The Best We Can


Hello my friends

I hope you’re doing well.  Judy goes in the
hospital in hopes removing the cancer from
her lung this week. Keep her in your prayers.
I’m going nuts thinking about it.  I wish that
I was able to take her to the hospital,  but
due to the fact we have Rocky our dog it is
not possible especially with my health issues
driving long distances.  Bangor is 120 miles
south of us.  Please keep me in your prayers
too,  being I am going to be in worry ville all
the while that she is gone.  I’m sure that her
family is also going to be worried.  Rocky
will worry in his own way as he waits by the
front door for her return.  She might be in
the hospital for a few days before she is able
to be released.  I’m going to be doing some
house work while she’s gone to try and get
a few things done that I had put off for a
while.  That should keep me busy and keep
me from going bonkers 🙂  Our weather is
getting colder with each passing day with
today’s high of 53.  Right now at 6:30 PM
it’s 49 F.  Tonight’s forecast is for 38 F 🙂
Though Monday’s high is supposed to be
50 F and the low for Monday night is 27 F.
So you see,  winter is making itself known.
I hope I can survive to get the things done
that I wanting to do while Judy is gone 🙂
Anyways,  next topic.  There’s not be much
going on around this place.  Judy did a lil
organizing in the living room yesterday and
I had to help with a little of which I did not
mind 🙂  All in all,  we’re doing OK.  We’re
just doing the best we can.  Rocky is sort
of confused about the changes in the house.
He doesn’t like change LOL.  I didn’t take
any pictures this week,  being that the only
time that Judy and I went Walmart was
after the sun had already started setting 🙂
Judy went with her sister Barb for a few
of Barb’s doctor visits last week and so it
was just Rocky and me holding down the
fort hehe.  So,  this be one of the shortest
journals that I’ve written in a long while.
God is still watching over us,  but there
are times we might not be aware of it.
I pray that you have God in your heart
and letting Him to guide you in your life.
Thank You God for all that You do and
for all that you have done within our life.
Amen and Amen.  Now I do believe it is
time for me to be reading over this short
little journal of mine to see if I can find
me a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title of today’s brand new poem.
An so it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  It looks like I
may have found me a fairly decent title
near the center point of my journal and
now after checking I see that it has not
been used as of yet,  so used it shall be.
Here goes…

The Best We Can

Living out wishes
and wants of time
can often create
an unsettled mind.
Formed as illusions
take hold of life
while they unload
a season of strife.
Don’t live in dreams
or time’s fantasies,
for life is a doorway
to oceans and seas.
Waves of emotions
often come in view
as the best we can
is what we should do.
Striving for better
than our yesterdays
we can find flavors
of timeless arrays.
Look in the mirror
and see what’s grand
in trying each day
to do the best we can.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 22,  2023

Well,  there ya go.  I hope that you liked the
poem and maybe even a bit of my rambling.
Yeppers,  this week’s journal is a little shorter
than normal, but oh well. You can see where
my focus is mostly. I’m sure it will all work
out to God’s plan. Anyways,  that’s about all
I have for ya this week other than what I tell
you nearly every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers 10
more poems with 1 of them being a slight
Christmassy HoHoHo. I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or both
that you like.  Now I do believe it’s time for
me to begin searching for that hardly allusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you a truly
blessings filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  where can that
ornery off switch be trying or not trying to
hide this time LOL?  Hmm,  just glancing
around the room my eye seemed to catch a
little movement from behind my little voice
recorder which I might add is very small 🙂
Did ya wanna record something hehehehe.
I didn’t even know you could talk hehehe.
Ya couldn’t figure out how to turn it on
could ya LOL.  Well even if you did,  what
were you planning on doing?  You’re silly 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Memories of White

Living as reflections
of times passageways
we might see things
a little out of phase.
Wintertime’s essence
shining like a star
with snow all around
from here to afar.
You might see sights
in a simple dream
seeming illusional
of a Christmas scene.
Found as a heartbeat
a time you delight
blessings abundant
in memories of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16,  2023

Thru The Mind

Clouds of passage
may form designs
the same as pictures
or a memory finds.
We might see below
a passageway thru
that seems to begin
as a magical view.
It might even fade
into our memories
as an ocean of time
that eyesight sees.
Look deep inside
and find a place
a cloud that’s alive
with a smiling face.
Within our mind
we can formulate
loved ones of life
that did so elate.
They might be gone
in Heaven above,
but still be living
within your love.
So seek the clouds
of a point in time
and find your peace
seen thru the mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16,  2023

