded :). Milo just got up
and went to lay down next to Benny. They are so sweet :).
Oh yea, last night Judy and I discovered that our favorite
cartoon channels are back. That was quite a thrill. Yes,
we like to watch the old cartoons hehehe. We’re not too
crazy about the new ones. There are few of the new ones
that we like, but we prefer our favorites on Boomerang
and the Cartoon Network. We’re still young at heart 🙂
I am having trouble writing due to the boys now up and
about wanting my undivided attention LOL. They are
now both right behind me. Ok, so I’ll try to finish with
my journal. The days have gotten real short here lately.
It seems that no sooner than the sun rises, that it sinks
in the west LOL. I have been running out of energy
much faster than normal. It seems no sooner than I get
up. I am exhausted LOL. Getting old I guess! Benny
keeps barking at sounds that he thinks is mom coming
home. LOL I said, she won’t be home till much later,
so knock it off ya lil over active doorbell hehehe. Milo
has gotten into the habit of following Benny’s lead and
starts barking or in many cases running for the door
if Benny thinks it is something we need to know hehehe.
I can usually tell if it’s truly something important when
Benny starts his whining and jumping at the door LOL.
Who needs a doorbell? We have one, but on most
cases, Benny he starts barking before anyone has come
to the door. They might of just driven in the driveway 🙂
We bought us a dish cover for our satellite dish that is
supposed to keep the snow and ice from sticking to it.
Our landlord said he’d come and put it on it Monday
or Tuesday. Our dish is on the roof of our house and
I don’t do heights very well anymore due to a few bad
falls I’ve had in the past. Anyways, hopefully that
dish guard or what is called Dish Armor will prevent
us from having too many problems with loss of a signal.
Of course there are weather conditions that we just
cannot do anything about and we’ll just have to accept
that. It’s not too cold right now. Only 35 F degrees.
Tomorrow and Tuesday believe it or not, it’s supposed
to be in the low 50’s, but then by Wednesday drop to
the low 30’s and by Thursday and Friday in the low 20’s.
So the warm days will be few hehehe. Yeppers, winter
is making its entrance. I just went to the kitchen to
get me a Mountain Dew and heard the pitter patter of
tiny feet right behind me as Benny and Milo followed
me there and back LOL. My little shadows hehehe :).
Well, other than what I’ve mentioned, there’s not
much of anything happening around here other than the
regular stuff LOL. Judy and I watch all of our favorite
TV programs together. Friday we finally watched our
newest video, The Man of Steel and It was pretty good.
It’s almost time for us to begin watching our Christmas
movies :). Of course we love to watch them anytime.
Benny just went ballistic thinking Judy was home and
Milo followed suit hehehe. I had to hold Benny up to
the door so he could look outside and see that it was
just the neighbors LOL. With all of these distractions
it will be a freaking miracle if I ever get this journal
finished :). It’s OK hehehe, I’m sure I will get it done.
I have done with much worse distractions :). God gave
me this ability to express all of my thoughts in writing.
I’ve had this gift for many decades, but there were
a number of years that no one knew of it. I kept it
secret. It wasn’t up until I fell ill and almost died in
1994 that I found that others might like to read my
thoughts. One never truly enjoys life until they are
faced with death and many times the reason for life
is more apparent as it was for me. I found that many
people enjoyed my levity and insights. My gift was
most surely a blessing. You also have blessings that
you may not be aware of due to many other factors in
your life. Maybe the wrong time and place. Our gifts
explode into reality when the right time has begun.
Don’t let yourself get caught up wishing and wanting
for someone else’s gift. Your gift is surely no less
than any other. It’s our gifts combined that create
larger blessings. Let God fill your heart with His
wants for you and you will be found complete with
blessings abundant. Now I believe it’s time for me
to be taking my little trip back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find a word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I believe I may have found a decent title
and now after checking I see that it has not been
used yet by me of course hehehe, but we’re fixing
to remedy that LOL. I hope it makes sense :).

