Kindly Spirits


Hello my friends

I hope you had a nice weekend and the
passed week was not too bad.  Judy and
I have been doing our regular stuff,  but
I didn’t take any pictures being I didn’t
go anywhere when it was light enough to
take pictures LOL.  I did though take a
few pictures Saturday of some clouds and
the crescent moon,  but they’re nothing to
brag about hehehe.  I might share a few
more of the pictures Judy and I took on
the field trip with the boys/dogs the week
before.  It has rained a bit the passed few
days. The temperatures have been real nice
too.  Today’s high is 72 and it’s 71 right
now at 5:30 PM.  It’s supposed to be in the
mid 60’s Monday to Wednesday and then
in the lower 70’s Thursday to the weekend.
Then thereafter,  God only knows hehehe.
Judy and I are anxiously waiting for the
fall colors to make their appearance,  but
that’s still a few weeks off.  If the weather
is good,  we will do a little autumn picture
hunting on our wedding anniversary next
month.  We might if the golf course is still
opened,  go play some mini golf also on
that day as well as go out to eat.  It’s hard
to believe that we have been together for
so long.  Our 20 year wedding anniversary
is coming up Oct 2 🙂  It seems at times as
though it was just yesterday that we were
married aside from all of gained gray hairs
and all that we both have acquired.  Yes
we already had a few,  but now we have
more.  My beard has almost gone totally
white LOL.  For many years now I have
been called Santa Claus HoHoHo because
of my appearance and not just my beard.
LOL I was in the doctors office one day
having a tumor removed and my P.A had
some understudies come in with her to
watch,  but to my surprise with me with
my face mask on was still asked by one
of the understudies/girls if I was Santa
Claus.   It must be in my eyes HoHoHo.
Even when I trim my beard I still get the
double takes from kids in Walmart and
sometimes from adults LOL.  Judy is right
behind me still doing crochet.  She likes
to do that.  Though I am hoping she gets
back to painting someday soon.  I use her
paintings for many of my poems and I’m
running out of ones to use 🙂  I love Judy’s
artwork.  Anyways,  Judy went and picked
up Barbara and they went to craft night
Saturday evening.  Barb is doing fairly well.
She’s not giving up on life and that’s great.
Oh yea,  my ex wife Sandy,  passed away
last Monday with a heart attack.  Her son
Alley has been living with her for years
taking care of her.  She had a bad stroke
a month before and that hurt her bad to
where she could barely talk or anything.
Anyways,  if you could,  please send some
prayers to Alley.  He called me a few days
ago and we talked for about 30 minutes.
I told him that he can call any time that
he feels the need.  He promised me that
he would.  He has always been a good kid,
but of course he’s in his early 50’s now.
I still think of him as a kid.  He’s not in
good health himself,  so he’s struggling.
I’ll give him a call sometime this week.
I’m sure God is watching over him as
He watches over Judy and I in our daily
lives.  We can often feel God’s presence
around us as well and many angels and
kindly spirits that watch over us as time
moves on.  We thank You God for always
being here for us,  doing what we are not
able to do.  Thank You Lord.   AMEN.
Now I believe it’s time for me to begin
reading on back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find me a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have found a fairly decent
title just a few lines back and now after
checking,  I see that it has not been used
yet,  so used it shall be.  Here goes…

Kindly Spirits

Living breathing
now and gone
time becomes as
a season’s song.
Sung as a moment,
sung as a breeze
as kindly spirits
help you believe.
Death might form
a place in mind
while life moves on
with its design.
Find the blessings,
find the thrills
often as pictures
from windowsills.
Gaze at the beauty
that times behold
as kindly spirits
give hands to hold.
Heavenly blessings
seconds of minutes
so often are gifted
from kindly spirits.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 12,  2021

I hope you liked the poem and maybe even
bits and pieces of my rambling.  Yep, I can
ramble can’t I hehehehe.  There’s not much
else to tell ya other than what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with 2
Christmas poems in the mix.  I also wrote 22
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there 🙂
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or both
that you like.  Now I do believe it’s time for
me to start my search for that hardly elusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you a truly
blessings filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  where can that
ornery off switch be trying to hide today?
Searching high and low around the room 🙂
Hmm,  I think I see movement and even
hear a bit of clicking behind my external
hard drives and I don’t recall either of them
making that noise before or LOL having
something hiding behind them.  You silly.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

After December

Years we have seen
can be a memoir
as times you recall
a drive in the car.
December shadows
become much more
January onwards
moments to adore.
Dreams may shine
a December sight
found long after
in snow of white.
You might discover
a place and time
that is the formula
for a little rhyme.
It may be but only
what you remember
echoes of Christmas
after December.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 6,  2021

Cooling Thoughts

So many in summer
are dreamers of snow
with cooling thoughts
in a wintertime flow.
Memories snowflakes
become as the quest
with cooling thoughts
they see as the best.
Time becomes alive
in a dreamers views
with cooling thoughts
they wish to infuse.
Wanting for winter
in summertime’s heat
with cooling thoughts
and snow to accrete.
Life is like windows
in a dreamer’s mind
as many sweating
seek for wintertime.
A scent of Christmas
comes in as frost
as wintertime dreams
and cooling thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 6,  2021

