Hello my friends

I hope you are doing well.  We’re hanging in
there.  The weather has been fairly nice as it
has rained off and on although I see none in
the forecast this week,  but that can change 🙂
It shows that it might rain Friday,  but that is
quite a ways away LOL.  Anyways,  right now
at 5:30 PM it’s 64 F degrees. Today’s high is
supposed to be 66.  The fall colors are slowly
coming into view.  They should be showing
in abundance by October :).  Then Judy and
I will head out to take pictures.  We might do
that on our 20 year anniversary Oct 2 along
with a few other things.  Judy had a doctor’s
appointment in Presque Isle last Monday and
I of course went with her and while I waited
for her I walked down to the little pond near
the hospital and took pictures of the ducks.
There was a lady down there that was also
taking pictures of them and she asked me if
I would like to climb up in the bed of her
truck and get some better pictures from up
above and so I did.  The ducks were laying
out sunning all over each side of the drive.
Those who get my stationery will see them.
Those who do not get the stationery form
will just have to imagine mallards lying in
the sun LOL.  Today the sky is as blue as
it can be although I prefer a few clouds in it
as decor.  Yep,  clouds make great artwork.
I often think of Bob Ross when I look at
the sky or a few trees in the distance.  He
had a way of bringing them all to life with
strokes of a brush.  A bunch of happy trees
and clouds gradually come into view.  I’m
sure that many of you can remember sitting
in front of the TV and watching him as he
painted so peacefully.  It’s shows like that
of which I miss seeing.  Judy is behind me
crocheting items for Christmas gifts.  She’s
been searching the internet to find some
new things to crochet.  I can hardly wait
for the first snowflakes to fall.  I love the
snow.  Snow can make the most hideous
place to become as beautiful artwork.  It
does have its drawbacks,  but doesn’t any
season!  Yep,  there’s good and bad to be
found in any season,  but I myself prefer
Autumn and Winter.  I know many of you
may think I’m crazy for thinking that way,
but hey,  that’s your option hehehe.  We
all have our views on life and some might
differ greatly from others.  It looks as if
I may have to turn the furnace on tonight,
because it’s supposed to be in the upper
30’s by early Monday morning.  Summer’s
bidding us goodbye.  Of course up here it
has been gone for a while,  but down south
maybe not so much.  I do miss us being able
to drive down to Port Aransas TX and all
of that.  Judy and I used to spend a lot of
time on the beach taking pictures and just
lying around soaking in the sun,  We had
many cameras doing pictures and videos
and many would come for us to take their
pictures or they would see which way the
camera’s were aimed and walk past and
wave 🙂  One guy that I remember went
fishing and caught a big fish and then
brought it to our condo for us to take
pictures of him and his fish.  He later on
that day brought us some fried fish that
came from that fish he caught.  If he were
to ever buy my books he might even see
his picture in the book.  I think it is in
book 3 LOL.  Anyways,  Judy and I are
hoping to one day make it back to our
favorite spot in Texas (Port Aransas) and
take more pictures and maybe even stay
a while longer than we did in the past 🙂
We have dreams of being once again on
the beach hearing the waves and watching
the sun rise up over the ocean creating a
painting in the sky.  We used to go on a
dolphin cruise every time we went down
there and got a lot pictures of dolphins
and a few videos.  They might not be
the best being we could never tell where
the dolphins were going to pop up LOL.
The captain of the Kohootz Catamaran
at the Kohootz Dolphin Encounters and
lighthouse tour knew us well hehehe as
we came for a cruise every year often a
few times on each trip down.  We have
many fond memories of those days and
hoping that we can do it again one day.
Judy and I have received many blessings
throughout our lives and we feel blessed
to be sharing it now together as each day
comes and goes.  We can feel the eyes of
God watching over us and many angels
and kindly spirits guiding us through life.
Thank you God for all that You do for
us and all that You will do as the years
pass us by.  AMEN.  Now I do believe
it’s time for me to be reading back over
all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have found a decent title about a 3rd
of the way from the beginning of my
rambling and now after checking I see
that it has not been used yet,  so used
it shall be.  Here goes…


Living as a window
and not as a door
can prevent footsteps
times to explore.
Find your own vision
and seek for a view
while you are walking
here thereunto.
Life’s stages created
become as a path
maybe of a moment
a shadow to cast.
Continue peacefully
as you walk on
while enjoying life
before it is gone.
Look passed the times
that misery flowed
and find the blessings
of a heavier load.
Let God to guide you
to new sights to see
found within time
as life peacefully.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 19,  2021

Well there ya go.  I hope you like the poem
and maybe even a little of my rambling.  If
not,  then I am so sorry LOL.  Maybe next
week.  Anyways,  I have a special request for
a friend of mine.  Her dad died Friday and
ask you to send Sara your prayers.  She is in
desperate need of prayer.  Her dad has now
joined her mom in Heaven.  So,  I believe
that is all I have for ya this week other than
what I tell you nearly every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,
10 more poems with 2 Christmas poems in
the mix.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for all
of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you’re
able to find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like.  Now with that said,  I reckon it’s time
for me to begin my search for that hardly
elusive off switch, but not before I wish you
a blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Okey dokey now,
to find that ornery off switch that’s so bad
at hiding or has been so far LOL.   Hmm,
looking in all of its regular hiding spots,
nope,  LOL those caps are a little large
for ya.  You almost made all of my caps
fall to the floor when you moved to peek
out at me.  Learn to be still or find better
hiding spots ya silly little thing hehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Memoirs of White

Living for a moment
time begins to sway
leaving the echoes
of another fine day.
Words that of stages
formed from a time
written as the seasons
words in our mind.
Memoirs of a story
scenes that of snow
painted as reality
what I used to know.
We all have moments
we might remember
a Christmas theme
found in December.
Burning as a flame
of a crackling fire
time is as memories
that we still admire.
Maybe as reflections
of a weathered sight
that’s within a photo
as memoirs of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 13,  2021

