Falling Off


Hello my friends

Yet another week has gone by and the
weather has not been too bad.  It’s been
in the 70’s most of time with a few days
in the upper 60’s and no not Celsius 🙂
That would be rather freaking hot if it
were Celsius.  Judy and I are doing OK.
Rocky has just about drove us bonkers
though hehehe.  He has gone 3 days now
without making potty in the house aside
from yesterday evening when Judy got
home from her sisters house and Rocky
got all excited and jumped up on our
bed and peed.  On Judy’s side of the bed
yet LOL.  I just wish he would quit with
the getting into our clothes.  I am tired
of folding my clothes and putting them
away with him coming up right behind
me climbing up to pull them down.  He
has been doing the same with Judy’s
clothes.  I am hoping that he learns to
not do that soon.  I don’t like having to
spank him.  If he could understand the
English language,  it might be a little
easier LOL.   Oh well,  he’s just a pup
and learning gradually.  Judy’s brother
Ricky is not doing well at all health wise.
Please keep him in your prayers.  OK so
what else is going on around this nut
house 🙂 ?  Well,  the vet that we took
Milo to that also put him to sleep and
cremated him,  sent us a sympathy card
the other day.  The Vet wrote a sweet
note and signed it and the office also
signed it.  They could tell how much
Milo meant to us and for that matter
still does.  He will always be a part of
our family.  Rocky has brought us much
joy and as he learns more and more of
what he’s not supposed to do,  he will
bring us even more joy hehehe.  It’s so
nice seeing him and Benny playing and
having fun.  Rocky simply loves to play
with the doggy toys.  We have tons of
them LOL. 2 toy boxes full of them 🙂
He tries to get them all out to play with
and our PC room tends to get a little
cluttered time to time the same as our
living room LOL,  but he is having fun
and they are just doggy toys and they
can be put away,  (to be dug out once
again not 10 minutes later) LOL.  Yep
he loves the toys.  Benny likes the toys,
but he was never so caught up with
them as much as Rocky.  Milo had a
few that were his favorites,  such as
Lamb Chop and the blue octopus 🙂
Of course we have multiple of them
both,  but he had his chosen favorites.
When Milo came inside,  he would
snatch up Lamb Chop and make a
dash through the kitchen to the PC
room LOL.  The PC room is where
I am now,  our computer room LOL,
so get your head out of the gutter 🙂
Yep,  it’s nice having the sound of
little feet running through our house.
The boys will often play chase back
and forth from the living room to
the PC room.  OK,  so what else is
going on around the Pearce’s Place?
Well it looks like we might get some
rain beginning Tuesday Evening,
but who knows for sure?  It could all
change at the drop of a hat,  but who’s
gonna drop the hat and what kind of
hat will it be?  Will it be a cowboy
,Tryolean,  Fedora,  Bowler,  Boater,
Panama,  Homburg,  Porkpie,  Stingy
Brim,  Baseball,  Tophat,  Straw or
Campaign Hat?  Hehehe I be silly 🙂
But,  you’ve gotta admit,  the weather
has a mind of its own and only God
truly knows what it will be.  I follow
it on my PC weather radar programs,
but even that does not always hold so
true,  because it has a weird way of
changing its mind.  Oh yea,  a Derby
and a Bowler hat are the same thing.
LOL Just saying!  There are many
more different styles of hats,  being I
mostly only mentioned the men’s hats.
Some of them are ones that women
have been seen wearing also.  LOL,
I guess this is the trivial part of my
journal,  not that anything else that
I write isn’t trivial hehehe.  I haven’t
done much picture taking lately being
my camera keeps falling apart and
the one that I ordered the first of the
month never got shipped and Amazon
refunded my money.  I went yesterday
and reordered from another vender
through Amazon for a better price 🙂
and they are supposed to ship it by
Tuesday.  So,  hopefully I will have
it before the week is out.  My camera
is literally falling apart hehehehehe.
It’s held together with masking tape.
Judy bought it for me back in 2004
and it has served me well,  so I went
and found the very same camera on
Amazon and bought it.  It’s still the
top of the line in my book.  If my card
and card cover would quit falling off
I wouldn’t have to buy another one,
but the SD card will not stay in the
slot and so the cover has been used
to keep it in and now it is broken and
keeps falling off leaving way for the
SD card to fall out.  The camera will
not work without the cover.  If it’s
not closed,  the camera will not come
on.  So,  you see my dilemma hehehe.
Anyways,  I am looking forwards to
getting my new old camera of the
same making,   but not broken LOL.
Right now it’s 69 F degrees at 2:04
in the afternoon.  Not too awful bad.
I did manage to take a few decent
pictures with my camera while trying
to keep my camera card in place 🙂
Judy also took a few good pictures.
I went over and took some pictures
of the Black-Eyed Susans (flowers)
and I got a few good pictures of the
clouds in the sky as well.  Yep.  my
camera still works good,  when it’s
not falling apart LOL.  I’ll keep it for
a back up.  Who knows,  I might be
able to one day find a way to fix it.
Next topic.  Hmm,  I cannot for the
life of me think of anything else to
tell you,  so I guess it’s time for me
head back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find a
good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go,  to that
place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a decent title just a
little ways back and after checking
I see that I have not used it yet,  so
away we go 🙂