Worse Distractions

Times and places
in between
might distract us
sights unseen.
Things we’re thinking
thoughts obscured
might distract us
from God’s Word.
Worse distractions
song and dance
might just put us
in a trance.
echoes blast
worse distractions
from the past.
What we’ve yet to
just let go
might distract us
to and fro.
For when passed days
live in you
worse distractions
live there too.
Now and here
needs interactions
to work through
the worse distractions.
Make them tools
of lessons learned
worse distractions
bridges burned.
There are answers
in the time
worse distractions
best design.
So let now
to find you peace
worse distractions
own release.
With a silent
prayer to God
worse distractions
turn applaud.
With the peaceful
Heaven sent
worse distractions
find content.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 23, 2014

There ya go 🙂 I hope that made at least a little sense to
you 🙂 and I hope you enjoyed all of my rambling hehehe.
It’s getting late and Milo is staring at me. He’s giving me
that little glare, like it’s almost time to eat. The fact is
to Milo, anytime is time to eat LOL. But wait he must :).
He’s now getting a drink of water which I’m sure will be
followed with a knock at the door telling me that he has
to go pee hehehe. He has a weak bladder. Ok so he’s
a knocking LOL. He just came and jumped up here to
tell me in case I didn’t get the message 🙂 I’ll be back.
I took a bathroom break while he was outside to sort of
kill two birds with one stone :). So, what have I forgotten
to tell you about hmmmm???? I can’t think of anything.
So, I reckon it’s time for me to tell you what I tell you
almost every week and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yep, 10 more poems with 2 of them being
Christmas poems. Also I wrote once again 22 haiku for
all of my haiku lovers out there. I hope you find one or
two of either or both that you like. Now I believe it’s
time for me to begin my search for that not so evasive
off switch, but not before I wish you a most wonderful
weekend or what’s left of it and a blessings filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Ok, now
where are ya hiding this time ya silly thing? Hey that
was actually a good hiding spot this time aside from it
being one the places you had to come up for air hehehe.
Plus your sneezing kind of gave ya away LOL. Hiding
in my little pepper shaker didn’t turn out so great huh :).
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and also Benny and Milo 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Tomorrows Sun

Yesterdays footsteps
on tomorrows sun
make now a path with
the new days begun.
Tomorrows doorway
is taken in stride
when we are found then
somewhere inside.
Then with our pathways
of tomorrows sun
we might find answers
to why things are done.
Left ways perception
or right ways then seen
might display moments of
tomorrows sun dream.
With all our yesterdays
paving the way
tomorrows sun will
find us today.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Those Memories

Times I remember
as oceans beach sand
I find a dreamland
where two lovers stand.
Watching the repeating
of waves come ashore
those memories are
oh so much more.
Two sets of footprints
are seen faraway
found in a dreamland
of that distant day.
The scenes are of beauty
two hands holding tight
those memories are
us there in sight.
Walking in the waves
right up to our knees
we’re holding hands
in those memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

To Judy Ann Pearce
From William Earl Pearce II

Blissful Distraction

Sometimes our troubles
can become better found
when they are seen from
a different time around.
It’s with our viewpoints
that gives a reaction
sometimes as problems
blissful distraction.
When many footsteps
make troublesome miles
blissful distractions
might display some smiles.
Mornings of dewdrops
with breezes blowing
blissful distractions
might begin snowing.
With every minute
of each mornings dawn
a blissful distraction
might help you move on.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Lavender Heart

Some see the world as
bullets just flying
as there’s so many
either dead or just dying.
The soldiers of freedom
still walk evermore
just like they’ve done
many times and before.
The scenes are horrific
that so many find
making a soldier
of heroes design.
Some see the fighting
and do not see true
how they’re protecting
our red white and blue.
Then a few soldiers
receive for their part
what that is purple
a lavender heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Winter Awakens