A Moment’s Thoughts

The colors of seasons
display their style
as moments awaken
and give us a smile.
We might not see
the seconds changing
right before our eyes
as time’s rearranging.
Opening up doorways
to new views to see
that soon will become
time’s own history.
There might be signs
of an autumn day
a time that unleashes
a colorful array.
A seasonal concept
that seems to breathe
with leaves of color
in a timeless breeze.
Thriving as a heart
remembering a time
moments that gave us
the beauty of design.
Paved with memories
that often get lost
within the seasons of
a moment’s thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 17,  2023

Seeking With Love

Traveling the pathways
looking for a phase
as leaves on the trees
in some colorful ways.
Yet we might just see
leaves on the ground
as winds days before
blew them all down.
We might find a few
the further we drive
the colors of autumn
still fervently alive.
But we still enjoyed
our little trip together
sought with the beauty
of the days weather.
We took some pictures
of scenes all thereof
while we drove along
just seeking with love.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 17,  2023

Fragrance of Mind

Seeing with our eyes
and sensing within
time has a way of
becoming as a wind.
Blowing in moments
with a faint of color
as fragrance of mind
is times to discover.
We might perceive
scenes that transpire
when coming to life
with our own desire.
They might be only
as shadows of time
found within scents
of fragrance of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 18,  2023

Living Words

Life is a doorway
to wonderful things,
but oh so very often
they’re only dreams.
Death will say hello
when time is done
exposing our portal
to God’s only son.
We all have a time
written in our life
that might seem as
blades of a knife.
There’s also times
as blessings of love
God’s living words
from Heaven above.
Seen in the making
as a flock of birds
life and death meet
within living words.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 18,  2023

Seeming as Art

Photos we’ve taken
can seem very real
becoming as a page
that life did instill.
Pictures of seasons
create many sights
unleashing scenery
our hopeful alights.
Formed from time
as pictures become
artwork with style
of a seasonal sun.
Thriving emotions
displaying a breath
as God’s art of life
that seasons attest.
Transforming ages
to times memories
seen as our oceans
or colorful leaves.
Times come to life
as a beating heart
often with pictures
so seeming as art.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2023

Eyes of Desire

We might view
a cloudy sky
as the scenes of
a vengeful eye.
Looking down
upon our days
eyes of desire
might be grays.
Times unleash
some scenery
as the echoes
of a skyline sea.
Forming living
dreams of gold
eyes of desire
many have told.
Looking within
let lies retire
don’t only seek
eyes of desire.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2023

Winter’s Memoirs

Seen in a window
of living perception
time becomes sights
as loves connection.
Seeming as endless
a wintertime scene
as time that defines
life’s snowy cuisine.
Our eyes may taste
a familiar flavor
of a time and place
that we may savor.
It might be a view
of a snow filled day
or the eyes of love
in a puppy dog way.
The time is a scene
as a galaxy of stars
found in our heart
as winter’s memoirs.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20,  2023

Smiles of the Past

Summertime’s essence
of shadows of time
now live as windows
inside of my mind.
Life’s simple moments
that now are gone
still live deep within
as a timeless song.
It’s sung as heartbeats
with rhythmic style
compiled as a doorway
to a so distant smile.
The reflections of life
as shadows we cast
we need to remember
smiles of the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20,  2023

for Oct 21,  2023

Many tomorrows
hold handfuls of yesterdays
as lessons of life.

Trails that we follow
can end seeming as nowhere,
but become someplace.

Looking in mirrors
we might not see who we are
that others may see.

Finding your footing
upon a pathway of ice
you will need some cleats.

Minutes of your life
might become shadows of smiles
that seconds forget.

Found as a heartbeat
some breezes might seem alive
as they give their breath.

When within a storm
you might feel there’s no way out,
but there will be peace.

Life might deceive you
as many lies come to light
leading you astray.

The friends of your past
might not have been friends at all,
but only users.

When finding yourself
you might discover something
that you wish to change.

Needles in haystacks
might describe many journeys
that have hidden pain.

Our driving forces
are often the words of life
that may anger us.

The who that we are
can become changed within time
for better or worse.

Yesterday’s eyesight
might not see the same today,
for viewpoints may change.

Learning to listen
can help you to find the truth
for the mouth hinders.

The years of our life
can become as illusions
if we close our mind.

A painter’s paintings
might uncover things in life
that we never saw.

A fleeting moment
can become life threatening
so don’t let it slide.

Beyond an echo
is that of its creator
that made the echo.

Traditions of life
often becomes who we are
as the past lives on.

Turbulent waters
might look like they have no peace,
but peace lives below.

Miles of a journey
can transform into pictures
with photography.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 21,  2023

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