Wagon of Snow

Living for blessings
you may never see,
may need some faith
in what that will be.
Snow might become
your essence of style
formed from a stage
our blessings compile.
Look for the scenes
that may be in sight,
but hidden from you
within snow of white.
It might be there
in a wagon you pull
or filled to the brim
for your wagon’s full.
Found as a seasonal
stage that’s become
as a wagon of snow
a burden to some.
Yet it’s our blessings
that God does bestow
often as a time frame
a wagon of snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 13,  2021

Bales of Summer

Grasses of lifetimes
gathered to gain
are maybe portions
that many refrain.
Life is a pathway
that some just mow
while many others
are bales to bestow.
Looking at stages
that ages become
you might acquire
a new rising sun.
Yet many people
only find pain
when it is living
in times to attain.
Hay bales of life
might become seen
that of nightmares
and not a dream.
Find the beauty
in times asunder
and let it blossom
bales of summer.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 14,  2021

Ways of Winter

Through our eyes
we might find
a window or door
to another time.
It might display
a wondrous place
as a winter dream
of a smiling face.
It might become
a timeless sight
ways of winter
in snow of white.
Enjoy the view
that life exposed
as autumns door
was gently closed.
Christmas scenes
will come to be
ways of winter
and sights to see.
Open your heart
and let love enter
signs of Christmas
ways of winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 15,  2021

Riding The Rails

Minds of a life
create and design
as passing sights
from time to time.
Life’s scenarios
are as a breath
breathed of times
of more or less.
We often conclude
a time or place
as part of our life
to surely embrace.
Yet many things
we see and hear
are only a sight
for a passing year.
Now’s just a phase
as subsequent art
times that will end
for others to start.
Find the lessons
in many details
when then in life
riding the rails.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 15,  2021

Someday Soon

The images we see
that become the past
might be our fault
for going too fast.
A field full of life
might surely pass by
leaving only echoes
of a scenic goodbye.
Take time to look
to see what’s there
and someday soon
will answer prayer.
You may remember
a wonderful place
a time that you saw
you now embrace.
It may be a smile
alive in your heart
as someday soon
becomes that of art.
Seen as a painting
remembered well
as time forms style
life’s wishing well.
Find the moments
that became dreams
as someday soon
lives on in scenes.
A field full of life
might become attune
with your memories
of a someday soon.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 15,  2021

Yesterdays Tomorrows

With seconds passing
the minutes become
as stages transpiring
new drummers drum.
Scenes come to life
as time becomes fuel
yesterdays tomorrows
that create our school.
Learning from others
things that we see
yesterdays tomorrows
create our history.
Maybe of a carriage
with horses to pull
time creates doorways
for a life giving tool.
Mother of invention
is necessity and need
planting a venture
in tomorrow as seed.
Learning from failures
that form our sorrows
this all gathered from
yesterdays tomorrows.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 16,  2021

Spring Returns

Many might find
a seasons allure
when things end
with scenes to tour.
Sights imaginable
in snow of white
become a stage
that many delight.
Spring is a phase
of winter days end
that forms a gaze
as times transcend.
Spring from winter
then unto summer
time is a pageant
of seconds asunder.
So many moments
our time discerns
become from winter
as spring returns.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 15,  2021

Ghost Within

Means over matter
becomes such a style
as time tells a tale
that minutes compile.
Just like a doorway
a passage thereto
the time may become
as a ghostly view.
Hidden in the walls
of an old times day
many reflections
might find a way.
They might continue
in their memories
as the minutes form
a passionate freeze.
For their dimension
still lives as a place
with us looking on
to not see their face.
They might continue
yet again and again
as unseen images
of the ghost within.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep,  17,  2021

Voyage of Souls

Oceans remembered
brings back a view
so many reflections
wondrous and new.
Time was a window
allowing the sights
as a voyage of souls
then surely invites.
Taking to the waters
of a ocean cruise
the voyage is begun
as two hearts infuse.
Taking many photos
of moments memory
one might be seen,
but two are history.
Seeming so timeless
this voyage is begun
as we take pictures
of a seasonal sun.
Within blue skies
two sought the goals
of a venture together
a voyage of souls.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 17,  2021

for Sep 17,  2021

Storms might create fear,
but calmness of a rainbow
can instill much peace.

Sheltered from troubles
might cause more trouble later
as lessons aren’t learn.

Paving ways through time
begins with many mistakes
that make us stronger.

Giving and taking
are a part of what we do
to communicate.

The wind as it blows
tells us of many stories
that might be a breath.

Time that is inlaid
for the purpose of beauty
might not be needed.

Many decisions
only give us more questions
of which to decide.

Beyond a storm cloud
there might be a few rainbows
waiting to be seen.

Within emotions
there’s different opinions
telling a story.

Many yesterdays
might collide with memories
waiting to explode.

Glancing in mirrors
you might see a reflection
that has some problems.

Morning awakens
bringing glimpses of chances
to do much better.

Meanings can be changed
as minds find other moments
to be the meanings.

News worthy pathways
might be but only stories
with good perspective.

Need is often want
that’s within our confusion
of what’s important.

Deep in the shadows
there might be scary ventures
with nothing to fear.

Aiding a liar
by allowing them to lie
might come back on you.

When walking blindly
you might fall into a hole
that could of been missed.

Listen to your gut,
for it’s often speaking truth
your heart does not hear.

Playing games with life
you might find you’re losing
for time also plays.

Climbing up a hill
you might lose your footing
and slide down a bit.

Clouds become raindrops
as we can become blessings
to be drops of love.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 17,  2021

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