As the sky changes
it displays a view
winter awakens
each day so anew.
Then as the season
December does find
many are finding
a Christmas type mind.
Winter awakens
with snowflakes that fall
or maybe pictures
of white over all.
People begin then
hanging their lights
that are with beauty
found deep in the nights.
Winter awakens
with things that we see
as maybe twinkling
lights on a tree.
Then there’s not any
moments mistaken,
for Christmas comes when
winter awakens.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Deciding To Change

While choices doorways
are found in our sight
we have the chance to
do what is right.
Not letting past days
to be who you are
deciding to change can
make you a star.
Sometimes our future
needs new direction
deciding to change with
a better correction.
Don’t let your past days
troublesome heart
to be just remembered
as discolored art.
Change the direction
that you have been going
if what that’s seen is
trouble bestowing.
Right now this moment
some good can attain
if you find truthful
deciding to change.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Imagine Christmas

Looking within us
our minds eyes might see
signs of the times
of our history.
Imagine Christmas
with glistening trees
or maybe snowflakes
as white fluffy seas.
Imagine the moment
that Christmas is here
with all the songs
ones sing so sincere.
Look now within you
and find that great place
that is of Christmas
with Jesus embrace.
Imagine Christmas
as time goes around
then look before you
as Christmas is found.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Vision Lake

While floating on
that vision lake
sights and sounds
are no mistake.
Splashing waters
side by side
as we journey
on our ride.
Me and Paw Paw
drifted on
after dusk
and into dawn.
We went floating
fishing true
vision lake
of thereunto.
Time has passed now
I can see
vision lake still
him and me.
We were best friends
him and I,
but he one day
had to die.
My sweet Paw Paw
still holds true
he’s my granddad
through and through.
Up in Heaven
I am sure
he has a place
to set my lure.
When I die
we’ll surely make
ripples on
that vision lake.
Up in Heaven
him and I
will be fishing
by and by.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Distant Moment

A distant moment
lives and breathes
right now today.
That sweet moment
I recall
colors of the
leaves of fall.
Times reflections
become what my
eyes can see.
Pictures taken
times request
now are found
the very best.
A distant moment
remembers what
has come to pass.
Found as pictures
counted true
a distant moment
comes in view.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

Traveler Winds

Snowflakes found falling
as traveler winds
become the blessings
as each one transcends.
Finding their journeys
as winter winds blow
the end of the journey
becomes mounds of snow.
The traveler winds
are always changing
making the white snow
always rearranging .
With every single breath
of a windy day
the traveler winds
create a display.
Some become drifters
seeking new sights
in traveler winds
of days and nights.
Sometimes the snow will
pile up so deep
until the traveler
winds seek to sleep.
Then as the moments
of peaceful is found
the traveler winds
leave snow on the ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

for Nov 22, 2014

Now finds tomorrow
as often just mistaken
for it’s not in stone.

Finding a storm cloud
does not guaranty a storm,
for it might move on.

With quicksand of time
many find themselves hopeless
when without Jesus.

Peace comes quietly
as ones focus on destruction
distracted by war.

Lingering echoes
might be the sounds in the night
of ones that have passed.

When looking outside
you might miss the view inside
of your family.

Minds that will gather
can bond their thoughts together
and make them as one.

Lines on writing paper
help to keep the words in place,
but some ignore them.

In a winters day
you might find yourself standing
in mounds of snow.

Now is a shadow
of yesterdays that we’ve seen
that we might not like.

Similar people
might not think so similar,
for we are unique.

So many answers
come in form of some questions
that have no answers.

Life in a nutshell
contains quite a lot of nuts
that need to be cracked.

Lingering snowflakes
create stories of winter
written high and low.

As evening draws near
the last of the days sunlight
shimmers in the west.

Minutes becomes time
that’s added onto moments
with hours counted.

Impatient people
often leave wakes in their lives
that crash on others.

Believing in ghost
is written in the bible
as The Holy Ghost.

Life is a moment
that is already written,
but maybe not done.

Pages we’ve read through
might have some hidden meanings
that we’ve overlooked.

Holding too tightly
to your yesterdays in time,
might cease any growth.

Blessings encountered
can be something regretted,
but turn out for good.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2014

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