Falling Off

Hills of wonder
times we’ve seen
falling off
becomes a dream.
Floating swiftly
through the sky
hills of wonder
oh so high.
Wondrous moments
become found
falling off
to solid ground.
Blissful settings
dreams and more
falling off
begins to soar.
Heading up then
deep in space
with a peaceful
smiling face.
Then as ticking
time moves on
falling off then
sees new dawn.
While allowing
changes made
falling off
shows ones afraid.
Fear not changes
times accord
falling off
to climb aboard.
Seeing new days
come to be
falling off
might set you free.
So those anchors
in time slots
might need loosened
falling off.
For the new days
that are shown
might be blessings
Heaven grown.
Falling off of
morbid times
gives a way for
new designs.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 9,  2015

OK,  so that might not of been one of my
better poems LOL.  It’s the words that
my fingers typed.  Most times I have no
clue of what I’ve written until I am done
and read back through it.  Some people
call it automatic writing/typing.  I hope
you enjoyed my rambling.  I know I tend
to go on and on about the boys hehehe.
That’s life at the Pearce’s place 🙂  LOL.
I had to take a potty break and when
I got out I saw Rocky lying on our bed
waiting for me to get out with his tail
wagging profusely hehehe.  Benny is
also now back in here.  Right now it’s
sort of cloudy outside,  but there’s no
rain in the forecast for today and we
needed a break.  Getting sort of water
logged if ya know what I mean LOL.
I did manage to finish weed eating
yesterday,  but now I’m aching more
than ever.  I kept hoping that our
landlord would make it over to do
it,  but I got sick and tired of all of
the freaking weeds around our house.
Rocky went outside with me and was
following me while watching me cut
the weeds.  Our weed eater isn’t a
big one.  It’s fairly light,  but it’s
also not good for the big weeds so,
I had to pull them and my hands
and all are sore as (well  you know).
I’ll survive as Lord God intends
for me to.  When my time is up,  it
will be up,  but until that day I’ll
continue trying to do the best that
I can to take care of my family.
We don’t have much money,  but
we do have tons of love and that
in my book is worth more than any
amount of gold or diamonds.  We
can see God’s Hands at work in
our lives as we watch these 2 boys
playing together with smiles on
their faces.  Judy and I have so
much to be thankful.  We’ve had
our share of struggles,  but all in
all we have been blessed.  So,  do
you know Jesus.  Do you love God?
Have you decided to let God to
help you with your life?  Life can
be so lonely without Him by your
side.  Why not make the decision
today to learn about The One that
breathed life into our hearts and
gave us His Son Jesus Christ to be
our guide.  With God,  all things are
possible.  Now I believe it’s time
for me to begin searching for that
not so elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wondrous
weekend and a blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now,  where is that
confounded off switch hiding this
time?  LOL,  you’ve gotta be nuts.
Hiding behind my hot cocoa cup
is not the greatest 🙂 being I’m still
drinking it ya know hehehe.  Sip,
aah  good cocoa and there ya are 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Friday’s Dream

Times I’ve thought of
times I’ve seen
come to be with
Friday’s dream.
Scenes remembered
long ago
Friday’s dream
I used to know.
All those moments
found in time
now are only
dreams of mine.
Playing music
singing too
Friday’s dream
I used to do.
It was much more
than a dream
for those Fridays
times agleam.
Yet those moments
now are gone
but my Friday’s
dream lives on.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

Trivial Thoughts

With but a moment
we can become lost
within a turnstile
of trivial thoughts.
Pages turned quickly
with lesser to learn
trivial thoughts
are what ones discern.
Not seeing clearly
the better to view
the trivial thoughts
can turn you askew.
Don’t let your mind to
only see gray
with trivial thoughts
from day to day.
Find the important
things to discover
lesser the trivial
better the other.
For the good moments
might pass you by
if trivial thoughts
are all you rely.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