Daylilies Smile

Springtime to summer
you may see a sight
as daylilies blooming
within the daylight.
Telling their stories
as words of a glance
to songs so seasonal
as timeless romance.
Speaking with colors
of yellow and orange
that for the seasons
does surely conform.
Creating moments
that ones can partake
when daylilies smile
for photos to make.
Don’t let them elude
your seasonal mind.
Look for the beauty
that does so unwind.
Let your mind drift
into colorful styles
to the seasonal world
as the daylilies smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 7,  2021


Streams may flow
reflecting themselves
seeming so ageless
as time on shelves.
Formatted substance
becomes so alluring
as ageless desire
so often detouring.
Becoming ripples
that flows like wine
time seeming ageless
living in our mind.
It’s just like a stage
presented to be seen
as ageless waters
that create a dream.
Seeming as illusions
as time marches on
ageless conclusions
as a so scenic song.
Sung within waters
of time thereunto
it may seem ageless
from old to anew.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 7,  2021

Unknown Paths

Through our life
we might be found
on unknown paths
just looking around.
Searching for sights
you remember well
or a slight aroma
that you can smell.
Unknown journeys
just might in a way
become as our lives
from day unto day.
They might transfix
themselves in time
and find a place
to live in our mind.
Becoming essence
of all that we are
as unknown paths
may go very far.
Seeming illusion
as shadows we cast
these might just be
our unknown paths.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 8,  2021

Who You Are

You may attempt
to be like a few,
but shine of a glow
that is only you.
There may be trees
of people around
standing watching
differently found.
Be who you are,
for you are unique
and very special
in ways you speak.
You may stand tall
as a tree of time,
or may have styles
of your own design.
But yet we are all
as life that breathes
for who you are
might be the leaves.
You may be a view
as a shining star
so just do your best
to be who you are.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 8,  2021

Summer’s Repertoire

A season in the sun
begins and ends
leaving the echoes
that time transcends.
Found as a breath
breathed of a day
summer’s repertoire
is an awesome array.
Formed from a time
that you so embrace
a time you remember
with a smiling face.
It may seem vague,
but pictures revive
summer’s repertoire
and bring it alive.
It might be a scene
of a few years ago
or maybe moments
times still bestow.
Years have passed
leaving life as a star
like a stage of an age
summer’s repertoire.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 9,  2021

Like an Owl

Some will seek
amidst the night
instead of within
a day’s sunlight.
Searching dreams
within but a star
just like an owl
in a night’s lunar.
We often partake
of what we wish
sometimes like
a candy dish.
Dreaming of life
of another plane
or seeking passage
times to attain.
A painting might
display a scene
illuminating like
a midnight dream.
Allow your mind
to sort of prowl
and find peace
just like an owl.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 9,  2021

Walk Down The Road

All of our problems
might seem insane
as time after time
gives you much pain.
Even the shadows
might follow around
and seem to enlarge
when you look down.
Take a little journey,
a walk if you please
to find a perspective
to help you breathe.
Seek for a brighter
and much better day
talking while walking
in a prayerful array.
Listen to your steps
as you walk along
while your heartbeat
sings a sweet song.
Let loose your worry
that life has bestowed
and let God help you
walk down the road.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 10.  2021

Scenes That Speak

Colors come alive
as a daily show
within the patterns
of a fluent flow.
Pouring as autumn
unleashes time
life’s arrangements
with beauty divine.
Scenes that speak
of life and death
words of a story
as a living breath.
For in the midst
comes echoes galore
a season of scenes
of times long before.
Bringing memories
of a time and place
as scenes that speak
give a colorful taste.
Perceived as dreams
with a colorful hue
scenes that speak
then live within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 10,  2021

for Sep 11,  2021

Guarding a heartbeat
can prevent it from living
and finding true love.

Many temptations
are but only illusions
seen through wanting eyes.

Through many shadows
lives the glimmer of others
showing what is true.

Pages of a book
might often be unnumbered
with many dog ears.

Tomorrow’s journey
might begin with today’s thoughts
combined with action.

Travels of the mind
often becomes very tired
as time takes its toll.

Distance can become
a reason for eluding
that might not be true.

Seeking for a sign
from an emotional life
might only be lies.

Windows to the mind
can often become cluttered
with yesterday’s filth.

Hanging on too tight
you might find it is senseless,
because it’s not yours.

Trivial motives
can become downfalls in life
not so important.

We are as the leaves
that sway in a passing breeze
as we utter sounds.

Today is a day
that’s awaiting tomorrow,
but with things to do.

Shouting at the wind
does nobody any good,
for it does not hear.

Many conclusions
are but only fixations
on finding answers.

Climbing a mountain
can be filled with times struggles
if you are hurried.

Now is just a time
that might have the past within
or future wantings.

Before you worry,
take a little time for prayer
and then let it go.

Breathing in deeply
you might notice your heartbeat
in-between your breaths.

Fields of illusions
may keep eyes transfixed on them
thinking they are real.

Glancing at the sun
your eyes can become blinded,
so shield your vision.

Change is imminent
as nothing remains the same
within our lifetimes.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 11,  2021

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