Open Canvas

Pictures taken
left and right
become open
canvas sight.
Scenes transfixing
that display
become paintings
in a way.
An open canvas
gives the room
for a journey
times attune.
A photograph
of what we saw,
open canvas
fills with awe.
With each brushstroke
that is made
the greater times
are then displayed.
An open canvas
blank at first
shows a picture
times emersed.
With each second
passing by
open canvas
gives a try.
As each moment
finds its place
open canvas
shines with grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

An Earth Bound Star

A star that’s falling
gives a wish
times so hopeful
ones de-lish.
An Earth bound star
streaks through the sky
with ones asking
how and why.
The star falling
gives a glance
that of skylights
song and dance.
It paints pictures
we can see
an Earth bound star
of history.
It might burn up
in atmosphere
with no sign
it was ever here.
Yet the seer
of the sight
might remember
that delight.
Stars a twinkling
glimmers glow
with an Earth bound
star they know.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

Night Sounds

The dark of night
gives way to things
night sounds with
something that sings.
Often echoes
heard so clear
are imagined
in our fear.
Beneath the stars
and moon so bright
night sounds find
a way to fright.
All those sounds
might really be
the same by day
of which we see.
Yet so often
time astounds
darkness fear
within night sounds.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

A List Of Things

A page of words
and numbers too,
a list of things
comes into view.
Times remembered
done and said
a list of things
becomes our dread.
Turning minutes
into baggage
a list of things
the minutes ravage.
Let the list to
become lesser
not just lying
on your dresser.
Without holding
every minute
a list of things
has lesser in it.
Hold but only
what you need
a list of things
for futures seed.
Let God help you
find today
a list of things
much better way.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

Aqua Heart

One with water
not of blood
bleeds without  a
beating thud.
An aqua heart
of one so cold
beats of water
times unfold.
Left from passed days
withered styles
an aqua heart
shows evil smiles.
Though the aqua
heart can find
a loving way
through good mankind.
Lessons learned
can fall apart
finding love from
aqua heart.
Then the blood red
beating true
can begin to
learn anew.
The aqua heart
can learn to love
finding God
from up above.
Seeing truly
what can be
beyond an aqua
heart of sea.
For the depths
of heart and soul
an aqua heart
can be made whole.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

Lost In Perception

So many eyes
see only the black
lost in perception
a little off track.
Some people look
for only the wrong
and don’t see truly
what’s going on.
Lost in perception
causes our sight
to see only wrong ways
not seeing right.
Sometimes right now
is just but a phase
lost in perception
of certain ways.
Find so much better
with visual correction
and don’t be always
lost in perception.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

Grains Of Earth

Distant melodies
come to sound
grains of Earth
upon the ground.
Every echo
heard in time
becomes someone’s
own design.
Grains of Earth
are put together
by Lord God
to be forever.
Yet they’re changing
to attain
timeless seen
with more to gain.
Each with doorways
found to show
grains of Earth
to surely grow.
Many questions
come to be
grains of Earth
to deep blue sea.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015


Sometimes life
that’s intermixed
can cause us to
then be transfixed.
Many scenes
can hold our sight
many days
and many nights.
Times remembered
long ago
can so often
end in woe.
To be transfixed
on yesterdays
might just find
an endless maze.
So let passed days
find their place
in their minutes
time and space.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

for Aug 7,  2015

When without guidance
you might find yourself empty
headed the wrong way.

Mornings of sorrow
might conclude from some problems
you went to bed with.

Losing your footing
needs you to look more closely
where it is you step.

A little journey
can turn into a long trip
if you don’t prepare.

The clouds in the sky
might describe the days feelings
and just need to rain.

A green tree of life
holds the power of a breath
as it grows with time.

Short sighted people
only see what’s before them
and not what could be.

Left could be right ways
if it’s the right direction
and not in the wrong.

Pathways of heartbeats
might find quite a few speed bumps
to prove they are true.

As summer finds end
it gives way for some colors
found within autumn.

The future is made
as each day finds momentum
to be good or bad.

Many worriers
fail to see what’s possible
and only see now.

Shadows of nightfall
come as mysteries doorways
of dreams and much more.

The patterns we make
often reflect how we think
and others surmise.

The deep seas of time
display waves of emotions
created by God.

Seeing a picture
or hearing someone’s story
does not make it true.

Deception lives on
as many try to make facts
out of someone’s lies.

Gradient hillsides
can cause a climber to fall
if he is careless.

Pointless is anger
if it’s from the distant days,
for those days are gone.

Mesmerized turnstiles
can often draw you in them
if you’re not sober.

Angels of mercy
are sent down from God above
to help us withstand.

Having and holding
does not make things as your own,
for time takes its toll.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7,  2015

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